Thursday, January 17th, 2019 - 07:33:25 AM (gmt)
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Halifax Town AFC
Vick Hall
Historical Record: 271-117-197 (0.563)
Current Season: 12-5-13 (0.483)
Bank 2870 / CP 13
Captain: Leo Doherty
Team Awards
1 League Title
3 FA Cup Titles
2 FA Shield Titles
3 Alan Parr Cup Titles

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Recent Results

39 Jan 12 L0 - 1Carlton Town FC 2nd Division - R18
38 Jan 12 L0 - 1@Tonbridge Angels 2nd Division - R17
36 Jan 05 D0 - 0@Harrogate Railway AFC Alan Parr Cup - F
35 Jan 05 L1 - 7FC United of Manchester 2nd Division - R16
34 Jan 05 L1 - 3@Droylsden FC 2nd Division - R15
32 Dec 29 D1 - 1@Bedford Town FC FA Shield - S
30 Dec 29 L0 - 1@Luton Town FC 2nd Division - R14
29 Dec 29 W3 - 0Chasetown FC 2nd Division - R13
27 Dec 22 D0 - 0@Kendal Town FC Alan Parr Cup - S
26 Dec 22 L1 - 3@Bedford Town FC 2nd Division - R12

Coach's Biography: Vick Hall

Well Ian Honeybun decided not to hang up his boots just yet and has stayed on as Captain to guide the club back to the top flight. Results so far this season have been good despite the blip of losing away at York against a motivated side. We will have to put that loss behind us and stay focused for our tital push and do well in the cups if we can. This sessions match against FCUM will be very hard to see us come out on top and progress in the defence of our AP Cup, but with Honeybun on the pitch for the game anything is possible or so the fans all chant anyway. For once the team have struggled to find players in the auction, but finally managed to splash out for star hardman defender Yehuda Levi who looks set to work alongside Hartmann at the back, providing a solid defensive bulwark for young Bernier in goal who has been coming along leaps and bounds this year.

Former A Little Original Sin Editor and Football Manager Addict Vick Hall, will be hoping to get Halifax Town up and kicking with immediate effect. It's been a while since I have played any United games, but I'm sure it will all come back to me. It better had or Stretchy will be getting a right earful for getting me hooked on yet another football management game. Meanwhile whilst the rest of you are back in UK or wherever i will be sitting up on deck with a nice glass of wine watching the sunset and considering my first set of auction bids.


Recent Team News

Started by Vick Hall
Last Updated by Vick Hall
Started by Vick Hall
Last Updated by Vick Hall
Started by Vick Hall
Last Updated by Vick Hall

Team Roster

Players (21)
Juan Gray III Gk 16 
Luca Brides Gk 11 -2 
Kieran Walker III Sw 16 
Carlton Murphy SBY Sw 
Leo Morrissey Df 15 -1 
Giles Ludley IV Df 11 
Jacob Young IV Df 10 
James Kelly APP Df 10 
Denis Williams SBY Df 
Aitor Moreno Mf 14 
Aaron Reilly II Mf 11 
Harrison Shilton APP Mf 10 
Martim Gomes APP Mf 10 
Geoffrey Hills SBY Mf 
Percy Whiteside Fw 15 
Leo Doherty (c) IV Fw 15 -1 
Mael Rollet III Fw 12 
Roger Marshall IV Fw 12 
Liam Jones APP Fw 10 -1 
Lipót Juhász IV Fw 
Gareth Coleman SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Thibaut Chapelle Coach 
Fabio Santoro II Groundsman 
Gerry Matthews Groundsman 
Luke Taylor II Physio 
Yanis Bernier II Youth Coach 
Luciano Hernandez II Youth Coach 
Connor Ross Youth Coach 
Roger Edwards II Youth Director 
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