Session 11 Coaches Poll deadline in 86 hours and 52 minutes
Sunday, July 21st, 2024 - 03:07:30 AM (gmt)
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“…we need a new category for dominant teams with nice guy coaches.”

Mike, I think those two things are mutually exclusive.
BrianJul. 20th at 6:52 PM gmt
I think it is time to induct Roger into the Evil Empire. But he is actually a nice guy, so I guess we need a new category for dominant teams with nice guy coaches.MikeJul. 20th at 6:41 PM gmt
Although they were predicted to come in 8th. So it looks like a year of underachievement by PNE as can´t see them getting much from the last two gamesVickJul. 20th at 12:30 AM gmt
we concur with PrestonVickJul. 20th at 12:26 AM gmt
Aires: no.JohnJul. 17th at 5:57 PM gmt
is it over yetAiresJul. 17th at 6:39 AM gmt
As officially Olmec's most hated team, 9th place in Division 1 feels like a genuine achievement.IanJul. 16th at 2:48 PM gmt
Vick Hall, Steve Turner and Brian Beerman down the homestretch in PL. Al and Carl and Andy still in the running...PhilJul. 15th at 3:16 AM gmt
Div 3 very close SimonJul. 13th at 6:25 PM gmt
Thanksgiving BrianJul. 13th at 3:53 PM gmt
What's in November?JohnJul. 13th at 3:16 PM gmt
Just getting ready for NovemberPhilJul. 13th at 2:08 AM gmt
Phil - I appreciate all of the extra coach votes. It’s a wonderful feeling to see just how much you care. BrianJul. 10th at 2:56 AM gmt
PL is posted. Pick ‘em while they’re ripe.PhilJul. 9th at 7:01 AM gmt
Btw, more participants the better the fun in coaches poll. Give it a gander.PhilJul. 9th at 6:32 AM gmt
Is anyone else having issues with the Coaches poll? My “Here’s How You Voted” page makes it look like I voted three times (three identical columns instead of one) and there’s no ongoing session tally visible to me.PhilJul. 9th at 6:31 AM gmt
PL will be posted hopefully later today or early tomorrow. PhilJul. 8th at 7:56 PM gmt
Don’t fancy getting Alon’s tax bill….RogerJul. 7th at 3:38 PM gmt
Wow, that was unexpected!BrianJul. 6th at 6:32 PM gmt
Thanks Phil for running the PL!AllanJul. 6th at 2:47 PM gmt
Brian going for realism as we see glitches with the World Cup.PhilJul. 4th at 2:08 PM gmt
Ugh, that didn't work as a link. Please update the World Cup 48 forum post.BrianJul. 1st at 2:23 PM gmt
Last call for U1 managers to participate in our first World Cup (WC 48). If you're in, please update:
BrianJul. 1st at 2:19 PM gmt
PL posted...Beerman by a bee's bottom.PhilJul. 1st at 4:46 AM gmt
Our first session without a loss! 😁BrianJun. 30th at 3:02 AM gmt
Paul: no. No, I am not. But at least they're overJohnJun. 28th at 10:38 PM gmt
I am enjoying Germany’s relative success so far.BrianJun. 28th at 8:33 PM gmt
Is anyone enjoying the Euros at all?PaulJun. 28th at 7:08 PM gmt
Roger - None of whom will be available for the World Cup. BrianJun. 26th at 5:32 PM gmt
Some amazing players going to the NL. It’s enough to make a grown man cry 😢 RogerJun. 25th at 7:10 AM gmt
I can't go for that, no can do.BrianJun. 24th at 2:27 PM gmt
Pl is posted. Vick in front with a whole posse in hot pursuit!PhilJun. 24th at 3:11 AM gmt
John Holden, I can’t go for that.PhilJun. 23rd at 11:31 PM gmt
Wow if I hadn’t missed session 1 predictions we would be right up there😂SimonJun. 22nd at 10:02 PM gmt
(sigh)AllanJun. 22nd at 1:53 PM gmt
Yes the top of the prediction league is a real Hall and Oakes affairJohnJun. 22nd at 12:53 PM gmt
PL posted! Brian Beerman has caught Al Sellers! Repeat: Beerman has caught Al Sellers! Neck and neck! Turner and Oakes in HOT pursuit!PhilJun. 18th at 5:51 AM gmt
Look for PL Monday.PhilJun. 16th at 1:00 AM gmt
PL posted. Monster lead for Al as he gives full effect to the phrase "rich get richer..." Beerman doing his best, but his best is three games back. Who among us can "outsellers" the Mr. Sellers?PhilJun. 11th at 5:09 AM gmt
I'd like to personally congratulate Phil for his "dripping sarcasm" comments on the auction this week. Well done my friend. AllanJun. 9th at 11:03 PM gmt
Phil, the only thing insurmountable is Tom Brady's 7 rings.BrianJun. 4th at 2:41 PM gmt
Is Al’s PL lead insurmountable?PhilJun. 2nd at 3:45 AM gmt
It was Al, that’s hoo.PhilJun. 2nd at 2:15 AM gmt
Hoo😂SimonJun. 1st at 7:05 PM gmt
Boo!AllanMay. 20th at 1:28 AM gmt
i see you have!VickMay. 19th at 12:45 PM gmt
you will have to post a few Bee away games!VickMay. 19th at 12:45 PM gmt
PL posted. Al leads. This shall not stand.PhilMay. 19th at 4:55 AM gmt
32 AP Cup games. Two draws. Pretty frightening stuff, peopleJohnMay. 19th at 12:11 AM gmt
30 of 32 teams with Captains named (as expected) as the season kicks off. Good luck!AllanMay. 18th at 6:00 PM gmt
Ben Morrison. Fifty-two DP during season 17. Something I can hang my hat on (that and ending Alon’s streak of 6 consecutive D1 titles during season 9).BrianMay. 18th at 4:16 PM gmt
Al, I really like the addition of the national flag with each auction player.BrianMay. 13th at 11:39 AM gmt
Roger - My goal was to have things ready for the end of S48, but it might get pushed back one season. BrianMay. 5th at 3:59 PM gmt
Thank you, Al.SteveMay. 5th at 7:48 AM gmt
How’s the World Cup shaping up Brian?RogerMay. 5th at 7:46 AM gmt
Well you did get 10k in the end, Phil.SteveMay. 4th at 9:41 AM gmt
Man, that comment was surely worth more than 5kPhilMay. 4th at 5:17 AM gmt
Rob that was when we had to walk all the way into the bedroom to the den, uphill both ways, through three feet of shag carpet, to power up the desktop computer connected to the modem via the phone line to enter lineups.PhilMay. 4th at 5:16 AM gmt
There was a LOT more hardness used back in the day Roger. Using 10 Hardness was a normal occurrence. RobMay. 4th at 1:24 AM gmt
It's the only record I've got Vick! Let me bask in it!RobMay. 4th at 1:23 AM gmt
That’s a lot of PKs in S6. Have the hardness rules changed? Or were managers more predisposed to violence back in the day?RogerMay. 3rd at 7:11 AM gmt
It could be a while before John Robertson from Plymouth is replaced on top that PK goals scored chart. That´s some lead!VickMay. 2nd at 2:28 PM gmt
the Brighton gulls are little pussies. We know we used to live there. Weston Gulls Rule!!!VickMay. 2nd at 2:22 PM gmt
John, That's a Clancy Wiggum line. I wish I had thought of it!BrianMay. 1st at 5:13 PM gmt
I love your compassion, BeerAiresApr. 30th at 10:21 PM gmt
Brighton are the Gulls not the Gaslights...JohnApr. 30th at 9:35 PM gmt
John & Roger, The trade never happened. There's nothing to see here. Please move along quietly. BrianApr. 29th at 7:23 PM gmt
Roger: I cannot neitherJohnApr. 29th at 6:24 PM gmt
Can anyone comment on the Forest - Carlisle trade? I can’t see it on my list of transactions RogerApr. 29th at 5:20 PM gmt
I expect our Seagulls will stay in the lower half of the power rankings this season.BrianApr. 29th at 11:52 AM gmt
Huh, PV still have a good teamJohnApr. 28th at 2:58 AM gmt
Brian has co fused the word "compassionate" with "diabolical." Whike close, they are not the same.PhilApr. 20th at 1:25 PM gmt
Aires, you know I'm an incredibly compassionate person.BrianApr. 4th at 6:15 PM gmt
Thanks Beerman for your leadership! Wyc success was on you! AiresApr. 2nd at 9:45 AM gmt
I think six wins and two draws in the last eight league games helped Derby's cause but I was too overwhelmed by the Youth cup exit to processMartynApr. 1st at 9:28 PM gmt
Not sure how Derby got promoted. It sort of crept up on usunawares; usualy the other way round. Nothing so gutting as only being in the relegation zone in one sesssion in the season - the lastMartynApr. 1st at 9:24 PM gmt
Cheers Al. The Commissioner's office has seen to it that our bank balance was dropped to 0 once again. Is this the MSWL version of a pink slip? ;)BrianApr. 1st at 4:19 PM gmt
Not having what it takes to beat PNE cost us the relegation!! Leeds has a lot of work to do this season!!AbeMar. 31st at 6:09 PM gmt
Well done to Bristol on the league one title, rebuild for ntfcSimonMar. 31st at 12:59 AM gmt
Seconded BrianRogerMar. 30th at 11:02 PM gmt
Al - Thanks as always for another great season of fun and banter!BrianMar. 30th at 6:53 PM gmt
Went to football today and then was all excited to check scores only to remember that it's FridayJohnMar. 29th at 6:46 PM gmt
John Holden - thank you for being instrumental in correcting a slight error in our bank account. I owe you a drink. Let our tally begin. Now. 0-1BrianMar. 27th at 11:26 PM gmt
2nd Division final session looks thrilling! Great call out!

Brian: I added your idea to my list.
AllanMar. 27th at 11:11 PM gmt
I think my post might have come across as rude. Sorry about that.BrianMar. 27th at 11:34 AM gmt
Brentford v Bristol is a tricky one to predict, Apparently Bristol have been playing quite well this seasonRoyMar. 26th at 9:56 PM gmt
PL Posted. Can anyone catch Roy?
PhilMar. 26th at 8:59 PM gmt
Upon my initial reading, I though Brian was asking that the Youth Cup graphic, in addition to a pie chart, also be shown as a bar graph, line graph, etc. :-)PhilMar. 26th at 8:07 PM gmt
Why does the home page only display a pie chart for the Youth Cup? Any chance we can have that cycle through all cups? Maybe include D1 trophies too?BrianMar. 24th at 3:21 PM gmt
Division 2: hard to believe that 10th place can overtake 2nd and 9th place can overtake 1st -though I haven't worked out if they can be promoted due to other teams in between gaining points.SteveMar. 24th at 10:37 AM gmt
I wonder what the lowest standard deviation for any season has been, and if D2 is the record. I am a nerd.JohnMar. 23rd at 11:40 PM gmt
D2 is insanely closeRogerMar. 23rd at 9:52 PM gmt
If the tax man can´t nobble forest then maybe it is time to send in the financial fair play regulatorsVickMar. 23rd at 9:38 AM gmt
I hope it is well done.
PhilMar. 23rd at 4:35 AM gmt
Is Aires getting a trophy cabinet built?AllanMar. 22nd at 11:03 PM gmt
Hoping to hit that youth cup victoryAiresMar. 19th at 10:29 AM gmt
May be a bit too late now the best your APP can be is a I/6 or I/7, then I will sell them, unless I'll need CP.JohnMar. 16th at 6:02 PM gmt
I don´t know what you mean with: won't make the grade for money. Although I have got an idea. Thanks for your help. PierreMar. 16th at 3:39 PM gmt
I don´t know what you mean with: won't make the grade for money. Although I have got an idea. Thanks for your help. PierreMar. 16th at 3:33 PM gmt
And I will sell younger players who won't make the grade for money. Like I would sell Mf APP/6 Forsberg if I managed OldhamJohnMar. 16th at 3:19 PM gmt
Yes, they will be Age II next year. It is not an efficient use of resources, but it may be your best current use of resources.JohnMar. 16th at 3:18 PM gmt
And I see some managers are selling younger players to the non-league. Why should you do that? Just for the money?PierreMar. 16th at 1:37 PM gmt
John, thanks for your answer. If I turn them now in a BRB, they now have age I and they will be age II next season?PierreMar. 16th at 1:35 PM gmt
Pierre: You have 5 Age V players, 5 Age II BRBs, and 3 IV players who will be Age V next year, so this means you would have three Age I BRB and three Age II BRB next seasonJohnMar. 16th at 1:22 PM gmt
Pierre: I usually sell any players who will retire who I can't turn into backroom boys, unless they have no value.

