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Saturday, March 17th, 2018 - 12:35:37 PM (gmt)
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Droylsden FC
Dave Gittins
Historical Record: 171-97-182 (0.488)
Current Season: 0-0-0 (0.000)
Bank 1701 / CP 30
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Coach's Biography: Dave Gittins

Hi - I'm Dave Gittins, manager of Droylsden for this game, but in reality a long-suffering Manchester City fan who can't quite believe what's been happening at the club over the last couple of years. I'm now exiled to the Cheshire / Staffordshire border. I've played in various United leagues over the years - generally to a mediocre standard, but always aspiring to do better (see, I told you I was a City fan...).

I'm married with 2 kids, and the big interest for the family is swimming. Both my lads swim for the local club, my wife is a coach there and I'm Club Treasurer and also Announcer for galas, etc. All this means that I spend a number of weekends a year getting very warm, sitting on the balconies of swimming pools up and down the country watching other people's kids swim, then missing my own because I've got too hot and too bored and sloped off to find a decent pub. I have been known to drink the occasional pint of real ale.

Connection to No. 1 recording artist (1) - I interviewed The Bluebells ("Young At Heart") for student radio and drank beer with them backstage, missing the support band altogether.

Connection to No. 1 recording artist (2) - I sat next to Rick Astley's brother at accountancy college.

That's me for now - I look forward to competing with you all.


Team Roster

Players (28)
Arthur Parry II Gk 13 
Larry Blazel IV Gk 
Albert Torres APP Gk 
Leo Khan Sw 10 
Jay McAllister III Sw 10 
Kian Bates Sw 
Gregorio Campos  (2) II Df 12 
Eugene Munoz Df 10 
Harry Stewart III Df 10 
Maximillian Maier IV Df 
Daniel Dowson APP Df 
Arran Bruce Df 
Adam Wilson II Mf 12 
Kieran Berry III Mf 11 
Cameron MacKenzie III Mf 10 
Gabriel Ferreira Mf 
Thibault Duchesne IV Mf 
Jake Adams APP Mf 
Roy Walker IV Mf 
Darragh Reilly Mf 
Billy Morgan Mf 
Lee McAllister APP Mf 
Trevor Miller II Fw 13 
Stephen Browne III Fw 10 
Louie Lampard Fw 10 
Theo Gibson IV Fw 
Busby Haugland APP Fw 
Hans Möller VI Fw 
Backroom Boys
David Ellis II Physio 
Greg Bateman II Youth Coach 
Denis Barker II Youth Director 
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