Tuesday, December 18th, 2018 - 11:18:11 AM (gmt)
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thanks chaps. roster all sorted thanks to Compster and AlMarkDec. 15th at 5:20 PM gmt
Mark: Click Transactions page to add SBY/APP players. And (for once) Compo is may have to sell to get under 30 to add all the youth players you need to. AllanDec. 14th at 11:13 PM gmt
Mark you need to sell some players to make space on the roster to introduce three new schoolboys you need eight schoolboys /apprentices for your youth matchSimonDec. 14th at 10:49 PM gmt
I need buy 3 SBY for youth cup match 24, don't I !? :-)MarkDec. 13th at 4:39 PM gmt
Relegation battle agianSimonDec. 1st at 11:25 PM gmt
Brutal session coming up. Four games, away at Shepshed, Hyde, and and Kendal, and my home game has my 15 GK on a red cardJohnNov. 25th at 4:39 PM gmt
NMR - worse that I thought. I checked rsd and qnl of the youth and it isn't bad. But then I realised I lost 33 CP which I can I'll afford to lose.SteveNov. 24th at 11:21 PM gmt
I wish I had Al but NMRing meant I lost a lot (33?) of CP. Now what to do with the 62 CP I haveSteveNov. 24th at 11:01 PM gmt
Hopefully your struggling squad can put your 48 (FORTY-EIGHT!) CP to good use this session Mr. Turner. :-)AllanNov. 22nd at 12:45 AM gmt
With such a weak squad I struggled to put 4 teams out but had the luck of an NMR team and a game I was going to throw. Still surprised to get three 3-0 wins thoughSteveNov. 17th at 10:37 PM gmt
Doubtful SimonNov. 15th at 6:59 PM gmt
The real question here is "will the no-hopers score a goal this season?"... AllanNov. 14th at 12:48 AM gmt
No hope Bedford long season aheadSimonNov. 11th at 8:46 AM gmt
Matches to run in about 90 minutesAllanNov. 10th at 7:52 PM gmt
both games to run almost at the same time, crash coming ??SimonNov. 10th at 6:22 PM gmt
Good luck to all tomorrow - except my immediate opponents----- well, what did you expect me to say?? :-)DavidNov. 9th at 7:56 PM gmt
Care to switch group with Welling Simon?ChristerNov. 7th at 9:40 PM gmt
Bedford would like an age v please offersSimonNov. 7th at 9:07 PM gmt
Plus Compo I feel like all the managers have a grudge against you so the Bedford over-under in group play is 2 points...AllanNov. 6th at 12:15 AM gmt
Alan parr group of death Bedford are inSimonNov. 5th at 10:01 PM gmt
Not sure if this helps Steve, but Mr. Martin has a Gk who is prone to getting red-carded in multiple sequential matches... :-) AllanNov. 4th at 2:02 AM gmt
So we play the legendary Kevin Martin 1st and 2nd games followed by Ian Lindsay. Gotta love RNG at times.SteveNov. 3rd at 9:47 PM gmt
Want an age v grounds an pleaseSimonNov. 3rd at 7:32 PM gmt
Mark - go to your Transactions page (2nd from right link in the main navigation bar). It should be about half-way down that page. Message me if you have issues. RobOct. 29th at 3:16 PM gmt
Backroom Boys - i know what they are - but how do i appoint an age V as a BRB?MarkOct. 28th at 6:30 PM gmt
Season 20 (which is Emerald on the anniversary chart) is now OPEN!AllanOct. 20th at 10:12 PM gmt
OK, sent, AlPaulOct. 17th at 7:34 AM gmt
Can you please email me the financials Paul? Looks like the website is being troublesome trying to show your work. AllanOct. 16th at 10:17 PM gmt
Posted financials, just about readable, need checking!PaulOct. 14th at 12:21 PM gmt
Thanks guys! Can I please get some financials totaling help?AllanOct. 13th at 1:50 PM gmt
Nice finish, Alon. Crazy finish to the year. First ever to go down to Goals For as the championship tie breaker, and in a bizarre coincidence, Div 3 was decided the same way!KevinOct. 12th at 4:05 PM gmt
I came into this season with a really strong team so I thought I had a great chance for a title run.I really thought I had blown it but to come back and win by the skin of my teeth was thrilling.Great challenge from the usual culprits Ian and Dave though.AlonOct. 9th at 8:46 PM gmt
Thanks Al, for a very enjoyable season.JamesOct. 7th at 9:24 PM gmt
Thanks Al for another action packed season. Next year, can we please have some home draws in cup competitions?EllisOct. 7th at 4:42 PM gmt
Thanks Al for another fun seasonDaveOct. 7th at 4:01 PM gmt
Wow!AllanOct. 6th at 9:51 PM gmt
Cant get promotion but we seemed to have won the Prediction League (and the 250k that goes with it, presumably.. )DavidOct. 6th at 8:20 PM gmt
Wow division 1 Is it most goals scored that decides itSimonOct. 6th at 7:43 PM gmt
We can still stop up. If we win both games, Clevedon beat Carlton who draw their other game against Fylde. And Fylde draw with Bridgewater who don't win their other game against York.SteveSep. 30th at 7:31 AM gmt
Not quite sure how I managed to get 2 DF 4 QNL short of SL 10 without NMRingSteveSep. 29th at 8:18 PM gmt
Another dodgy sessionSimonSep. 29th at 7:34 PM gmt
Nice one Al SimonSep. 24th at 7:59 PM gmt
I feel very bad that Ian had to use so many CP on his players this week. If "I've offended anyone" I am truly sorry. :-)AllanSep. 23rd at 11:47 PM gmt
14 CP spent on fitness today. Thank you Harrogate Railway for your shenanigans in the AP cup last week.IanSep. 22nd at 7:36 PM gmt
Midfield performances have cost us this year need to buy some European players!!!SimonSep. 22nd at 7:12 PM gmt
We are looking forward to playing our friends at Kendal again this weekend... AllanSep. 21st at 10:58 PM gmt
So noSimonSep. 15th at 10:29 PM gmt
Let me think about that one AlSimonSep. 12th at 8:54 PM gmt
How many games is THAT suspension??RobSep. 12th at 3:26 PM gmt
That is insane Kevin. I guess Compo's bad luck doesn't seem so bad now...AllanSep. 11th at 1:06 AM gmt
As this may be a United/U2 first, I have to brag... anyone else ever have a GK on 0 Hardness get a straight Red Card in ALL THREE matches of a session? Go McDermott!!!KevinSep. 10th at 8:30 PM gmt
Bedford looking for a gkSimonSep. 1st at 11:34 PM gmt
Mark - looks like it's a combination of facing a couple really strong opponents, some really bad luck, and misfortunes with Hardness. I don't see anything obvious.RobSep. 1st at 12:45 AM gmt
No goals in last 8 matches. Any advice for me chaps?!MarkAug. 31st at 7:51 PM gmt
Kendall how does he do itSimonAug. 27th at 6:05 PM gmt
Should be a fun day playing the top two teams with youthSteveAug. 25th at 2:33 PM gmt
Combo dizzy have you seen the predictions league, blimey feels odd being this high upSimonAug. 19th at 7:27 PM gmt
Anyone seen Harrogate unbeaten And what about being top of the prediction tablesSimonAug. 14th at 10:36 PM gmt
Fun results today. Looking forward to all the positive and sarcastic comments! :-)AllanAug. 11th at 9:44 PM gmt
Matches will run in 10 minutes...AllanAug. 11th at 7:13 PM gmt
Expect a slight delay again today of about 1-2 hours. I'll email when everything is done.AllanAug. 11th at 5:43 PM gmt
See Blog for Predictos Update...AllanAug. 6th at 11:20 PM gmt
Ill take a look at predictions this week and fix. A by product of how I had to run things from out of town...AllanAug. 5th at 1:53 PM gmt
I assumed it was still updatingSteveAug. 5th at 9:14 AM gmt
Hey David I'm showing 0 in both leagues but I know at least one of my games was a forced win for me in the FA CupSteveAug. 5th at 9:14 AM gmt
Make that 7 - Paul can count better than me...!DavidAug. 5th at 7:40 AM gmt
I guess people have spotted the prediction table is badly skewed.... I got 6 but am showing 1 - demand a recount..:-)DavidAug. 5th at 7:34 AM gmt
Harrogate flying under the radar thenSimonAug. 5th at 7:23 AM gmt
This wont go as well as mswl u1SimonAug. 4th at 10:37 PM gmt
Dohm or Lindsay its a tough decision for sure . . . JamesAug. 4th at 10:32 PM gmt
Will it be a long nightSimonAug. 4th at 10:22 PM gmt
At least predictions in for u2SimonAug. 4th at 10:21 PM gmt
David, he likes Guinness. CarlAug. 4th at 9:51 AM gmt
I'm sorry David. Your cheque arrived after the ones from Carl, Martyn, and Ian...AllanJul. 31st at 11:15 PM gmt
Oh Goodee! My FA Cup and all 3 opponents in the AP Cup groups come from the 1st and 2nd division. Not much chance of CPs being gained here, then.. :-(DavidJul. 30th at 1:48 PM gmt
They always do Al, dont worry about so long as its not aimed at meSimonJul. 28th at 10:59 PM gmt
I hope my journal comments haven't stirred up any trouble...AllanJul. 28th at 7:54 PM gmt
I 10 GK, Alex Brown, available for trade.TimJul. 21st at 9:25 PM gmt
And that's XACTLY what I'm talking about Compo!!! :-)AllanJul. 17th at 10:11 PM gmt
Funny you should say that its next week, 6 weeks if I can get away with ItSimonJul. 17th at 7:24 PM gmt
Compo will find some good players here if he can be bothered to bid (probably already on his month long August holiday!)...AllanJul. 16th at 12:28 AM gmt
U2 is ready... AllanJul. 16th at 12:27 AM gmt
Updated reset target is July 15th (perhaps July 8th)AllanJun. 27th at 11:07 PM gmt
I'll try to get the season reset next Sunday (June 24th)AllanJun. 18th at 2:57 AM gmt
Can it get better - 4 points from the top 2 teams and finishing top of the Prediction table. Some end of season comfort at least.. :-)DavidMay. 27th at 7:58 AM gmt
Bedford relegated, shepshed win the league by goal difference and Harrogate end up thirdSimonMay. 26th at 7:49 PM gmt
Thanks Carl. Although you could have put your thumb on the scale to help the commishes totals a bit? :-)AllanMay. 22nd at 11:15 PM gmt
Great work Carl and Paul. JamesMay. 22nd at 12:31 PM gmt
Sorry David!!!!CarlMay. 21st at 6:09 PM gmt
Goodness - one more Prediction week and at the moment I lead it. At least I have something to check on next Saturday - what's the prize? 1.000k - Really!! :-)DavidMay. 20th at 7:25 AM gmt
What can I boast about - I know! We have the lowest average age in the youth set up.. (I am grasping at straws here..!!) DavidMay. 17th at 2:04 PM gmt
Disaster seasonSimonMay. 14th at 6:33 PM gmt
Looks like there's a problem with the Prediction League round 8 results?PaulMay. 13th at 1:27 AM gmt
Paging Dorian Blanc.......DaveMay. 13th at 1:17 AM gmt
Just 2 game sessions from now until season end - painfulJamesMay. 12th at 2:50 PM gmt
I assume mswl 1 is off line currentlySimonApr. 29th at 10:55 AM gmt
Ok that's odd. I know I entered some lineups as I had GPP in the cup game and then did auctions and prefictions but I guess I didn't finish them or didn't save properly.SteveApr. 22nd at 3:55 PM gmt
Demand a re run what a joke on stats and scores SimonApr. 22nd at 3:38 PM gmt
Running shortly...AllanApr. 22nd at 2:18 PM gmt
Anybody heardany News about Yesterdays matches yet?DaveApr. 22nd at 1:48 PM gmt
I thought we'd had a good session but then realised it was last weeksSteveApr. 22nd at 12:53 PM gmt
Houston do we have an issue with match day results?SimonApr. 22nd at 8:21 AM gmt
Kendall look awesome this seasonSimonApr. 14th at 1:34 PM gmt
We top the Prediction league till at least next weekend - some success!!!DavidApr. 8th at 8:53 AM gmt
Sorry guys couldnt just hold kendallSimonApr. 8th at 7:34 AM gmt
Saturday matches will be run a little late as I want to be around to monitor and will be out most of the day at a Mad Max volleyball tourney...AllanApr. 7th at 12:40 AM gmt
Back up and running now.AllanApr. 1st at 9:57 PM gmt
MSWL 1 site is down, it appears.EllisApr. 1st at 3:26 AM gmt
