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Thursday, January 17th, 2019 - 06:24:03 AM (gmt)
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Indeed... when do we start?!RobApr. 8th at 5:43 PM gmt
Watching LAD vs Australia, must be baseball season soon!ChrisMar. 20th at 10:52 AM gmt
someone has won a world series!...RoyNov. 7th at 12:57 AM gmt
World Series is even with both on 1-1, game 3 on mondayRoyNov. 3rd at 10:19 AM gmt
Planning to start World Series games on Friday. Sorry for the delay.AllanOct. 31st at 12:07 AM gmt
Next round of playoffs will start on Monday.AllanOct. 19th at 9:32 PM gmt
Thanks Kevin. All roster moves are now final for the playoffs. Playoffs start Sunday. Good luck!AllanOct. 12th at 7:44 PM gmt
Osprey are all set for the postseason! Bring on the Nuts!KevinOct. 12th at 12:31 AM gmt
Down to the wire....JamesOct. 6th at 7:13 PM gmt
Very hurtful comments lately about the Commish's Modesto Nuts... AllanOct. 5th at 11:56 PM gmt
There is that Rob. JamesOct. 5th at 7:44 PM gmt
I'm impressed James. I'd be more impressed if it wasn't done against the Nuts.RobOct. 5th at 12:19 AM gmt
Oct 3rd sees Biscuits first ever complete game for pitcher Higgins. Plus he got the only run in a 1-0 win against The Nuts.JamesOct. 4th at 7:56 PM gmt
Snappers make it L10!RoyOct. 3rd at 7:50 PM gmt
Snappers are now L8!RoySep. 30th at 6:34 PM gmt
On a mammoth losing streak for both teams right now L6 Monsters!RoySep. 25th at 5:28 PM gmt
Monday games done now Mr. Peterson.AllanSep. 23rd at 9:53 PM gmt
I need my TMBL fix... but someone didn't update their profile after moving players between Majors and Minors and they broke the simulator... =(RobSep. 23rd at 3:34 PM gmt
Hops 1 from 6 against South East's top 2. (and that 1 was in extras). JamesSep. 14th at 11:54 AM gmt
I'll e-mail but I guess I was thinking similar to the United players page (well maybe better). Oops, I am imagining things although even the Player Search page would be good.RobSep. 10th at 5:32 AM gmt
Rob: Email me with some ideas on design for what you would like to see.AllanSep. 8th at 10:33 PM gmt
Would it be possible to have a Players page where ALL players in a league may be looked up?RobSep. 8th at 4:17 PM gmt
I thought I was the only one RobJamesSep. 5th at 9:12 PM gmt
I get sad anytime I come to the site and see it's an off-day.RobSep. 5th at 12:41 PM gmt
Interesting how the two leagues are mirroring each other right now as the 2 divisions are on inter-league playRoySep. 4th at 8:09 PM gmt
Rochester boasts a whopping 147 total SL in the starting OF. I'm coming for you Brent.RobSep. 2nd at 3:50 PM gmt
Furious with the so-called veterans, the Nuts have promoted 4 minor leaguers and send the veterans down...AllanSep. 1st at 5:34 PM gmt
Multiple Modesto players have been rumored to have approached Rochester players, inquiring whether Red Wings management would be willing to move in and trade for the talent as the team is going nowhere... fast. Clearly, Modesto management is "Nuts".RobAug. 18th at 9:13 PM gmt
Cedar Rapids happy with first season progress so far. But management team looking to make changes for next season.MattAug. 8th at 4:33 PM gmt
Rumors heating up of high-level shake up at Modesto, due to dismal team performance.MikeAug. 7th at 4:03 PM gmt
Just to stop Rob playing connect 4 with his own profile picture.... RoyAug. 5th at 8:16 PM gmt
Tomorrow's an off-day? I don't like off-days... C'mon guys, let's get some chatter going on the website!RobAug. 5th at 12:50 AM gmt
My face is all over the home page!RobAug. 2nd at 4:19 PM gmt
Click LEADERS link at the top for stats. Hitting is done, will work on others soon.AllanJul. 28th at 3:40 PM gmt
Good question Comrade Rob. I've started on some of that...hope to have it online within a week.AllanJul. 27th at 1:17 PM gmt
Now we just need a league leaders stats pageRobJul. 26th at 7:54 AM gmt
Spoiler alert: Nuts are now 5-11 and threatening!AllanJul. 23rd at 10:48 PM gmt
Standings page now shows minor leagues as well...AllanJul. 18th at 6:42 PM gmt
Someone *has* to stop JPW... the 66ers are the last unbeaten team in the league!RobJul. 11th at 1:05 AM gmt
Looks like there may be a bug with the "too much" on the youth page - my two bottom relief pitchers look swopped.JohnJul. 7th at 8:32 AM gmt
Probably everyone has a 4x12 player or equivalent. Fred Hoffman on my own team is 4x12 SP.RobJul. 7th at 12:42 AM gmt
