Wednesday, December 12th, 2018 - 05:27:57 AM (gmt)
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Boston United
Rob Peterson
Historical Record: 239-96-204 (0.532)
Current Season: 3-1-10 (0.250)
Bank 689 / CP 20
Captain: Jack O'Brien
Team Awards
2 FA Cup Titles
1 FA Shield Title
1 Alan Parr Cup Title
1 Youth Cup Title

Next Session

20 Dec 15 AFC Rushden & Diamonds 1st Division - R9
21 Dec 15 @Burton Albion FC 1st Division - R10
24 Dec 15 (n)Evesham United FC Youth Cup - R1

Recent Results

17 Dec 08 L1 - 7@AFC Wimbledon 1st Division - R8
16 Dec 08 L1 - 4Hyde FC 1st Division - R7
13 Dec 01 L1 - 3@Harrogate Railway AFC 1st Division - R6
12 Dec 01 L0 - 1Welling United FC 1st Division - R5
10 Nov 24 L0 - 2Kingstonian FC FA Cup - R2
9 Nov 24 L0 - 3@York City FC 1st Division - R4
8 Nov 24 L0 - 2Shepshed Dynamo FC 1st Division - R3
7 Nov 17 L0 - 1(n)Harrogate Railway AFC Alan Parr Cup - Group
6 Nov 17 W3 - 0AFC Fylde FA Cup - R1
5 Nov 17 L0 - 3@Kendal Town FC 1st Division - R2

Coach's Biography: Rob Peterson

About me... well, born and raised in NJ, in a nice beach town. Went to college in the wee little state of RI. Since graduating from college, I moved up to MA, where I've been working for a major medical software company for the past 12+ years. My wife and I live in a town about 40 minutes northwest of Boston.

Trying to reduce the redundancy, here's some info about my gaming enjoyment.

In United 2, Boston has always had the eye on the prize - championships come before youth development. This is a stark contrast from the Plymouth strategy in United 1. Just like in U1, this strategy has not yet bore some real fruit. 6 seasons in, and there's still no league championship. The worst part is that that the team has been relegated to Division 2! A travesty that cannot be tolerated.


Team Roster

Players (26)
Jay Christie Gk 13 
Robert McAdam IV Gk 12 
Jack Walker III Sw 13 
Finn Burke SBY Sw 
Patrick Parsons II Df 13 -1 
Samuel Scott III Df 12 
Melker Lundin Df 11 
Edward Stone APP Df 
James Smith IV Df 
Jonas Schmidt IV Df 
Alistair Oliver SBY Df 
Hugo Chora II Mf 13 -2 
Jannick Schneider Mf 11 
Axel Lalanne III Mf 
Oliver Perry IV Mf 
Scott Durman APP Mf 
Rafael Muņoz SBY Mf 
Jack O'Brien (c) III Fw 13 
Esteban Tellier Fw 12 
Luke Simpson II Fw 12 
Carrington Watson Fw 11 
Riley Moore IV Fw 
Ashton Chaffersey APP Fw 
Cormac O'Neill IV Fw 
Liam Ramsay IV Fw 
Cole Reid SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Robert Ali Coach 
Stephen Browne Groundsman 
Samuel Wolff Physio 
Vincenzo Villa Youth Coach 
Lucas Neville II Youth Coach 
Ian Shrimpton Youth Director 
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