Sorry David, I hadn't seen that you still needed a brb. I've got a handful of Age Vs I could still sell. RobMar. 31st at 4:06 PM gmt
Al, I had to convert an age V,6 to get my 2nd youth coach - didn't want to, but nobody came back to me.. :-(DavidMar. 31st at 2:10 PM gmt
I believe Mr. Hall has the predictions sorted and David did you get all your Age Vs?AllanMar. 31st at 2:03 PM gmt
I STILL want an age V lad for a BRB but also am I the ONLY one to have Kendal in the first 5 games in the Prediction page?DavidMar. 28th at 8:06 PM gmt
Lads, has nobody got an age V player for sale (for a BRB) for 200k? Pretty please? Just one ?DavidMar. 27th at 6:47 AM gmt
I should have thought of that earlier myself Paul... :-)AllanMar. 25th at 10:12 PM gmt
Not keen on the first run, can we have the second please?PaulMar. 25th at 9:05 PM gmt
Uh...just once sir! :-) (I hope...)AllanMar. 25th at 8:54 PM gmt
So they the matches are running twice, Al? PhilMar. 25th at 8:25 PM gmt
Matches to run Sunday at 12 CT (US) and 6pm UKAllanMar. 25th at 1:05 PM gmt
However could be a disaster as I have been out all night celebrating hey hoSimonMar. 24th at 10:49 PM gmt
Okay massive thanks to al for delaySimonMar. 24th at 10:49 PM gmt
Compo for President!MikeMar. 22nd at 1:21 PM gmt
In the FA Cup opener (so far) three managers LOVE Compo while none are voting for Dancin' Dave Dowson. I hope Dave is keeping track so that when his suspended players can play again they exact revenge...AllanMar. 21st at 12:04 AM gmt
I'm not doing well here either - I really would like to buy in 1 or 2 age v lads for BRB duties. Please? DavidMar. 20th at 9:19 AM gmt
Bedford feel happy about apologiesSimonMar. 17th at 8:54 PM gmt
Yes Northampton feel happy about it for sureSimonMar. 17th at 8:52 PM gmt
And yet it feels like the refs got it right with Dr. Dave Dowson's team. :-)AllanMar. 14th at 10:26 PM gmt
Tonbridge start the season with 6 players suspended for 12 games in total? Surely a record.IanMar. 14th at 1:51 AM gmt
Bedford need one more age v please offers made but if anyone sets up a deal then I can exceptSimonMar. 11th at 1:14 PM gmt
Pre-Season Auction 1 done, ready for Auction 2 bids.AllanMar. 10th at 9:03 PM gmt
Aging concluded, ready for new season.AllanMar. 4th at 2:01 AM gmt
5k to MOS - just heard the Directors have cancelled our day trip to Blackpool - they were hoping for at least 10k... :-)DavidFeb. 20th at 10:22 AM gmt
Can someone please help with the financial totals. I hope to then run end of season/reset things on Feb 17 or Feb 18.AllanFeb. 10th at 3:24 PM gmt
Congrats Alon on the title.....dominating season.DaveJan. 28th at 4:13 PM gmt
That's some bad luck there Steve... :-)AllanJan. 27th at 5:23 PM gmt
How come I have to play Ian on the last day in both leagues? Isn't it hard enough this season?SteveJan. 26th at 1:01 PM gmt that C-Ball with a chance to build the trophy case this session?AllanJan. 25th at 12:46 AM gmt
Massive final session for Compo and Alon. Good to see they have a head-to-head that will likely decide the title. AllanJan. 25th at 12:45 AM gmt
Yep still two points, and the big last match top of the table clash has us with suspensionsSimonJan. 20th at 7:10 PM gmt
Still only two points at the topSimonJan. 13th at 7:14 PM gmt
Think the 100% league record will fo this session :(GrahamJan. 9th at 3:30 PM gmt
Great - seems the Prediction table is my best chance of me going higher in... :-)DavidJan. 8th at 10:17 AM gmt
Looking for old players to be able to get BRBs for next season - could some nice teams please get in touch??DavidJan. 4th at 10:44 AM gmt
looking close at the top of Div 1SimonDec. 30th at 8:05 PM gmt
Compliments of the season to you all. Hope 2018 is a great year for everyone.EllisDec. 27th at 4:35 AM gmt
Merry Christmas to all - it might take time but we will win a game in 2018 !!DavidDec. 25th at 8:00 AM gmt
I hate to sound triumphant, but we achieved our aim. Managed to stay in both cups and salvage the season, minus our GK!IanDec. 23rd at 7:18 PM gmt
Ian, it would be for Jones. Make your play...! :-)DavidDec. 22nd at 3:27 PM gmt
Kendal stands ready to trade with you David!IanDec. 22nd at 1:38 PM gmt
Could Ian "loan" my age 3 GK for one session, or can the League place an APP in goal for him and remove it after the session? Everybody must have a GK. DavidDec. 22nd at 8:30 AM gmt
Just a pity I took on Mossley this morning - I could have helped Ian @ Kendal.. DavidDec. 22nd at 8:20 AM gmt
Anyone have strategy suggestions on how to gameplan for a team that will have an SL 0 goalkeeper?AllanDec. 22nd at 5:01 AM gmt
A shame that no managers were able to make a trade to provide Ian with a 'backup' Gk this weekend. :-) Now THAT is bush league...AllanDec. 22nd at 4:53 AM gmt
Looking for a backup GK. Drop me a trade offer if you have one for sale.IanDec. 20th at 12:20 AM gmt
Thanks John. I love the concept of the unwritten rule.EllisDec. 17th at 7:05 PM gmt
Bush league: baseball term for when someone, typically at a lower/minor league level of the game, violates an unwritten ruleJohnDec. 16th at 7:18 PM gmt
Wow - I just entered my orders and found I haven't enough players. I guess 3 NMRs hurt lolSteveDec. 15th at 9:49 PM gmt
Bush league? Does that explain my current injury list?SteveDec. 15th at 9:32 PM gmt
Bush league? Translation available?EllisDec. 14th at 3:58 AM gmt
Bush league was Dave Dohm breaking one of my player's legs in the first incarnation of MSWL in 1987.AllanDec. 13th at 11:30 PM gmt
Bush league for teams to change their strategy after seeing results, but that's the way it goes.DaveDec. 10th at 7:08 PM gmt
Simulator blew up mid way. System is built to run a full session so if it is doesn't fully complete it would require me to manually do all the steps to complete it. In this case probably 10-20 hours of work. AllanDec. 10th at 4:41 PM gmt
Sorry re run for matches but why??SimonDec. 10th at 4:02 PM gmt
Deadline countdown at the top of the screen has been updated to when I plan to re-run session 3. AllanDec. 9th at 10:30 PM gmt
Clearly, Compo hasn't donated towards server costs recently.IanDec. 5th at 5:04 PM gmt
What rotten luck in the cup Kendal here and pne in mswl 1SimonDec. 3rd at 1:45 AM gmt
Better chuck that programmer a tenner thenSimonDec. 1st at 10:26 PM gmt
At least I picked a captain!SteveNov. 29th at 5:13 PM gmt
Wednesday and just realised I NMR'd! .SteveNov. 29th at 2:32 PM gmt
There's a program to pick them Compo... AllanNov. 26th at 2:01 PM gmt
Who chooses the non league line ups.SimonNov. 25th at 10:38 PM gmt
Excited for the start today!MikeNov. 25th at 1:55 PM gmt
Here and ready when you are, Al, looking fwd to the seasons!MikeAug. 19th at 11:04 AM gmt
I'm sorry, I'm not quite hitting my targets here. A lot of personal things going on that are taking up my time. I hope to have more on next season deadline starting in early-mid August. AllanJul. 22nd at 11:15 PM gmt
Yeeeeesssss!MikeJul. 9th at 1:34 PM gmt
Just a quick update. Look for an email by July 14th on the next season. Might be sooner, but hit a busy period here.AllanJul. 3rd at 12:14 AM gmt
Look for more from me near in the next couple of weeks. The next deadline will likely be the end of June or first week of July as I run the aging process.AllanJun. 11th at 6:38 PM gmt
News about the real Ilkeston FC. Although the team here is Ilkeston Town that was my fault. Ilson Town was wound up around 2008 due to unpaid debts and Ilkeston FC was formed in 2010 - the logo used here is of the more recent team. The team did well gettiSteveJun. 7th at 6:03 PM gmt
Really chuffed with this league win. With one round to go I was certain it would be Harrogate or Wimbledon.AlonMay. 27th at 7:35 PM gmt
That was a wild final session. Congratulations to Alon on winning the title! Thanks for the commiserations Ellis. AllanMay. 23rd at 8:39 PM gmt
Saturday afternoon and no United results to look out for. :-(JamesMay. 20th at 3:33 PM gmt
Commiserations to the Commissioner, Al. Congratulations to Alon.EllisMay. 14th at 4:07 AM gmt
Erm, keep an eye on Kendal. Undefeated in the last 9 league games.IanMay. 7th at 7:28 PM gmt
I think I predicted weeks ago that this Harrogate squad was a team to watch.DaveMay. 7th at 11:17 AM gmt
Wow Harrogate top and Bedford still close to relegation SimonMay. 6th at 11:09 PM gmt
Big Social Media week for the I-Man what with his quarterly facebook post and then a comments wall entry. Great to see the I-Man out of his bunker...AllanMay. 6th at 6:47 PM gmt
From 4th place, we're not sure whether to look upward or downward.IanMay. 6th at 2:25 PM gmt
Trying to catch Alon and Crocodile Tears Dave...AllanMay. 6th at 1:00 PM gmt
Still very closeSimonApr. 30th at 1:19 PM gmt
Up to 4th but could still go down, it's close in division 1SimonApr. 22nd at 7:10 PM gmt
Guess we won't know that though will we?SimonApr. 22nd at 7:00 PM gmt
The GK loses FIT after the 4th game but Alon probably used CP to get it back to 2.SteveApr. 21st at 9:37 PM gmt
Okay that doesn't seem to work then as shepshed played four games last session and his keeper was still at full fitness when we played them in game 4?SimonApr. 21st at 8:46 PM gmt
Nope, he'll lose -1 fitnessIanApr. 20th at 9:18 PM gmt
Is it okay for a gk to play in four matches without penalty?SimonApr. 17th at 10:41 PM gmt
Yes I suppose we should be happy for small merciesSimonApr. 16th at 7:26 AM gmt
Well.....except for one match :)DaveApr. 16th at 2:28 AM gmt
No luck here for Bedford, it all went across the border to Northampton in Mswl 1SimonApr. 15th at 8:00 PM gmt
Every match just seems to get tougher, what an up coming sessionSimonApr. 9th at 11:36 PM gmt
Ilkeston away twice. Not a fun round.JohnApr. 5th at 2:12 AM gmt
Surviving is our aimSimonApr. 2nd at 6:34 AM gmt
Still looking for a BRBIanMar. 28th at 5:18 PM gmt
That's nice to knowSimonMar. 22nd at 9:32 PM gmt
I still like you Compo...AllanMar. 19th at 10:53 PM gmt
Olmec hates me or Allan does!SimonMar. 18th at 7:47 PM gmt
Anyone with a BRB they want to sell?IanMar. 14th at 8:31 PM gmt
Opening day, ready to go!MikeMar. 11th at 2:58 PM gmt
...unless of course it is a group AFC Wimbledon is in and then it becomes great work by the commish, right?AllanMar. 7th at 11:30 PM gmt
2 non league teams in the same group of the AP Cup is an outrage. DaveMar. 7th at 11:28 PM gmt
You'll probably get some bonuses Compo when I turn the normally scheduled jobs back on. For now, just assume Olmec and the commish are 100% against you! :-) AllanMar. 7th at 10:39 PM gmt
Partipation bonus, do we get any this session, Harrogate have 3 the rest none and yet I have written an essay, lolSimonMar. 7th at 10:14 PM gmt
Yeah real sweet AP group, 3, 6, 9, and 10th best top 11. This will be a rebuild year for WIM.DaveMar. 6th at 1:11 PM gmt
Shame the FA Cup 'arrangement' fell through. Wimbledon? OMG. EllisMar. 6th at 5:35 AM gmt
Oh yes, the AP Cup Group we really, really wanted.EllisMar. 6th at 5:32 AM gmt
Dave and Ellis...your cheques arrived to secure the AP Cup Group you requested.AllanMar. 6th at 12:57 AM gmt
That's awesome Compo! :-) AllanMar. 6th at 12:57 AM gmt
You would be surprised, the misses fell out with me, lolSimonMar. 5th at 2:55 PM gmt
Oh and I doubt that you "sat up all night" Compo!!!! :-) AllanMar. 1st at 3:53 AM gmt
