Tuesday, June 19th, 2018 - 12:26:16 PM (gmt)
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End of Session 10 Rankings

Rk Pr Chg Name Record Points Previous Chg
See this link for more information on how rankings are devised.
Up 2 places to 25th - starting to get a nose bleed :-)
David ~ Apr. 30th at 6:44 PM
I-Man and Dave Dohm continue to dominate...
Allan ~ Apr. 29th at 10:19 PM
Angels are starting to show signs of Altitude sickness
Dave ~ Apr. 22nd at 5:49 PM
Down one to match my MSWL 1 team - 27th. Target to keep off the bottom...
David ~ Apr. 22nd at 4:14 PM
Still at 26th even after 2 wins (and a loss) - it will do for now ...
David ~ Apr. 16th at 1:23 PM
Al, add the 6 losses and youíll see Iím still trying to improve. 🤓🤓
David ~ Apr. 8th at 5:23 PM
Mossley now have 3 David Blair's club trying to fly under the radar? :-)
Allan ~ Apr. 1st at 10:49 PM
One more place upwards - starting to get a nose bleed from these dizzy heights. :-)
David ~ Jan. 20th at 8:14 PM
Another place up the rankings - bet Kendal are wetting themselves - NOT !! :-)
David ~ Jan. 14th at 6:54 PM
Hold the cavalry - one win but it might be the start - up 2 places on the rankings table - can't be bad :-)
David ~ Jan. 7th at 12:34 PM
Mr. Blair's Mossley beginning to climb the rankings. The turnaround had begun...
Allan ~ Jan. 7th at 12:00 AM
I've joined at the bottom - only one way to go - apart from staying on the bottom of course!! :-(
David ~ Dec. 22nd at 8:27 AM
We are in top-10! Just have to enjoy that moment.
Christer ~ Dec. 17th at 12:14 PM
great to see Carlton doing so well in the rankings.....
Vick ~ Dec. 17th at 12:24 AM
Usual suspects in the Top 4, with Welling making the biggest move up 6 slots to #12.
Allan ~ Dec. 2nd at 10:30 PM
With 9 out of 10 D1 clubs in the top 10 rankings, it will be interesting to see how that will compare to the league finish at the end of this season.
Ellis ~ Nov. 27th at 12:43 PM
Bit bitter, Vick? Relegation a bit tough to swallow? Don't fret for long. I'm sure Halifax will be back. Remember, you need teams like Carlton to be fodder for your cannon.
Ellis ~ Nov. 16th at 4:17 AM
Could be that Carlton have never won anything of note in their illustrious history. Just saying like....
Vick ~ Nov. 7th at 1:05 PM
Halifax, ranked 8th, get relegated. Carlton, ranked 14th, stay up. Just saying...
Ellis ~ May. 14th at 4:09 AM
Is Harrogate flying under the radar?
Dave ~ Mar. 30th at 10:34 PM
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