Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019 - 12:08:08 PM (gmt)
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FC United of Manchester
Kevin Martin
Historical Record: 232-124-217 (0.513)
Current Season: 8-6-11 (0.440)
Bank 2114 / CP 39
Team Awards
1 Alan Parr Cup Title

Next Session

38 Apr 27 @Shepshed Dynamo FC 1st Division - R17
39 Apr 27 @Welling United FC 1st Division - R18

Recent Results

35 Apr 20 D2 - 2Burton Albion FC 1st Division - R16
34 Apr 20 L1 - 2@AFC Wimbledon 1st Division - R15
30 Apr 13 W2 - 1Harrogate Railway AFC 1st Division - R14
29 Apr 13 L0 - 3@Droylsden FC 1st Division - R13
28 Apr 06 D3 - 3(n)Boston United Youth Cup - R2
26 Apr 06 L0 - 2@Kendal Town FC 1st Division - R12
25 Apr 06 D1 - 1Tonbridge Angels 1st Division - R11
24 Mar 30 D1 - 1(n)Mossley AFC Youth Cup - R1
21 Mar 30 L0 - 2@York City FC 1st Division - R10
20 Mar 30 D0 - 0Welling United FC 1st Division - R9

Coach's Biography: Kevin Martin

After helming Marine FC for the first ten seasons, I've now led up FCU from the league depths to a solid mediocrity.  This will be our second stab at being the little fish in the big pond, and look to suffer greaty at the hands of the league powers with a season in Div 1.  We're short on firepower to run with the top teams, so pulling out close wins on defensive prowess will be a must.

On the home front, my wife Jessica and I welcomed our ninth child in December 2018 and are officially now driving a bus to get us all around.  So says the title which calls our new 'van' a "Bus (not a school bus)."  Enjoying (nearly) every moment of such a wondrous, blessed life.


Team Roster

Players (27)
William McDermott IV Gk 15 
Tom Blanchard APP Gk 
Alexander Bell  (1) III Sw 16 
Andrew Collins  (1) II Df 18 -1 
Martin Stretch III Df 13 
Florian Lebreton Df 13 
Gabriel Beckham APP Df 
Mason Webb II Df 
Dino Villa II Df 
Greg Lennon IV Df 
Francisco López SBY Df 
Sam Parslow II Mf 13 
Santiago Ortiz Mf 10 
Glenn Spencer IV Mf 10 
Diogo da Costa APP Mf 
Conor Daugherty IV Mf 
Giles Graham Mf 
Sergio Cabrera III Mf 
Edgar Barnes SBY Mf 
Josef Nilsson SBY Mf 
Aarron Barry III Fw 14 
Wes Hughes Fw 13 
Nicolas  Vargas II Fw 12 
Tyrone Richardson IV Fw 12 
Pedro Pinto APP Fw 
Bryan Pastor II Fw 
Ian Brown SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Edgar Clarke II Coach 
Viktor Blomqvist Groundsman 
Max Saunders II Physio 
Kai Moss Youth Coach 
Ben Howard II Youth Coach 
Alfonso Pascual II Youth Director 
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