Al sent an email that he is out of town until Monday.MikeFeb. 27th at 2:07 AM gmt
Any news on the auctions? Sat up all night,,SimonFeb. 26th at 8:14 AM gmt
Will be the weekend of the 17th for aging (sooner if I can this week)...AllanFeb. 12th at 11:25 PM gmt
Look for more info the weekend of Feb 10th on when the next season begins...AllanFeb. 1st at 7:57 PM gmt
Of course we could win both our games and still not get promoted eitherJohnJan. 2nd at 6:36 AM gmt
Looks like it's us lose both games, Clevedon win out, Hyde beat Ilkeston and we're down on 26 points, 4 more than the highest everJohnJan. 2nd at 6:36 AM gmt
If you get 23 points in D2 you're usually safe... but I'm on 26 points and could easily get relegated if I lose both gamesJohnJan. 2nd at 6:34 AM gmt
Sweet divisions 2 title, all good SimonJan. 1st at 10:29 AM gmt
If you have Age V SL 7 or less then you can either keep them for 1 CP or convert them to BRB before they retire. Too late to convert after the next games. BRB will be age II next season but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.SteveJan. 1st at 1:24 AM gmt
How did sheepshead win a penalty shoot out that didn't see anyone miss?SimonDec. 25th at 1:01 AM gmt
Don't forget your non league sales and happy Christmas SimonDec. 23rd at 8:28 PM gmt
We will stick with it Simon as an experiment of sorts. Arguably we won two points in 1st game lost one point in second still a net gainJamesDec. 18th at 11:20 AM gmt
Wow, maybe not, doesn't division make pleasant reading! Happy xmasSimonDec. 17th at 7:19 PM gmt
maybe you weren't playing hard enough Simon !!JamesDec. 17th at 10:43 AM gmt
Don't you believe that we only played 4 and 5 hardness in the early part of the season, conceded pens and had players booked and suspendedSimonDec. 16th at 7:16 PM gmt
foe the rest of the season i'll be playing 10 hardness in every game as it appears there is no consequence's ;-p JamesDec. 11th at 12:22 AM gmt
Div 2 looks pretty!SimonDec. 10th at 7:23 PM gmt
Week 4 predictions up. Have at it!TimNov. 22nd at 12:58 AM gmt
I'm out of town until tomorrow evening and don't have the scheduler on yet. So look for results in about 28 hours.AllanNov. 19th at 10:34 PM gmt
Week 3 predictions are up ... sorry for the delay.TimNov. 16th at 1:25 AM gmt
Northampton, Leeds and Chelsea all win, its a happy Compton home tonightSimonNov. 5th at 10:39 PM gmt
Thanks. I am used to United PBMs Need to check my new team out over the next few weeks.GaryNov. 5th at 3:06 PM gmt
Welcome to Gary Picon who is now the manager at Swindon Supermarine. AllanNov. 5th at 1:20 PM gmt
Just a quick note that auctions will be processed later today or early Sunday morning. AllanOct. 29th at 4:13 PM gmt
Dean Denaro is now at Evesham.AllanOct. 18th at 6:12 PM gmt
Yes, well done Burton. And thanks to Al for running the game.EllisJul. 7th at 4:07 AM gmt
Well done burton and well done Bedford straight back upSimonJul. 3rd at 3:46 PM gmt
Well we were very worried but after last season or last day experience paid off JamesJul. 2nd at 9:27 PM gmt
I have always thought of it as a football management game which is era less; so it could be the 1930's where 5 FWs was normal or the now where 1 FW is common.JamesJun. 27th at 8:35 AM gmt
The introduction in the rules say this is a football management game. Anyone know a team that would play with 5 FW. I have played many games where player play within the rules but not the sprit of the the game. As I have said we could all play with 5 FW&#MattJun. 26th at 7:55 PM gmt
Maybe 5 at FW is a bit unrealistic but as frustrating as it can be,I still enjoy the game. All we have to do is beat both of Burton's championship rivals to have a chance to stay up.SteveJun. 25th at 9:23 PM gmt
WowSimonJun. 25th at 7:11 PM gmt
Steve you are proving what is happening to what use to be an enjoyable game. Now it is just a numbers game and unless the rules get changed it is no longer a game based on football but a number crunching process. MattJun. 25th at 3:50 PM gmt
Two players I bought in the last auction and wanted to sell after getting CP stuck for another seasonSteveJun. 21st at 9:55 AM gmt
Matt it's all about numbers.SteveJun. 21st at 9:55 AM gmt
This will be my last season the game. How can teams get away with a 1-1-2-2-5 formation. You might as well just train FW. I know it is only a game but no point in playing if all we a trying to do is play the numbers game.MattJun. 19th at 9:14 PM gmt
Hey graham what a great and thoroughly deserved win for England today !!SimonJun. 16th at 10:59 PM gmt
What a great win for Wales Simon just saying GrahamJun. 13th at 8:52 PM gmt
I wish my team knew whether to win 3 or lose 3 games every sessionSteveJun. 12th at 8:02 AM gmt
What a shame for England last night some of the best football we have played in a whileSimonJun. 12th at 7:07 AM gmt
Massive shock today as lowly division 2 side Kendal Town FC, with the greatest keeper in the world are knocked out of the youth cup !!JamesJun. 11th at 7:13 PM gmt
How are rushden so far clear in div 3!SimonJun. 4th at 10:42 PM gmt
More care needed with orders today but apart from one of the four games it was pretty much random and it shows. SteveMay. 28th at 9:46 PM gmt
Clearly some poor management led to Kendal residing in the second division....DaveMay. 28th at 3:13 PM gmt
Are we talking about the 17-trophy Kendal club?AllanMay. 24th at 8:28 PM gmt
"lowly division 2 side Kendal Town..." Now that was funny.EllisMay. 22nd at 3:46 PM gmt
Massive shock today as lowly division 2 side Kendal Town FC, knocked division 1 leaders Burton Albion out of the Alan Parry Cup! IanMay. 21st at 7:16 PM gmt
I have vertigo I have never been so high up the prediction leaderboard, lolSimonMay. 18th at 5:36 PM gmt
Al, it was looking like an earlier c-section than planned (which is Wednesday) but the consultant would rather wait till then due km possible complications so Elaine is back home where she is more comfortable though still having painsSteveMay. 8th at 7:51 PM gmt
Sorry about the NMR, guys, I had a complete blankout on U2 orders because I had done U1 earlier in the week.MikeMay. 7th at 11:16 PM gmt
How is everything going Steve? AllanMay. 7th at 10:56 PM gmt
Not a bad set of results - see U1SteveMay. 7th at 9:18 PM gmt
Nice weekend as Brixworth under 18s win the county cupSimonMay. 7th at 8:10 PM gmt
Prediction League is up for session 1. I'm still looking for a volunteer to run it, thanks. AllanApr. 27th at 3:05 PM gmt
Looking forward to the season! Coming off a 3rd in D1, so some reason for hope.MikeApr. 11th at 4:50 PM gmt
Two wins and still down!SimonFeb. 20th at 8:04 PM gmt
Congrats of the title, James! We had Top T11 all season, but you ran away early, well done.MikeFeb. 20th at 7:15 PM gmt
Participation bonus session 9 where did it for?SimonFeb. 20th at 6:43 PM gmt
Not this time around my leader!SimonFeb. 17th at 8:29 PM gmt
Note that while we await all orders after the server being shutdown the deadline will count up. I get the most posts from managers on the site about this phenomenon whenever it happens (I'm especially looking at you Compo!). :-)AllanFeb. 13th at 9:38 PM gmt
Div 3 football next season for us I fearSimonFeb. 6th at 7:05 PM gmt
Or notSteveFeb. 4th at 12:45 PM gmt
Help save a team from relegation. Trade us your DF.IanFeb. 2nd at 6:57 PM gmt
Yay! I actually have predictions up for this week. AllanFeb. 1st at 12:11 AM gmt
Looking to next season!SimonJan. 31st at 10:47 PM gmt
Between the boys music and sporting events its been wall to wall again this week. I will try to get to predictions for next week. Would be glad to have someone volunteer though if you can help.AllanJan. 30th at 2:18 PM gmt
Looks like more than one played 2 games but it must be hard for the NMR program to work out 3 games. SteveJan. 24th at 1:56 PM gmt
So NMR allowed a SBY for FOR to play 2 games this session?DaveJan. 24th at 3:08 AM gmt
United 1 SimonJan. 23rd at 7:19 PM gmt
That should say Sturrridge...DaveJan. 23rd at 12:19 PM gmt
Great - just signed a player called Sturbridge. I guess he'll spend most of the season injured.DaveJan. 23rd at 12:18 PM gmt
I am VERY late at getting to adding the prediction games for this week (session 6). Due to my tardiness I won't do any for this week and we will resume with Session 7.AllanJan. 22nd at 8:18 PM gmt
Kendal odds on to be relegated?SteveJan. 17th at 3:33 PM gmt
Now bottom but the 2nd division is very tightSimonJan. 16th at 7:42 PM gmt
gonna be tough in division 2 this seasonSimonJan. 9th at 7:22 PM gmt
Happy new year everyoneSimonJan. 1st at 2:49 AM gmt
Hands off Ian, that's MY Goalkeeper!!AllanDec. 28th at 2:29 AM gmt
Just a heads up. There's a top Gk in the next auction and Kendal could do with one. Let's hope someone can make sure Ian bids big. SteveDec. 27th at 10:04 AM gmt
I can't believe Compo was DEAD LAST in an AP Cup Group either. Session 3 Predictos are up! AllanDec. 26th at 10:53 PM gmt
Happy boxing daySimonDec. 26th at 9:16 PM gmt
Weren't worthy coming bottom of Alan parr cupSimonDec. 26th at 9:16 PM gmt
Session 2 Prediction matches are up. AllanDec. 19th at 11:57 PM gmt
York City!EllisDec. 19th at 4:58 PM gmt
Re Yourk City: FWIW, I had sent a fairly detailed message earlier in the week, starting out with that advice. No action so far. Not looking good.EllisDec. 19th at 4:58 PM gmt
York City: I've messaged Brian a couple of times but have no idea if he's read them. Someone needs to tell him to convert age V to BRB then sign 4 SBYs then resubmit lineupsSteveDec. 17th at 5:11 PM gmt
Predictions are up. Happy Christmas to Compo.AllanDec. 14th at 11:35 PM gmt
Happy Christmas everyoneSimonDec. 13th at 8:57 PM gmt
Will take any Age V players if you've got them.JohnDec. 12th at 1:47 PM gmt
bedford blown awaySimonNov. 21st at 7:41 PM gmt
Steve - I've got plenty of BRBs. We can probably swap.RobNov. 21st at 7:24 PM gmt
What an idiot! Three age V players converted to BRB and now I'll have two youth directors next season. Undo button?SteveNov. 14th at 8:02 PM gmt
Prediction selections up for session 7.AllanOct. 25th at 10:10 PM gmt
And another penalty not playing hard. SteveOct. 24th at 9:33 PM gmt
Bedford manage to keep a few clean sheets , excellent !SimonOct. 17th at 10:07 PM gmt
Fun facts.....three of WIM losses are by 1 all three PKs were the deciding factor. WIM played 2 hard in two and 0 in the other. DaveOct. 17th at 9:28 PM gmt
I'd feel for ya Steve, but i got the same thing in both FA cups matches on the road. One knocked us out when we should have drawn and one snatched a road victory from our grasp.DaveOct. 17th at 9:07 PM gmt
Luck? How about giving away a penalty in both games not playing hard. One didn't matter and the other stopped us getting an undeserved win. SteveOct. 17th at 8:14 PM gmt
Sorry, can't help with the prediction comp, very pushed for time myself at the momentPaulOct. 8th at 3:29 PM gmt
Thanks for covering the prediction league the past two seasons Steve. Managers - please let me know if you can help with this role. In the meantime I'll be adding them.AllanOct. 4th at 12:28 PM gmt
Predicton league ready. I would really appreciate it if someone could take over from me as I'm short of time recentlySteveOct. 1st at 8:18 PM gmt