One more 4x13 SP for Ian's Manatees. Al has a 4x12 SP and there's one a piece in the Grizzlies and 51s bullpensRoyJul. 6th at 4:03 PM gmt
only found one maxed out player so far IE66s Pee Wee Jenkins is an SP 13/13/13/13!RoyJul. 6th at 3:37 PM gmt
Schedule is up!AllanJul. 6th at 3:34 PM gmt
For the minors I'm noticing where there might be a strategy to build up pitcher (esp. starters) durability first so they can last longer and get skilled up.AllanJul. 5th at 1:33 PM gmt
If one of Max's Jammers hits a grand slam, is it a Grand Jammer Slammer? A High Slama Jamma?JayJul. 1st at 3:13 PM gmt
LOGOS - At this point you can change your team names (both major/minor)...just need to let me know. AllanJun. 18th at 11:54 PM gmt
Starter instructions emailed. Please review and send in your orders when you are set (deadline Saturday June 22). Thanks!AllanJun. 16th at 7:05 PM gmt
But Bugs is capable of playing all positions w/o OOP penalties!RobJun. 6th at 8:00 PM gmt
Sorry, Bugs and Elmer are not in the mix...AllanJun. 5th at 5:27 PM gmt
but no Warner brothers?...RoyJun. 4th at 10:41 PM gmt
Player naming now covers USA, Puerto Rico, Dominican Rep., Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Japan, South Korea, Venezuela, Panama, and Australia.AllanJun. 2nd at 4:31 PM gmt
Added Dominican and Puerto Rican names to the simulator today...AllanJun. 2nd at 4:31 PM gmt
Heading to Reds @ Cards tonight with Carp on the mound...hoping for the playoff clinch.AllanOct. 2nd at 7:42 PM gmt
That's correct. Please update your email address Rob if you aren't getting the emails I'm sending, thanks.AllanSep. 27th at 10:38 PM gmt
Awesome... I was eliminated about 10 days ago!RobSep. 27th at 9:55 PM gmt
Will the playoffs be run here or will you create a another site? Also, how much use has Usage% been this year? Does it need to be reset?RobSep. 27th at 9:54 PM gmt
They have been run here thus far Rob. I haven't put in the playoff specific stats (too much coding to load more files). 10% usage per series.AllanSep. 26th at 10:15 PM gmt
Will the playoffs be run here or will you create a another site? Also, how much use has Usage% been this year? Does it need to be reset?RobSep. 26th at 4:53 PM gmt
Just a quick update...will try to run games on Friday...very busy week here.AllanSep. 20th at 10:05 PM gmt
I know, its a shame Rob.AllanSep. 20th at 10:04 PM gmt
how come Lakewood hasn't been included in any of these extra games that are being played?RobSep. 20th at 5:52 PM gmt
PSD has a miserable record versus VLM!RobSep. 11th at 12:26 PM gmt
The Nationals aren't the first team to sit Strasburg...JohnSep. 10th at 12:08 AM gmt
Oh... that should've been a BLOG entry. Ummm...I honestly have not been involved as much as the past. I am trying though. Lots of HRs get you 2nd place though even with subpar pitching.RobSep. 6th at 7:55 AM gmt
Should have done this a long time ago... would like to trade one, most likely Matt Holliday, of my two big OF (RHB) for a SP. 2-for-2 trade makes the most sense. Maybe D. Hudson would pitch better for someone else?RobSep. 6th at 7:53 AM gmt
C-Ball hit two of my players with pitches today. Why is he so mean?AllanSep. 1st at 2:24 PM gmt
Nuts! Rather well so far - swept the Hens & Monsters. At least Max held his own.RoyAug. 25th at 3:17 PM gmt
We'll see how he fairs on the road in the Atlantic North East Al!RoyAug. 15th at 11:44 PM gmt
Be afraid of Tony very afraid!AllanAug. 15th at 2:23 AM gmt
*sigh*... probably.RobAug. 13th at 9:50 PM gmt
Will Ian be getting out the brooms against Boston Rob today?AllanAug. 12th at 5:46 PM gmt
Oh, Canada.PhilAug. 9th at 5:57 AM gmt
In related news, Wingnuts players will now attempt to stomp on any opposing team members lying on the ground. Osprey players will be warned to protect their heads on all slides into 2nd...KevinAug. 8th at 2:34 PM gmt
I don't have to explain that comment or back it up in any way, because, as I said, I'm Canadian.PhilAug. 8th at 5:11 AM gmt
I'm going to take the Canadian approach: "John wins becuase his tactics are 'highly illegal.'"PhilAug. 8th at 5:10 AM gmt
Al can we retroactively go back and make the Wings play the Ems for the past 9 games?JohnAug. 7th at 1:47 AM gmt
Only if I've played the Em's nine consecutive games.PhilAug. 6th at 3:25 PM gmt
Is that lineup problem called playing the Emeralds.?JohnAug. 6th at 3:22 AM gmt
