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Friday, January 17th, 2020 - 11:55:17 PM (gmt)
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Brighton & Hove Albion
Paul Cockayne
Historical Record: 343-160-383 (0.477)
Current Season: 8-5-13 (0.404)
Bank 3968 / CP 27
Captain: Lukas Schmidt
Team Awards
1 League Title
4 FA Cup Titles
1 FA Shield Title
2 Alan Parr Cup Titles

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Recent Results

39 Dec 28 L0 - 1@Swansea City AFC 3rd Division - R18
38 Dec 28 D2 - 2Derby County 3rd Division - R17
35 Dec 21 L0 - 2@Swindon Town FC 3rd Division - R16
34 Dec 21 W5 - 1Wycombe Wanderers 3rd Division - R15
30 Dec 14 L3 - 4Dagenham & Redbridge 3rd Division - R14
29 Dec 14 L0 - 1@Crewe Alexandra FC 3rd Division - R13
26 Dec 07 W2 - 0Cardiff City FC 3rd Division - R12
25 Dec 07 L0 - 1@Chesterfield FC 3rd Division - R11
24 Nov 30 L0 - 2(n)Sheffield United Youth Cup - R1
21 Nov 30 W4 - 3Southend United 3rd Division - R10

Coach's Biography: Paul Cockayne

My love of games goes back to early years, the age of about 4, I suppose, being beaten at chess again and again by my elder brother and occasionally a kind uncle.  On Sundays the family usually sat down to play a board game; Monopoly, Cluedo and Risk were favourites, and we’d often play rummy as well.  My mum was a lover of patience games and my dad introduced me to the idea of book cricket which occupied many an hour in the pre-computer era.

My secondary school was starting to take chess seriously when I arrived and I found myself playing regularly for school and later county teams.  Later bridge also became popular when the Rev. Davy gave up his struggle to interest his class in Latin or the Divinities.  As I progressed through university chess remained my great passion but in our twenties my wife and I started playing bridge together with some success – until our bridge became rather more successful than our marriage in fact.   I continued playing bridge seriously through to the mid 1990s, with even the occasional success at national level.  I did not, however, repeat my mistake by playing with my second wife.  A good decision, as we remain married and mostly friendly after 26 years together.

Sometime in the 1980s I got involved in the postal games hobby, initially playing Diplomacy and then, later, United and pretty much any other game that was going.  For about four years I ran my own postal games zine “On the Game”, which won the UK zine poll a couple of times.  It was in this period that I met Alan Parr, the originator of United (and still running a game to this day), and like me, a huge jazz fan.  In fact, Alan and I once went to a football match together, Tring Town v. Wokingham, in the basement level depths of the English league pyramid: a win for Tring, 3-1 as I recollect. I think the spectators outnumbered the players but I can’t be sure.

Family, house moves and career changes put an end to my games playing for a while around 1996, until about a year ago when I started playing bridge again and renewed my interest in games through the computer world.   Things have gone full circle, in a way.  I find myself playing a bit a chess again, and when my two sons (now 26 and 24) are home we will invariably pull out a board game (but no longer Monopoly, I’m pleased to say).

In MSWLU2 I have previously managed Wycombe Wanderers


Team Roster

Players (25)
Joe Burroughs Gk 14 
Ben Richardson IV Gk 
Joel Charlton APP Sw 
Jamie Sansom III Sw 
Tomas Moe II Df 13 -1 
Jayden Walker II Df 13 -1 
Jason Schneider APP Df 10 
Lukas Schmidt (c) III Df -2 
David Kahn IV Df 
Luca Ruddle SBY Df 
Oliver Williams APP Df 
Stephen Brady SBY Df 
Harry Lennon III Df 
Geoffrey Lennon Mf 15 -1 
Liam Martinsson II Mf 12 -1 
Patrick Roberts III Mf -1 
Robin Schaffer IV Mf 
Jeff Ludley SBY Mf 
Thomas Durman SBY Mf 
Leon Thomas Fw 15 -1 
Roger Bishop APP Fw 
Edoardo Caruso SBY Fw 
Victor Bayle IV Fw 
Damien Lemaire SBY Fw 
Graham McAdam III Fw 
Backroom Boys
Noah Evans Coach 
Kiyoshi Hayashi Youth Coach 
Oliver Ruby Youth Coach 
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