I'll forgive that comment, Paul, as you are obviously new to U2 :-PSteveOct. 1st at 7:58 PM gmt
Think the "Comments Wall" should be renamed the "Steve Turner Is The Unluckiest Person in the World Wall". Or possibly something more succinct PaulSep. 29th at 8:40 AM gmt
2 winsSteveSep. 26th at 7:32 PM gmt
I have to disagree. At least you got 3 wins. I think it's time to use random line ups SteveSep. 26th at 7:32 PM gmt
I fear we have replaced Mr Turner at the top of Olmec simulator most hated list. Ouch.IanSep. 26th at 7:27 PM gmt
Once again the Olmec gods conspire against Mr. Turner...AllanSep. 26th at 1:46 PM gmt
Ooh look at that. Four games and not one at home. SteveSep. 26th at 7:15 AM gmt
Prediction league ready. SteveSep. 24th at 6:57 PM gmt
Captain picked Bedford looking onwardSimonSep. 19th at 5:04 PM gmt
Still need captains from York, Bridgwater, Wimbledon, Evesham, and Kingstonian...AllanSep. 19th at 11:30 AM gmt
1st auction is complete.AllanSep. 5th at 7:44 PM gmt
Yes, thanks Al. More than one or two stupid mistakes here but somehow went from bottom, with 6 league games to play, to 5th even though we were out the youth cup and still managed to fully train the kids. SteveJul. 3rd at 3:20 PM gmt
Thanks to Al for running the game. One or two stupid, self-imposed errors, plus Mr Olmec, mean we cannot wait for next season.EllisJun. 16th at 9:09 AM gmt
Prediction league up. Quite random apart from the finals as I didn't have time to check previous rounds. SteveJun. 11th at 8:57 AM gmt
Struggling to find time to do the prediction league for this week. Too many things to do. Things will be back to normal next season if I'm not sacked. SteveJun. 10th at 11:58 AM gmt
Congratulations Kendal, Marine, EllisJun. 7th at 3:17 AM gmt
Prediction league ready. Sorry for delaySteveJun. 4th at 11:48 AM gmt
Semi finals of cups can be so upsetting, unlucky Rob, snigger snigger!SimonMay. 31st at 10:41 AM gmt
Prediction league ready. SteveMay. 27th at 1:02 PM gmt
I like the part on the rankings comments where Ian wants help. Where did he help us as his teams kept beating us over and over and over...AllanMay. 22nd at 1:35 AM gmt
Prediction league ready and waiting. SteveMay. 20th at 11:56 AM gmt
A better session from the south northants side! SimonMay. 16th at 7:16 PM gmt
Just what we needed, a straight red card and two big injuries just before a 4 game sessionSteveMay. 9th at 8:36 PM gmt
Booted out of both cups in one session. By Dave Dohm. #feeling suicidalIanMay. 9th at 7:29 PM gmt
Prediction league finally up. I do this during dinner break at work but we're on site a lot lately where I don't take my iPad so getting difficult. Only done today because the Mrs is poorly and I'm looking after her. SteveMay. 7th at 10:25 AM gmt
After a 46 to 10 chances advantage and a SW and GK that would stop half each and we still lose 4-2 I refuse to believe anything is impossible, IanSteveMay. 3rd at 11:46 AM gmt
Simply refuse to believe being drawn against Wimbledon in both cup competitions in one a random event.IanMay. 2nd at 11:34 PM gmt
What a horrible day across both leagues. SteveMay. 2nd at 7:55 PM gmt
Wimbledon right back up there, what a sessionSimonMay. 2nd at 7:28 PM gmt
Kendal still with a BRB for sale. Help us to help you...IanMay. 2nd at 7:20 PM gmt
Awesome! Way to go Micki!AllanMay. 2nd at 4:45 PM gmt
Micki scored her first soccer goal Thursday night! Proud dad! :-)PhilMay. 2nd at 6:55 AM gmt
Prediction league ready. SteveApr. 23rd at 10:00 AM gmt
And why do you know so much about me? That makes me nervous.PhilApr. 20th at 2:21 AM gmt
Well, for you information, Ian, I was talking about MSWL United-1. So there.PhilApr. 20th at 2:21 AM gmt
Wrong league Phil, you need the BRB over in U1 :)IanApr. 18th at 5:54 PM gmt
I still need a brb... PhilApr. 18th at 5:53 AM gmt
Prediction league ready for entries. Note it's likely to be Tuesdaya/Wednesday when I get this done. SteveApr. 15th at 11:54 AM gmt
Thank you, Stewart, for taking all the bad luck from Ilkeston. SteveApr. 12th at 9:44 PM gmt
Okay computer, so you want to mess with the new bloke, show him who's the boss. I get it, I really do, but five injuries, was that really necessary??!!StewartApr. 12th at 5:05 PM gmt
Couple of BRBs available if anyone wants them?IanApr. 11th at 7:18 PM gmt
Kendal Town had one decent MF. Today, Kevin Martin injured him.IanApr. 11th at 7:14 PM gmt
Prediction league up. SteveApr. 9th at 11:49 AM gmt
Welcome to the new guys, looking forward to the new season...PaulApr. 6th at 6:41 PM gmt
Hello to the new guys, Martin long time it's been!SimonApr. 5th at 7:50 PM gmt
We are 0-0-1 against Goole....not the matchups we wantedDaveApr. 4th at 7:45 PM gmt
How does Dave Dohm get to play the same non-league team twice in session 1? Hopefully Goole FC can "soften up" the Dons with some rough play. Hopefully no one gets injured.AllanApr. 4th at 7:41 PM gmt
I think its most likely Mike that everyone sees you as a rival and doesn't want to help the Hatter juggernaut further? AllanApr. 4th at 2:32 PM gmt
I have been making many offers in the high 100s range and being rejected in favor of these lowballs. Is my money tainted?!MikeApr. 4th at 2:12 PM gmt
What's with all the cheap age V players? Should be 200k. Rob?SteveApr. 4th at 10:27 AM gmt
This is the kind of luck I expect: tonight's games on ODFL and 3rd at 8:24 PM gmt
Good opening Auction with Paul's Marine getting a II/14 Mf and Steve's Ilkeston taking home an APP/7 Mf. Maybe just the auction portion of Olmec doesn't hate Steve?AllanMar. 30th at 2:39 PM gmt
i can just see the big guy now with his family, drinking Bud and enjoying the super bowl, probably even there at the game!!SimonFeb. 1st at 11:58 PM gmt
Thanks to Al for running the show. Much appreciated.EllisFeb. 1st at 8:59 AM gmt
Congratulations to Wimbledon, Droylsden, and Worksop for league success. And to FGR, Fylde, and Kendal for cup success. EllisFeb. 1st at 8:58 AM gmt
Boy what a game with Wimbledon SimonJan. 17th at 11:13 PM gmt
Prediction league readySteveJan. 13th at 12:49 PM gmt
Dave doom, we have to suffer him in the fa cup semi final, the crazy gang !!SimonJan. 11th at 8:54 AM gmt
Burton Albion (flying under the radar) has 10 losses. 5 of them are to AFC Wimbledon. How much does does Dr. James White hate Dave Dohm?AllanJan. 7th at 11:36 PM gmt
The real Ilkeston won their 10th game out the last 11 (other was a draw) and are now in 2nd place in the Northern Premier League, 11 points behind the leaders. However we have 7 games in hand. Hopefully they get the games out the way before the middle of SteveJan. 5th at 5:27 PM gmt
Prediction league ready. SteveJan. 5th at 12:54 PM gmt
Yep that was really special oneSimonJan. 4th at 4:11 PM gmt
Yeah, getting pounded by Compo 4-0 was really cracking!! :-) AllanJan. 4th at 2:59 PM gmt
There is some cracking games this weekend to watch, excellentSimonJan. 3rd at 7:30 PM gmt
Prediction league finally up. Blame Santa for the delay. SteveDec. 30th at 10:23 PM gmt
It's settled and barely above freezing. And I told my lot it wasn't going to snow this year. The kid in me loves it :)SteveDec. 27th at 1:23 PM gmt
I am jealous Mr. Turner...AllanDec. 27th at 12:45 AM gmt
Snow! A day late but it's snowing here in Ilkeston. SteveDec. 26th at 6:28 PM gmt
Merry Christmas to all!AllanDec. 25th at 7:06 PM gmt
Prediction league next round ready. SteveDec. 23rd at 2:25 AM gmt
Prediction league hopefully tomorrow. Bad internet at work Monday, funeral today. SteveDec. 16th at 10:43 PM gmt
We do enjoy seeing a few hobbits around the place, but it's the wonderful IPad spell checker not working again! SimonDec. 14th at 4:24 PM gmt
I think it means there are Hobbits there, Al.RobDec. 14th at 1:33 AM gmt
Is there some sort of rule I'm not aware of where you can add a "-shire" on the end of every English town? :-)AllanDec. 13th at 11:12 PM gmt
What odds for Bedfordshire results this sessionSimonDec. 13th at 7:28 PM gmt
Despite the PK shenanigans by the Olmec Head is Dr. James White's Burton Albion continuing to fly under the radar?AllanDec. 7th at 6:36 PM gmt
About 50% James. Remember it is Olmec. Not to worry you have Ilkeston in the Cup. SteveDec. 7th at 8:58 AM gmt
3 games played 3 pens conceded and scored whats the odds on that considering 2 games had 0 HardnessJamesDec. 7th at 3:31 AM gmt
We appreciate Rob's Christmas spirit and encourage other managers to follow his example...AllanNov. 22nd at 3:37 PM gmt
Al caught me in a weak moment Steve. It was my early Christmas present to him.RobNov. 20th at 3:56 PM gmt
The Ilkeston management would like to know if Boston has any more giveaways please. SteveNov. 15th at 10:53 PM gmt
Season 10 is READY TO GO!AllanNov. 8th at 6:03 PM gmt
James, with a good looking squad and money to spend, yours should be a good season. Our target is to stay up.EllisOct. 2nd at 5:22 AM gmt
Ellis , the Brewers have your card marked for next season !!JamesOct. 1st at 4:56 PM gmt
Thanks to Al for running the games. EllisSep. 30th at 8:16 AM gmt
Congratulations to Wimbledon, Boston, Marine, Fylde, Kendal and Ilkeston.EllisSep. 30th at 8:15 AM gmt
87 attacks this weekend and not a single goal to show for it. JamesSep. 14th at 4:28 AM gmt
Pleased to see that with a few sessions left Beidgetown are 3 points away from their most successful league campaign to date!DavidSep. 7th at 9:46 PM gmt
Not soon enough. SteveSep. 7th at 10:49 AM gmt
When did Dave Dohm last lose 4 games in a row?IanSep. 6th at 7:13 PM gmt
Prediction league up. SteveSep. 2nd at 5:42 PM gmt
Dave Dohm tops the 1st division in both leagues. I want to cry.IanAug. 30th at 8:17 PM gmt
Yes it's a very tough NMR routine that plays Hard, Willy. SteveAug. 20th at 11:32 AM gmt
First 2 consecutive wins of the season! BUT... how do we do it? With our killer NMR tactic!!! :SWillyAug. 20th at 1:35 AM gmt
Prediction league is up. I think I have five teams with two more h (or a) than a (or h) but I was rushing a bit to get this done. All teams have been selected 3 or 4 times. SteveAug. 18th at 6:22 PM gmt
Hey Brian, vacation in spain only two weeks this year, back to America soon for three weeks!!SimonAug. 12th at 7:57 PM gmt
I better get some orders in myselfSteveAug. 9th at 11:14 AM gmt
Mine does that as well Simon. I found you just have to wait until the page has fully loaded. SteveAug. 7th at 2:43 PM gmt
My save button on the orders page has disappeared must get to another device!SimonAug. 5th at 7:52 PM gmt
Let's go to appeal shall we! Oh dear Ian you lost!!SimonAug. 4th at 10:07 PM gmt
Can I ask that Andy's last comment please be removed?IanAug. 2nd at 8:58 PM gmt
Can't seem to send a message. Anyone with a spare GK, please get in touch. Ta.AndyAug. 2nd at 7:40 PM gmt
We don't know, Compo. However, as manager your supporters hope that you do!AndyJul. 29th at 9:58 PM gmt
Bedford 4th in the rankings what's that about!!SimonJul. 27th at 9:37 AM gmt
Exactly! I was struggling with that Boss Rob! AllanJul. 17th at 10:11 PM gmt
Mooses? Moose? Meese? =)RobJul. 17th at 7:04 PM gmt
With a 12.00 t-11 leading THE LEAGUE, is Christopher Tiberius McDougall attempting to fly the Fighting Mooses under the radar?AllanJul. 15th at 10:03 PM gmt
And I only have little feet!PaulJul. 14th at 6:46 AM gmt