Dave, oviously I have a significant problem with my lineup that I can't figure out.PhilAug. 5th at 7:28 AM gmt
Agreed, I know that as a web developer Ian its hard for you to find the website...AllanAug. 4th at 8:38 PM gmt
I've usually found the commish to be responsible for most of my problems.IanAug. 4th at 8:16 PM gmt
Probably the commish needs to be better organized next season and allow just a little more time...AllanAug. 4th at 5:44 PM gmt
Lot of no-shows for the Draft - Manatees, Portland and Tacoma notable absenteesRoyAug. 4th at 3:07 PM gmt
Al, you get points for having an Ian Lindsay "Fathead" on your living room wall. That is so cool.....PhilAug. 3rd at 6:36 PM gmt
Can I also get two points Phil for my anti-Ian fan club?AllanAug. 2nd at 9:42 PM gmt
Two points for Dave Dohm for using "Ian" and "serious" in the same sentence.PhilAug. 2nd at 8:31 PM gmt
When will people start taking the (24-19) Brevard County Manatees seriously?IanAug. 2nd at 1:43 PM gmt
You know what they say: "the Thunder rolls....ankles."PhilAug. 1st at 3:34 PM gmt
Lots o' Thunder on the Injury List...AllanAug. 1st at 1:28 AM gmt
I'm happy that John's not happy.PhilJul. 30th at 8:52 PM gmt
I'm not happy about Phil.JohnJul. 29th at 9:38 PM gmt
I'm not happy about Ian. PhilJul. 29th at 12:59 AM gmt
I'm not happy about Ian injuring my pitcher.AllanJul. 26th at 11:12 PM gmt
Sarcasm? Me? :-) And now we move to NON-divisional games...should be interesting...AllanJul. 26th at 12:41 AM gmt
Mr Sellers we are, as always, grateful for your sarcasm.IanJul. 25th at 12:17 AM gmt
Thanks I-Man for the extra effort...wait was that 2 blog posts in two consecutive days? WOW! AllanJul. 24th at 9:07 PM gmt
That's your one blog post from me for this season Al. Perhaps you can do one of your own telling us what you have done with the REAL Phil McIntosh?IanJul. 23rd at 10:32 PM gmt
Its always exciting when Ian finds the website! :-)AllanJul. 23rd at 9:59 PM gmt
And no, I hadn't run off the road and through a barnyard!PhilJul. 23rd at 3:00 AM gmt
Oh, there was a fifth raccoon.PhilJul. 23rd at 2:59 AM gmt
Last night, in the same spot a deer jumped out in front of my vehicle (swerve), then two raccoons (avoid), two more raccoons (dodge) and a chicken. All within a few feet. Missed 'em all!PhilJul. 23rd at 2:59 AM gmt
Didn't have time to do line-up changes - Kuroda just pitched 2 games in a row - well he survived 2 pitches...RoyJul. 22nd at 8:51 PM gmt
Roy it seems that like pitchers, the game will occasionally rest a starting catcher after X games in a row.AllanJul. 22nd at 1:35 PM gmt
Can someone tell me why Kottaras was playing today? Not that I'm complaining about his performance!RoyJul. 22nd at 12:30 AM gmt
Is it no longer news when Phil hits a deer? I hope the deer was okay? AllanJul. 21st at 9:46 PM gmt
I hit a deer yesterday. Dog bites man.PhilJul. 19th at 6:19 AM gmt
TMBL Tip #31: If you want to minimize injuries to your team, don't allow any of your batters to play the field. Must be what my guys are doing except when they wish to make errors.RobJul. 18th at 12:02 PM gmt
As it stands Kiroda started yesterday and then started today to based on the probably the starter rotation needs some changes.AllanJul. 17th at 9:19 PM gmt
If we change your profile (see tab on team page) from strict to skip that might have helped...AllanJul. 17th at 9:17 PM gmt
VLM had pitching changes today in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th & 6th inns! A bit OTT?RoyJul. 17th at 8:12 PM gmt
United we stand! Divided, we bunt and sacrifice our way to 2.5 runs a game! :-)PhilJul. 17th at 2:59 PM gmt
I am on-board with adding the DH! Maybe playing in the field is too much for my guys.RobJul. 17th at 12:12 PM gmt
Jay, join me in signing the petition to bring the DH to this game. Your signature will make two of us.PhilJul. 17th at 5:07 AM gmt
The July 15 IE66ers lineup might be the worst ever put on a major-league field. JayJul. 16th at 2:36 AM gmt
Another big softball game tomorrow. Details to follow....PhilJul. 15th at 4:58 AM gmt
A tough week for the Team 66ers pitching staff. JayJul. 15th at 1:26 AM gmt
Right and sorry...I promise to run Tue-Fri on Friday night...I hope. AllanJul. 13th at 3:16 AM gmt
Good. I've got plenty of puns left, but Dohm is clean out. Running games will give us a clean sheet. PhilJul. 13th at 2:46 AM gmt
I should be able to run the next games in about 5 hoursAllanJul. 12th at 5:48 PM gmt
