Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 - 10:47:08 PM (gmt)
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Burton Albion FC
James White
Historical Record: 284-97-194 (0.578)
Current Season: 0-0-0 (0.000)
Bank 3473 / CP 37
Team Awards
3 League Titles
6 FA Shield Titles
4 Alan Parr Cup Titles

Next Session

1 Feb 23 Bridgwater Town FA Cup - R1
2 Feb 23 (n)Carlton Town FC Alan Parr Cup - Group
3 Feb 23 (n)Ilkeston Town FC Alan Parr Cup - Group

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Coach's Biography: James White

Hello thanks for reading , if you get bored just toddle off for a bit and come back later, to be honest don't bother coming back nothing much exciting in here anyway.

Here goes I'm currently 36 years old and about to enter my 8th year of a (mostly  ) happy marriage to the wife. We have three children Scott 11 Chris 5 and Owen 2, none of which were planned per se (well at least not by me!!)

I was recently made redundant from a long term job (18 years) which was a bit of a shock to the system, but if nothing else it gave me a reason to finally learn how to drive (I passed on 3rd time of trying, if you want to know about the stupid failures just ask and I'll spend ages telling you why they weren't my fault . . . ) So with my new driving ability I have acquired a new job which takes me at least 45 minutes to drive to in the morning, however it does pay more and I have now realised that my old employer was essentially crap (despite the nice big payoff I got).

I really like playing United and tend to go for an all out attack style hoping that my heavily trained keeper can do an amazing job keeping out all the inevitable shots he has to face. Failing that I just play dirty which is always fun.

Ah your back again just in time for the end.



Team Roster

Players (27)
Andrew Davies II Gk 13 
Juan  Ramírez Gk 
William Symes III Sw 13 
Timothy Norton APP Sw 
Joe Stevens II Df 13 
Tyrone Duckworth III Df 11 
Carleton Parslow Df 10 
Billy Evans III Df 
Victor Oliveira APP Df 
Dave Burgess IV Df 
Dylan Brown Df 
Scott Peters II Mf 13 
Aidan Harewood Mf 10 
Matthew Martin III Mf 10 
Isaac Hill APP Mf 
Rémi Pires IV Mf 
Emilio Bruno IV Mf 
Carlton Bell Mf 
Jared Drinkwater II Fw 13 
Pedro  Salas III Fw 11 
David Gallaher Fw 10 
Harvey Davis Fw 10 
Steven Lampton IV Fw 
Daniel Thompson IV Fw 
Artur Johannessen IV Fw 
Steven Compton APP Fw 
Felix Mendez IV Fw 
Backroom Boys
Victor Manuel Carmona II Coach 
Louis Durman II Groundsman 
Andrea  Segura Physio 
Rolando  Salas II Youth Coach 
Euan White II Youth Coach 
Liam Conner II Youth Director 
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