Paul, best of luck. You fill the large shoes of one Kevin Martin.MikeJul. 13th at 2:50 PM gmt
HI all...I'm taking over Marine, they seem to be in pretty good shape which is a shame because I might spoil that...PaulJul. 9th at 4:30 PM gmt
Happy to be back and hoping to improve on a terrible season last @ LUT.MikeJul. 4th at 2:45 PM gmt
Time to spend some money in the first auction!AllanJul. 3rd at 6:36 PM gmt
I thought it was Ian that ran the show. But yes, thanks Al, it's been fun. Always is when you win something :-)SteveMay. 6th at 11:38 AM gmt
Congratulations to all successful managers. (A group we hope to join again, one day.) And thanks to Mr S for running the show.EllisMay. 4th at 6:10 PM gmt
Finally promotion out of the 3rd division!!ReneMay. 4th at 9:51 AM gmt
Congrats also to Phil McIntosh, FA Cup champion in both U1 and U2 at the same time!IanMay. 4th at 12:45 AM gmt
Not that good of a season Dave, when we lost the league to you by 9 points!IanMay. 4th at 12:36 AM gmt
erm...meant for U1...but good season here too IanDaveMay. 3rd at 10:43 PM gmt
Congrats Ian on the best season ever.DaveMay. 3rd at 10:42 PM gmt
Willy, just to correct Rob, you can turn age V to BRB up to the session 10 deadline, but your GK will survive ageing to be VI/2 so wait until next season. Otherwise as an age I BRB he will also age to IISteveMay. 2nd at 6:31 AM gmt
Willy, players will not retire until their SL goes below 2. Session 8 was the deadline to sell players or turn into BRBs. I don't know if anyone ever answered you privately, so I figured I'd reply here.RobMay. 2nd at 12:32 AM gmt
And when is the deadline to make them BRB?WillyApr. 30th at 10:20 PM gmt
Q: Players retire at the end of their age V season?WillyApr. 30th at 10:19 PM gmt
In two of our games I pick perfect line-ups to allow no chances. And we fail to win either. SteveApr. 12th at 8:57 PM gmt
Spent all break doing my orders but the save orders button was missing :(SteveMar. 26th at 3:10 PM gmt
Interesting session coming up for us playing the two teams twice. All four will be tough but we have a T16 to match theirs. SteveMar. 23rd at 10:25 AM gmt
Overtype the 0's Willy in the Home Advantage row for the area you want to benefit from the Home Advantage. Hope that helps :)CraigMar. 6th at 6:28 PM gmt
How do I use Home advantage?? Can't save orders and rules don't say...?WillyMar. 4th at 5:56 PM gmt
No Simon, already bought one from Steve.IanMar. 1st at 7:55 PM gmt
Ian, do you no longer want a brb "SimonFeb. 27th at 9:12 PM gmt
Has anyone still got a BRB available? Will happily pay 175k if you do... Also, still looking out for a good, trainable SW...IanFeb. 26th at 12:17 AM gmt
Thank you Simon! (I think...)WillyFeb. 14th at 7:34 PM gmt
We have known that for a while Rob, i mean Al let you join for some strange reason!!!!SimonFeb. 14th at 6:37 PM gmt
Man. Al will let anyone in the league now... Hi Willy!RobFeb. 11th at 5:10 PM gmt
Hi All! Looks like an interesting league! A few of you know me from other leagues, been playing Olmec for about 15 years!WillyFeb. 10th at 1:49 PM gmt
Although the results don't really show it, I think I'm getting better at this game. Only one missed QNL on a youth player and one game where I PFD with 5 on a non-existent Sw (changed line-up on the fly). Who knows we might even get promotion nextSteveFeb. 7th at 9:26 AM gmt
Must admit I was just waiting for the session where it all unravelled but it never came :) Thanks for the comments :)CraigFeb. 3rd at 9:10 PM gmt
Commiserations to Harrogate, Bedford and Boston, but I'm sure you'll be back in the top flight soon.VickFeb. 3rd at 8:10 PM gmt
Craig, you certainly did brilliantly in this title win. It's a very tough division and York played consistently well. Really good league result for Carlton too!VickFeb. 3rd at 8:09 PM gmt
Congratulations Craig! Davide put together a fabulous 18-win season at Worksop as well...AllanFeb. 2nd at 11:41 PM gmt
Congratulations to York on taking our league title, we'll be back next year :) At least we managed to beat Dave (for once) to net a consolation Youth Cup!IanFeb. 1st at 9:34 PM gmt
Congrats Craig, I knew you could do it :)DaveFeb. 1st at 9:01 PM gmt
Congratulations, Vick. Tough luck, Ian. One win away.EllisFeb. 1st at 7:26 PM gmt
Bedford like the Cobblers, its all too much and down we go!!SimonJan. 30th at 9:52 PM gmt
Bedford like the Cobblers, its all too much and down we go!!SimonJan. 30th at 9:52 PM gmt
And there we have it...the kiss of death ;) CraigJan. 28th at 2:43 PM gmt
I hate to say it, but it looks like my York prediction might be spot on as the champ.DaveJan. 28th at 3:38 AM gmt
Craig, we have twin away fixtures this session. Carlton won't be troubling you. (Funny how it looks so different from either side of the fence!)EllisJan. 27th at 7:48 AM gmt
Only 2pts in front of your boys Ellis, we need a result in both gamesCraigJan. 26th at 3:42 PM gmt
Or will York get the win they need -against either Shepshed or Kendal! - to secure the trophy?EllisJan. 26th at 9:58 AM gmt
Fascinating final session in the top division. Three out of top four play each other. Can Shepshed cash in on home advantage and steal the title?EllisJan. 26th at 9:57 AM gmt
Ugh. Horrible session. Only the youth cup to play for now, realistically...IanJan. 25th at 10:26 PM gmt
A massively unexpectedly great session! Still plenty of time to blow it of course, but thanks Ellis :)CraigJan. 25th at 8:36 PM gmt
Craig, looks like you got your decisions right and could be in with a shot at the title. Great job. And good luck. EllisJan. 25th at 7:24 PM gmt
Anybody else wish that the top Fw for WIM was named Basil and not Gordon?KevinJan. 25th at 5:15 AM gmt
It's good to have decisions to make, Craig. It's even better if you get them right! Good luck. EllisJan. 23rd at 8:22 AM gmt
Decisions, decisions :)CraigJan. 22nd at 6:41 PM gmt
Ellis, unfortunately Kendal are still in the Youth Cup, probably for those two sessions so it depends on whether York play their youth or not. SteveJan. 22nd at 6:07 PM gmt
And then in Ten, the final fixture of the season in the league is Kendal away at York. Perhaps Kendal won't be repeat champions after all?EllisJan. 19th at 8:23 AM gmt
Kendal going slightly off the boil makes for a fascinating closing couple of sessions in Division One. In Nine, Kendal have 2 away games, York have 2 home games.EllisJan. 19th at 8:22 AM gmt
ve two cup games that would be nice to winSteveJan. 16th at 12:33 PM gmt
What a dilemma. Last session was possibly the first time I didn't PFD in any game, and but for some bad luck it could have been three wins. This session we have four games and with good league results could ease our relagation worries - but we also haSteveJan. 15th at 10:34 PM gmt
Disastrous couple of sessions for the rebuilding Kendal TownIanJan. 11th at 10:10 PM gmt
Four point lead now for Kendal, thanks to our brave defensive display. Could have been less if the teams underneath had done better. League still looks like it's going Ian's way.EllisJan. 11th at 8:18 PM gmt
Poor Joe Roberts.....DaveJan. 11th at 8:05 PM gmt
So Kendal are "on the ropes" and having a "rebuilding year" according to those in the know. I'm off to get a new dictionary...EllisJan. 9th at 9:22 AM gmt
Already knocked out of both the FA and AP cups, this is a rebuilding year for Kendal Town.IanJan. 7th at 11:36 PM gmt
I can see I still have a lot to learn (or catch up on) here...EllisJan. 7th at 4:18 PM gmt
Ellis, come on it's the Iman we are talking about here, he's down and out never mind on the ropes, five points! Pa, he needs a ten point lead to hold on!SimonJan. 7th at 12:29 PM gmt
I don't think a five point lead in the league, and progression to the next round of the Youth Cup counts as being "on the ropes". EllisJan. 5th at 8:32 AM gmt
With a 2-game losing streak is Ian on the ropes?AllanJan. 4th at 4:54 PM gmt
Thanks Ellis! Happy New Year to everyone!AllanJan. 4th at 4:54 PM gmt
May 2014 be a year of good health, happiness, peace, and prosperity for you all. EllisJan. 1st at 9:55 AM gmt
What's going off at Mosley?SteveDec. 27th at 12:10 AM gmt
I think Rushden need one more. SteveDec. 21st at 10:48 PM gmt
Harrogate needs a physio stat!DaveDec. 14th at 8:49 PM gmt
How lucky were chase town in their cup game today?SimonDec. 1st at 8:44 AM gmt
Looking forward to my first session in the game. Would appear I have quite a rebuilding task on my hands with a poor squad and trying to learn the differences in this league.... Good luck all! DavidNov. 29th at 4:38 PM gmt
Looking forward to saturdaySimonNov. 28th at 11:36 PM gmt
David Campbell has taken the reigns at Bridgwater Town. Good luck David!AllanNov. 9th at 8:35 PM gmt
"...our chances largely depend on finding early season replacements." At least you have the money to see off all competition.EllisOct. 11th at 9:09 AM gmt
This season for Kendal was built on the 3/17 GK and 3/17 SW. They're both going to age badly next year, our chances largely depend on finding early season replacements.IanOct. 10th at 1:01 AM gmt
Ian - it was an amazing feat by Kendal this last year and as for the division title just look how far head Wimbledon and you were from the rest of us. My team were not bad, but struggled once again to get anywhere near you!VickOct. 7th at 12:23 AM gmt
A title is still a title, Ian. I don't see any reason to bet against you next year, either!EllisOct. 6th at 7:18 AM gmt
We didn't deserve it Ellis, we properly choked in the final session. Luckily, Wimbledon choked almost as badly and we just about held on.IanSep. 30th at 10:20 PM gmt
So farewell Division One after 5 seasons of mediocrity. It may be a while before we return...DaveSep. 29th at 12:16 AM gmt
Congratulations Ian. Three times over; an impressive domination. Well done.EllisSep. 28th at 7:27 PM gmt
I can only dream of one league second placeSteveSep. 27th at 12:45 AM gmt
Glad you asked! After 8 cup semi finals, 5 cup runner up finishes, and 3 league 2nd places, I long ago accepted that someone "up there" has something against me when it comes to U1...IanSep. 25th at 1:56 AM gmt
I feel your pain, Ian. What did you do to annoy them so much? EllisSep. 24th at 5:59 AM gmt
No need Ellis, just look at the plight of my team in MSWL U1, for the last 16 seasons :(IanSep. 16th at 3:36 PM gmt
The top of division 1 looks familiar. It would be unfair to kick Ian out for winning. Can we start MSWL 3 without telling him?EllisSep. 15th at 7:17 AM gmt
Are York City flying under the radar in division 2?AllanSep. 14th at 2:30 PM gmt
Thank you, Allan. I see no one has as many draws as us?SteveSep. 12th at 8:26 PM gmt
Just wanted to call out that the Ilkeston Robins have not lost in their last 5 matches...AllanSep. 11th at 10:48 PM gmt
Good call out chart is up, unfortunately Droylsden is absent.AllanSep. 1st at 4:39 PM gmt
Getting bored with the graphic that shows us as the joint 2nd worst team in FA Cup 1st rounds - surely you have other ways to highlight my ineptitude?DaveSep. 1st at 12:14 AM gmt
Mark, Vick, Phil: Can you please rough up Kendal this weekend?AllanAug. 23rd at 9:16 PM gmt
Yes, Kevin, but no worries. It will all be overturned by the commissioner after the fact. Keep calm and play on.PhilJul. 27th at 5:47 AM gmt
