Session 7 orders deadline in 5 hours and 55 minutes
Need one manager for MSWL U1. Contact Al or add to waitlist please.
Saturday, December 7th, 2019 - 12:04:57 PM (gmt)
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Leicester City FC
Hazel Hawker
Historical Record: 327-141-387 (0.465)
Current Season: 2-4-11 (0.235)
Bank 1425 / CP 28
Captain: Benjamin Brudenell
Team Awards
1 FA Shield Title

Next Session

25 Dec 07 Brentford FC 2nd Division - R11
26 Dec 07 Leeds United 2nd Division - R12

Recent Results

24 Nov 30 L1 - 2(n)Brentford FC Youth Cup - R1
23 Nov 30 L5 - 6Southend United FA Shield - Q
21 Nov 30 L0 - 2@Lincoln City FC 2nd Division - R10
20 Nov 30 D2 - 2Bristol City FC 2nd Division - R9
17 Nov 23 L0 - 2@Sheffield United 2nd Division - R8
16 Nov 23 L1 - 2@Queens Park Rangers 2nd Division - R7
13 Nov 16 W7 - 2Dorchester Town 2nd Division - R6
12 Nov 16 L0 - 1@Hereford United FC 2nd Division - R5
11 Nov 09 W7 - 0@Crewe Alexandra FC FA Shield - R1
9 Nov 09 D2 - 2Plymouth Argyle FC 2nd Division - R4

Coach's Biography: Hazel Hawker

Hiya ... I am the Mum of the manager Derby County; wife of the manager of the Dagenham & Redbridge.

I have recently retired from my Roll of a Manufacturing Consultant, and have moved to Gloucestershire, closer to the familty to catch up for a coffee or ice cream,  however far enough away not to become emergency baby sitters, !  

Being from Wales the land of Rugby Union Land, we tend to watch more rugby than football that my excuse .......


Team Roster

Players (26)
Domingo  Torres Gk 15 
Bryan Mason III Gk 10 
James Miller SBY Gk 
Leron  Avraham II Sw 13 
Arran Johnstone APP Sw 
Ariel Cohen IV Sw 
Abdel-salem Tazi II Df 13 
Kenzie Morrison Df 12 
Allan Black  (1) III Df 10 
Samuel Lampton APP Df 
Braulio  Salas IV Df 
Henry Butcher SBY Df 
Estevan  Sánchez II Mf 13 
Maxime Van Damme Mf 11 
Oren Ben-David III Mf 10 
Henry Kennedy APP Mf 
Vincent Lindholm IV Mf 
Martin Rooney SBY Mf 
Liam Harris Fw 15 
Benjamin Brudenell (c) II Fw 13 
Lucas White II Fw 13 
Michael Collins III Fw 11 
Shing Huáng III Fw 10 
Charlie Davies APP Fw 
Larry Chen IV Fw 
Robert Wilson SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Nico Walter Coach 
Hassan Cherkaoui II Groundsman 
Harley Bentinck II Physio 
Nikolai Andresen Youth Coach 
Ryan Durman Youth Coach 
Fionn Quinn Youth Director 
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