How did I get put in a division with Kevin and Dave Dohm? My TMBL playbook reads: prepare for MSWL.PhilJul. 8th at 5:51 AM gmt
With all the change in programming, it took all his time to get the anti-Ian cheat codes in place. Don't think he had time for yours yet, John.KevinJul. 7th at 4:25 PM gmt
I'm in Allan's division. No lead is safe.JohnJul. 6th at 5:16 AM gmt
My team is 11-1 when Verlander, Kershaw or Greinke start and 1-5 when they don't.BrentJul. 4th at 10:35 PM gmt
At this rate, the Ems will have their division locked up by Aug 1st.KevinJul. 4th at 1:44 PM gmt
I think Matt found a cure for his bad luck.AllanJul. 4th at 1:15 PM gmt
You think you're unlucky? Come sit in my dugout...PhilJul. 2nd at 7:54 AM gmt
Four.PhilJul. 1st at 4:48 PM gmt
With a short three game losing streak, my team has sunk to mediocrity.PhilJul. 1st at 4:45 PM gmt
It was VERY frustrating seeing Mariano Rivera so much this JPW!AllanJul. 1st at 12:31 PM gmt
What's this? Anyway, I thrashed Al all week long! Almost. See blogs.JayJun. 30th at 12:15 AM gmt
Ellis has 26 home runs...we have 38 runs. :-)AllanJun. 29th at 11:07 PM gmt
Big series this weekend: Wingnuts (#2 offense) @ Kernels (#2 pitching).KevinJun. 29th at 6:45 PM gmt
Hmmm, we were 4-4, then I changed my profile now we're 4-7. I didn't think it even took effect until Sunday.IanJun. 27th at 10:10 PM gmt
Most interesting Crabs stat from new sim = Dee Gordon has SEVEN caught stealings in 11 games (vs ONE successfull steal). In MLB, he had 24 successful steals, 7 caught stealings.MikeJun. 27th at 5:42 AM gmt
Tell me about it Al !ChrisJun. 26th at 6:50 AM gmt
Has the Albert Pujols 0 Home Runs watch started yet? :-)AllanJun. 24th at 2:06 PM gmt
Sorry about that "General" category Ellis. :-)AllanJun. 24th at 2:06 PM gmt
This PSD team is an embarrassment. They are playing like the...Red Sox!RobJun. 22nd at 12:23 PM gmt
Still awaiting the commish's ruling on length of supsension & fines for the team that started the brawl yesterday...KevinJun. 19th at 4:08 PM gmt
Is there any possibility of changing the "General" category's name? That front page gave me a heart attack! EllisJun. 19th at 2:42 AM gmt
Not a great opening day for me today. MaxJun. 16th at 7:37 PM gmt
Opening Day!!AllanJun. 16th at 2:29 PM gmt
Please look for email update/invite on draft-chat today (Saturday)....AllanMay. 19th at 2:36 PM gmt
is the final draft tonight? No Live draft? & no confirmation of ordersRoyMay. 18th at 9:17 PM gmt
West Division...start getting scared of Brett Gardner and his 5 SBs in 7 games...AllanMay. 10th at 9:30 PM gmt
A couple more sets of test games have been played...AllanMay. 10th at 9:25 PM gmt
But #1 for Home Runs! Losing but with style!RoyMay. 8th at 3:01 PM gmt
Lost 5-0 to the Thunder in our practice gamesRoyMay. 8th at 2:59 PM gmt
New trade online and draft order updated to reflect all trades and rounds.AllanApr. 29th at 3:44 PM gmt
Nearing completion of the 2nd round in the draft chat.AllanApr. 28th at 7:36 PM gmt
Sorry...make that...1pm Central USA, 7pm British time.AllanApr. 27th at 8:12 PM gmt
1pm central USA, 9pm British time. I will post a chat room link on SaturdayAllanApr. 27th at 8:12 PM gmt
Live Draft! When is it and how do we join?RoyApr. 27th at 11:26 AM gmt
Welcome to Trevor Taylor who takes over at Great Lakes.AllanApr. 25th at 9:37 PM gmt
Was it just two? It seemed like all of them. ;-)AllanApr. 21st at 11:48 PM gmt
All 2 of those Red Sox players Al?RobApr. 21st at 10:50 PM gmt
After processing Lakewood and all those Red Sox I just hope the Blue Claws can afford all the chicken and beer they will need in the clubhouse...AllanApr. 21st at 9:00 PM gmt
I'm in progress on updating rosters in the simulator now. I'll post the update to the site later on and email that info.AllanApr. 21st at 8:17 PM gmt
Thanks for sending me the draft order list Chris!AllanApr. 20th at 4:28 PM gmt
Excel across in 10 mins on draftChrisApr. 19th at 11:17 PM gmt
I wrote a quick file renaming method as we've "changed" player_ids...anyway MOST player photos now show up properly again.AllanApr. 19th at 11:03 PM gmt
Can someone help me with the draft order? We're not snaking rounds and its "worst to best record". Click the history link for standings (I could use an Excel spreadsheet). Thanks!AllanApr. 19th at 10:00 PM gmt
Well, there are some new players that came back from injury in 2010 that played quite a bit in 2011. Also, some great teams can't keep all those keepers. :-)AllanApr. 19th at 2:54 PM gmt