Great. So any win over AFC Fylde this weekend thanks in part to a red card will be played in protest I'm guessing?KevinJul. 27th at 4:04 AM gmt
LOL. Love it Phil. RobJul. 26th at 8:50 PM gmt
Thirty years and one day since the Pine Tar incident, and OLMEC deals me a "Billy Martin" for my roster. Yeah, this game's not rigged.PhilJul. 26th at 5:02 AM gmt
We are no 1 singing we are no1!! fpr the wrong thing but all the same we are no 1GrahamJul. 19th at 9:22 AM gmt
Nice to see we're in the Top 10 for something - even if it is for not being very good in the Cup.DaveJul. 19th at 3:40 AM gmt
...sadly I don't...AllanJul. 18th at 10:04 PM gmt
Graham Wilkes...COME ON have never won an FA Cup opener...hoping I play you next Saturday...AllanJul. 18th at 10:03 PM gmt
July 5th - Aging players this weekend...more to come on Saturday/Sunday.AllanJul. 5th at 1:08 PM gmt
We had a bust up sorry, kept it under the radar till now, but it always had to come out!! Lovers tiff wish him well!SimonJun. 8th at 7:46 PM gmt
Who made Phil mad so he isn't returning? Compo? Dave Dohm?AllanJun. 5th at 9:29 PM gmt
The new season?DavideMay. 3rd at 4:38 PM gmt
Congratulations on the title, Ian.EllisMar. 24th at 1:56 PM gmt
(Re Noah) ...And I wasn't even trying! Small consolation for injuries we received previously.EllisMar. 18th at 6:34 AM gmt
No No Noah is finally taken down!DaveMar. 17th at 2:59 PM gmt
Squirrel hunting? How horrible. Anyone who condones the slaughter of cute rodents is "nuts."GarethMar. 2nd at 10:36 AM gmt
What is the tactic for "run up the score" exactly?PhilMar. 2nd at 7:15 AM gmt
Big weekend for Bedford...presumably though Carl and Phil will try to run up the score in Compo.AllanMar. 1st at 8:10 PM gmt
Anybody want to go squirrel hunting?DaveFeb. 17th at 4:28 PM gmt
Has anyone else started hating this AFC Wimbledon team yet? Because I have... :-)AllanFeb. 16th at 9:58 PM gmt
It never does... PhilFeb. 9th at 9:11 AM gmt
Top of the Table. That won't last.JohnFeb. 3rd at 1:18 AM gmt
THANK YOU to whomever is responsible for leaving the prediction league matches in chronological's the little things in life...PhilFeb. 2nd at 6:05 AM gmt
Richard Golds has some vacancies in his (traditional) well run soccer pbm game. There's a published zine, not a web site. There is a modest charge. For details, email him at astro-pbm AT Or contact me for a sample issue.EllisJan. 28th at 4:53 AM gmt
Terrible start to the season. Shame cos a cup run would have been nice. It was always gonna be tough versus Div 1 teams, but even a fellow Div 3 club hammered us.GarethJan. 21st at 9:53 AM gmt
First session in my adventure without losing! :)DavideJan. 20th at 8:13 PM gmt
Do make a deal with Ian, you just have to know where he parks the van...PhilJan. 19th at 3:59 AM gmt
Not yet, but its on my mental list to add it on Saturday. Lots of things on my mental list though...AllanJan. 18th at 10:51 PM gmt
Do journal posts count to participation?SteveJan. 18th at 10:23 PM gmt
I've no MFs Ellis, but I hear Harrogate STILL have an FW for sale if you're interested?IanJan. 14th at 11:16 PM gmt
I would trade with you, Ian. If you had a decent midfielder on offer...EllisJan. 14th at 4:49 AM gmt
We seem to have traded with you, too. In both Uniteds.AndyJan. 13th at 7:47 PM gmt
We thank Phil for his kind words and also for being one of the few managers who still trades with us.IanJan. 12th at 7:38 PM gmt
Am I the only one that likes Ian?PhilJan. 12th at 5:49 AM gmt
Its always life-affirming whenever Ian finds the website...AllanJan. 4th at 11:06 PM gmt
You may now begin trading, converting players to BRBs, and signing SBYs. Oh and Boston Rob...YOU ARE WELCOME! :-)AllanDec. 25th at 10:06 PM gmt
I will be aging the database shortly. Please hold off on making any trades, BRB changes, SBY signings until I give the okay...AllanDec. 24th at 3:53 PM gmt
I'm really sorry. This has been a busy week. My wife's sister was pregnant and this morning Matteo is born! Only now I returned from Hospital and this week I forgot to make lineup for my online sport games, United and other.DavideDec. 15th at 9:20 PM gmt
The stats page was showing last season's DP for players...fixed now.AllanDec. 8th at 11:33 PM gmt the fact that I try to put in anti-Ian rules if he starts doing well in a league...AllanDec. 8th at 6:57 PM gmt
Wasn't it the fact that Kendal kept winning it the reason it was realised it was only a Mickey Mouse competition?SteveDec. 6th at 7:35 AM gmt
Sounds like more anti-I-Man rules?AllanDec. 5th at 12:20 PM gmt
I would remind you all we won the shield 3 times in a row BEFORE President Sellers cheapened our victories by reducing the CP rewards. Outrageous.IanDec. 4th at 10:54 PM gmt
Understood...I worry about Ian's trophy cabinet carpenter...looks like he's out of a job this season?AllanDec. 2nd at 10:59 PM gmt
To be honest Al, I don't pay attention to the "Shield"... the Shield is for those kids who played with Duplo blocks... I always played with Legos. RobDec. 2nd at 10:47 PM gmt
Thanks Ian for the compliment. Rob? Is Ian still in the FA Shield? I'm not sure...AllanDec. 2nd at 10:39 PM gmt
The Shield is a child's tournament Ian. Al should only be showing the "men's" trophies.RobDec. 2nd at 9:18 PM gmt
Hey Al, I'm loving the AP Cup Champions pie chart. Any chance of a chart for (as an example) the FA Shield?IanDec. 1st at 6:23 PM gmt
Last session I felt like the italian national rugby team, good match but we lost... but session after session i love more and more this game!DavideNov. 24th at 6:00 PM gmt
For anyone who has missed the session review feature, you can find it for any team, any session, by changing the teamid and session in this URL: 22nd at 3:55 PM gmt
I second those thanks, Ellis. It's just awesome.AndyNov. 19th at 10:39 AM gmt
What youth policy? :-)AllanNov. 16th at 10:56 PM gmt
Interesting youth policy you have there, Mark. SteveNov. 15th at 11:16 AM gmt
A big thank you to Rob Peterson and Al for the new Session Review feature. A nice enhancement.EllisNov. 13th at 6:44 AM gmt
Steve the forum uses an editor called "ckeditor"...for those, unfortunately, the mobile OS (Android, iOS, etc) doesn't work. Maybe it will in future releases...AllanNov. 12th at 12:02 AM gmt
on others I can't. For instance the Forum where I've accidentally posted a blank one in trying to get the keyboard to show. SteveNov. 11th at 11:36 PM gmt
On some comment boxes I am able to post on my android phone, but no othersSteveNov. 11th at 11:34 PM gmt
Is there anyone in the last auction that Ellis DIDN'T buy? :-)AllanNov. 4th at 1:54 PM gmt
Based on timing, I will suspend the prediction league for this week and resume next week.AllanNov. 3rd at 3:13 PM gmt
Guess there are no predictions this week. If there are then I certainly won't see them to be able to enter.AndyNov. 2nd at 11:13 AM gmt
Captain Injury? That we could have done without.AndyOct. 27th at 9:48 PM gmt
In my first session I had the beginner's luck. One win in the league and the penalty kick shootout won in the FA shield!DavideOct. 27th at 7:43 PM gmt
Welcome aboard to Davide who takes over the reigns at Worksop Town.AllanOct. 23rd at 10:40 PM gmt
thanks Kevin. I think it's time to buy that lottery ticketSteveOct. 23rd at 5:55 PM gmt
Steve, I know! I know! 1 in ~65,843.6 or about 15-in-a-million. Luckiest manager in Olmec, you are!KevinOct. 22nd at 3:56 PM gmt
In the Olmec doesn't hate me thread - what are the chances of getting the same player booked in the first two games and sent off in the third game to reach 18 DP without playing any hardness?SteveOct. 20th at 8:10 PM gmt
I like the added info on the Match Preview - makes it feel a bit more like the real thing!DaveOct. 20th at 5:27 PM gmt
However those 0 PKs definitely had an impact on my match... I will have my revenge on those (Hell's) Angels.RobOct. 15th at 1:12 PM gmt
No "Olmec hates us" thread from me this season, but one quick comment: 7 hardness gave up 2 penalties but Tonbridge's 15 gave up 0. The penalties didn't affect our results though. SteveOct. 15th at 12:51 AM gmt
Yes its more facebook like in that its a chat between two people. Click on Who's online at the bottom right. If you see a green dot after their name they are online. Hope that helps.AllanOct. 14th at 8:04 PM gmt
Is it the bit right at the bottom of the screen? CraigOct. 14th at 7:49 PM gmt
Stupid question do I access the chatroom? :) CraigOct. 14th at 7:45 PM gmt
Chat feature is up and running. It will show a "distinct" list of all managers in both leagues. Please try it out.AllanOct. 14th at 1:06 PM gmt
Worksop Town are back in DIV 1...but its gonna be tough with our T11 & T17 , please be gentle with us.BillOct. 13th at 5:56 PM gmt
I asked about the chat recently, too, Al said it is temporarily under construction.MikeOct. 13th at 5:07 PM gmt
Didn't there used to be a way of chatting to coaches who were online at the same time as you?AndyOct. 12th at 6:42 PM gmt
Welcome to Peter Costa, the new boss at Mossley.AllanOct. 8th at 4:42 PM gmt
Age V+ players wanted.JohnOct. 8th at 2:49 PM gmt
I need a Youth Coach before the season starts! If you have a spare age V Player or a spare Youth Coach on your roster message me & I'll do you a good deal ! DaveOct. 6th at 11:36 PM gmt
Update: Auction will be run at the deadline...AllanOct. 6th at 6:43 PM gmt
Look for Auction results later. I'm trying to get some Captain info added first so you can then do your orders after the auction is done.AllanOct. 6th at 6:15 PM gmt
Shhhhh...Al, I'm praying.PhilOct. 6th at 7:40 AM gmt
It seems as though the most common bid amount this week was 666. Phil? Can I get a ruling on that? :-)AllanSep. 30th at 5:51 PM gmt
Good to see some teams spending some money today.AllanSep. 29th at 7:57 PM gmt
Aging completed and league reset. Welcome to season 4!AllanSep. 23rd at 5:46 PM gmt
I wanna go fast. =)RobSep. 21st at 12:53 AM gmt
Great Polls ...All done here bring on the new season!! GrahamSep. 19th at 3:49 AM gmt
Financial Bonuses are now added.AllanSep. 16th at 10:48 PM gmt
Simon please click schedule link to see what you can and cannot do each session.AllanSep. 4th at 10:36 PM gmt
delighted , even going into the last session I didn't believe we would come throughJamesSep. 2nd at 8:16 PM gmt
Congratulations to Burton.EllisSep. 1st at 6:46 PM gmt
No problem Dave, someone had to let you win this season. :-)AllanSep. 1st at 2:24 PM gmt
A personal thanks to Harrogate Railway for providing 25% of our wins this year.....much appreciated!DaveAug. 26th at 11:38 PM gmt
SteveAug. 26th at 7:02 AM gmt
What I like best is the efficiency with which we are dispensing the pain. Only 2.76 avg hardness, far less DP than others, but a HUGE lead in FIT LOSS. Go forth, men!MikeAug. 10th at 6:15 PM gmt
WHat I like best is the efficiency with which we are dispensing pain. Only 2.76 avg hardness,MikeAug. 10th at 6:14 PM gmt
It's OFFICIAL..C-BALL is a HOOLIGAN! A top Hooligan to boot!DaveAug. 6th at 11:30 AM gmt
Hey Al, do you have the stat for most GPPs used against a single team during the season? I have a hunch I'd be top of that one.IanAug. 5th at 2:07 AM gmt
Yes yes, nice old Compo...whose photo...once AGAIN...can be seen for the Top Hoodlum Coaches list.AllanJul. 26th at 11:12 PM gmt