In your case I would BRB your two lowest Age V players even though you will only get them for one season and sell the rest
JohnMar. 16th at 1:21 PM gmt
After this session you can´t sell playes anymore, right? COuld someone give me some advice about this? What kind of players are good to sell now? And when do you sell players and when is it better to not sell players?PierreMar. 16th at 10:15 AM gmt
John Holdem Attorney...Injured in MSWL? Your pain is my pain. You may be entitled to compensation.PhilMar. 15th at 3:49 PM gmt
"Won't someone think of the children?!?" - BrianJohnMar. 13th at 7:07 PM gmt
I agree it's not a bad idea. Only problem is if youth get injured or carded. That would hurt beyond this season.BrianMar. 12th at 12:47 PM gmt
Dave makes a good point.JohnMar. 11th at 10:46 PM gmt
Have some fun with it BB..why not play 10 hard from here on out?DaveMar. 11th at 10:04 PM gmt
I am pretty sure this is the first time I have been the top hoodlum. Hooray! BrianMar. 11th at 7:02 PM gmt
Thanks AlDaveMar. 10th at 12:57 PM gmt
That's strange. He has been given back his arm band.
AllanMar. 10th at 12:28 PM gmt
Further proof that Olmec hates us is our captaincy has been stripped?DaveMar. 9th at 7:58 PM gmt
Everyone should have fun running up the score on us for the remainder of the season. 😥😢😳BrianMar. 9th at 7:21 PM gmt
PL is posted!PhilMar. 3rd at 5:36 AM gmt
Some cheap deals at auction today. Three wins only a few K above the minimum.BrianMar. 2nd at 10:06 PM gmt
I will frequently convert Age V players to groundsmen a year early so they don't retire, it is not an optimal use of resources but it is what it isJohnMar. 2nd at 6:43 PM gmt
Paul is correct there is no point having more than those 6. However if you had say an age II Groundsman and an age V player who would retire (you're saving him.for CP) then you could convert him to another GroundsmanSteveMar. 2nd at 1:11 PM gmt
Pierre, yes, as many as you like I think, but beyond the six you mentioned, they don't do anythingPaulMar. 2nd at 10:39 AM gmt
Thanks Roger. Is it possible to get more of them? I don't want to snitch, but I see some clubs are over the limit. PierreMar. 2nd at 10:21 AM gmt
Yep, that’s correct PierreRogerMar. 2nd at 10:12 AM gmt
If I'm correct you couldn't have more than:
▪ 1 x Coach
▪ 1 x Groundsman
▪ 1 x Physio
▪ 2 x Youth Coaches
▪ 1 x Youth Director
Is this still correct?
PierreMar. 2nd at 10:05 AM gmt
another session and all still neck and neck in the second divisionVickFeb. 28th at 1:10 PM gmt
And here I was waiting for TuesdayJohnFeb. 25th at 10:02 AM gmt
PL is posted...PhilFeb. 25th at 5:07 AM gmt
Feel we should be higher in the rankings SimonFeb. 24th at 10:56 PM gmt
As you say Vick , div 2 wow , even we are vying for promotion. 😂SimonFeb. 24th at 10:56 PM gmt
Got to be the closet second division race ever with three points separating first and last place!VickFeb. 23rd at 11:40 PM gmt
PL is posted! What are you waiting for? Tuesday?PhilFeb. 18th at 5:32 AM gmt
Because I know when to foldemJohnFeb. 16th at 9:13 PM gmt
Make Sure Wayne League
DaveFeb. 15th at 11:05 PM gmt
Would someone please remind me what MSWL stands for?BrianFeb. 15th at 4:33 PM gmt
Al needs to ease up on my good friend John Holdem.PhilFeb. 15th at 1:41 AM gmt
PL posted. Get on with it then.PhilFeb. 15th at 1:34 AM gmt
PL posting tomorrow. I promise Tuesday is not going to be the norm.PhilFeb. 13th at 6:34 AM gmt
Spoiler: Elliott Wilkins scored six today. Finally something good for our Gulls!BrianFeb. 10th at 8:02 PM gmt
i think we need to buck up on our prediction league predictions as we are heading for our worst season of scoring ever!VickFeb. 10th at 3:17 PM gmt
PL posted!PhilFeb. 6th at 8:36 PM gmt
Sorry fir the delay. PL going up later today. Back off. I work for a living.PhilFeb. 6th at 3:28 PM gmt

No, everyone else scored at least two
JohnJan. 29th at 3:22 PM gmt
Oops, meant zero goals.BrianJan. 29th at 1:36 AM gmt
Anyone else score zero (0) points this session?BrianJan. 28th at 10:15 PM gmt
No Coaches Poll? And just when I was going to give 10pts to Brentford….RogerJan. 28th at 4:01 PM gmt
PL is posted. Everyone still alive in this one. Al is one win off the mark set by Roy. Ian not eliminated, and John Holden submitted picks.PhilJan. 27th at 9:41 PM gmt
Shake it off
PhilJan. 27th at 8:29 PM gmt
Ap Cup group B is more than somewhat tight....PaulJan. 27th at 7:55 PM gmt
Rob, I think this is more of a Travis Kelce type problem.BrianJan. 27th at 6:16 PM gmt
There's no explanation other than pure conspiracy. Taylor Swift is involved somehow.RobJan. 27th at 5:34 PM gmt
Has anyone noticed coach McIntosh has been drawn against the same non-league team in CONSECUTIVE games this session???IanJan. 26th at 8:55 PM gmt
Thanks, Roger, for both answers. It worked at the order page. I just need to errase the 0 before I type a number. PierreJan. 25th at 9:00 PM gmt
You lose GPPs if you NMR in the previous season, so Tim probably did this once in S46. Al will be able to adjust yours back to 30 when he’s back from his volleyball travelRogerJan. 25th at 8:41 PM gmt
Pierre - on the Orders page overtype the zeroes with the number you want to enter.RogerJan. 25th at 8:39 PM gmt
I have some questions about the order page? How can I choose the hardness, GPP's etc? And in the rules section I see there should be 30 GPP's but if I see it correct I have only 29 of them.PierreJan. 25th at 8:13 PM gmt
Happy birthday Compo!BrianJan. 24th at 12:56 PM gmt
Compo can you re-send my invitation to the birthday bash? I think it was lost in the mail... 😎AllanJan. 24th at 12:02 AM gmt
Happy birthday for Sunday CompoRogerJan. 23rd at 6:25 PM gmt
Big bash birthday next Sunday, 60 wow who thought I would make it this far 😂😂SimonJan. 22nd at 8:50 PM gmt
We were waiting for you, Phil. Duh!BrianJan. 21st at 11:27 PM gmt
PL is posted. What are you waiting for?PhilJan. 21st at 10:16 PM gmt
Nobody is interested in a V-aged player? I still have 1 on the transferlist. PierreJan. 16th at 3:10 PM gmt
Well…..I will eat my hat if GB beats the niners. DaveJan. 16th at 1:02 AM gmt
Dave Dohm is never wrong...AllanJan. 15th at 11:36 PM gmt
It's warmer when you're winning. PhilJan. 15th at 6:34 AM gmt
Well……I must make a correction here to our commish……I was totally wrong that Green Bay would get killed by Dallas…..Go Pack GoDaveJan. 15th at 12:12 AM gmt
Phil - how did that -7 feel last night? Not so bad because of the score?BrianJan. 14th at 2:45 PM gmt
Appreciate everyone’s cards and letters on BRB’s but we are ok. We actually need a few quality players though….DaveJan. 13th at 10:08 PM gmt
Heh Pierre welcome to MSWL. Oldham look decent enough, but try and get rid of some of those age V players whilst people are still looking for some. Lewes might be tempted to make an advance purchase.VickJan. 13th at 4:02 PM gmt
Thanks, Al, Yet another rule aimed directly at me.PhilJan. 13th at 4:58 AM gmt
Thank you for your welcome, Allan. I hope I enjoy this game just as much as TMVL. PierreJan. 10th at 7:02 AM gmt
Welcome to Pierre who takes on Oldham Athletic. Pierre is the coach of Mendon in TMVL. If you send him one sided trades I will be mad at you. AllanJan. 9th at 11:02 PM gmt
Thanks Compo and John. Happy Birthday Steve and Compo. Maybe you could ask the Olmec Head for Birthday gifts (wins?). 😎
AllanJan. 9th at 11:01 PM gmt
Big 65 for me in a couple of stays.SteveJan. 9th at 6:43 AM gmt
Thanks for another great year Al, role on 24 and the big 60 for me SimonJan. 8th at 11:31 PM gmt
One issue the cup draw versus Preston 😂SimonJan. 8th at 11:28 PM gmt
Scheduling looks fineSimonJan. 8th at 11:28 PM gmt
Also I see no fixturing issues! Nice workJohnJan. 8th at 6:58 AM gmt
Two cup finals and a winning record and relegation in one MSWL, a third-place D1 finish and a losing record overall in the other. Don't make no senseJohnJan. 8th at 4:21 AM gmt
Nothing to see in the first auction. People just move along. Go on now, go.BrianJan. 8th at 3:40 AM gmt
Thanks Paul. AllanJan. 7th at 11:38 PM gmt
Many thanks Al for running the game so efficientlyPaulJan. 6th at 8:26 AM gmt
Here is to a new year!AiresJan. 3rd at 5:56 AM gmt
Happy New Year everyone!RogerJan. 1st at 8:52 AM gmt
International football is like a board game: if you draw Austria, you're going to have a bad time.JohnDec. 29th at 11:47 PM gmt
Probably me Phil! Right?

I love Compo's random "Xmas" entry here and look forward to his future one word post entitled: "Squirrel!"
AllanDec. 24th at 10:07 PM gmt
PL posted. Al, who won PL last season?PhilDec. 24th at 6:20 AM gmt
Our terrible season is near an end. See you guys in D1 someday. Bye.BrianDec. 23rd at 8:14 PM gmt
Xmas SimonDec. 23rd at 6:42 PM gmt
Paul - there's a time factor to the blog where it only shows posts that have happened in the past X days. You have to click on the Archive for older stuff. AFAIK, you can't comment on blog postings, only post your own blog entry.RobDec. 22nd at 8:52 PM gmt
Blog seems broken, I can only see the latest post and can't comment....PaulDec. 22nd at 2:33 PM gmt
Six of the top ten teams on the OLMEC hatred board reside in D1. Four of those currently occupy the bottom four spots in the table and are all in immanent danger of relegation. BrianDec. 18th at 3:51 PM gmt

JohnDec. 18th at 12:05 AM gmt
Has anyone noticed we're on a 5 match winning streak?IanDec. 17th at 7:25 PM gmt
U1 will run in 90 minutes. Allowing extra time for one manager. 3pm USA Central/9pm LondonAllanDec. 16th at 7:36 PM gmt
Living rent free in Ian’s head is funDaveDec. 16th at 6:33 PM gmt
I'm not terribly surprised.RobDec. 16th at 5:25 PM gmt
Has anyone noticed Dave's team is the LEAST HATED BY OLMEC (Division 1) - n BOTH U1 an U2?IanDec. 16th at 5:14 PM gmt
That's just soccer, Al.PhilDec. 16th at 4:14 AM gmt
I truly thought our luck was bad, but clearly we are second most hated behind Steve. My sympathies to you, Steve.BrianDec. 13th at 1:54 PM gmt
It is possible Steve is right. He had 104 attacks this session and scored 2 (TWO) goals...AllanDec. 13th at 1:35 AM gmt
Be thankful Olmec doesn't hate you anywhere near as much as me - though J do blame some of my opponents using GPP against me as well. But yeah, Olmec, you suck.SteveDec. 10th at 5:50 PM gmt
Apparently OLMEC hates me more than most of you. You know OLMEC, you suck! BrianDec. 10th at 3:58 PM gmt
Paul leads PL. Al and Carl are a distant second.PhilDec. 9th at 7:42 PM gmt
PL postedPhilDec. 9th at 7:32 PM gmt
Thank you, John!PhilDec. 9th at 4:03 AM gmt
Feliz dia de los birthday, Phil!JohnDec. 8th at 10:28 PM gmt
Al, you haven't paid me back for the last free breakfast!!!! BTW, who won PL last season here in U1?PhilDec. 7th at 12:47 AM gmt
they don't age and retire after 4 seasons.SteveDec. 4th at 4:30 PM gmt
Yes, it can't hurt and you might even enjoy it. A season lasts 13 weeks as opposed to United's 12 and it doesn't take up loads of time (unless you're me). Most concepts are similar to United apart from multiple skills for players and the fact that they SteveDec. 4th at 4:29 PM gmt
U1 Managers please see the Steve/Roger blog posts (thanks guys!) and email me if you are game for giving TMVL a try. I would appreciate it and it can't hurt. U1/U2 cheat codes may be available...AllanDec. 3rd at 11:56 PM gmt
Thanks Phil! Can I get another free breakfast if I win the PL?AllanDec. 3rd at 11:54 PM gmt
PL is up. Al leads, Carl #2. I hope John is enjoin himself.PhilDec. 3rd at 4:08 AM gmt
Our ‘Gulls are pretty pathetic this season. BrianDec. 2nd at 10:19 PM gmt
If you like burning barns, you'll love the second divisionJohnDec. 2nd at 10:13 PM gmt
Looking thru my team history, I've never hit more than 39JohnDec. 2nd at 3:46 PM gmt
Next month I hit 65SteveDec. 2nd at 10:12 AM gmt
It's December....the month I hit 70....PaulDec. 2nd at 8:56 AM gmt
Love the lawyering up here between John and Phil!

Roger: Thank you! The header has been updated...