Very difficult to trade now, as everyone is waiting to see quality of session 1 draft lists.ChrisApr. 19th at 7:41 AM gmt
I'm not sure if we had any last season...AllanApr. 18th at 8:28 PM gmt
If I were going for HR hitters with .240 AVGs, I'd be all over it Matt. =)RobApr. 18th at 12:46 AM gmt
Definitely some quality names on the trade block Matt!RobApr. 16th at 5:25 PM gmt
Watch out for Dave Dohm drafting all the RHB's who hit triples...AllanApr. 15th at 11:59 PM gmt
Please welcome the Brevard County Manatees to the Atlantic Division!IanApr. 10th at 11:24 PM gmt
And back from the dead...its the I-Man...Ian Lindsay...formerly of the Kendal Rabid Biting Mules and now the Brevard County Manatees...AllanApr. 10th at 11:23 PM gmt
Please welcome the Augusta Greenjackets and Matt Cooper to the Southeast Division!AllanApr. 10th at 10:43 PM gmt
Curtis Sellers joins the Frontier Division replacing the Orem Owlz with the Las Vegas 51s...AllanApr. 9th at 9:37 PM gmt
Welcome to Ellis Simpson! Ellis took on the Birmingham franchise and has renamed them the Jackson Generals.AllanApr. 9th at 8:55 PM gmt
Looks like ALL of Northeast is back if Comrade Rob is back.AllanApr. 5th at 7:50 PM gmt
Please see forum for season 2 signup and also for the keepers discussion.AllanApr. 1st at 2:39 PM gmt
Its the last day of March...hoping to get out more details today.AllanMar. 31st at 3:17 PM gmt
MaxMar. 23rd at 9:59 PM gmt
Congratulations to the Biscuits!AllanOct. 20th at 8:43 PM gmt
Interesting world series .....ChrisOct. 14th at 6:56 PM gmt
World Series underway...AllanOct. 8th at 11:16 PM gmt
League Championship series' now up. Games start on Saturday!AllanSep. 30th at 7:53 PM gmt
Ahhhhh, a division title. Yep, just another inaugural season championship for Beagle Sports Management group.....PhilSep. 19th at 8:44 PM gmt
Osprey all set. Wish I had my ace pitcher going though.KevinSep. 19th at 4:00 PM gmt
Profile in..... Eyes down for the show.JamesSep. 18th at 8:33 PM gmt
Empire Strikes Out! After leading the division for much of the season, fatigue decimated the bullpen and outfield to drag the 66ers out of the race, finishing exactly .500 at 41-41. Disappointing work by the GM.JaySep. 14th at 5:38 PM gmt
Ems are 24th in runs scored but 1st in runs allowed!JohnSep. 12th at 8:05 PM gmt
Barons are still alive, I believe? if they win, they would play the winner of Zeph/Crabs in a one game playoff, if I have it right?MikeSep. 12th at 3:56 PM gmt
(finishing the thought)...if needed these games would be played on September 14th. AllanSep. 12th at 2:29 PM gmt
Here's our rule: If two teams are tied for the 3rd place spot (same W-L record), a 1 game playoff will occur to determine who gets the spot. A coin flip will determine which team gets home field advantage in that game. If needed these games would be pAllanSep. 12th at 2:11 PM gmt
3-way tie for the last playoff spot in the SE with three games left to play!MikeSep. 10th at 12:52 PM gmt
Whoops. Never mind.KevinSep. 7th at 10:04 PM gmt
Jammers are down to 7 position players. Is this going to cause problems with our series starting tomorrow?KevinSep. 7th at 10:02 PM gmt
Biscuits pitching crumbling.JamesSep. 6th at 7:45 PM gmt
Beware...the Biscuits will rise again.PhilSep. 4th at 2:51 AM gmt
Oh no! I stop paying attention for 4 or 5 days and my team has totally tanked. That and losing my entire bullpen. Plus, Justin Morneau. I think the playoffs are out of reach now... [Sad trombone]JaySep. 3rd at 1:28 AM gmt
Biscuits no spoil - message below posted before today's game. Now for the lottery.JamesSep. 2nd at 6:36 PM gmt
Biscuits not soft cookies as Threshers thrashedJamesSep. 1st at 9:47 PM gmt
Crabs and Barons have played five straight extra inning games. Neither has great records, but the playoff race rages on!MikeSep. 1st at 6:55 AM gmt
I'm sorry. It's late, and that sounded funnier before I hit "submit."PhilAug. 30th at 5:18 AM gmt
No, but I did hear that the Extra Empire was evil in winless innings...PhilAug. 30th at 5:16 AM gmt
Did you know that the Evil Empire is winless in extra innings? (0-4)AllanAug. 26th at 10:25 PM gmt
Trade window closes once the calendar hits September...AllanAug. 26th at 10:12 PM gmt
CRUNCH - JamesAug. 25th at 6:35 PM gmt
Threshers vs Biscuits 8 games to win or lose Atlantic South East. All square going into itJamesAug. 25th at 6:35 PM gmt