You kidding me, you couldn't wish to meet a more friendly happy go lucky manager who wouldnt hurt a fly!!SimonJul. 20th at 11:17 PM gmt
No surprises seeing Compo top the hoodlums list...AllanJul. 20th at 9:45 PM gmt
Now that I've had a chance to setup some jobs on the new server look for U2 Saturday games to run 30 minutes past the deadline. AllanJul. 20th at 9:26 PM gmt
I think it's normally 1800 GMT for U2, AndySteveJul. 19th at 5:07 PM gmt
Anyone know where you find out when the deadline is? I can't see it anywhere? Just trying to work out if there's time for a deal...AndyJul. 19th at 4:57 PM gmt
Erhummmm I think not young Jake! The Angels will be ripping something off your shoulders in a game or twoDaveJul. 16th at 4:19 PM gmt
My team is ripping up division 2 just in case you haven't seen... thought i would share that with you guysJakeJul. 14th at 11:28 PM gmt
Compo already saw the result...Justice was served as my team beat Compo today...JUSTICE!AllanJul. 14th at 10:18 PM gmt
Results in about an hour. AllanJul. 14th at 7:50 PM gmt
Wacky unusual ?? And on both utdsBillJul. 14th at 6:20 PM gmt
I do that several times a season, Steve. That's why I'm in Division III.PhilJul. 9th at 6:01 AM gmt
Oh joy! I bought a player, remembered to redo my orders but forgot to do the youth coaching. SteveJul. 8th at 10:58 PM gmt
Is Evesham United flying under the radar?AllanJul. 8th at 9:15 PM gmt
I will run the session Sunday morning...AllanJun. 30th at 4:29 PM gmt
First Auction Results will be run on Sunday.AllanJun. 16th at 8:07 PM gmt
Season 3 is open for business. Next deadline is Saturday June 16th - pre-season auction.AllanJun. 9th at 8:19 PM gmt
Gutted!MartinApr. 14th at 7:36 PM gmt
Last session, guys, enjoy. Season 2 in in the books already, thanks to all and esp Al!MikeApr. 14th at 5:22 PM gmt
Off for four days playing boardgames at BayCon, so enjoy the last session everyone.AndyApr. 11th at 7:32 PM gmt
Well done, Ian. Impressive, indeed. (And it looks like you are building a dynasty, not a team.)EllisApr. 11th at 6:30 AM gmt
Congrats to Kendall, 2nd season running League winners, impressive are you sure its Iman in charge!!!SimonApr. 7th at 11:56 PM gmt
Chairman Al, nearly choked on me beer!!!SimonApr. 7th at 8:00 PM gmt
Where are the I-Man haters?AllanApr. 2nd at 9:53 PM gmt
See "different league" ideas to the left. Whatever we do, I get to be the Chairman for Compo's team. :-)AllanApr. 2nd at 9:43 PM gmt
Wow Mike what a gameSimonApr. 1st at 8:48 AM gmt
Wow Mike what a gameSimonApr. 1st at 8:20 AM gmt
Simon, it is a doozy, won't spoil it beyond that, enjoy the viewing! MikeMar. 31st at 7:17 PM gmt
Hey Mike got to go out for the evening would have been nice to see our Youth Cup encounter guess it can wait, unlucky by the way in United!SimonMar. 31st at 6:48 PM gmt
Hey Al, have you got a temperature? credits? By the way you werent the winner of the lottery the other day were you? Undertsand one winner only?SimonMar. 31st at 6:47 PM gmt
Actually Compo has been doing fairly well winning 3 of 4. I fear though that three L's will be posted on the team page shortly...AllanMar. 31st at 5:20 PM gmt
We are happy to make someone happy, hasnt anyone told you he leads a sheltered life!!SimonMar. 31st at 3:57 PM gmt
We here at Northampton dont expect anything different from him Steve! It makes Al's week when we gets a jibe in about CompoSimonMar. 31st at 3:56 PM gmt
Lots of sympathy there from AlSteveMar. 31st at 2:15 PM gmt
Hey the chairman didn't bring the mighty one to this club for instant success it's all about the long term planning and success!!SimonMar. 30th at 11:15 PM gmt
A disappointing and some say "troubling" 8 points for Compo in the 2nd division at this point.AllanMar. 30th at 10:25 PM gmt
Oh Rene that's a little harsh, I feel your suggestion could backfire as a little sympathy comes my way!SimonMar. 30th at 9:00 PM gmt
Simon, I mean for next season :PReneMar. 30th at 2:50 PM gmt
Bedford are Relgated Rene it really makes no odds now, but by all means do your worst!!SimonMar. 28th at 10:47 PM gmt
Shall we agree on doing the same to Simon as we did to Ian. Play T11 and Hardness 10ReneMar. 28th at 11:20 AM gmt
Agreed on you belonging in D-3 Compo. We will be here to compete against you. :-)AllanMar. 23rd at 9:40 PM gmt
Division 3 back where we belong!SimonMar. 19th at 4:27 PM gmt
D'oh! Just spotted that I CP'd the wrong SL 11 Mf.SteveMar. 18th at 12:57 PM gmt
1 minute to go and the orders are in...cutting it fine :-)MartinMar. 17th at 6:58 PM gmt
In 2 games we played 5 hardness on the Gk. And in both games the Gk stopped a shot by less than 1%. 4 hardness would not have been enough.SteveMar. 11th at 4:28 PM gmt
Disaster! Steve, can you please come and get your bad luck? we seem to have borrowed it?AllanMar. 10th at 9:47 PM gmt
2 1/2 hrs til KO and the town of Worksop has ground to a halt as an expected capacity crowd make their way to the match v. league leaders Kendal. BillMar. 10th at 4:36 PM gmt
Just realised that the -17 on the injuries is what we've caused. We have, however, had 7 injuries for -15, which are hurting.SteveMar. 6th at 6:16 PM gmt
Yes. Olmec really put the screws to me these past two weeks - this week especially. I guess I'll just have to go 10-hard for the next couple matches.RobMar. 6th at 6:09 PM gmt
I just had a look at Boston's games - ouch! Not sure if I'll ever complain again about my luck.SteveMar. 6th at 7:59 AM gmt
Yeah, Olmec was too busy hating on Rob P. this weekend to worry about Steve...KevinMar. 5th at 9:24 PM gmt
So if I ignore that comment Steve then is it fair to say that the Olmec software likes Steve Turner? :-)AllanMar. 5th at 12:20 AM gmt
Ignore that last comment - we're at home :-$SteveMar. 4th at 4:59 PM gmt
But on the first hand - third time drawn away in the FA Cup. Kevin's right, Olmec still hates me.SteveMar. 4th at 4:58 PM gmt
3rd in injuries caused to the team. On the other hand 9 league goals already this season and only 5 all last season.SteveMar. 4th at 4:56 PM gmt
Is Compo starting to turn Bedford around?AllanMar. 4th at 1:52 PM gmt
Bedford win 1st match!SimonMar. 4th at 10:47 AM gmt
Olmec still hates Steve.KevinFeb. 27th at 4:00 PM gmt
3 injuries - Gk, App and Sby. Not happy.SteveFeb. 25th at 10:06 PM gmt
That's true but the last 3 wins were when I didn't put any orders the computer is a better manager than I am, although it screwed up my youth coaching.MartinFeb. 25th at 6:34 PM gmt
That's true but the last 3 wins were when I didn't put any orders the computer is a better manager than I am, although it screwed up my youth coaching.MartinFeb. 25th at 12:36 PM gmt
Lukas Beerman to Worksop Town! A season too late for me. Go Tigers, go!BrianFeb. 24th at 9:25 AM gmt
Were we all lulled to sleep by Mossley in season 1? Don't look now but they have just 1 L in 6 contests.AllanFeb. 23rd at 9:54 PM gmt
That's unfortunately if it was a mistaken click.RobFeb. 16th at 5:54 PM gmt
"Riley Lee (V/7 Fw) is sold to the Non-League for 100." BRG only has 3 BRBs. Was this a misclick, Rob?SteveFeb. 15th at 3:45 PM gmt
Website update - moved from Moo Tools to jQuery (for now just impacts the "box" that shows stats on the front page)...AllanFeb. 12th at 11:42 PM gmt
Well I am but I don't remember entering 0 in the maximum bid box.SteveFeb. 11th at 9:26 PM gmt
Not sure what happened in the auctions with my bids.SteveFeb. 11th at 9:07 PM gmt
Wow. Too bad I broke the bank in the first two auctions!RobFeb. 8th at 8:24 PM gmt
Looks like a lot of cash will be spent on Saturday. Is this the biggest auction in United 1 and 2 history?SteveFeb. 8th at 8:00 AM gmt
Which means that folks should sell me their best player for real cheap...RobFeb. 2nd at 9:34 PM gmt
We all got the memo that collusion is okay to ensure Ian doesn't win any more titles, right?AllanFeb. 2nd at 7:59 PM gmt
Try a couple different browsers Martin. If still no luck please email it to me and I will resolve.AllanJan. 31st at 8:17 PM gmt
Struggling to upload new photo: definitely jpg, definitely <20k. Any ideas?MartinJan. 31st at 12:01 AM gmt
A tip on the transfer list...players will stay on it for 5 days then they age off. IF they are no longer on the team listed (via a trade or NLS transaction) then they are removed from the list.AllanJan. 29th at 5:48 PM gmt
Thanks AlBillJan. 28th at 8:49 PM gmt
Next Saturday, Feb 4th at 1900 GMT is the next auction. Games start on February 11th.AllanJan. 28th at 8:40 PM gmt
when is the next auction ??BillJan. 28th at 8:10 PM gmt
Yes and I had to let a few moths loose at the same time, need to replenish that stock now!SimonJan. 28th at 2:46 PM gmt
Right, that "12k" cost was probably difficult for you...I can picture you having difficulty prying that 12k out of the wallet! :-)AllanJan. 28th at 1:01 AM gmt
Yes possibly Al, but you can see how when asked I can pay over the odds, schoolboy 12k, what's that all about!SimonJan. 28th at 12:49 AM gmt
Perhaps the problem is that they have, indeed, seen your offers? :-)AllanJan. 27th at 11:29 PM gmt
Has anyone seen my offers recently, please respond by accepting or decling offers!SimonJan. 27th at 12:43 AM gmt
Great! Thanks to Dave for running it!MikeJan. 26th at 9:30 AM gmt
Prediction league will be in effect in season 2. Dave Dowson will be running it. Dave is shy and doesn't like to say a lot, but I'm sure he will have more on this soon. :-)AllanJan. 26th at 12:07 AM gmt
Then there is only way to play against Bedford. T11 and hardness 10. Ok you guys in div. 2 let's get him relegated.ReneJan. 25th at 8:35 AM gmt
Even though he was never promoted in MSWL U, surely its an easy task for Compo to get Bedford promoted this season?AllanJan. 24th at 11:16 PM gmt
Yes Steve, probably the star buy on that list and I expect a big price!MikeJan. 23rd at 4:24 PM gmt
That APP/7 looks in the auction looks like a very good player. I wonder how many will have spent up by the time it comes to him.SteveJan. 23rd at 4:18 PM gmt
Excellent season for you, Ian. Congratulations! No worries on the hand, Worksop Town performed quite poorly this season. A new manager might be required.BrianJan. 16th at 2:21 PM gmt
Orders done. Looks like I'm the last one in this week. Good luck all. Even Ian! Thanks Al (and all) for a fab first season.AndyJan. 14th at 5:37 PM gmt
I think what Al is trying to say is - if you have GPPs remaining, use them against poor old Kendal.IanJan. 12th at 11:22 PM gmt
Just a reminder...make sure you beat Kendal Town this week if you play them.AllanJan. 12th at 12:15 AM gmt
Got GPP? Use them or LOSE them in session 10...they do not carry over.AllanJan. 11th at 11:56 PM gmt
Perhaps we should have named this MSWL UNITED BIZARRO LEAGUE...where the opposite happens. :-)AllanJan. 11th at 11:10 PM gmt
this post however is anti-KendalJohnJan. 10th at 2:59 PM gmt
Ian/Kendall Town is the greatest manager/team combination the MSWL-U2 league has ever seen.BrianJan. 9th at 5:33 PM gmt
I have always described myself as "Pro-John"IanJan. 4th at 10:19 PM gmt
This post is Pro-KendalJohnJan. 3rd at 6:00 AM gmt
I don't know why everyone is so anti-Kendal? :-)AllanJan. 2nd at 9:35 PM gmt
Can you blame them?PhilJan. 1st at 10:18 PM gmt
That's a lot of players leaving KendalSteveJan. 1st at 1:26 PM gmt
