Need one manager for MSWL U1. Contact Al or add to waitlist please.
Tuesday, February 18th, 2020 - 07:43:47 AM (gmt)
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Nottingham Forest
Steve Turner
Historical Record: 333-157-375 (0.476)
Current Season: 0-0-0 (0.000)
Bank 168 / CP 43
Captain: Algenon Kennedy
Team Awards
1 Youth Cup Title

Next Session

1 Feb 22 Dagenham & Redbridge FA Cup - R1
2 Feb 22 (n)Leeds United Alan Parr Cup - Group
3 Feb 22 (n)Watford Alan Parr Cup - Group

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Coach's Biography: Steve Turner

When United started up back in the mists of time I asked for Nottingham Forest as I'd been a fan all my life. Having said that the first football games I watched were at Filbert Street, Leicester as I was at university there. Then that Christmas holiday, Forest were at home in the FA Cup and I asked a friend if he wanted to go. And then I was hooked, travelling up from Leicester for nearly all home games for the rest of that season and the season after. Coincidentally it was the golden era for the team, winning the league, league cup twice and European Cup. The season after they made the East Stand all seater, prices went up, it was my final year so I stopped going. Some games I still remember like it was yesterday.

As for United, I just didn't get it. I'm not sure when I quit as my name wasn't  in the all time lists so I don't know if there was a reboot or something. U2 started up some seasons ago and I manage my local team, Ilkeston. For a couple of seasons I've been trying to get back at Forest. I'd also just started back in SESL and Sanc as well as agreeing to run the Prediction league in U2 so Al wisely suggested I see how that all went. All is well and I was offered a place in Wales, accepted, but mentioned Forest. Next I know Roy has agreed to move to Swansea and I'm back at my old club from Season 20

Forest were in a bit of a state so I patiently rebuilt them. Seasons 22 and 23 we came 4th in Division 3 and got to a Youth Cup final and FA Shield final. Season 24 we finally got promotion, winning Div 3 by 5 points, made it to the Youth Cup final again and FA Shield semi-final. And season 25 we win Div 2 and reach the FA Cup semi-final. Season 26?

For a personal Bio see Ilkeston in United. 


Team Roster

Players (26)
Francis Murray III Gk 13 
David Wilson APP Gk 
Barry Barton II Sw 12 
Jan Maier III Sw 
Joseph Fortune-West SBY Sw 
Mark Daugherty III Df 13 
Kai Ball Df 10 
Martín Lugano II Df 
Felipe Dias APP Df 
Joshua Brown IV Df 
Miguel Álvarez III Df 
Mark Green SBY Df 
Ollie Hunter II Mf 12 
Lukas Hofmann Mf 10 
Leon Fitzgerald Mf 10 
Lincoln Hunt IV Mf 
Andy Lambert APP Mf 
Joan Soler III Mf 
Ian Morris SBY Mf 
Algenon Kennedy (c) III Fw 15 
Mathias Bendtner II Fw 14 
Sameul Dominguez II Fw 12 
Didrik  Andreassen Fw 10 
Glen Shepherd IV Fw 
William Chauvet APP Fw 
Jed Begum SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Brandon Craig II Coach 
Robert Rogers II Groundsman 
Ben Shepherd II Physio 
Nigel Carter Youth Coach 
Reece MacKay Youth Coach 
Joseph Wheeler II Youth Director 
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