Tuesday, June 19th, 2018 - 12:22:20 PM (gmt)
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AFC Fylde
Phil McIntosh
Historical Record: 229-101-185 (0.543)
Current Season: 19-1-8 (0.696)
Bank 809 / CP 30
Captain: Ricardo Bravo
Team Awards
2 FA Cup Titles
1 FA Shield Title
2 Alan Parr Cup Titles

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Recent Results

39 May 26 W8 - 0Marine FC 3rd Division - R18
38 May 26 W3 - 0@Chippenham Town FC 3rd Division - R17
35 May 19 W6 - 0Chasetown FC 3rd Division - R16
34 May 19 L3 - 5@Swindon Supermarine FC 3rd Division - R15
30 May 12 W3 - 1Bridgwater Town 3rd Division - R14
29 May 12 W4 - 1Evesham United FC 3rd Division - R13
27 May 05 L2 - 6@Halifax Town AFC Alan Parr Cup - S
26 May 05 L1 - 4@Tonbridge Angels 3rd Division - R12
25 May 05 W8 - 1Mossley AFC 3rd Division - R11
24 Apr 28 L1 - 3(n)Halifax Town AFC Youth Cup - R1

Coach's Biography: Phil McIntosh

Yellowstone National Park--Manager Phil McIntosh reports in from holiday at America's oldest national park to put the final touches on the off season program that will allow AFC Fylde to remain competitive once again.  "I love our annual treks to the national parks," says Phil.  "And now that we have a daughter to share these experiences with, the memories are all the sweeter."  For two weeks (at least...this year it's practically three) out of each year Phil leaves his post as a child advocate attorney and goes hiking, climbing and rafting through America's West.  "And sometimes, I just sit on the porch of the cabin and enjoy the peace of God's greatness and glory."  When at home, Phil stays active by playing softball, a little basketball (very little) and performing in the local community theatre. "Oh, and I like a little Sprecher's now and then...."  :-)


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Team Roster

Players (23)
Mateo Morales Gk 15 
Myung-Ki  Hong IV Gk 12 
Ryan Bentinck II Sw 14 
Baron East SBY Sw 
Daniel Kent Df 15 -2 
Simone Barbieri APP Df 10 -2 
Arvid Jørgensen II Df 
Enzo Geoffroy III Df 
Eugenio Arias SBY Df 
Aitor Martin II Mf 17 
Ryan Wilson III Mf 13 -2 
Dominic Lawrence II Mf 11 
Bobby Walter APP Mf 10 
Napoleon Marc APP Mf 10 
Bradley Fitzgerald Mf 10 
John Andreasson IV Mf 
Finn McBrayne IV Mf 
Reuben Holmes SBY Mf 
Agostino Caruso II Fw 16 
Ryan Fitzgerald Fw 15 
Ricardo Bravo (c) III Fw 13 
Ariza Ventura APP Fw 10 
Ryan Evans SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Corey Symes Coach 
Kenny Moore II Groundsman 
Derek Chaffersey Physio 
Mario Lombardi Youth Coach 
Mateo Scotti Youth Coach 
Niklas Bauer II Youth Director 
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