Monday, August 3rd, 2020 - 09:16:52 AM (gmt)
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Oldham Athletic AFC
Tim Batth
Historical Record: 318-170-415 (0.446)
Current Season: 7-6-9 (0.455)
Bank 759 / CP 37
Team Awards

Next Session

38 Aug 08 @Dorchester Town 3rd Division - R17
39 Aug 08 Port Vale FC 3rd Division - R18

Recent Results

35 Aug 01 L0 - 6@Derby County 3rd Division - R16
34 Aug 01 W7 - 0Swindon Town FC 3rd Division - R15
30 Jul 25 L0 - 5@Brighton & Hove Albion 3rd Division - R14
29 Jul 25 W3 - 0Wycombe Wanderers 3rd Division - R13
26 Jul 18 W1 - 0Hereford United FC 3rd Division - R12
25 Jul 18 D1 - 1@Cardiff City FC 3rd Division - R11
24 Jul 11 L0 - 2(n)Northampton Town FC Youth Cup - R1
21 Jul 11 D0 - 0Leicester City FC 3rd Division - R10
20 Jul 11 W1 - 0@Port Vale FC 3rd Division - R9
17 Jul 04 W1 - 0Dorchester Town 3rd Division - R8

Coach's Biography: Tim Batth

Canadian Tim Batth took over a mess. Not enough BRB, hardly any talent, horrible fitness and bottom of the lowest rung.

The objective for now is play to train and be somewhat competitive next season.

Season 24 Update:

Objective is to acquire players, then train and develop them alongside the lone 2 players worth keeping from the previous regime (Cong Li and Matteo Babin). Second objective is to not finish bottom 3 in the league. Simples!


Team Roster

Players (27)
Paul Werner III Gk 16 
Oscar Lindberg Gk 15 
Ellis Wells IV Gk 
Zachary Duckworth SBY Gk 
Abe Smith II Sw 13 
Ellis Mason APP Sw 
Jay Trickelbank Df 14 
Frank Ford APP Df 10 
Daniel Hammond APP Df 10 
Victor Fitzgerald III Df 
Ramon Roman II Df 
Joaquin Vera IV Df 
Gabriel Reyes SBY Df 
Andrew Stevenson II Mf 14 
Matheo Chapuis APP Mf 10 
Kenny Ellis APP Mf -1 
Reuben Carroll IV Mf 
Mason James IV Mf 
Ellis Clark SBY Mf 
Alvaro Lozano III Mf 
Juan Francisco Romero II Fw 15 
Louis Molina Fw 14 
Jake Daly III Fw 11 
Matthew Thomas APP Fw 10 
Zak Lorimar IV Fw 
Harvey Frost IV Fw 
Arjen Robbin SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
João DaSilva II Coach 
Leo Smith II Groundsman 
Tom Wagner II Physio 
Susumu Takahashi II Youth Coach 
Robert Nolan Youth Coach 
Johan Tenbrook II Youth Director 
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