Wednesday, September 19th, 2018 - 09:19:17 AM (gmt)
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Ilkeston Town FC
Steve Turner
Historical Record: 236-128-180 (0.551)
Current Season: 6-5-9 (0.425)
Bank 1085 / CP 40
Captain: Danny Harewood
Team Awards
1 League Title
1 Youth Cup Title

Next Session

29 Sep 22 Carlton Town FC 2nd Division - R13
30 Sep 22 Boston United 2nd Division - R14
31 Sep 22 (n)Hyde FC FA Cup - S
33 Sep 22 (n)Shepshed Dynamo FC Youth Cup - Q

Recent Results

28 Sep 15 W1 - 0(n)Chippenham Town FC Youth Cup - R2
26 Sep 15 D2 - 2@Bridgwater Town 2nd Division - R12
25 Sep 15 D0 - 0York City FC 2nd Division - R11
24 Sep 08 D2 - 2(n)Bridgwater Town Youth Cup - R1
21 Sep 08 L0 - 5@AFC Fylde 2nd Division - R10
20 Sep 08 L0 - 2@Clevedon Town FC 2nd Division - R9
18 Sep 01 W1 - 0@York City FC FA Cup - Q
17 Sep 01 W3 - 1Chasetown FC 2nd Division - R8
16 Sep 01 L0 - 5@Bedford Town FC 2nd Division - R7
13 Aug 25 D0 - 0Welling United FC 2nd Division - R6

Coach's Biography: Steve Turner

My last Bio was written over 2 years ago so time to start afresh.

i started United at Forest for the first (trial?) season. I didn't get it, didn't have the time to try, and quit. Then U2 started and this time I read the rules. properly. We've yo-yoed between Div 1 and Div 2 but have a League title and Youth Cup. And became the first team in U2 to go undefeated in the league in a season. It round have been the whole of United but Ian at Preston best me by an hour in the other league.

I'm 57 years old and have three grown up daughters and step daughters aged 26 to 31 and two of those have seven children between them. 

Seven years ago I started a relationship with my eldest step-daughter's best friend. Elaine is 23 years younger than me and has a, now, 10 year old daughter. In June 2015 we got married and in September we found out we were expecting a baby. We had lost a few to early miscarriages and had basically given up. Jacob was born on May 11 2016 and anyone who is my friend on Facebook can see how amazing he is. I still can't believe how lucky we are to have such a cute little boy.


Team Roster

Players (29)
Mathis Billet III Gk 16 
Tim Jung APP Gk 
Mohamed Santiago IV Sw 11 
Christopher Hayes IV Sw 
Jeff Hughes SBY Sw 
Elias Bierhoff Df 14 
John Bate II Df 12 
Zachary Butler II Df 12 
Javier Milagross Df 
Rayan François APP Df 
Cameron Lester APP Df 
Felix Bierhoff APP Df 
Gil  Adrei IV Df 
Jake Cooper II Df 
Ellis Hill III Df 
Ben Dawson SBY Df 
Edward Martin Mf 13 -1 
Alexander Lange IV Mf 
Kenny Baker II Mf 
Isaac Wells SBY Mf 
Harvey Palmer SBY Mf 
Danny Harewood (c) III Fw 17 
Coll Wilson II Fw 16 -1 
Zak Hardy Fw 
Shaun Graham III Fw 
Alfie Jones APP Fw 
Martín Silva IV Fw 
Edgar Gray II Fw 
Robert Smith SBY Fw -1 
Backroom Boys
Charles Gray II Coach 
Delling Johnsen Physio 
Daniel Chaffersey II Youth Coach 
Jack Strömberg Youth Coach 
Rodrigo Melo II Youth Director 
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