Arias despite his 4 error performance was back in tonight. 6 attempts no errors. Great, right? Ugh. Looks like he wasn't even in the equation, literally.RobAug. 25th at 6:58 AM gmt
Al or Rob... please read the Errors blog. Well, Rob you may already know why. Thanks.RobAug. 24th at 3:04 PM gmt
James... make some changes to the relief pitching part of your Pitching profile if you haven't already. Looks like the relievers are costing you some games.RobAug. 24th at 7:29 AM gmt
5 way battle in Pacific West, 2 will miss out!ChrisAug. 22nd at 8:15 PM gmt
I think I just sent someone their password on accident. Apologies if that was youJohnAug. 21st at 8:08 PM gmt
Am now sorry I commented on AdGonz batting .190, as Al has apparently now inserted code to allow .189, drat.MikeAug. 20th at 5:58 PM gmt
Thx, Al! PhilAug. 18th at 1:03 AM gmt
Jay and Phil, both are now fixed.AllanAug. 17th at 11:21 PM gmt
same is true for Dan Runzler on my roster, Al....PhilAug. 17th at 3:31 AM gmt
Hey, Commish? Mike MacDougal is listed on my roster but he's not in either the major or minor pull-dwon menu for me to promote. Please fix or explain. Thanks!JayAug. 16th at 4:54 PM gmt
Empire 3 Monsters 2 Chris Heisey: 3 solo homers. Monsters: 2 solo homers. A first in TMBL? MLB?JayAug. 16th at 3:36 AM gmt
And the Joey Votto hitting streak ends at 21...AllanAug. 14th at 12:15 PM gmt
I knew it!MikeAug. 14th at 1:49 AM gmt
Oh I'm sorry C-Ball, did you send a beer of the month club package? It hasn't arrived yet... :-) AllanAug. 13th at 11:23 PM gmt
I know it's random and all, but can Adrian Gonzalez, arguably the best bat in MLB, hit .190 all season?MikeAug. 13th at 12:55 PM gmt
Mr. Joey Votto of the Jammers has a 21-game hitting streak...AllanAug. 13th at 11:55 AM gmt
All hail the Empire and the 'Stache!JayAug. 11th at 2:21 AM gmt
3-7 in our last ten and looking uglier with each loss. About to blow the division lead for the first time all season tomorrow. What are we, the Mets?KevinAug. 10th at 1:59 PM gmt
Nobody likes a braggart Brent!RobAug. 9th at 2:04 AM gmt
After starting the year 1-7, the Trenton Thunder have gone 30-13 since then (including a current 8 game winning streak) and now have the best record in the league.BrentAug. 8th at 11:07 PM gmt
One month ago the Wingnuts where 8-15 and 9 games out. Since then they are 19-8 and 2 games out...P-Mac is on a roll!AllanAug. 7th at 1:38 PM gmt
Who among you can stop HR slugger Adam Dunn? :-)AllanAug. 5th at 9:59 PM gmt
I just wanted to take a minute to call out Cedar Rapids...AllanJul. 29th at 8:36 PM gmt
Biscuits go soft on the road :-(JamesJul. 27th at 5:37 PM gmt
That's quite the pennant race shaping up in the Pacific West division.KevinJul. 26th at 2:16 PM gmt
There are some big intra league series games running at the moment!RoyJul. 18th at 5:28 PM gmt
I personally like to use OBP + Slugging Percentage. I think that stat is a good indicator of a players hitting ability.BrentJul. 10th at 12:21 PM gmt
All of the baseball stats are used one way or another in this game. Slugging percentage is determined by total number of bases / AB. So a homerun would give you a slugging percentage of 4, a triple 3, double 2, single 1 and out 0. I personally like to BrentJul. 10th at 12:19 PM gmt
As the ratio for left handedness is about 1:10 I presumed there would be more. I also made sure when I was drafting to get a mixRoyJul. 6th at 11:16 AM gmt
Big Thanks to Al for continuing to make this site and game better & for putting all the hours in to do so!RoyJul. 4th at 10:45 PM gmt
Hey Dr. Beerman...yes, that will be added in the near the meantime enjoy the game previews. :-)AllanJul. 3rd at 9:44 PM gmt
Don't look now but the Threshers have the best ERA and 2nd best batting AVG in TMBL.AllanJul. 2nd at 5:37 PM gmt
Now Pitching: Michael Dunn 0-4 0 --- Andres Torres struck out Now Pitching: Fernando Salas Good to know the Threshers are getting their moneys worth from their pitchers...RoyJul. 2nd at 6:39 AM gmt
...and Billy Butler is replaced by yet another Royal....PhilJul. 2nd at 5:02 AM gmt
Dr. Death got his smiling Billy least not on Friday...AllanJul. 1st at 10:33 PM gmt
That's one for the "record books"!JohnJun. 30th at 5:19 PM gmt
I tried to do my part to keep the result in focus... :-)AllanJun. 30th at 12:59 PM gmt
I did get my first stolen base today. Maybe that's what Brian is highlighting!RoyJun. 30th at 11:23 AM gmt