Compo: Only 5 of your 28 players are injured. Not 28...
AllanNov. 26th at 11:40 PM gmt
Phil is mistaken. I filed no injunction. The paperwork he received was a restraining orderJohnNov. 26th at 9:29 AM gmt
Loving the look of the new ‘Recent Meetings’ info in the Preview Al. Although as it lists all meetings, is the word ‘Recent’ superfluous?RogerNov. 26th at 9:24 AM gmt
Mr. Holden’s injunction to delay Prediction League posting until Wed is DENIED. PL is posted.PhilNov. 26th at 5:58 AM gmt
I don’t even recall using hardness and all my players are up injured 😭SimonNov. 25th at 10:47 PM gmt
Posted!PhilNov. 22nd at 4:29 AM gmt
PL posting here shortly…sorry for the delay….PhilNov. 22nd at 3:46 AM gmt
Think I can safely say there were 4 converted PKs in my game against a non-league team.JohnNov. 18th at 10:37 PM gmt
Worst. Season. Ever.BrianNov. 18th at 8:44 PM gmt
despite the bad start to the season our man Cole is still up there in the scoring chartsVickNov. 17th at 6:00 AM gmt
PL posted. Stop the threats, John. I know it’s you. You misspelled “subpoena.”PhilNov. 15th at 7:04 AM gmt
Willing to trade my Fw II/10 for a Mf or Df.JohnNov. 11th at 7:42 PM gmt
You don't need to apologize Phil. Save that for if the Chiefs win another Super Bowl. Then I will want to hear a legitimate apology.BrianNov. 9th at 7:05 PM gmt
PL posted. Sorry for the delay…I work for a living. Al is winning.PhilNov. 8th at 6:09 AM gmt
Wall is depressed.JohnNov. 7th at 1:32 AM gmt
Do we need an additional moaning wall to moan about the first one? ;-)JamesNov. 5th at 10:16 AM gmt
I will echo Vick that the top of the moaning wall obscures the team’s status for the current session.BrianNov. 4th at 9:52 PM gmt
Wycombe has the most DP for a team after our first session (32 DP). Aires played zero (0) hardness in all three matches. THAT is some bad luck.BrianNov. 3rd at 6:49 PM gmt
this wall is blocking my dashboard view!VickNov. 3rd at 4:36 AM gmt
Haha! This IS the wrong Meh wall...but 5k is 5k.PhilOct. 30th at 1:59 AM gmt
That was a line from Dracula....with minor changes of course. PhilOct. 30th at 1:58 AM gmt
Phil has found the incorrect meh wallJohnOct. 29th at 8:37 PM gmt
You fool! You think you can come onto our highways and byways with you rusty little putt putt mobile and your SJ Shrimper bumper sticker and just tool around town without recourse?PhilOct. 29th at 5:27 PM gmt
This wall covers my dashboard partially now, another reason olmec hates me 😢SimonOct. 29th at 10:39 AM gmt
PL is posted. Don’t let Vick get away.PhilOct. 29th at 6:47 AM gmt
Well done Al on new statsDaveOct. 29th at 12:08 AM gmt
Prediction League is posted....don't fall behind in session 1!PhilOct. 24th at 5:44 AM gmt
Orders - Steve, thank you for that. I forgot those were there.BrianOct. 23rd at 2:19 PM gmt
That was a disappointing auction BrianOct. 22nd at 3:36 PM gmt
Good call by Steve... you can't trade BRBs... maybe that should be an option...RobOct. 15th at 2:46 PM gmt
The STATS page shows the truth: BHA will likely see relegation when the dust settles on S46.BrianOct. 14th at 10:24 PM gmt
If you messed up a BRB assignment, email me. If you signed your Youth Director too late, email me. AllanOct. 14th at 4:46 PM gmt
At least it allows you to make a trade offerDaveOct. 14th at 1:05 PM gmt
You can trade BRBDaveOct. 14th at 1:04 PM gmt
I don't think you can trade BRBsSteveOct. 14th at 9:47 AM gmt
Youth DirectorPaulOct. 14th at 9:27 AM gmt
What’s a YDPhilOct. 14th at 5:47 AM gmt
James, I think the easiest thing would be to find someone who needs a YD and trade them for a blank BRB.RobOct. 14th at 12:33 AM gmt
I have ended up with 2 YD and no YCJamesOct. 13th at 5:53 PM gmt
Can you sell or retrain BB's to a different skill
JamesOct. 13th at 5:52 PM gmt
So much confusion here at the ValeJohnOct. 11th at 11:55 AM gmt
Def Confusion at WycombeAiresOct. 10th at 8:50 PM gmt
Possibly some confusion over at Leeds?BrianOct. 10th at 2:38 PM gmt
Interesting that Watford have so many wins - yet only 2 titles. 11 SF and 4 runners up though. #bridesmaids.JamesOct. 10th at 8:07 AM gmt
and guess who are playing each other in the first round of the FA Cup!VickOct. 8th at 3:09 PM gmt
Watford and Weston are neck and neck for most cup wins. that´s if you ignore Lewes the one team above us both.VickOct. 8th at 3:08 PM gmt
Compo dominates MEH Wall 😅😅🙄SimonOct. 8th at 7:24 AM gmt
No wellness board on here Al, I am all good though thanks , just back from Greece 😉, wishing you all a happy sundaySimonOct. 8th at 7:24 AM gmt
Var to be abolished 👌, is that too political I wonder 🙏SimonOct. 8th at 7:22 AM gmt
Good luck to everyone else this season😅SimonOct. 8th at 7:21 AM gmt
I wouldn't mind being a pound behind Tranmere in the financials 😅SimonOct. 8th at 6:45 AM gmt
😉👌SimonOct. 8th at 6:43 AM gmt
Here's to wishing the big boys no luck at all this season SimonOct. 8th at 6:43 AM gmt
Welcome back everyoneSimonOct. 8th at 6:42 AM gmt
Thanks Steve, got it now I thinkPaulOct. 7th at 8:53 AM gmt
What Colin meant was that only 15 of any unused CP can be carried to the next session/season but your fit players and wins/draws bonuses get added to that.SteveOct. 3rd at 6:25 PM gmt
You are correct Mr. C!AllanOct. 2nd at 10:55 PM gmt
Ah, OK, so my balance is carried forward to next season? PaulOct. 2nd at 8:42 PM gmt
Paul, your CP are fine. On your home page, click on ‘CP info’. All details are there.ColinOct. 2nd at 7:17 PM gmt
Or is there an opportunity to use up CPs before they are reduced for carry over?
PaulOct. 2nd at 5:46 PM gmt
I think something's gone wrong with the CP function. I seem to have been given the fitness CPs which takes me above to 15 to carry forward....I think I should be on 6, not 24...? PaulOct. 2nd at 5:33 PM gmt
Only 15 get carried over. I have wasted a ton of CP and two players are now one SL lower than they should be. Annoyed doesn’t cover it.ColinOct. 1st at 9:30 AM gmt
Tranmere win the league with 10cps remaining Colin, seems plenty of teams believe they carry them over😉SimonOct. 1st at 5:41 AM gmt
What the %!!SimonSep. 30th at 9:20 PM gmt
I mean nearly relgatedSimonSep. 30th at 9:20 PM gmt
Absolutely school boy error. Why didn’t I allot any CP in the final session. So annoyed. AARRRRGH!!!!ColinSep. 30th at 7:06 PM gmt
Spoiler: once again we missed out in the Golden Boot Award. Sooo close.BrianSep. 30th at 6:26 PM gmt
This last session is very tense. So much can happen in D1.BrianSep. 30th at 5:32 PM gmt
Southend the other team who could win the league don´t even make top ten in the rankings!VickSep. 30th at 8:05 AM gmt
despite lying 7th and 8th in the rankings table one of these teams will win the League (most likely!) What´s going on here!VickSep. 30th at 8:04 AM gmt
Who wants to join me in D3 next season?RobSep. 30th at 2:16 AM gmt
Also, D1 is about as exciting as the last weekend of the season can possibly be.JohnSep. 29th at 8:19 PM gmt
It's almost like it's an early autumn breakJohnSep. 29th at 8:18 PM gmt
Greece is the word.PhilSep. 29th at 3:47 AM gmt
We're not within shouting distance of summer Compo, but please enjoy the Parthenon! 😎AllanSep. 28th at 9:18 PM gmt
Compton on a late summer break in Greece but orders will arrive SimonSep. 28th at 4:33 PM gmt
Thanks PhilJohnSep. 24th at 1:38 PM gmt
PL is posted. Final round. 8 managers above .500 and on pace. Paul and Jame above the mark but shy on weeks. John Holden also at .500.PhilSep. 24th at 1:44 AM gmt
Simon - if you need a shoulder, feel free to play all the youth in your last match. BrianSep. 24th at 12:30 AM gmt
Title blown SimonSep. 23rd at 6:21 PM gmt
you just have to face it Ruiz is just basically butter fingers!VickSep. 20th at 11:52 AM gmt
Coulda been a contender.JamesSep. 19th at 11:06 AM gmt
That missed week is killing me in the PL.JamesSep. 19th at 11:05 AM gmt
PL is posted. Eight mangers above .500 with two weeks to play. Two managers at .500, but one manager off the lead lap.PhilSep. 17th at 2:57 AM gmt
It was John.PhilSep. 17th at 1:46 AM gmt
Way to remind me PhilJohnSep. 13th at 5:11 PM gmt
One more at .500 but trailing the pack with a missing entry.PhilSep. 10th at 10:00 PM gmt
PL is posted. 7 managers above .500 and one more at .500.PhilSep. 10th at 9:59 PM gmt
Wow we could still go down that’s how close the division 1 isSimonSep. 9th at 6:13 PM gmt
Win and a loss in the league, looks like we are destined to finish mid-tablePaulSep. 9th at 9:09 AM gmt
Argh 🤬BrianSep. 2nd at 6:58 PM gmt
Not the best of starts for me at Sheffield United, but at least we managed one winPaulAug. 30th at 1:23 PM gmt
Al - Thank you. I didn't think to look there.BrianAug. 30th at 11:52 AM gmt
Brian - You can up until the session 8 deadline (click schedule from menu near top and it will show key events each week). AllanAug. 29th at 8:18 PM gmt
We can sell players to the NL up until end of season aging, correct?BrianAug. 29th at 2:49 PM gmt
Lewes and Tranmere in the same session... it doesn't get any easierJohnAug. 29th at 1:56 PM gmt
Abe and Jeff leading in PL. Ten managers at .500 or above. PhilAug. 27th at 4:14 AM gmt
Welcome back Paul!RobAug. 26th at 1:16 AM gmt
Welcome Paul RogerAug. 24th at 4:28 PM gmt
Meh.PhilAug. 24th at 3:36 AM gmt
Welcome home Paul.BrianAug. 23rd at 4:34 PM gmt
Hi all! Good to be back!
PaulAug. 23rd at 8:55 AM gmt
Please welcome Paul Cockayne back to U1. Paul will be running Sheffield in a caretaker role. AllanAug. 22nd at 9:30 PM gmt
Aires, no, just having early discussion about potential ideas.BrianAug. 20th at 5:34 PM gmt
Do we have WC teams picked yet?
AiresAug. 19th at 9:03 PM gmt
🤮BrianAug. 19th at 6:16 PM gmt
Abe and Roger are off to a record start in PL! The next session is posted and waiting for you to vomit your wisdom upon the rest of the league.PhilAug. 13th at 7:06 AM gmt

