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Worksop Town FC
Mike Parnaby
Historical Record: 198-105-201 (0.497)
Current Season: 4-3-11 (0.306)
Bank 1864 / CP 28
Team Awards

Next Session

29 Sep 22 Marine FC 3rd Division - R13
30 Sep 22 @Swindon Supermarine FC 3rd Division - R14

Recent Results

26 Sep 15 L0 - 5@Mossley AFC 3rd Division - R12
25 Sep 15 W2 - 0Chippenham Town FC 3rd Division - R11
24 Sep 08 L0 - 5(n)Luton Town FC Youth Cup - R1
21 Sep 08 L1 - 7@Tonbridge Angels 3rd Division - R10
20 Sep 08 W5 - 0Evesham United FC 3rd Division - R9
17 Sep 01 L1 - 4@FC United of Manchester 3rd Division - R8
16 Sep 01 D3 - 3Luton Town FC 3rd Division - R7
13 Aug 25 L1 - 3@Kingstonian FC 3rd Division - R6
12 Aug 25 L1 - 2Swindon Supermarine FC 3rd Division - R5
11 Aug 18 L0 - 1Carlton Town FC FA Shield - R1

Coach's Biography: Mike Parnaby


I have played PBM games for over 20 years but have tended to stick to traditional pen and paper, snail mail games until recently. I have never really been interested in computer based, online games until very recently, but exactly why I have stayed away from MSWL for so long baffles me! Anyway, I am here now and hope to stay for quite some time! I have a website dedicated to my various games, although don't expect it to be giving any secrets away!


I live in north east England in a small market town called Guisborough, a little to the south of Middlesbrough. I have reached the grand old age of 54 and am married to Laura and have a 17 year old son, Matthew. I work for the local council in Social Services where I help distribute funds to people who are vulnerable and have specific care needs.


I have another hobby which is even longer living than PBM, and that is Subbuteo Table Football. I have been playing this for 41 years now, have represented England more than once. Recently I have backed away from the tournament scene and I have joined leagues where I play the game in the style I learned as a kid. Back to my roots as it were! Loving it though because it is just like learning the game all over again.


Recent Team News

Started by Mike Parnaby
Last Updated by Mike Parnaby
Started by Mike Parnaby
Last Updated by Mike Parnaby

Team Roster

Players (26)
Jason Vargas II Gk 13 
Joshua Evans IV Gk 
Finn Smith SBY Gk 
Josh O'Donnell IV Sw 12 
Diego  González APP Sw 
Allan Scott Df 10 
Joseph Lynch III Df 10 
çngel Gabriel García II Df 
Wayne Pilkington IV Df 
Joe Matthews APP Df 
James Burns SBY Df 
Alessandro Santoro Mf 12 
Alfredo  Araya III Mf 11 
Kevin Paz II Mf 10 
Nuno Botelho II Mf 
Declan Smith III Mf 
Paul Price IV Mf 
Niall Calhoun APP Mf 
Joshua Boyle SBY Mf 
Ollie Milner Fw 13 
Martín Giménez III Fw 11 
Jayden Campbell III Fw 11 
Carl Welch Fw 
Stewart Spencer IV Fw 
Rhys Turner  (2) APP Fw 
Rodrigo Ferreira SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Tony Fox Coach 
Trevor Morgan II Groundsman 
Zerind Takács Physio 
Leon Jordan II Youth Coach 
Jonathan Murphy II Youth Coach 
Sebastian Kelly II Youth Director 
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