Off, off, off!RoyJun. 30th at 11:18 AM gmt
How many times do I have to post to get this off the front page?...RoyJun. 30th at 11:16 AM gmt
Maybe he needs a change of scenery. I'll trade ya for him...RobJun. 28th at 1:44 AM gmt
Games are now set to run at 1am central daily (7am BST).AllanJun. 26th at 8:27 PM gmt
Once I build out everything I'll come back around to tuning some things for speed, but currently I'm in a build out mode and am going for functionality over speed (but I'll try to address that later).AllanJun. 26th at 1:51 PM gmt
Okay, thanks Jonathan. The answer to your question is that there are a lot of 'new' things I've put in TMBL that take more time to load and I haven't really optimized them yet.AllanJun. 26th at 1:50 PM gmt
Why do you complain about everything and never say please or thank you?AllanJun. 26th at 12:42 PM gmt
You lose Pujols and all of a sudden, St. Louis resembles a AAA team?RobJun. 22nd at 11:43 PM gmt
If you ever thought the TMBL simulator hated you, look what real baseball did to my redbirds in the 8th yesterday!AllanJun. 22nd at 10:38 PM gmt
What happened to all the Loons errors?AllanJun. 22nd at 10:36 PM gmt
Missing my daily TMBL fix - bring on tomorrow. Great stats leader additionJamesJun. 20th at 4:31 PM gmt
He seems to be doing well so far though for the Vermonsters...AllanJun. 18th at 2:37 PM gmt
Kevin Gregg's wife just called, wondering where he is?MikeJun. 18th at 2:24 PM gmt
He's still out there now...RoyJun. 16th at 9:04 PM gmt
The mound is a lonely place sometimes, especially for Kevin Gregg.RobJun. 16th at 6:22 PM gmt
Usage % is based on PA not games appeared so Gregg did not suffer from being pulled into the gameRobJun. 16th at 11:52 AM gmt
I see where it happened. Its a function of how the check is made to bring on a reliever. Perhaps we should be checking to see if the game is over before checking for an RP...RobJun. 16th at 11:51 AM gmt
Roy - what game did this happen in?RobJun. 16th at 11:42 AM gmt
One of my pitchers Gregg appears after the game has finished - will this count towards his games played %?RoyJun. 15th at 9:33 PM gmt
One "line" at a time, that is.MikeJun. 12th at 2:09 PM gmt
A tip for "watching" games Viewer-style. Use IE and make the window as small as possible vertically, then scroll, you will see it one like at a time. Doesn't work as well is other browsers for some reason. MikeJun. 12th at 2:08 PM gmt
One quick relief pitcher tip...if you have a relief pitcher on your majors roster, it doesn't mean they will enter a game unless you put them in a spot on your profile.AllanJun. 11th at 9:58 PM gmt
Over the past 36 hours the server has been off for a couple of stretches of time due to lightning in the area...AllanJun. 11th at 2:45 PM gmt
Has the league figured out yet that they should play their T-9 against Cedar Rapids?AllanJun. 10th at 12:01 AM gmt
Working through some test games offline now to ensure a fix for the earlier Threshers-Biscuits issue is working.AllanJun. 5th at 3:50 PM gmt
Good question. Not actually, but...the games I've scheduled through this Friday will be the first 6 games you play when we start for real on June 11. :-)AllanJun. 5th at 3:50 PM gmt
Is there a local rivalry theme with todays games? There's an in-house Sellers derby and I'm taking on James' Ports?RoyJun. 5th at 2:36 PM gmt
Hi Roy, no live one today. Draft Central is just running it offline today.AllanJun. 4th at 6:58 PM gmt
Is there a live draft today?RoyJun. 4th at 5:44 PM gmt
Standings page has been updated. I'll do an expanded one as well later (L-10 isn't perfected yet)...AllanJun. 4th at 11:47 AM gmt
Any chance we can add streak and record in the last 10 games to the standings page.BrentJun. 2nd at 4:19 AM gmt
Today we've learned that any relief pitcher Kernel Dave picks up is called "Franklin Insurance"...AllanMay. 28th at 7:06 PM gmt
Love, love, love the TMBL YTD stats on the Landing page!MikeMay. 27th at 8:00 PM gmt
You have that right, Roy. The guy on third must be "forced" in, due to no available base for the guy who just walked. MikeMay. 22nd at 12:20 PM gmt
basic baseball question: is it only when bases are loaded and a layer is walked that you score? If a player is on 3rd and the batter is walked - he stays where he is?RoyMay. 22nd at 10:14 AM gmt
When does the schedule get released? I need to circle the Lakewood vs Wichita dates...RobMay. 21st at 8:00 PM gmt
