Sunday, August 7th, 2022 - 03:32:53 PM (gmt)
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Match 34 - July 9, 2022
League Round 15
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SU logo
Southend United
  Colin Scott
PLY logo
Plymouth Argyle FC
  Rob Peterson
Viewer  |  Report  |  Summary
Good one here.
Phil (Chesterfield FC) 07/09 - 5:49 AM
Plymouth need a lot of points in the closing sessions to avoid relegation. Any dropped points could end up eliminating us.
Rob (Plymouth Argyle FC) 07/09 - 1:36 PM
SHU logo
Sheffield United
  Christer Kallin
LEW logo
Lewes FC
  Dave Dohm
Viewer  |  Report  |  Summary
these two managers share a long running rivalry with each other....
Vick (Weston-super-Mare AFC) 07/05 - 10:15 PM
Ohh we do? I have missed that. But Lewes manager is named after my libero in TMVL. (or is it the other way around) He is still good.
Christer (Sheffield United) 07/09 - 3:24 PM
Is the Lewes manager good, or is he lucky?
Ian (Preston North End FC) 07/09 - 5:58 PM
Like flying a plane Ian…….better be good than lucky.
Dave (Lewes FC) 07/09 - 7:11 PM
OLA logo
Oldham Athletic AFC
  Tim Batth
PNE logo
Preston North End FC
  Ian Lindsay
Viewer  |  Report  |  Summary
BHA logo
Brighton & Hove Albion
  Stewart Miller
LIN logo
Lincoln City FC
  Mike Cabral
Viewer  |  Report  |  Summary
This is going to a tough one, on the road vs #1 in the D1 table and the rankings, but we will give it our best go!
Mike (Lincoln City FC) 07/03 - 11:29 AM
Title decider?
Roger (Bristol City FC) 07/03 - 3:38 PM
Crucial game for both clubs.
Stewart (Brighton & Hove Albion) 07/07 - 11:22 AM
Best of luck, Stewart. We fear you will seal the league title here, but we would love to toss out a shocker!
Mike (Lincoln City FC) 07/09 - 1:32 PM
QPR logo
Queens Park Rangers
  James White
TRA logo
Tranmere Rovers
  Alon Atie
Viewer  |  Report  |  Summary
FOR logo
Nottingham Forest
  Steve Turner
NOR logo
Northampton Town FC
  Simon Compton
Viewer  |  Report  |  Summary
Prediction League Featured Match
FOR Win (17)Draw (3)NOR Win (4)
Roger (BRI)
Colin (SU)
Hazel (LEI)
Steve (FOR)
Martyn (DER)
Carl (CRE)
Allan (BRE)
Stewart (BHA)
Roy (SWA)
Jeff (DAG)
James (QPR)
Dave (LEW)
James (WAT)
Mike (LIN)
Christer (SHU)
Ian (PNE)
Phil (CHF)
Tim (OLA)
Andy (DOR)
Rob (PLY)
Vick (WES)
Simon (NOR)
Abe (LEE)
Graham (CRD)
Cruel to pick this as a predicto game with 3 top players suspended.
Steve (Nottingham Forest) 07/05 - 5:34 PM
sorry i don't check to see what players a team may have injured of suspended. For league games i just try and pick sides that are close together in the table.
Vick (Weston-super-Mare AFC) 07/05 - 9:57 PM
And yet its a vacationing Compo so Steve is still favored here...
Allan (Brentford FC) 07/06 - 11:50 PM
I always check for suspended players and injuries. But, hey...medical leave.
Phil (Chesterfield FC) 07/09 - 5:31 AM
WES logo
Weston-super-Mare AFC
  Vick Hall
CRD logo
Cardiff City FC
  Graham Wilkes
Viewer  |  Report  |  Summary
need to get things back on track after a bad last session.
Vick (Weston-super-Mare AFC) 07/05 - 9:59 PM
WAT logo
  James Tucker
CRE logo
Crewe Alexandra FC
  Carl Oakes
Viewer  |  Report  |  Summary
Vicarage Road isn't a venue we would have picked to bring this slump to an end.
Carl (Crewe Alexandra FC) 07/03 - 10:37 AM
CAR logo
Carlisle United
  Dave Gittins
PV logo
Port Vale FC
  John Holden
Viewer  |  Report  |  Summary
LEE logo
Leeds United
  Abe Hamdali
BRE logo
Brentford FC
  Allan Sellers
Viewer  |  Report  |  Summary
Prediction League Featured Match
LEE Win (14)Draw (0)BRE Win (10)
Colin (SU)
Hazel (LEI)
Martyn (DER)
Vick (WES)
Stewart (BHA)
Roy (SWA)
Abe (LEE)
Andy (DOR)
James (QPR)
Dave (LEW)
James (WAT)
Mike (LIN)
Rob (PLY)
Christer (SHU)
Tim (OLA)
Roger (BRI)
Steve (FOR)
Carl (CRE)
Allan (BRE)
Simon (NOR)
Jeff (DAG)
Graham (CRD)
Ian (PNE)
Phil (CHF)
Oh man, playing the top seed in this match. We will do our best!!
Abe (Leeds United) 07/03 - 4:56 AM
Rough away match here against the tough Leeds squad led by Abe. We haven't won at Elland Road in 7 seasons which makes us 7-goal underdogs today...
Allan (Brentford FC) 07/06 - 11:44 PM
Al concedes the match in press...why run the game?
Phil (Chesterfield FC) 07/09 - 5:34 AM
I'd love this prediction to come true. Leeds 7 Brentford 0.
Ian (Preston North End FC) 07/09 - 5:55 PM
DOR logo
Dorchester Town
  Andy Shaw
DER logo
Derby County
  Martyn Hathaway
Viewer  |  Report  |  Summary
Another home game we need to win and should really.
Andy (Dorchester Town) 07/08 - 8:38 PM
HER logo
Hereford United FC
  Alex Tucker
BRI logo
Bristol City FC
  Roger Mendonça
Viewer  |  Report  |  Summary
Must win game
Roger (Bristol City FC) 07/03 - 3:44 PM
SWA logo
Swansea City AFC
  Roy Rolsten
SWI logo
Swindon Town FC
  Matt White
Viewer  |  Report  |  Summary
DAG logo
Dagenham & Redbridge
  Jeff Hawker
CHF logo
Chesterfield FC
  Phil McIntosh
Viewer  |  Report  |  Summary
WYC logo
Wycombe Wanderers
  Aires Martins Jr.
LEI logo
Leicester City FC
  Hazel Hawker
Viewer  |  Report  |  Summary
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