haven't checked result yet, just preparing
JohnAug. 12th at 7:43 PM gmt
Running up the score vs BHA seems to be the thing this season.BrianAug. 12th at 7:38 PM gmt
Running up the score against BHA and Chesterfield?AllanAug. 10th at 11:03 PM gmt
Wow how are we second 😂SimonAug. 10th at 6:18 PM gmt
Couple of Sw's in the auction. Will Ian sign both?AllanAug. 9th at 10:50 PM gmt
Zecira Musovic Just became a national hero.BrianAug. 6th at 6:09 PM gmt
Wow...look at those Spartans! Oh...Spoiler!AllanAug. 6th at 4:37 PM gmt
PL is up. Rob v. Carl after week 2.PhilAug. 6th at 9:42 AM gmt
Without looking - which team is the #1 seed for the knockout stage?SteveAug. 5th at 6:32 PM gmt
Is the auction stuck I wonder SimonAug. 5th at 6:12 PM gmt
SPOILER!JohnAug. 2nd at 2:16 PM gmt
Ugh, it looks like a long seasons ahead. BrianJul. 31st at 4:43 PM gmt
Tight race at the top of PL after week one. Need two selections are LIVE!PhilJul. 30th at 6:58 AM gmt
Running on a delay today. I'll email when things have run. AllanJul. 29th at 7:29 PM gmt
😶‍🌫️ haha, it’s a whole new world!BrianJul. 29th at 6:39 PM gmt
Has Ian been broken by relegation?DaveJul. 29th at 5:22 PM gmt
🤡DaveJul. 29th at 5:20 PM gmt
👍🏼JohnJul. 29th at 4:40 PM gmt
John, If this platform supported emojis, you would get a laugh and thumbs up. Instead I just have to describe that.BrianJul. 29th at 3:09 PM gmt
(Pronounce that the American way and not the English way to make that pun work)JohnJul. 29th at 11:05 AM gmt
We're Hereford you if you do, BrianJohnJul. 29th at 11:05 AM gmt
I’m excited to kick off S45! I just hope we don’t blow the opener.BrianJul. 28th at 9:19 PM gmt
LOLBrianJul. 23rd at 11:38 PM gmt
SPOILERJohnJul. 23rd at 7:01 PM gmt
John, merely saying spoiler does not excuse the offense of spoiling in the same breath.PhilJul. 23rd at 5:46 PM gmt
Spoiler. Jamaica got a point.JohnJul. 23rd at 11:59 AM gmt
Nah, just Holden the trophyJohnJul. 23rd at 11:59 AM gmt
PL is posted. Don’t ruin your chances by missing out on the first week.PhilJul. 23rd at 5:41 AM gmt
PL is posted. Don’t ruin your chances by missing out on the first week.PhilJul. 23rd at 4:57 AM gmt
Holden your cards close to your vest?PhilJul. 23rd at 2:59 AM gmt
Really? I just heard the PL was going to get Messi.JohnJul. 22nd at 9:11 AM gmt
PL going to be wild this year. Rumor has it we have Saudi money behind it this season.PhilJul. 22nd at 7:40 AM gmt
PL going to be wild this year. Rumor has it we have Saudi money behind it this season.PhilJul. 22nd at 7:09 AM gmt
There were some real interesting countries in the WWC that I ended up having to look up the Fifa rankings... Vietnam?! Taipei?! WOW!RobJul. 21st at 9:41 PM gmt
Jamaica finished third in CONCACAF, I'd be surprised if Panama are favoured to defeat them. Also surprised the minus-media bonus isn't workingJohnJul. 18th at 12:58 PM gmt
looks like Jamaica are predicted to not get a single point in the upcoming Women´s World Cup.......VickJul. 17th at 10:12 AM gmt
Rob, if you can convince the other 17 bidding managers to bow out, I will too.BrianJul. 15th at 6:27 PM gmt
There are several players in the auction that Plymouth would like to win... on the cheap... can everyone hold off on bidding till next week please?RobJul. 15th at 3:13 PM gmt
Brentford are the only team to have two or more players in the top ten worst penalty kick takers. Do they need a specialist coach to deal with this embarrasment?VickJul. 15th at 8:11 AM gmt
i feel a bit sorry for all the homegrown youngsters now down at the job centreVickJul. 15th at 7:48 AM gmt
Nations are a nice touch. I thought for sure Ludvig Freicksson was from Wichita....PhilJul. 15th at 6:36 AM gmt
I hope people are enjoying the new nations and player names. It's nice to see such variety.BrianJul. 14th at 2:57 PM gmt
Yeah a bit too much Ocean Colour Scene for most peopleJohnJul. 13th at 8:07 PM gmt
John, I have seen your cd collection, no thanks 😊 and oh who used cds anymore anyway lol 😆 SimonJul. 12th at 9:39 PM gmt
Simon can bid on lunch with Kevin Martin.PhilJul. 12th at 1:50 AM gmt
Simon, in this next auction you can bid on my CD collection (though it's not that large) and an amateur painting of Ian holding a trophyJohnJul. 11th at 10:07 PM gmt
What’s on offer in the auctionSimonJul. 11th at 9:23 PM gmt
Roger, perhaps it is time to change that.BrianJul. 11th at 1:21 PM gmt
Am I right in thinking that in the history of U1 only three managers have managed to secure more than one league title? And they all happen to be evil?RogerJul. 11th at 5:58 AM gmt

I had to look that one up.
BrianJul. 9th at 5:19 PM gmt
The first auction has a piquant mix of playersJohnJul. 9th at 8:23 AM gmt
With the Best T-11 in U1 will Rebuilding Dave be able to sell his "Rebuilding" story this season?AllanJul. 9th at 12:07 AM gmt
For those who have not yet voted, here is a breakdown of current FIFA rankings for the four nations under discussion:

26. Wales
30. Ukraine
36. Scotland
44. Norway
BrianJun. 29th at 8:19 PM gmt
Please be sure to review my recent forum posts and two polls: Nations to add and remove from the World Cup pool of countries. This poll closes Friday/Saturday. Thanks!BrianJun. 27th at 6:05 PM gmt
Thanks Phil. Our first ever PL win. Just about edged it. AndyJun. 12th at 9:42 PM gmt
Congratulations Andy Shaw on winning the PL pick ‘em title. Edged out Abe Hamdali and Hazel Hawker!PhilJun. 10th at 9:38 PM gmt
Yes Ian, I wish you had focused a bit more on the league matches. :(BrianJun. 10th at 7:45 PM gmt
Happens to the best of us I man….best of luck in D IIDaveJun. 10th at 6:19 PM gmt
Two trophies and a relegation! Should perhaps have focused more on the league 🤔 IanJun. 10th at 6:10 PM gmt
Al adopting my managerial strategy warms my heart.PhilJun. 10th at 4:23 AM gmt
Rob - I'm sure we will see you back in D1 for season 46.BrianJun. 9th at 3:27 PM gmt
Good luck to everyone in the final session! (Especially those in the big dog fight for relegation in D1!)RobJun. 9th at 2:42 PM gmt
I love a good Chesterfield negative goal difference story. Better still, there's so many of them!IanJun. 6th at 9:28 AM gmt
That's not nothing - Chesterfield finished 5th in D1 with a -16 goal difference in Season 35!JohnJun. 6th at 9:21 AM gmt
Thanks P-Mac. Ian: our orders are in and we look forward to playing Division 2 football...
AllanJun. 5th at 11:06 PM gmt
A lot of drama can (and likely will) happen in D1 this session. Games on!BrianJun. 5th at 9:31 PM gmt
Brentford go into the final session with a goal difference of -17...and may not be relegated!IanJun. 5th at 9:14 PM gmt
The loss hurts, but happy United made it to the final.BrianJun. 4th at 1:42 PM gmt
PL is up. Honored to serve this season.PhilJun. 4th at 2:08 AM gmt
Should have sold.more players now SimonJun. 3rd at 9:08 PM gmt
Thank John. I definitely missed that.BrianJun. 3rd at 3:00 PM gmt
95 D1
80 D2
65 D3
Olmec Rules File., p. 15. Accessed 3 June 2023
JohnJun. 3rd at 7:51 AM gmt
Thank you all for the help.BrianJun. 3rd at 1:48 AM gmt
95 for D1 I think Brian RogerJun. 2nd at 11:54 PM gmt
I can’t find the amount per division.BrianJun. 2nd at 11:36 PM gmt
Idea for the future... perhaps allowing a team to "borrow" or "buy" up to say 5 CP once or twice a season?RobJun. 2nd at 9:21 PM gmt
Other than that it's cup prize money and a fixed amount each week depending on your divisionJohnJun. 2nd at 6:06 PM gmt
Brian: If you post on the meh wall about Ian, OLMEC will reward you with bonus cash and maybe a PK or threeJohnJun. 2nd at 6:06 PM gmt
Would someone be kind enough to remind me how we earn cash in this game (aside from media and trades)?BrianJun. 2nd at 1:55 PM gmt
It's a dripping pan of success :DJohnMay. 29th at 10:28 PM gmt
Thanks for the kind words RogerDaveMay. 29th at 12:08 PM gmt
All I get lately is "who is that Allan Sellers that keeps liking all my Facebook posts"IanMay. 29th at 9:52 AM gmt
Just noticed that despite there being four games left Lewes have not only secured promotion but also the D2 title. Congrats Dave!RogerMay. 28th at 6:11 PM gmt
I am doing my best not to make comments on FB Ian posts like "Ian: Could you wear different sunglasses in every photo" and its really hard. But he seems to be doing well and enjoying life, so...AllanMay. 27th at 11:03 PM gmt
Task added to the off-season list to look into why the anti-Ian code is not working...AllanMay. 27th at 8:10 PM gmt
Cheers Colin. No, not looking for anything at the moment, but thanks.BrianMay. 24th at 3:48 PM gmt
Not noticed many since I joined MSWL. Do you want to trade?ColinMay. 23rd at 11:33 PM gmt
Not many trades this season.BrianMay. 23rd at 3:02 PM gmt
Not many trades this season.BrianMay. 23rd at 3:02 PM gmt
Well I’m intrigued RogerMay. 23rd at 8:07 AM gmt
PL is up. Seriously, let Ian recount our ride to the train station. Unbelievable for him to see the myth become reality before his very eyes.PhilMay. 22nd at 5:11 AM gmt
Doesn’t feel like that Brian. Alon breathing down your neck is like being chased by the Terminator.RogerMay. 20th at 9:10 PM gmt
Bristol is running away with it!BrianMay. 20th at 7:20 PM gmt
Usually the story is "fellow motorist takes Phil out"IanMay. 20th at 1:19 PM gmt
“Ian takes Phil and Mary out for ice cream. He has forgotten his wallet…back in the UK.PhilMay. 19th at 3:37 AM gmt
John, this was my first semester teaching and I was pretty proud of my exam questions.PhilMay. 19th at 3:28 AM gmt
We've 4 GKs on the roster, John, and we're still worried it won't be enough.IanMay. 17th at 9:37 PM gmt
I'd be happy with gifting Phil 100 OLMEC bank notes if he can prove one of the exam questions starts with "Ian is a football coach. His goalkeeper was injured."JohnMay. 17th at 6:45 PM gmt
Prediction Posted. Sorry for the delay. Grading papers and exams for Constitutional Law...PhilMay. 17th at 3:29 AM gmt
Even against just 6 youth players, Outlaw Rebuilding Dave managed 5 goals. Unstoppable.IanMay. 13th at 10:35 PM gmt
Is this the league against Lewes again?DaveMay. 13th at 7:39 PM gmt
So how does Hereford only play 5 youth in the youth cup?DaveMay. 13th at 7:38 PM gmt
Still waiting for Dave to lose a game down in D2.IanMay. 13th at 6:52 PM gmt
Was in Vegas last month for our anniversary. It never gets old.BrianMay. 13th at 2:19 PM gmt
Was in Vegas last month for our anniversary. It never gets old.BrianMay. 13th at 7:58 AM gmt
Wait…I bought breakfast?PhilMay. 13th at 6:58 AM gmt
Was in Vegas last month for our anniversary. It never gets old.BrianMay. 13th at 1:36 AM gmt
That's a true story from Phil. Plus Phil was kind enough to buy Amy and I breakfast! AllanMay. 13th at 1:22 AM gmt
Apparently Phil had a bit too much fun as well.BrianMay. 12th at 4:09 PM gmt
Phil, whatever happened to, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?"RobMay. 12th at 3:22 PM gmt
Vegas will do that to a person…PhilMay. 11th at 9:46 PM gmt
Saw Al in Vegas Saturday. Just have to say it was early in the morning and poor Al looked like he had already had all the Vegas he could handle. Looked like he only had 90 minutes of sleep in 24 hours. He was so tired he didn’t laugh at my jokes.Vegas wilPhilMay. 11th at 9:45 PM gmt
You can always use a backup GK as a SW…PhilMay. 11th at 9:41 PM gmt
In an effort to prove everyone gets their fair share of crucial injuries, I see Olmec has injured Brentford's backup SW.IanMay. 6th at 1:03 PM gmt
Can everyone please take it easy on us for the rest of the season. I seem to have forgotten how to play this game.RobMay. 6th at 1:43 AM gmt
The Chesterfield TapBrianMay. 2nd at 6:51 PM gmt
I propose the "Chesterfield Angry Wall"JohnMay. 1st at 5:36 PM gmt
This wall needs a better name.PhilMay. 1st at 2:36 AM gmt
Congratulations to the U15 girls Compo! AllanApr. 30th at 12:14 AM gmt
Life brings you down, my u15s girls beat rushden today 2-1 to go top of the league and then crash northampton knocked out of all cups in United 😢😢SimonApr. 29th at 8:58 PM gmt
There are 2 below you now Ian. I’m sure that makes you happy, right?BrianApr. 29th at 7:58 PM gmt
Yes we're at the bottom. Trying the Dave Dohm tactic, of deliberate relegation and division 2 rebuild.IanApr. 29th at 2:53 PM gmt
awful auction this session apart from the keeper (that is if you need another one)VickApr. 29th at 1:16 PM gmt
I mean, it's really not that big of a deal - Ian's just bottom of the tableJohnApr. 29th at 9:35 AM gmt
You can always email me an "atta boy" John...

I think Outlaw Rebuilding Dave had the same observation about Sir Ian's standing...
AllanApr. 28th at 9:03 PM gmt
I don't need to send an email to say everything looks great right?