I think you'll see more transfers as rosters are "differentiated". Especially when we open season 2.AllanDec. 28th at 11:43 PM gmt
Some last transfers or are we all in deep sleep?SimonDec. 28th at 12:48 PM gmt
Good luck for tomorrow's games everyone!MikeDec. 23rd at 2:52 PM gmt
in this case, Ellis, I think Simon meant off the air (offline) SteveDec. 21st at 10:17 AM gmt
What does "out of the air" mean?EllisDec. 21st at 10:01 AM gmt
...same here GrahamDec. 20th at 9:42 PM gmt
Same here, Simon.SteveDec. 20th at 3:30 PM gmt
Are the other (league) sides out of the air ? Or is it just me...SimonDec. 20th at 2:49 PM gmt
Wow, 3-0-0 in his first session, congrats and welcome, MikePO!MikeDec. 17th at 7:59 PM gmt
Who is this C-Ball you speak of? I can only assume he is well mannered and prompt.MikeDec. 17th at 5:48 PM gmt
60 minutes to go...C-Ball (Mike Cabral) is fashionably late again...AllanDec. 17th at 4:56 PM gmt
Well Steve I am a little slow to follow sometimes. :-)AllanDec. 16th at 9:00 PM gmt
Of course the pun I was referring to was that Max is your kin, Al. I typed kin ilk into Google and found this on the first page - 14th at 7:10 PM gmt
First in both the rankings and coaches poll. Ian must be feeling pretty good... @Steve - Max gets some help from me on team building and SBY/APP dev, but outside of that its all him, so who knows what he'll have in store for ILK. :-)AllanDec. 14th at 4:09 PM gmt
We play KIN on Saturday and my first thought, as I browsed the site, was a horror flashback to MSWL. But then I remembered it's Max's team and a thought occurred to me: is this a clever pun or just a coincidence?SteveDec. 14th at 12:41 PM gmt
Best team overall this season. AllanDec. 6th at 2:41 PM gmt
Re: coaches poll. Do we vote for just session 5 or the season so far?SteveDec. 6th at 2:34 PM gmt
Awful session for us - a million shots against Harrogate but we only win with a penalty. Loads against Swindon and we draw because of a penalty when we didn't play hard. Awful loss against Boston who only had 4 shots but scored 5 or something like that. ASteveDec. 5th at 1:34 PM gmt
It hardly counts as an inaugural season, Ian. Someone destroyed the team in a mere three games before I got it. PhilDec. 5th at 2:38 AM gmt
I think Rocky III was the one with Mr. T. "I pity the fool..."MikeDec. 4th at 2:16 PM gmt
Or is Worst Movie Ever like Rocky, where they just keep making them over and over and over?JohnDec. 3rd at 7:46 PM gmt
I wonder if the upcoming third movie of Worst Session Ever is the best in the Trilogy? JohnDec. 3rd at 7:46 PM gmt
JohnDec. 3rd at 7:45 PM gmt
Worst session ever: The Sequel. BrianDec. 3rd at 7:11 PM gmt
Not what we expect from you in the inaugural season, Phil?IanDec. 3rd at 6:03 PM gmt
Last place? Drastic times...drastic measures.PhilDec. 1st at 5:02 AM gmt
@Andy. Yes it should. Please email a screen shot if you run into it again. AllanNov. 30th at 12:24 AM gmt
If I've already voted in the Coaches Poll, does that not carry over from PC to PC? I know I've voted but it's not showing me my votes...AndyNov. 29th at 4:57 PM gmt
I think maybe now that I have the best record in the league, maybe I better read the rules and figure out how this game works.... GrahamNov. 27th at 9:17 PM gmt
Worst session ever.BrianNov. 26th at 7:45 PM gmt
I added info to the Forum on Steve's Youth Cup question...AllanNov. 25th at 8:30 PM gmt
There would only be four teams left in the Youth Cup by the time the non-league sales deadline has passed and the game shave been played in that session, so not much chance of it having an affect. But it could happen and I doubt there's anything in placeAndyNov. 25th at 7:34 PM gmt
re: Youth Cup. Points taken but here's another poser. I have 30 players so would need to sell or trade to make room for another SBY or APP. What happens if the injury happens during session 8 or later when the trade window is closed. Is there a mechanism SteveNov. 24th at 2:04 PM gmt
re: steve. sometimes teams knocked out of the Youth Cup are willing to sell a spare App or Sby for the right price.KevinNov. 23rd at 5:01 PM gmt
@Simon: You are right. I missed Kingstonian, who have played out two nil-nil draws!AndyNov. 23rd at 1:08 PM gmt
I'd be surprised if anyone had a spare youth player, so I guess I'd have to sell a player to make room as roster is full.SteveNov. 23rd at 12:57 PM gmt
Re: injured youth...Sign a replacement SBY or APP, else trade for one.BrianNov. 23rd at 12:44 PM gmt
What happens if one of your youth players takes a bad injury in session 6 onwards and so can't play in the Youth Cup?SteveNov. 23rd at 11:29 AM gmt
3 teams ? If I am correct it would be 4..but I might be wrong.SimonNov. 23rd at 10:53 AM gmt
Only three teams yet to concede a league goal and that after only two league matches. You certainly can't say United 2 features boring football!AndyNov. 21st at 5:38 PM gmt
...and good to see Phil has joined us... :-)AllanNov. 21st at 4:27 PM gmt
I just want to know who damaged this franchise so badly in one single session. I don't think I've seen that much carnage on a roster in three season...not to mention three games. Sheesh. Did you play Dave Dowson three times or what?PhilNov. 20th at 5:48 AM gmt
One can only imagine the number of injured Robins lying on the pitch if Dave G had actually TRIED to hurt them... :-)AllanNov. 20th at 12:55 AM gmt
Not a problem Mark - didn't even need to use any additional Hardness. The club isn't nicknamed The Bloods for nothing, you know.DaveNov. 19th at 9:19 PM gmt
Thank you to the hoodlems for giving my star midfielder -7 fitness!MarkNov. 19th at 8:41 PM gmt
Seems to be ok now, Al. Not sure what it was unless I just couldn't see the box for some reason.SteveNov. 18th at 8:08 PM gmt
Looking forward to session 5 when Worksop finally gets a chance at "newbie" Bedford Town.BrianNov. 18th at 12:35 PM gmt
Okay, maybe its something where it doesn't show on your phone's browser...if you see an issue on your computer browser, please let me know.AllanNov. 18th at 12:29 PM gmt
re: latest Trade. I was tryng to add a comment but no box appears so it looks like I said good and equalSteveNov. 18th at 7:52 AM gmt
Looks like another Dave is the current Hoodlum?AllanNov. 18th at 12:23 AM gmt
Changed my orders and CP spend about 3 times just today :-/SteveNov. 17th at 1:30 PM gmt
They start at SL 2, FIT 2.AllanNov. 14th at 2:39 PM gmt
What SL does a discovered APP start at?SteveNov. 14th at 10:44 AM gmt
Surprising first session for some.BrianNov. 13th at 2:23 PM gmt
Yes Andy that could have been possible along with other approaches. In the end I didn't want the start to drag for very long so I just decided on an approach and proceeded (knowing we'll get differentiation as time passes).AllanNov. 12th at 3:39 PM gmt
Oh, a little late in the day, I know, but wouldn't it have been a good idea to give the Div 3 teams an extra BRB? That and the App would have been about the same value as the 1/10 Div 2 teams got.AndyNov. 12th at 3:37 PM gmt
An Age V player in the auction would be an excellent idea. Wonder who first suggested that? AndyNov. 12th at 1:11 PM gmt
John, we don't get to five BRBs next season unless we buy an Age IV in the Auction. One of our two current BRBs will retire at the end of this season.AndyNov. 12th at 1:10 PM gmt
An age V/9 or V/10 player could be used to help team/gain CP as well... not necessarily be convertedJohnNov. 12th at 5:22 AM gmt
That said every team has a chance to grow 5 BRBs for the start of Season IIJohnNov. 12th at 5:22 AM gmt
an age V/8, V/9 or V/10 player could be very useful to a number of teams and could actually go very highJohnNov. 12th at 5:21 AM gmt
Well MSWLU-1 had backroom boys in the auctions not age V players...JohnNov. 12th at 5:21 AM gmt
Not planned for season 1. The original league ended up with a glut...might be possible to have a "chance" not a guarantee of one appearing in season 2 auctions.AllanNov. 11th at 11:53 PM gmt
So no Age V players in the auction this time 'round?JohnNov. 11th at 11:49 PM gmt
I created a glut of them in MSWL U with too many in auctions. So for now save those Age IV's to build them. :-)AllanNov. 11th at 11:17 PM gmt
Just to clarify, for now, BRBs only are created when you get a player to Age V (and he doesn't retire). Its possible we'll add them to auctions in future seasons but not this season.AllanNov. 11th at 11:17 PM gmt
I think we get BRB in later auctionsSteveNov. 11th at 10:54 PM gmt
With no BRBs in the auction, nor any Age 5 players, I guess we're all stuck with two BRBs for the first season.AndyNov. 11th at 10:44 PM gmt
Thanks Al, and everyone else that's replied to other questions. I would say it's definitely worth spending 7 CP to enable him to be a BRB. A groundsman adds 2 per home game for 2 seasons which is at least 18 in all. SteveNov. 11th at 4:35 PM gmt
Good question Steve. After aging, anyone with SL < 2 retires. So he'd retire before you had the chance to BRB him. To avoid that you'd need to CP for SL once this season.AllanNov. 11th at 3:53 PM gmt
Am I right in thinking a IV 6 player ages to V 1. And if he does can he be converted to BRB during pre-season before being forced to retire?SteveNov. 11th at 3:19 PM gmt
Yep, Steve. Coaching is not penalis(z)ed by OOP.MikeNov. 11th at 1:33 PM gmt
Can an APP playing out of position still get a QNL?SteveNov. 11th at 12:59 PM gmt
Yes, Craig.KevinNov. 10th at 8:36 PM gmt
If a player plays 2 games in a session and I spend CP to increase his fitness, it still goes up 1 doesn't it?CraigNov. 10th at 7:00 PM gmt
Diamonds are ready to GO! Hard to believe inaugural matches are this weekend...JohnNov. 7th at 12:32 AM gmt
Oh and I will be resizing some logos soon... :-)AllanNov. 6th at 10:20 PM gmt
I added the non-leagues (ended up finding a couple others along with changing my own team name from Wrexham to Harrogate)...AllanNov. 6th at 9:40 PM gmt
Thanks! I will look for that. I just need one more. And then I'll get the schedule/auction posted.AllanNov. 6th at 8:05 PM gmt
Given that you have 4 teams in Tameside (Mossley, Hyde, Stalybridge, Droylsden), you might as well add Ashton United and complete the set? MartinNov. 6th at 7:47 PM gmt
I could use a couple recommendations for our two "non league" teams that "make up the numbers" and play occasionally. Any recommendations?AllanNov. 6th at 6:24 PM gmt
My son Mad Max (age 9) is taking on Kingstonian FC. Take it easy on him. :-)AllanNov. 6th at 1:37 PM gmt
Thanks Andy anyway.EllisNov. 3rd at 7:14 AM gmt
Ah, I see the answers are in the Blog already. D'oh!AndyNov. 2nd at 8:44 PM gmt
Hi Ellis. QNL is qualifying games for apprentices and schoolboys. RSD is levels raised, either through coaching or through APP and SBY playing enough games.AndyNov. 2nd at 8:43 PM gmt
Ok, I meant to post "labels". EllisNov. 2nd at 6:38 PM gmt
What do "QNL" and "RSD" mean? They are column lables in the roster. EllisNov. 2nd at 6:37 PM gmt
Knowing Al, probably intended for picking on Ian.BrianNov. 1st at 6:52 PM gmt
Um... chatter? Quips, one liners, insults, taunts, short comments not worthy of a blog post, etc.KevinNov. 1st at 4:21 PM gmt
Whats this chatter box for?GrahamNov. 1st at 9:42 AM gmt
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