Sunday, March 18th, 2018 - 05:34:52 PM (gmt)
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Bedford Town FC
Simon Compton
Historical Record: 205-92-175 (0.532)
Current Season: 0-0-0 (0.000)
Bank 479 / CP 17
Captain: Alberto Martinelli
Team Awards
1 FA Cup Title
1 FA Shield Title
1 Youth Cup Title

Next Session

1 Mar 24 @Tonbridge Angels FA Cup - R1
2 Mar 24 (n)Mossley AFC Alan Parr Cup - Group
3 Mar 24 (n)Kingstonian FC Alan Parr Cup - Group

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Coach's Biography: Simon Compton

Simon is married to Lynne with three children, Sophie and Thomas are at primary school and my eldest Katie is now at high school, the years just rush by;(. I work in sales for Commercial Relocation company in the midlands but we service the whole of the UK, should anyone work in offices who at stage might relocate or need refurbishment then give me a call:).

I play in around 7 united/football management games, some of which have slow turnarounds and others that are very quick and reliable, need a new challenge then let me know and i will suggest a couple of postal games.

The Leagues that i play in for other Olmec leagues are as follows, although dont tell Mrs C    or there could be trouble ahead!

MSWL - BFC 2nd division play offs just achieved for the first time, been playing for years so at long last the team is coming together

SESL - Hamilton Division 1 just taken them over and off to a bad start

The Manager - ATC recently relegated to Div 2, again another poor season ahead

SFLSL - Division 2 but with a very strong team, should get promoted back to Division 1 and i always like a good cup run in this league, about to play OPT sometime in March, massive game!

OASL - again punching above our weight as we are second on the Div 1 table and in a semi final of the Steve Turner Trophy so again not a bad season.

All in all we do really get some great enjoyment from these league albeit it takes up rather alot of time Yes thats Mrs C saying get off that computer again!

Now he we go with the goal that just beat ......... well whoever we are next playing i guess;)



Team Roster

Players (27)
Hayden Brown IV Gk 12 
Lucas Delgado Gk 
Rafael Alonso SBY Gk 
Lei Li II Sw 13 
Zadok  Bar III Sw 
Gordon Foster APP Sw 
Alberto Martinelli (c) IV Df 12 
Gianluca Beretta II Df 12 
Louis Fortune-West II Df 11 
Robin Willems III Df 10 
Jamie MacLean Df 10 
Alexander Neumann APP Df 
Jørgen Thomsen SBY Df 
Bryan Smith II Mf 13 
Napoleon Hardy  (1) III Mf 10 
Xavier Castro  (1) Mf 
Geoffrey Flinders II Mf 
Tsutomu Murakami IV Mf 
Dave Burke SBY Mf 
Glen Clarke II Fw 13 
Daniel Healy III Fw 12 
George Clapinson III Fw 11 
Joseph Russel Fw 
Gareth Curtis IV Fw 
Vicente Bravo APP Fw 
Denis Fletcher APP Fw 
Thomas Ford SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Daniel Boyle Coach 
Craig Wood II Groundsman 
Tom Daugherty II Physio 
Mika Schmidt Youth Coach 
Alexander Charlton Youth Coach 
Davide Russo II Youth Director 
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