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Saturday, March 17th, 2018 - 12:32:24 PM (gmt)
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Hyde FC
Carl Oakes
Historical Record: 168-111-168 (0.500)
Current Season: 0-0-0 (0.000)
Bank 1837 / CP 31
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Coach's Biography: Carl Oakes

Hi! I am a ............. "how old am I dear? ...... 49?" I am a 49 year old ex-Human Resources Manager, who has slipped into semi retirement. I had 16 fantastic years with the drinks giant Diageo but have been doing Interim Projects, when I can get them, for the last 4 years.
I'm married to my long suffering football widow, Karen, have 3 wonderful boys, who all attend Our Wee Country's home games with me but pride of place goes to Cuddles. She's my little over 2 year old grand daughter, Emma.
Football is my outlet, having been a director at my local club Lisburn Distillery, I am also a long long suffering fan of Manchester City.
Away from football (and work, when I have it) I love to BBQ. I own a smoker and now am a firm advocate of Low and Slow. The Christmas turkey is out of this world. I dabble a little with home brew beers and keep bees. Yes bees, don't get me started. They are absolutely fascinating and I will bore you for hours if allowed to start.
I have played MSWL since I think season 7 but a couple of seasons ago let them slip and have been rebuilding since.
At last I'm getting my head round this game but please do take it easy when you play Hyde FC.


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Team Roster

Players (25)
Rodrigo Carrerio IV Gk 11 
Kang-Dae  Lim Gk 10 
Yegor Solovyov Gk 
Scott White II Sw 12 
Jan Albrechtsen III Sw 11 
Ethan Gerrard SBY Sw 
Finley Brudenell II Df 13 
Elliot Davies III Df 11 
Reuben Barker Df 10 
Derek Baker IV Df 
Arthur Fitzgerald APP Df 
Leon Müller SBY Df 
Daniel East II Mf 12 
Joseph Dury Mf 10 
Dennis Whelan III Mf 
Stefan Jensen III Mf 
Cameron Gibson IV Mf 
Wes Morgan APP Mf 
Connor Simpson SBY Mf 
Ethan Scholes II Fw 13 
Carrington Humphreys III Fw 13 
Harold Pierce Fw 10 
Paul St.Hubbins IV Fw 
Jacob Wheeler APP Fw 
Jed Evans SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Marco Romano Coach 
Markus Olsen II Groundsman 
Noah Beerman Physio 
Harry Daugherty II Youth Coach 
Iain Smith Youth Coach 
Andrew Kerr II Youth Director 
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