Sunday, October 21st, 2018 - 04:39:46 PM (gmt)
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Shepshed Dynamo FC
Alon Atie
Historical Record: 253-103-171 (0.578)
Current Season: 0-0-0 (0.000)
Bank 4226 / CP 52
Team Awards
5 League Titles
1 Alan Parr Cup Title
3 Youth Cup Titles

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Coach's Biography: Alon Atie

ď»I have lived in South Africa all of my life.
I studied law at University, but currently import watches and Corporate gifts into South Africa.
We have been lucky in that our business has grown consistently over the course of my working life and we currently employ about 100 staff.

I Have been maried to Revi for 12 years and have 3 children Alexia(12),Ricci(8) and Ethan (6).
I am a huge sports fan and my favourite soccer team is Liverpool.I chose Tranmere as my team as they come from the Liverpool area.I know a true scouser would probably hate the teams coming from the same area more than any others but not living there this doesnt apply to me.

ď»I get great enjoyment from the mswl leagues and for this I am very grateful to Al as the founder.
I dont know much about US sports, the big sports in South Africa are Rugby ,Cricket and Soccer. I enjoy watching all 3 and whilst inuniversity played cricket and field hockey.

For recreation I play bridge,read,play with the kids and hang out with friends.


Team Roster

Players (25)
Axel Cornet IV Gk 12 
Ben Hunt II Sw 13 
Nicolás Martínez III Df 13 
Jose Mendez  (1) Df 10 
Christopher Lester II Df 
Ryan Stanley APP Df 
Lilian Guerin APP Df 
Timothy Wells IV Df 
Jake Williams Mf 10 
Jermaine Spencer IV Mf 
Josh Brady II Mf 
Joshua Brown Mf 
Gordon Barrett APP Mf 
Alex Burns Mf 
Frank Richards Mf 
Kjell  Rřnning III Fw 13 
Zak Burton II Fw 13 
Jermaine Walker II Fw 13 
Tyler Pemberton Fw 10 
Samuel Anderson IV Fw 
Kevin Kirkland Fw 
Rafael Castro II Fw 
William Fergusen APP Fw 
Rory Stewart Fw 
Jose Luis Lopez Fw 
Backroom Boys
Lewis Webb II Coach 
Peder Johansen II Groundsman 
Corey Thomas II Physio 
Matías Ferreira II Youth Coach 
Joaquin  Mora II Youth Coach 
Felipe Azevedo II Youth Director 
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