Monday, August 3rd, 2020 - 09:13:29 AM (gmt)
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Port Vale FC
John Holden
Historical Record: 368-194-394 (0.486)
Current Season: 7-4-13 (0.375)
Bank 268 / CP 24
Captain: Andrew O'Brien
Team Awards
1 FA Cup Title
2 FA Shield Titles
3 Youth Cup Titles

Next Session

38 Aug 08 Derby County 3rd Division - R17
39 Aug 08 @Oldham Athletic AFC 3rd Division - R18

Recent Results

35 Aug 01 D2 - 2@Swindon Town FC 3rd Division - R16
34 Aug 01 L1 - 3Brighton & Hove Albion 3rd Division - R15
30 Jul 25 W3 - 0Wycombe Wanderers 3rd Division - R14
29 Jul 25 L0 - 1@Hereford United FC 3rd Division - R13
28 Jul 18 D1 - 1(n)Swansea City AFC Youth Cup - R2
26 Jul 18 W1 - 0Cardiff City FC 3rd Division - R12
25 Jul 18 L0 - 3@Leicester City FC 3rd Division - R11
24 Jul 11 W1 - 0(n)Brentford FC Youth Cup - R1
21 Jul 11 W2 - 0Dorchester Town 3rd Division - R10
20 Jul 11 L0 - 1Oldham Athletic AFC 3rd Division - R9

Coach's Biography: John Holden

John is starting his 15th season in MSWL-United from what is considered the most livable city in the world, Melbourne, Australia.

He doesn't win any major trophies, is a big Portland Timbers fan and commonly refers to himself in the third person.


Team Roster

Players (28)
Andy Rowbotham IV Gk 11 
Rafael Romero APP Gk 
Aarron Chaffersey SBY Gk 
Wes Clark III Sw 11 
Alessio Barbieri APP Sw 
Javier  Rodríguez Sw 
Thomás Neves SBY Sw 
Christian Wilson II Df 12 
José Lopes Df 12 
Mathieu Leclerc APP Df 10 
Carrington Richman IV Df 
Emilio Testa SBY Df 
James Farrell SBY Df 
Carleton Banks IV Df 
Tom Dunn II Mf 17 -1 
Joseph Knight Mf 14 
Owen Ritchie IV Mf 11 
Alberto Ferrara APP Mf 
Glenn Dury Mf 
Martin Jørgensen SBY Mf 
Edward Francis Fw 13 
Jordi Ramos Fw 
Matthew Thwaite APP Fw 
Didrik  Johannessen APP Fw 
Andrew O'Brien (c) IV Fw 
Gerry Dowson IV Fw 
José Castelo SBY Fw 
Taylor Young IV Fw 
Backroom Boys
Freddie Sutton Coach 
Joe Santiago Physio 
Ignacio Martinez II Youth Coach 
Max Foster Youth Coach 
Owen Curtis II Youth Director 
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