Tuesday, December 18th, 2018 - 11:42:19 AM (gmt)
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Chippenham Town FC
Paul Cockayne
Historical Record: 165-97-248 (0.419)
Current Season: 10-2-5 (0.647)
Bank 2118 / CP 42
Captain: Leo Munro
Team Awards

Next Session

25 Dec 22 @Worksop Town FC 3rd Division - R11
26 Dec 22 Swindon Supermarine FC 3rd Division - R12

Recent Results

24 Dec 15 L0 - 3(n)Kendal Town FC Youth Cup - R1
21 Dec 15 W4 - 0@Evesham United FC 3rd Division - R10
20 Dec 15 D1 - 1Ilkeston Town FC 3rd Division - R9
17 Dec 08 L0 - 4@AFC Fylde 3rd Division - R8
16 Dec 08 W4 - 0Mossley AFC 3rd Division - R7
15 Dec 01 L0 - 1@Shepshed Dynamo FC Alan Parr Cup - R2
13 Dec 01 D0 - 0Bridgwater Town 3rd Division - R6
12 Dec 01 W3 - 2@Marine FC 3rd Division - R5
10 Nov 24 L0 - 1@Tonbridge Angels FA Cup - R2
9 Nov 24 W5 - 0Kingstonian FC 3rd Division - R4

Coach's Biography: Paul Cockayne

I have always been a keen games player, devoting much energy in my youth to chess, before turning to bridge, which I have played with a fair degree of success, on and off (currently off).

My cricketing exploits have been enthusiastic but somewhat less successful, though I continue to be involved in my local cricket cricket in the capacity of scorer which earns me a free beer once a week.

Professionally I worked for many years in IT after dallying with a career as a musician, but I now work as a counsellor which brings me into contact with some strange and wonderful people.  I continue to play the piano and occasionally vibes, predominantly for my own amusement, though others also seem to be amused by my efforts.

Much effort these days goes into dancing rather badly, in circles, squares and also with people whose toes tend to hurt afterwards.

Somehow I remain married to Mandy, who has somehow put up with me since 1984 and seems remarkably happy, all things considered.  We have two adult sons who, on occasion seem grown up as well as adult.

I previously managed Marine and then Evesham, before taking a break from the game for 18 months.  Chippenham will represent something of a challenge but I am looking forward to building a decent side, though that may take a little while!


Team Roster

Players (28)
Philipp Schulz Gk 15 -5 
Alan Jackson III Gk 
Denis Thompson II Sw 13 
Kian Lennon Sw 10 
Darragh Maguire SBY Sw 
Joe Ruby Df 14 
Nathan Phillips II Df 13 
Didrik  Hagen II Df 10 -2 
Fernando Ronaldo Df 
Luiz Oliveira APP Df 
Dara Fitzgerald II Df 
Craig Murphy IV Df 
Hans Beerman SBY Df 
Thomas Miller III Df 
Michael Moss II Mf 13 
Aidan Matthews Mf 10 
Christoffer Dahlberg APP Mf 
Shawn Allen II Mf 
Bryan Gimenez SBY Mf 
Andrew Harper IV Mf 
Shaun Martin SBY Mf 
David Graham III Mf 
Ben Simpson Fw 14 -1 
Leo Munro (c) III Fw 10 
Michael Meyer III Fw 10 
Maximillian Richter  (1) APP Fw 
Martin Lemaitre II Fw 
Shayne George SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Reece Barry Coach 
Andy Kennedy II Groundsman 
Thomas Foster II Physio 
Liam Bate Youth Coach 
Marcos Silva Youth Coach 
Kyle Kelly II Youth Director 
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