All lists appear to be in. Online draft starts in 7 hours...AllanMay. 21st at 10:57 AM gmt
We've learned quite a bit about Jay's home-life today...AllanMay. 14th at 11:08 PM gmt
Jack Cust...who knew...AllanMay. 14th at 10:02 PM gmt
C-Ball showed up in the chat briefly...made excuses about needing to leave for a while...those in the draft will just impersonate and select for his team I guess? :-)AllanMay. 14th at 9:15 PM gmt
Draft just getting underway now...AllanMay. 14th at 8:31 PM gmt
Didn't have time to get to them this week Rob. I'll group Rd 4-7 & 8-12 together.RobMay. 14th at 8:07 PM gmt
Where are Draft Grades Rounds 4 thru 7?RobMay. 14th at 3:32 PM gmt
Assuming Kevin and I are running the draft, I am fine with a deadline of Friday rather than Thursday. I just need time to print and coordinate all the lists prior to the draft. Past Friday afternoon, that gets dicey. We'll do all we can to accommodate,PhilMay. 9th at 3:52 AM gmt
Help. How do I get into the LIVE draft?RobMay. 8th at 3:07 PM gmt
Rob will be running the draft tomorrow at about 4pm BST. I believe he'll run a round prior to that offline (otherwise the live part would take more than 2 hours).AllanMay. 7th at 6:05 PM gmt
Technically, college and university are different here too. Colleges offer only associates and bachelor degrees. Universities offer masters and doctorates as well, or exclusively for the really snobby ones.KevinMay. 6th at 4:22 AM gmt
The "View Chatter History" link takes us to the MSWL United front page. BrentMay. 6th at 2:20 AM gmt
That's C-Ball saying he's the favorite...or is Brent? James: is that a PhD? Can we get an acknowledgement in the beginning of the thesis if we allow late orders? :-)AllanMay. 5th at 10:59 PM gmt
Noone drafted as well as Mr. Hermack though... not even the guy handing out the grades!RobMay. 5th at 9:51 PM gmt
I tried to be as anti-C-Ball as possible, but the man put together a decent first round of drafting.RobMay. 5th at 9:50 PM gmt
Another day,another A for C-Ball, ho hum.MikeMay. 5th at 9:27 PM gmt
Can we get some postings as they trickle in Shadey? Would be nice to see some anti-c-ball grading...AllanMay. 1st at 4:15 PM gmt
Shadey's draft grades are currently underway! 6 teams graded thusfar. Hopefully I'll have everything done and posted to the Forum sometime on Tuesday.RobMay. 1st at 4:01 PM gmt
Session 1 draft completed...a couple tidbits on the forum. Email with more info on next steps to go out soon...AllanApr. 30th at 9:43 PM gmt
GMT Draft time is 8pm (2pm CST)RoyApr. 30th at 6:37 PM gmt
Yes sir!AllanApr. 29th at 11:12 PM gmt
Let's get the draft on! :)JohnApr. 29th at 12:17 AM gmt
Roy, I've requested that one of our experts do a follow-up on that topic. And for today's game we attended: Reds 5, Birds on Bats 3. :-(AllanApr. 24th at 12:05 AM gmt
I'm a little behind James still, just been browsing baseball jargon. Al's Drafting hitter game me a little more info, can someone do pitching & hittin as well please?RoyApr. 23rd at 11:20 PM gmt
Chris, no one is saying that the St. Louis Cardinals should be your favorite team...but they should be. :-) We're going to St. Louis - Cincinnati Saturday afternoon with Mr. Phil (THE Wichita Wingnuts manager). :-)AllanApr. 22nd at 10:45 PM gmt
Photo updated & looking at draft now. Baseball knowledge is limited, however just arranged to record Reds vs Cardinals on Monday night (ESPN)!!!ChrisApr. 22nd at 9:51 AM gmt
This re-start will be a good opportunity to see if all of C-Ball and Brent's titles were "just a fluke". :-)AllanApr. 15th at 12:26 AM gmt
Two-time defending champs are IN!MikeApr. 11th at 6:57 PM gmt
Please let me know if you'd like to play this season by Sunday, April 17th. Thanks!AllanApr. 10th at 10:34 PM gmt
Just want to thank John and Kevin for their analytical input for the many different facets of this soon to be even greater TMBL game that Allan and Rob are providing us with.RobJan. 9th at 11:46 PM gmt
I think we're getting there C-Ball. The lack o anti-Providence design rules so far, however, is disappointing...AllanDec. 31st at 11:33 PM gmt
Many thanks to the guys providing all the great design detail here. I don't have the mind for the upfront stuff, so I greatly appreciate y'all putting together what looks like will be a great game!MikeDec. 28th at 10:02 PM gmt
Merry Christmas!AllanDec. 24th at 4:30 PM gmt