Everything loading properly, Ian bottom of the table?
JohnApr. 27th at 9:17 PM gmt
Thanks Brian.AllanApr. 26th at 11:35 PM gmt
Al, Yes, things look good. Wycombe in last seems accurate (Hi Aires).BrianApr. 26th at 11:28 PM gmt
That's not helpful Outlaw Rebuilding Dave. We all know you are trying to be mean to the poor I-Man... 😎AllanApr. 26th at 10:53 PM gmt
Al...I can only see the last place team in the top division?DaveApr. 26th at 10:03 PM gmt
I added some more code to try to help with the issue. How about now Brian. AllanApr. 26th at 6:42 PM gmt
Al, I only see the top 8 teams in D3.BrianApr. 26th at 3:40 PM gmt
All working now AlRogerApr. 26th at 10:17 AM gmt
Brian and Roger: How about now?
AllanApr. 25th at 10:11 PM gmt
Same hereRogerApr. 25th at 7:01 PM gmt
Yes Al, I only see the top team, Oldham.BrianApr. 25th at 11:19 AM gmt
Is anyone having issues seeing the 3rd Division table?AllanApr. 24th at 10:19 PM gmt
PL is it and weep.PhilApr. 23rd at 4:26 AM gmt
Just seen in the little carousel that Alon has reached 700 wins. That’s a helluva achievement - well done sir! RogerApr. 22nd at 9:31 PM gmt
Thanks Allan!JohnApr. 22nd at 8:48 PM gmt
Thanks and John's idea is now integrated. AllanApr. 22nd at 4:34 PM gmt
One additional request on the team head to head? If it is easy?
Goal difference per game. GD / Games Played
JohnApr. 22nd at 9:39 AM gmt
The changes look great. You can't have too many statistics.BrianApr. 21st at 6:42 PM gmt
Thanks, Al!SteveApr. 21st at 11:47 AM gmt
AllanApr. 20th at 10:05 PM gmt
Best/worst againstSteveApr. 12th at 9:39 PM gmt
Following on from a TMVL post - in History-Team, head to head section would it be possible to add two columns please: win% (but not called that) and GD (goal difference). I love how there columns are sortable but it's quite hard to check who we are best/wSteveApr. 11th at 9:01 PM gmt
Happy 15th Sunday of 2023.BrianApr. 9th at 2:49 PM gmt
Happy Easter. He is risen!PhilApr. 9th at 3:34 AM gmt
PL is posted. Do your worst.PhilApr. 9th at 3:33 AM gmt
It would appear the non league teams have been taking rebuilding lessons from coach Dohm.IanApr. 9th at 1:06 AM gmt
Season 44, how old are we all now?MikeApr. 8th at 2:57 PM gmt
still time for some last minute tinkering. Must not be tempted!
VickApr. 8th at 10:26 AM gmt
Locked and loaded! Ready for the season to start!RobApr. 7th at 9:44 PM gmt
Spare a thought for Phil at Chesterfield, who plays Tranmere twice this session. You can never have too many GKs.IanApr. 2nd at 11:20 PM gmt
Thanks for the help, Al.BrianApr. 2nd at 5:44 PM gmt
Delay due to the stuff from my email. Orders link now active at the top menu. AllanApr. 2nd at 1:11 PM gmt
(checks schedule)
(sees Brighton Round 1)
Brian, you email them at [email protected]
JohnApr. 1st at 10:14 PM gmt
Stupid question: Where do I enter lineups/orders?BrianApr. 1st at 8:40 PM gmt
Hereford players might be feeling nervous when Guang Liang gets his acupuncture needles out. It seems Carlisle were keen to shift him...VickMar. 31st at 1:10 PM gmt
I recall using Phil Mc, but I like P-Mac much better.BrianMar. 26th at 7:54 PM gmt
I LOVE all the snarky comments from P-Mac. Nicely done Phil!AllanMar. 26th at 2:41 PM gmt
There's a couple of oddities in pre-season for media bonus. Should be working fully by Monday. I think the last step is to run the job that does the session update totals. AllanMar. 26th at 2:40 PM gmt
The media bonus seems to be stuck. AndyMar. 26th at 12:44 AM gmt
There is an auction today?PhilMar. 25th at 4:15 PM gmt
Good luck in todays auctions , Al isn't bidding so all goodSimonMar. 25th at 4:13 PM gmt
Seriously. I can't tell you how many times I've been looking at the Match Previews and seeing when the last season was when I beat so-and-so, and then I have to figure out what season we're in... now I can just look at the top of the page!RobMar. 25th at 2:11 AM gmt
Ha! Thanks Rob. AllanMar. 24th at 9:31 PM gmt
Al - this is probably one of the most underrated additions ever!RobMar. 23rd at 1:36 PM gmt
Added the season number at the top of each page so I can remember what season we are in.AllanMar. 21st at 11:04 PM gmt
You are very mean to "Park the Bus Dave" I-Man. PLUS, I do not see a Lewes BRB for sale...AllanMar. 21st at 9:54 PM gmt
Struggling club, with BRB still for sale.IanMar. 21st at 12:43 PM gmt
Please email me the image Brian.AllanMar. 20th at 7:46 PM gmt
I am unable to upload a .jpg image. I have tried multiple files that are all below 20kb, but nothing saves. Any suggestions?BrianMar. 20th at 1:27 PM gmt
Welcome Brian. Judging from your track record, Brighton is in good hands.RogerMar. 20th at 9:16 AM gmt
Just missing my 1m sweetener please 😁SimonMar. 19th at 6:52 PM gmt
Great Turnaround Al on the close seasonSimonMar. 19th at 6:52 PM gmt
Cheers to a good season!BrianMar. 19th at 5:13 PM gmt
Good luck this season everyone! May OLMEC shine upon you with lightJohnMar. 19th at 4:09 PM gmt
Here Here Roger. Thanks Al, great season, great fun as always.JamesMar. 16th at 9:44 AM gmt
Thanks Al for another great season 👍🏼RogerMar. 12th at 3:01 PM gmt
QPR also with a 2-match winning streak!AllanMar. 11th at 5:37 PM gmt
Usual story in Div 2 we are 1 point from promotion an 2 points from relegation !!JamesMar. 11th at 11:08 AM gmt
Divi 3 still,tightSimonMar. 4th at 9:09 PM gmt
Decent pies too. The northern teams generally have better food but Brighton was the exception so farJohnFeb. 23rd at 5:19 PM gmt
The Wall really doesn't like my post attempt! Okay, third installment and you'll have to read it in reverse!
..throughout but especially at the end!
StewartFeb. 22nd at 9:58 AM gmt
..other Fulham supporters. Great stadium, good view of the pitch, completely outplayed by an excellent Brighton team then stole the points with a great counter attacking goal in the 88th minute! Wonderful atmosphere amongst “The Whites” supporters throughStewartFeb. 22nd at 9:56 AM gmt
I visited the Amex Stadium for the first time at the weekend. They wouldn’t let me into the VIP area claiming that I looked nothing like Roberto Di Zebri and had completely the wrong accent! I had to make do with taking my seat in the “away end” with the StewartFeb. 22nd at 9:54 AM gmt
Up to 5th in the rankings SimonFeb. 11th at 7:09 PM gmt
The AP Cup Quarterfinal seeding is actually fairly even: 3v10, 4v14, 1v16, 2v11JohnJan. 29th at 4:34 PM gmt
Top team in D2 has 9 points, 8th placed team in D2 has 6 points. Could be tight!JohnJan. 27th at 2:55 PM gmt
Actually he only has 1 in the first game this sessionDaveJan. 27th at 1:53 PM gmt
People realize Ian has two Df players at SL 10+ right? Right?AllanJan. 27th at 1:13 AM gmt
We're not even rankedJohnJan. 25th at 9:23 AM gmt
Is (my good friend) John Holden trying to fly under the radar with his 6W 1D 2L record? I think he is...AllanJan. 24th at 1:31 AM gmt
I never have a good feeling about any sessionJohnJan. 21st at 5:43 PM gmt
I do NOT have a good feeling about this session.RobJan. 21st at 3:34 PM gmt
all very close in the prediction game with six managers tied at the top.VickJan. 15th at 1:47 PM gmt
Did something go wrong with the code again, or did Nottingham Forest really get FIVE players in the auction?IanJan. 14th at 6:43 PM gmt
With a "generous" delay in games being run today, to "help out struggling managers" - does anyone worry that Al has secretly been replaced?IanJan. 14th at 6:22 PM gmt
Great job on the Match 7 previews John. Thank you!AllanJan. 11th at 10:58 PM gmt
Why did OLMEC victimize meJohnJan. 7th at 10:22 PM gmt
Go Go GO!JamesJan. 7th at 10:29 AM gmt
I'm on the rooftop shouting it out, RobJohnJan. 7th at 3:12 AM gmt
Is everyone ready to GO!?RobJan. 7th at 2:24 AM gmt
Thanks Andy!AllanJan. 6th at 9:43 PM gmt
Prediction games picked. AndyJan. 4th at 10:21 PM gmt
Hi Al. Happy to help out if needed. Give me a shout. AndyJan. 4th at 12:28 PM gmt
Hi Andy, the prediction league is created manually each week by a volunteer commish each season. I'm waiting to hear back from one person but if they can't, would you like the role? Thanks!AllanJan. 2nd at 11:11 PM gmt
Hi Al. No prediction games are showing yet. AndyJan. 2nd at 1:51 PM gmt
May 2023 be a happy one for everyone SimonJan. 1st at 4:09 PM gmt
Happy new year allSimonJan. 1st at 4:09 PM gmt
Rules updated with Gk/Sw bonus change discussed in forum. Thanks for updating Stewart!AllanDec. 28th at 3:54 PM gmt
Merry Christmas everyone ☃️RogerDec. 25th at 8:45 AM gmt
I see Plymouth are snapping up top dog Morrocans after their World cup exploitsVickDec. 25th at 12:39 AM gmt
lots of quality players in the first auction. should be interestingVickDec. 24th at 2:48 PM gmt
Thanks for last season Allan and good luck for this season SimonDec. 20th at 11:49 PM gmt
Happy Xmas everyoneSimonDec. 20th at 11:49 PM gmt
Which then makes it look like a void. I changed it from "V for Void" to "A for Accepted" and appears now. AllanDec. 19th at 7:53 PM gmt
That results in the trade going through but then I see a note in the logs like: "Team XXXX is attempting to trade a player no longer on their team". So the trade was processed but a dbl-click might make it try twice.AllanDec. 19th at 7:47 PM gmt
My impression is that sometimes coaches accidentally double click when a single will work.AllanDec. 19th at 7:47 PM gmt
Al, last couple of trades (Northampton & Dagenham) don’t seem to be appearing on the Recent Trades tabRogerDec. 19th at 7:40 AM gmt
Media bonus seems sorted AlRogerDec. 14th at 8:29 AM gmt
After a data tweak I believe you should now be seeing media bonus adding/incrementing. Let me know. AllanDec. 13th at 11:24 PM gmt
Ha! Yes, Andy Ian's Sw is up for Auction. 😎AllanDec. 13th at 11:22 PM gmt
Is there a mystery Sweeper showing on the transfer list?AndyDec. 13th at 9:31 PM gmt
On the plus side Stewart, pointing it out helps get the media bonus up when there’s precious little else to comment on 😉RogerDec. 13th at 7:02 PM gmt
My "Wall" comment didn't register either!StewartDec. 13th at 3:29 PM gmt
"Trade" comments don't appear to be registering a "Media Bonus".StewartDec. 13th at 3:28 PM gmt
I sometimes drop by to check to see if the whole league is playing without me…PhilNov. 19th at 6:27 AM gmt
Regarding kicking people out, Allan is, once again, too kindJohnNov. 7th at 9:51 PM gmt
Thanks Steve and Phil. Yes, Phil, I am not kicking you out...AllanNov. 2nd at 12:20 AM gmt
Thank you, Al. Don't kick me out.PhilOct. 31st at 11:39 PM gmt
Thank you Al for another great season. And thank you Olmec for letting us get promoted back ti Division OneSteveOct. 30th at 5:16 PM gmt
No luck todayDaveOct. 29th at 6:49 PM gmt
Can we avoid relegation today?AndyOct. 29th at 2:27 PM gmt
It's not so bad Simon...the neighbors are friendly.PhilOct. 29th at 11:25 AM gmt
Weston v Dagenham what is that all aboutSimonOct. 23rd at 8:18 AM gmt
Down and doomedSimonOct. 23rd at 8:16 AM gmt
BTW nobody is catching Vick. Prove me wrong, Stewart, Al or Abe. Or Steve.PhilOct. 22nd at 9:49 PM gmt
PL is up in record time. 3:48 post deadline. Roger still beats me with his lines in.PhilOct. 22nd at 9:48 PM gmt
Wait - second division against Plymouth n that. Behave!ColinOct. 22nd at 8:06 PM gmt
Steve was well under the radar until he made that post.PhilOct. 22nd at 5:03 PM gmt
If being unbeaten in 20 games with only 5 league goals conceded is flying under the radar then I'm not doing a very good job of it.SteveOct. 21st at 9:30 PM gmt
Are Nottingham Forest flying under the radar?AllanOct. 20th at 11:15 PM gmt
Vick in command in PL. Al, Stewart, and Abe are 5 games back with 20 to play.PhilOct. 17th at 3:16 AM gmt
PL posted. After several complaints from league office.PhilOct. 16th at 10:39 PM gmt
Not sure after spending time reviewing logs. It is back to the proper amount. All managers please monitor bank accounts for a couple of sessions and email if questions.AllanOct. 16th at 4:46 PM gmt
How is Compo's bank account zero?JohnOct. 16th at 5:30 AM gmt
yesAllanOct. 16th at 12:19 AM gmt
Does that mean Tranmere get taxed despite being just 2k over the limit? Harsh!RogerOct. 15th at 6:36 PM gmt
thankfully we are not quite over the rich kids tax bracketVickOct. 15th at 5:54 PM gmt
I wish I'd known this before I got 660k for non- league sales as I've never been close before.SteveOct. 15th at 5:45 PM gmt
A "gentle" reminder: Taxation on bank accounts 3500k and above occurs after money earned in session 8AllanOct. 15th at 3:32 PM gmt
How do Preston and Tranmere advance in the Youth Cup *every* *single* *season*?! And yes, I'm jealous LOL.RobOct. 15th at 1:59 AM gmt
PL posted. Vick is coasting now.PhilOct. 9th at 5:50 AM gmt
Well adrift now SimonOct. 8th at 9:18 PM gmt
Vick has what may be an insurmountable lead in PL. What say you, Abe?PhilOct. 3rd at 5:13 AM gmt
No more calls, please. PL is posted.PhilOct. 3rd at 5:12 AM gmt
Great battle at the top of league one SimonOct. 1st at 6:31 PM gmt
trying to make my mind up if buying another app at this point is wise or not. Probably going out of the youth cup in this round anyway so maybe not!VickOct. 1st at 4:20 PM gmt
PL prepped and ready to go.PhilSep. 26th at 3:04 AM gmt
lets see how the rankings explain the exit of PNE from the FA cup quarter finals!VickSep. 23rd at 8:09 PM gmt
Nasty email #1 sent, #2 scheduled for tomorrowJohnSep. 20th at 12:49 AM gmt
PL is up. Knock off the nasty e-mails.PhilSep. 18th at 10:57 PM gmt
Can the rankings explain how PNE are in the Quarter Finals of the FA Cup, despite having no decent players to speak of?IanSep. 18th at 10:17 PM gmt
Great "does rankings = hardware" post I-Man. I'm not sure I have the United Data Lake setup for that yet...AllanSep. 17th at 11:20 PM gmt
PL is posted. Vick is your leader…Al and Ian are on his tail.PhilSep. 12th at 5:03 AM gmt
You are right Captain Lindsay! Once I lead in *anything* again I-Man, expect another page update to that category... 😎AllanSep. 11th at 11:51 PM gmt
I see now Brentford are top of the league, Al has updated the league tables page to a flashy new look. Since he's also top of the rankings, will that page be updated next?IanSep. 10th at 4:53 PM gmt
See Blog runJohnSep. 9th at 10:38 PM gmt
See Blog.AllanSep. 9th at 9:38 PM gmt
Good question from John... How DOES Coventry have a I/16 GK?? He started as an SBY, so wouldn't the most he could be is a I/10 with no RSD yet this year?RobSep. 9th at 2:48 AM gmt
Really disappointed in Ian today. His best friend has a suspended Gk and he can't be bothered to comment on it? I don't know you any more I-Man... 😎AllanSep. 8th at 11:27 PM gmt
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!AllanSep. 7th at 9:32 PM gmt
Non-league is now automated. They are a little more competitive than they used to be but still intended to have a lower T-11...we'll see how it goes. 😎AllanSep. 7th at 9:32 PM gmt
How does Coventry have a 1/16 GK and can we buy himJohnSep. 7th at 10:32 AM gmt
…delay.PhilSep. 7th at 4:55 AM gmt
PL posted. Sorry for the…PhilSep. 7th at 4:55 AM gmt
The new league tables look fantastic. And belated Happy Birthday AlJamesSep. 6th at 10:42 AM gmt
Who knew wishing someone happy birthday was so competitive?

Happy birthday Al 😀👍🏼🕺🎂🍰🍻

PS - new league tables look great
RogerSep. 6th at 7:38 AM gmt
Does PNE know the objective is to win? DaveSep. 5th at 10:10 PM gmt
Happy birthday Al from all at PNE.IanSep. 5th at 8:44 PM gmt
I don't feel like that happy birthday from Dave was sincere.IanSep. 5th at 8:43 PM gmt
Thanks Dave!AllanSep. 5th at 5:57 PM gmt
Happy birthday commishDaveSep. 5th at 4:56 PM gmt
I'll put it on my to do list Mr. Scott. Yes, I'm sure you are "in the conversation" on that stat... 😎AllanSep. 2nd at 9:47 PM gmt
I see front and centre (center) of the front page is 'most FA Cup wins' but can we see a list of most FA Cup draws please? I fancy having a chance of topping that table.ColinAug. 31st at 11:25 AM gmt
PL is posted. Get on it. Lest OLMEC get on you.PhilAug. 29th at 2:25 AM gmt
PL is posted and ready for your entries. That’s right, sports fans, I’m back in the PL driver’s seat sober and mobile. So get your picks in or get picked on.PhilAug. 28th at 6:04 AM gmt
Thought the emojis broke the system as it stopped working for a while oh😢SimonAug. 27th at 9:03 PM gmt
PL is posted and ready for your entries. That’s right, sports fans, I’m back in the PL driver’s seat sober and mobile. So get your picks in or get picked on.PhilAug. 22nd at 3:34 AM gmt
Auction will run on about a 45-60 minute delay while I run an errand. Bids should be in on time though to assure they'll be used. AllanAug. 20th at 4:53 PM gmt
Wow don’t the close seasons just fly bySimonAug. 17th at 7:37 AM gmt
That was top-notch, thanks for calling that out Al!RobAug. 13th at 3:09 PM gmt
Some great work by Vick, Stewart, Phil, and the I-Man on that Lewes - Brentford trade commentary. I laughed...AllanAug. 13th at 2:54 PM gmt
Looks like the Vale's projected to be relegation fodder again this seasonJohnAug. 12th at 2:48 PM gmt
The red bar is up at the top. The auction deadline looms...AllanAug. 12th at 12:14 AM gmt
Thanks for the 6/11 PL compliment, John. Whatever I can do to improve this joint.PhilAug. 3rd at 9:02 PM gmt
Well done Stewart. Great job!
RobJul. 18th at 1:26 AM gmt
Congrats Stewart!!JohnJul. 17th at 2:30 PM gmt
I’m sure it won’t be your last league championship Stewart!RogerJul. 17th at 11:07 AM gmt
I think that is my first League Championship win in any 'United' type game I've ever played in. Well chuffed! Tourists beware, the Seagulls will be feasting on your ice creams and chips today!StewartJul. 17th at 7:36 AM gmt
Thanks everyone for your congratulations. Well played Mike on pushing BHA all the way!StewartJul. 17th at 7:22 AM gmt
Applause also for Dave Dohm who finished 3rd in the league despite being in a rebuilding season.IanJul. 17th at 1:18 AM gmt
After mistakenly congratulating Brentford over in U2, again let's congratulate this struggling team of underdogs on their league and cup double.IanJul. 17th at 1:17 AM gmt
Congratulations Stewart on a fantastic season!AllanJul. 17th at 1:06 AM gmt
DaveJul. 17th at 12:23 AM gmt
Congrats Stewart on winning the title. Well doneDaveJul. 16th at 9:04 PM gmt
Never seen Al in so many finals , enjoy seeing how he got on SimonJul. 16th at 6:45 PM gmt
Mid table is what we deserve, some might disagreeSimonJul. 16th at 6:43 PM gmt
Vale did have three points after eight games.JohnJul. 12th at 9:08 AM gmt
John - I have watched your phoenix like rise from the ashes with awe. I hope you can complete the great escape in the final session RogerJul. 11th at 6:00 PM gmt
It's not at all delicious when you're in the thick of it !JohnJul. 11th at 3:35 PM gmt
Is D2 always this ridiculously tight?RogerJul. 10th at 9:00 AM gmt
BHA cling on to a massive lead on the rankings table. can anyone claw it back?VickJul. 5th at 10:16 PM gmt
I think I was trying to suggest (badly) that the margin between top and bottom in Div 2 seem particularly small this season and that my GD is a demonstration of this. Carlisle are only -6 and bottom.JamesJul. 3rd at 10:07 PM gmt
James, you also curb stomped the Vale 7:2 the week I NMR'd. That'll help the old differenceJohnJul. 3rd at 12:37 AM gmt
I think Christer, we have lost a lot of games with close margins.JamesJul. 2nd at 10:08 PM gmt
you need to spread the goals to get points James. There is no bonus-point for winning bigChristerJul. 2nd at 6:10 PM gmt
In 9th in Div 2 with a positive goal difference of 2. Pretty unusual I guess!JamesJul. 2nd at 9:34 AM gmt
That code definitely exists for the ValeJohnJun. 26th at 3:57 PM gmt
Does Olmec code exist for certain Evil Empire teams to regularly injure/suspend their Gk's? Ummm...probably? ;-)AllanJun. 26th at 12:19 AM gmt
The hallucinations are real…no…no…I mean there are real hallucinations…no…wait…I believe hallucinations…ugh. Pass the meds.PhilJun. 23rd at 9:20 PM gmt
Phil, your posts have become much longer and more meaningful, can I have some of your meds?IanJun. 18th at 5:22 PM gmt
Now for my next act, lineups on meds. Can’t be any worse than my usual offerings…PhilJun. 16th at 5:01 PM gmt
Yes!!!!AllanJun. 16th at 1:16 PM gmt
Ok. Here we go. Phil is post op and posting on meds. No accountability whatsoever for what comes next.PhilJun. 16th at 3:10 AM gmt
Thanks for running the PL Phil! Whoever takes the reins, you've got it tendon positive.JohnJun. 11th at 5:07 PM gmt
On the other paw, any PL compliments can continue to be directed to me. Obviously, I have established a good foundation for the process and all my successor needs to do is follow the plan. This is the way.PhilJun. 11th at 4:41 PM gmt
I've had to hand off PL duties for the season. I'm heading into pretty significant surgery this week. No worries, but all PL complaints need to go to the league office. I will be returning when able.PhilJun. 11th at 4:40 PM gmt
What do you mean…..good GK means nothing….lolDaveJun. 11th at 12:45 PM gmt
Top keeper, but many teams will be sorted - bargain potential indeed.
JamesJun. 11th at 12:19 PM gmt
Be interesting to see who ends up with he classy goalkeeper in this sessions auction. Will someone get a bargain?VickJun. 10th at 8:55 PM gmt
good to see Thompson top of the golden boot table especially as we have not hit our best stride as yetVickJun. 10th at 5:55 PM gmt
Thanks for asking Andy. That's my fault. Updated now!
AllanJun. 8th at 11:31 PM gmt
I can’t see the prediction games on the landing page. Possible fault?AndyJun. 8th at 9:46 PM gmt
I probably need you to post the bank holidays in advance Compo. I mean I know you are off work the entire month of August, but these "two-day" bank holidays? :-)AllanJun. 5th at 11:33 PM gmt
My fault and the two day bank holiday threw meSimonJun. 5th at 6:14 AM gmt
I usually try to write my own Friday reminders, but the automated one may no longer work with spam filters out there blocking things, so I would not count on that one going forward. AllanJun. 4th at 6:32 PM gmt
No reminders this week for orders , so sad compo misses outSimonJun. 4th at 6:19 PM gmt
All the best for the op Phil…RogerJun. 4th at 11:53 AM gmt
…and it’s not going to be fun but the daily pain of 20+ years will be gone…PhilJun. 4th at 5:24 AM gmt
Looks like a total replacement but only for one knee.PhilJun. 4th at 5:23 AM gmt
Phil hope you get your knee sorted out ok and its not too painfulVickJun. 3rd at 12:52 PM gmt
Prediction League is posted. Sorry for the delay this week. I have blown my knee out...seeing the surgeon tomorrow. PhilJun. 3rd at 4:14 AM gmt
Back where they belong Steve. I’ll always think of Forest as a top flight teamRogerMay. 29th at 9:25 PM gmt
Real life: Forest 1 Huddersfield 0 and the Reds are promoted to the Premiership.SteveMay. 29th at 6:20 PM gmt
Compo..according to rules coin toss
DaveMay. 22nd at 1:47 PM gmt
Ap cup how do you split Lewes and Northampton SimonMay. 22nd at 12:40 PM gmt
Prediction League is up for the week...PhilMay. 22nd at 6:41 AM gmt
Swansea fans were entertained this weekend with the 3 matches racking up 24 goals between themRoyMay. 22nd at 12:25 AM gmt
Well, Rob, in all fairness, rubbing it in would have been noting that my good friend John lost twice to Blyth...AllanMay. 20th at 8:21 PM gmt
Thanks Al... Rub it in.RobMay. 20th at 1:44 AM gmt
PL is up!PhilMay. 18th at 3:52 AM gmt
At the same time they still typically fit in the "bottom 2-4 teams" so there is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for ANYONE losing to them, including me, which I think I lost to them. :-)AllanMay. 18th at 12:23 AM gmt
Good observation Roy. It IS a new thing that I've now automated so I don't have to manually "make random stuff up" each season. AllanMay. 18th at 12:22 AM gmt
Yep, have they always started the season with Apprentices at skill 8-10?RoyMay. 18th at 12:11 AM gmt
Anyone notice those non-league teams this week?AllanMay. 15th at 11:07 PM gmt
Got it now Al, thanks.RogerMay. 15th at 6:18 AM gmt
Roger: See tutorial in Forum and please ask more if I missed any part of your questions. Everyone else, please help clarify further as needed. AllanMay. 14th at 10:38 PM gmt
Al - I’m probably being thick here, but what do the Ns and Ys stand for on the right of the auction bids?RogerMay. 14th at 8:29 PM gmt
Congrats Simon
Btw - didn’t realise you were so close. I’ve been in Long Buckby and Northampton for the last 20 years
RogerMay. 14th at 8:28 PM gmt
Thanks, nerve wracking penalties , the girls won every round on a penalty shoot out so guess they were favourites SimonMay. 14th at 7:39 PM gmt
Nicely done Compo and Brixworth team! AllanMay. 14th at 7:05 PM gmt
So before we start Brixworth u14s girls win the league cup trophy today 4-3 on penalties v Kettering SimonMay. 14th at 6:57 PM gmt
Orders are in, pre-season training for the boys done, ready to lift the Bulls of the foot of the table..possibly.AlexMay. 14th at 10:07 AM gmt
50% of the Tucker Brothers in for the start!JamesMay. 14th at 9:06 AM gmt
Prediction League: This time it's personal.PhilMay. 14th at 4:41 AM gmt
Let's get this season started!RobMay. 13th at 8:26 PM gmt
A big thank you to Mr. Phil (as my kids called him when they were young) for running the prediction league again this season. Thanks Phil!AllanMay. 8th at 11:27 PM gmt
Thanks Al. That now makes perfect sense. AndyMay. 8th at 10:12 AM gmt
Prediction picks prepared for personal perusal...PhilMay. 8th at 4:58 AM gmt
Translation: we changed it because Phil was using it to win.PhilMay. 8th at 4:29 AM gmt
Great question Andy. You'll only get options for Df, Mf, and Fw as captains. Sw and Gk were deemed "too powerful" to be captains, so we restricted it to Df/Mf/Fw. Does that help?AllanMay. 7th at 11:56 PM gmt
Possible issue. When I try to select a captain it’s only showing me 16 out of a possible 20 players. AndyMay. 7th at 11:38 PM gmt
I love seeing the cycling stats. Always something cool showing. RobMay. 7th at 5:21 PM gmt
Those are a section on the front page that sort of gets "randomized" in terms of what will appear when the page loads. I'll try to get my act together and make them available on one page...putting it on my to do list.AllanMay. 7th at 1:20 PM gmt
or now PK goals scored!!
VickMay. 7th at 8:49 AM gmt
It was a historical stat posted by Al above the blog. The current one is most discipline points!VickMay. 7th at 8:48 AM gmt
How did you find this stat Vick? In MSWL-2 I had a player who played 147 times as an outfielder which I reckon is the all time best across both leagues.JamesMay. 5th at 3:10 PM gmt
Another great historical stat! David Docherty ´the Legend´. Played more matches than any other player other than Lucas Hunter. 8 games short! Had I known I might have tried to give him a few more. VickMay. 2nd at 2:37 PM gmt
Congratulations Compo! AllanMay. 1st at 12:13 AM gmt
My u14s girls make it to another cup final today with a thrilling penalty shoot out winSimonApr. 30th at 11:50 PM gmt
Looking forward to another great season SimonApr. 30th at 11:50 PM gmt
Now looking up the meaning of the word “pipped”…with some trepidation.PhilApr. 30th at 5:09 PM gmt
Welcome to Roger Mendonça who takes over at Bristol City!AllanApr. 29th at 11:27 PM gmt
Great to see Compo back on the Comments Wall. I missed you Compo!AllanApr. 29th at 11:27 PM gmt
Nice to be back SimonApr. 29th at 10:54 PM gmt
Thanks for the dealSimonApr. 29th at 10:54 PM gmt
PV's José Castelo available as a BRB for 200kJohnApr. 25th at 7:25 PM gmt
Sorry to have pipped you, Andy.StewartMar. 8th at 5:12 PM gmt
Top of the predictions going into the final games today. AndyMar. 5th at 4:29 PM gmt
yes we were sad to finally retire Doherty this session. He is of course a legend not just for Weston and Lewes, but the entire league of MSWL1VickMar. 1st at 11:25 AM gmt
Zorro the Cat's Predictably Unpredictable Prediction League Picks are posted on the proper page. Plenty of popular possibilities posted. PhilFeb. 28th at 2:09 AM gmt
From Swansea's 2 matches this weekend we created 41 chances and scored 0, we drew 0-0 and lost 1-0 to a penalty...RoyFeb. 28th at 1:12 AM gmt
Funny……no mention about being a legend for Lewes, but you are right he didn’t score any goals against Southend this season….lolDaveFeb. 27th at 11:50 PM gmt
Played 138 games.
4 for Lewes. Yip, Lewes rightly claim him as a legend of the club.
ColinFeb. 27th at 10:51 PM gmt
Sad to see Docherty retire today…….after coming up with Lewes he had a fine career at WES.DaveFeb. 27th at 8:59 PM gmt
yes but mainly benefitting the next teams to play themVickFeb. 25th at 10:03 PM gmt
But benefitting from the -29 EL injuries caused! Hoodlum Vick ;-)JamesFeb. 25th at 10:33 AM gmt
mainly played 1 hardness all season but have more dp's than anyone else. the refs clearly have it in for usVickFeb. 24th at 10:09 PM gmt
Yeah, they're Bees, not rabid fighting mules.JohnFeb. 21st at 8:01 PM gmt
I feel like that's a shot at our underdawg Brentford team P-Mac? AllanFeb. 21st at 1:26 AM gmt
(Wanted to post some matches where BRE was not the underdog, but there never seems to be any...)PhilFeb. 20th at 6:24 AM gmt
PL is up. Wander on over and have a looksee.PhilFeb. 20th at 6:24 AM gmt
Pedro will be looking to add to his goal tally this session. Not wanting to be overtaken by any Leeds misfits.VickFeb. 18th at 9:57 PM gmt
Top of the leader board and then score zero. *hangs head in shame*ColinFeb. 16th at 9:18 AM gmt
PL is up. Sorry for the delay. The Centrak was running late.PhilFeb. 16th at 5:26 AM gmt
All hail the mighty CentrakJohnFeb. 15th at 5:22 PM gmt
Hope to have it up no later than 9 US Centrak but probably sooner.PhilFeb. 15th at 5:10 PM gmt
PL will go up tonight...promise. Look for it within 8 hours of this post. Sorry for the delay...traveled to Tennessee this weekend.PhilFeb. 15th at 5:09 PM gmt
So high up in the prediction league I got a nose bleedSimonFeb. 12th at 10:03 PM gmt
I don't understand Ian this season either...oh...and PL is up.PhilFeb. 7th at 7:58 AM gmt
I don't understand this season either Ian. RobFeb. 5th at 9:19 PM gmt
I never thought we'd go into session 7 two places above Plymouth in the league and yet staring relegation in the face!IanFeb. 5th at 6:06 PM gmt
PL is up…it’s a Youth Cup smorgasbord this week so grab a knife and fork and dig in…PhilJan. 31st at 5:43 AM gmt
Buy, buy.SteveJan. 28th at 11:49 PM gmt
PL is up...PhilJan. 26th at 3:48 AM gmt
PL is up...PhilJan. 18th at 2:39 AM gmt
This comment wall needs to be purged, clearlyJohnJan. 16th at 3:50 PM gmt
Mike - I believe Mr McIntosh still owns the suit. Sadly he hasn't fit into it for many years.IanJan. 15th at 11:27 PM gmt
Hey, I bet Phil still wears that suit...which is, of course, a different problem.MikeJan. 15th at 11:11 PM gmt
Hey, I bet Phil still wears that suit...which is, of course, a different problem.MikeJan. 15th at 11:04 PM gmt
Al, is there a more recent, non 1990s, "well dressed" photo of Phil?IanJan. 15th at 5:56 PM gmt
I just saw a variety of Rob photos on a recent FB post that looked like good candidates...AllanJan. 14th at 10:42 PM gmt
are you saying my photo is out of date Al?!RobJan. 14th at 10:13 PM gmt
At what point does the commish just find photos of managers and make them their new league photos?

I see you Rob Peterson...
AllanJan. 13th at 1:06 AM gmt
PL is up…PhilJan. 11th at 4:13 PM gmt
23rd strongest T16 in the league outlaw dave...can't even get near the radarIanJan. 11th at 2:06 PM gmt
Is PNE flying under the radar having yet to lose a match?DaveJan. 10th at 11:03 PM gmt
PL is up…PhilJan. 10th at 8:39 AM gmt
Thank you Compo (I think). Yes, we're mostly on deadline these days...AllanJan. 10th at 1:03 AM gmt
Everything’s so well organised now , I came in late to get predictions done and found the game run lolSimonJan. 8th at 6:46 PM gmt
QPR snags the top spot in the rankings with Dr. White's "Run up the score on everyone" World Tour. I hope he made t-shirts...AllanJan. 8th at 6:34 PM gmt
As always, Phil is right! Great work John, thank you!AllanJan. 3rd at 12:35 AM gmt
Excellent AP Cup analysis in pre-match comments by John Holden....PhilJan. 3rd at 12:06 AM gmt
Predictions are up! I'm working holidays for you guys, 2 weeks in a row. Don't let me down!PhilJan. 2nd at 4:15 AM gmt
Good one John.

A lot of shenanigans today with six managers colluding for FA Cup 1st Round replays...
AllanJan. 1st at 11:55 PM gmt
Noooooooo, John, noooo!PhilJan. 1st at 11:31 PM gmt
What will we call it if the league champions end up repeating? ... 2-PLYJohnJan. 1st at 7:27 PM gmt
Please ignore - wrong league!JamesDec. 31st at 10:59 AM gmt
York are in need of a decent MF (SL10+) if anyone has one surplus to requirements.JamesDec. 31st at 10:58 AM gmt
Steve is right about Phil...don't get Phil started...AllanDec. 31st at 1:23 AM gmt
I wish I didn't know what you were talking about, John.SteveDec. 29th at 10:38 PM gmt
Please don't get Phil started John. It will be 6 straight non-sensical hat posts...AllanDec. 29th at 1:21 AM gmt
What is this? Phil isn't wearing a hat.JohnDec. 28th at 11:46 PM gmt
That's my boy, Phil, thanks.. :-)
Also noted I failed to put in auction bids this turn - must have been excited about Xmas.. :-(
DavidDec. 26th at 11:54 AM gmt
Mr. Blair, your predictions are ready…Mr. Blair…Paging Mr. Blair…your predictions are ready…PhilDec. 26th at 2:19 AM gmt
Wow fancy order form Al, niceSimonDec. 25th at 9:33 PM gmt
Will Ian be able to get a non-pensioner Gk in this auction?AllanDec. 24th at 12:52 AM gmt
You cant have too many GKs. So there's 4 in the next auction.SteveDec. 20th at 12:53 PM gmt
Compton told by the board you can’t buy your way out of this depressionSimonDec. 18th at 11:28 PM gmt
HEADLINE: "Cobbler fans disappointed in Compo Auction strategy"AllanDec. 18th at 11:11 PM gmt
No money to be spent hereSimonDec. 18th at 11:05 PM gmt
20 teams bidding too, seems high!JohnDec. 18th at 5:41 PM gmt
Plenty of cash around - 20 teams with more than 2000K, the auction could be very very competitive!JamesDec. 18th at 11:14 AM gmt
BHA have a 1/10 MF player we would like to swop for a 1/10 DF. See Transfer List for details.StewartDec. 14th at 10:27 AM gmt
The plan is to appear on a stats page - as a goodie or a baddie - doesn't matter which...DavidDec. 13th at 7:46 PM gmt
Thanks David and Compo! AllanDec. 12th at 10:18 PM gmt
Wow super quick turnaround thanks AlSimonDec. 12th at 9:28 PM gmt
Backroom boy Alessio Barbieri is available for 200k oboJohnDec. 12th at 4:49 PM gmt
Only another couple of seasons rebuild to go and then we might finish mid table.AndyDec. 12th at 11:55 AM gmt
Al is turning this round smartly - good lad !! ????????DavidDec. 12th at 9:06 AM gmt
The rebuild continues for Lewes next season…..just thankful we have a little bit better GK “situation” than our friends at PNE.DaveDec. 11th at 9:47 PM gmt
Thanks everyone!AllanDec. 11th at 9:37 PM gmt
Thank you Al for another great season!AbeNov. 30th at 8:22 PM gmt
As said in MSWL2 not a great ending to the season, but can't blame Al. So thanks as usual for a good one, Al!!DavidNov. 28th at 7:47 PM gmt
Hoping this is the offseason Al updates the Lincoln City crestJohnNov. 28th at 5:05 PM gmt
Thanks Al on another fun seasonDaveNov. 28th at 3:34 PM gmt
Well done plymouthSimonNov. 28th at 1:00 AM gmt
Predicto mid table mediocrity SimonNov. 28th at 1:00 AM gmt
Third division rebuildSimonNov. 28th at 12:58 AM gmt
Bad end to the season - no promotion - phew!! Wouldn't have lasted a season in the 1st..DavidNov. 27th at 7:37 PM gmt
It’s been a long time since CHF has played meaningful matches in Session 10!PhilNov. 26th at 7:27 PM gmt
Now just the Kingmaker!JamesNov. 21st at 11:01 PM gmt
If only Match 20 had played out differently Watford would have had a title shot.JamesNov. 21st at 10:38 PM gmt
In the 2nd division up to 7 teams can still hope for promotion - bottom 3 teams are already gone...DavidNov. 21st at 7:03 PM gmt
Speak for yourself, Al. I have all sorts of names for the referees. And I come up with fresh ones every week about 10 minutes after matches are run.PhilNov. 20th at 5:55 AM gmt
U1 prediction matches are up including a certain Oldham v Preston matchup and the debut of Ian's SL 2 Gk...thoughts and prayers I-Man!AllanNov. 18th at 9:39 PM gmt
We do not have named referees at this time Mr. Rolsten...AllanNov. 17th at 10:52 PM gmt
Do we have named referees in MSWL?RoyNov. 17th at 2:01 AM gmt
GOLD! :-)PhilNov. 13th at 4:14 AM gmt
Way to go Micki and Coach Phil!AllanNov. 7th at 2:58 PM gmt
Micki's team won a pair of opening round games big today, so they have already secured a spot in the medal round. So tonight, I'll relax and do the prediction league early...PhilNov. 7th at 4:12 AM gmt
Phil, I will just wait for the games - I know they will come up. You all do a great job - sorry for mentioning it. Forgiven?? :-) DavidNov. 6th at 9:53 AM gmt
This is totally on me Dave. After this weekend, things will get better. Theatre show is over and State soccer tourney wraps up this weekend. Defending our gold!PhilNov. 6th at 1:39 AM gmt
I've put some up. Aoplogies to Dave for picking Cardiff away twice but rushed it a bit.SteveNov. 5th at 5:50 PM gmt
With no prediction games up for tomorrow I am thinking I might have upset people. Or have I just been excluded? :-) :-)DavidNov. 5th at 12:01 PM gmt
Sitting 3rd and playing teams 1 and 2 next session. Could be top or bottom by the time this time next week.. DavidNov. 1st at 2:27 PM gmt
Well depends on who loves you mostSimonNov. 1st at 9:48 AM gmt
Should you lose a match if you get 57 attacks?AllanOct. 30th at 10:49 PM gmt
Phil, I am not complaining, honest. I play so many games I like to tick the box when I have completed each one. Not getting on to you, heaven forbid.. :-)DavidOct. 30th at 7:13 PM gmt
That's on me, David. In past seasons I have had PL up and going within 24 hours of games run. Not so this season. Hectic schedule here, and it is starting to settle. I respect the desire to hit both leagues with one swing. I'm lucky to get lineups in thesPhilOct. 30th at 3:50 PM gmt
LIN who?MikeOct. 30th at 3:27 PM gmt
The radar has a very high lower limit?JamesOct. 30th at 9:39 AM gmt
Not under my radar after last weekendSteveOct. 28th at 6:15 PM gmt
Has anyone noticed that C-Ball has lost just once in his last 11 matches. Is he "flying under the radar"?AllanOct. 27th at 12:23 AM gmt
Two different folks have the volunteer role so it depends when they can get to it. Updated now. AllanOct. 26th at 9:13 PM gmt
Not complaining as such, but any reason MSWL1 prediction games are a lot slower than MSWL2 - just I like to do both leagues together.. ? DavidOct. 26th at 12:22 PM gmt
MMM - 2 away league games plus a youth tie - not many CPs expected here..DavidOct. 24th at 7:05 PM gmt
Olmec truly hates Forest. We play 2 games versus Lincoln with no hardness and give away penalties in both matches.SteveOct. 23rd at 8:59 PM gmt
Interesting email from Al today re: the "original" 1989 MSWL manager. Can I hazard a guess it's John Blazel? I do hope so.IanOct. 23rd at 6:29 PM gmt
Brentford steal in and upset my Saturday SimonOct. 23rd at 6:08 PM gmt
This should max my Media Bonus and make Al happyRoyOct. 23rd at 5:40 AM gmt
No coincidence steve, olmec loves you SimonOct. 22nd at 7:24 PM gmt
Curious coincidence - we play Lincoln in the league and then FA Cup and over in United we play Tonbridge in the league then FA CupSteveOct. 22nd at 11:59 AM gmt
Colin: I'm not saying that your chances of staying in the 1st Division for next season are tenuous at all. I'm just typing it. LOL! :-) AllanOct. 21st at 9:00 PM gmt
Thanks for offering Vick. If you see it needs to be done by Tuesday and I or Phil haven't gotten to it please feel free to go ahead. Thanks! I did get the games added just now. AllanOct. 21st at 8:59 PM gmt
Al/Phil - if you are both pushed for time I can added a set of prediction games in for MSWL1 tonight if that helps. Send me a quick message if you would like me to do it.VickOct. 21st at 3:28 PM gmt
Al, the Session 5 Prediction League fixtures have not been posted yet.StewartOct. 20th at 8:42 PM gmt
Our meetings this season were due to chance so to guarantee the fixture/s next you will to get promoted or hope I get relegated.
Wait, what?
ColinOct. 20th at 6:48 PM gmt
Yes Colin, I feel HORRIBLE that your lone PL loss was the "official" draw in our AP Cup match where you won in PKs. Calendar days will be circled next season!AllanOct. 19th at 10:41 PM gmt
Nine on the PL. what team let me down - Bees!ColinOct. 18th at 6:22 AM gmt
Predictions league, that’s our normal position SimonOct. 16th at 9:54 PM gmt
Ntfc get a win at last SimonOct. 16th at 9:49 PM gmt
If his team weren't in all the big games he wouldn't get the PL commissionr's attention so easily.PhilOct. 16th at 4:34 PM gmt
Oh wait, now I see it, it is MY team. YES, it is unfair!!!AllanOct. 16th at 1:58 PM gmt
LOL on the green checkmarks! Also, are you suggesting it is a disadvantage for Dave's Lewes to be on two prediction matches this week? AllanOct. 16th at 1:54 PM gmt
When you bid on an auction with a full squad just to get a full set of ticks.SteveOct. 16th at 7:20 AM gmt
Prediction league seems tough on some managers having to pick their team to win twice when they know it won't happen.SteveOct. 15th at 11:49 AM gmt
Is Compo still sulking?AllanOct. 14th at 10:52 PM gmt
Yeah…..Steven Rooney probably won’t see the goal as he masters his craft this season…but his future is bright there, just not this season.DaveOct. 11th at 11:16 PM gmt
And with Steve's comment the moniker "Outlaw Dave" is born...not only encourages Dave...AllanOct. 11th at 10:48 PM gmt
Should be outlawed I say - GKs should never PLAY OOP , especially Lewes ones.SteveOct. 11th at 2:26 PM gmt
Lewes, APP GK getting crocked playing as DF alerts me to the fact an APP or SW GK can play OOP. Why have I only just realised this!JamesOct. 11th at 1:56 PM gmt
If only we had Lincoln in the AP Cup too our session would be completeJamesOct. 9th at 10:48 PM gmt
I am off to bed to sulkSimonOct. 9th at 10:23 PM gmt
What a lousy sessionSimonOct. 9th at 10:04 PM gmt
PL at least I'm ahead of Ian Lindsay.PhilOct. 9th at 5:04 AM gmt
Anybody and everybody, Allan... :-)DavidOct. 8th at 7:19 PM gmt
Hey thanks to all for letting me be top of the prediction table (wont last long im sure)JeffOct. 7th at 4:11 PM gmt
Can anyone stop Bristol City?AllanOct. 6th at 10:54 PM gmt
That did make me smile :-)SteveOct. 5th at 8:42 PM gmt
Good to see you are getting the right perspective Steve. Of course it is because Olmec loves you! Finally...the glass IS half full! :-)AllanOct. 4th at 9:53 PM gmt
I'm glad injuries aren't cumulative - my APP MF picked up.-7 in two games today.

Wait - does mean Olmec loves me for not picking on two players?
SteveOct. 2nd at 8:40 PM gmt
There's a lot of "no good deed goes unpunished" that happens in OImec Stewart. :-)AllanOct. 2nd at 4:32 PM gmt
I only represent abused and neglected children. Do you qualify, Al?PhilOct. 2nd at 4:27 AM gmt
Thanks Al - Fixture No.1 Brighton to win at Tranmere? I should have kept quiet!StewartSep. 29th at 8:12 AM gmt
Stewart: Predictions are up now.
AllanSep. 28th at 9:43 PM gmt
Al, the fixtures for this week's prediction league don't appear to be available yet.StewartSep. 28th at 11:33 AM gmt
You can try but I have a great lawyer , Phil what do you think ???? SimonSep. 26th at 7:36 PM gmt
Can I sue Simon for plagiarism?SteveSep. 26th at 10:57 AM gmt
I hope there is a re-run - we got a suspension and injury and no wins..DavidSep. 25th at 7:16 PM gmt
Oh no my emogies don’t work SimonSep. 25th at 6:50 PM gmt
I feel a rerun coming on , we lost games we should win ????????????SimonSep. 25th at 6:49 PM gmt
I man breaking the game…….DaveSep. 25th at 5:47 PM gmt
I have no access to the orders page. AndySep. 25th at 1:28 PM gmt
or indeed counter-offerJamesSep. 23rd at 3:21 PM gmt
To my friends at Bristol and Cardiff City. If you could check out my trade deals I would be very grateful. Reject or accept I don't mind!JamesSep. 23rd at 2:28 PM gmt
John, you maybe did but I’ll condense it here. There is no sponsorships any more unless we beat a path to AL’s door demanding (err asking) for its return. ????????DavidSep. 21st at 8:07 AM gmt
Did I miss a sponsorships email?JohnSep. 20th at 7:00 PM gmt
tranmere first game dont get better than that
JamesSep. 18th at 7:46 PM gmt
After last weeks big spending our squad is completeJamesSep. 18th at 11:06 AM gmt
I have more hats, Al!PhilSep. 18th at 5:00 AM gmt
Allan, Not much chance if you are looking at Bristol City....DavidSep. 17th at 7:12 PM gmt
Last session a 1/11 Fw went for 1258. Will we see the same this session?AllanSep. 15th at 10:29 PM gmt
Agreed Steve. Likely to be competitive bidding for four of the first five lots.StewartSep. 12th at 11:41 AM gmt
Next auction looks rubbish however - three good FWs and a decent MF and lost of drossSteveSep. 12th at 7:55 AM gmt
Some large payouts again in auction 2SimonSep. 11th at 11:18 PM gmt
Got to find some playersSimonSep. 11th at 11:17 PM gmt
Thanks for holding the auction lolSimonSep. 11th at 9:12 PM gmt
It was always there - just less obviousSteveSep. 11th at 7:11 PM gmt
Love seeing the motivation for all of us to get back more involved!RobSep. 11th at 2:12 PM gmt
Always thought 10k per week seemed mean. 12 sessions x 40k gives an amount that just might get you an auction player - except the season is over by then.. :-(DavidSep. 10th at 6:25 PM gmt
I reckon this new Media Bonus is a cunning attempt by Al to lure Ellis back as he was certainly one manager who would have benefited from the participation bonus increase.StewartSep. 10th at 9:44 AM gmt
Russia Argentina and Italy nice places to visit in august !SimonSep. 10th at 7:26 AM gmt
Wow here we are back againSimonSep. 10th at 7:25 AM gmt
I see OLMEC still using the old non-Premier League Bees crestJohnSep. 5th at 11:46 PM gmt
Let's go Bees!!! :-)AllanAug. 13th at 9:30 PM gmt
Rules updated. Click rules link for more. Included edit to the AP Cup to clarify draw procedure for the knockout stages and edit to FA Cup to clarify that the semifinals and final are played at neutral venues. Thanks to Stewart for assisting!AllanJul. 10th at 8:15 PM gmt
Great season take care SimonJun. 19th at 8:23 PM gmt
Thanks for another fun season Al.DaveJun. 19th at 6:57 PM gmt
We are winning...not very many matches, but we are tied at the top of the Prediction League with Mr. Miller and Mr. Scott...AllanJun. 7th at 10:47 PM gmt
Darn it Missed the non-league sales deadline AGAINSteveJun. 5th at 9:27 PM gmt
They don't seem to like the Lewes Gk either Mr. Turner...AllanMay. 23rd at 12:48 AM gmt
Refs don't like my GK. Two bookings today means a 2 match banSteveMay. 22nd at 10:05 PM gmt
As Colin notes, Boston Rob gets his 4th non league match of the season this weekend? What is Rob doing right and can he tell us the secret?AllanMay. 21st at 7:36 PM gmt
Great observation John! I believe Martyn is going for the super-secret sponsorship deal for 1000k if you draw in all league matches nil-nil...AllanMay. 1st at 11:04 PM gmt
That is one heck of a fifth placed second division team right thereJohnMay. 1st at 10:18 PM gmt
With a 30% prediction success rate should Compo and Cowboy Phil abandon all hope?AllanApr. 28th at 11:29 PM gmt
Some real quality in the next auction - Bargains to be had?JamesApr. 23rd at 9:15 AM gmt
Thanks for the notification John, I believe I now have that resolved. AllanApr. 18th at 11:09 PM gmt
Season 37 matches have doubled up on the preview screenJohnApr. 18th at 7:25 PM gmt
Also (John) make sure you assign your Youth Director BEFORE you sign SBYsSteveApr. 10th at 7:45 AM gmt
To paraphrase my esteemed colleague John Holden, did Germany just get Olmec'd?AllanMar. 31st at 9:29 PM gmt
If you have a youth director, you can sell your first four schoolboys for 15k each. I recently discovered this after I mis-clicked.JohnMar. 28th at 8:27 PM gmt
Just read Dave's comment on the Cup final. We played our first 3 games at home scoring 23 and conceding 0. SteveMar. 16th at 10:22 PM gmt
Harsh Abe but we are happy to stay up, close call though SimonMar. 14th at 12:34 AM gmt
Thank you DD, John, and Abe. No one blames Compo enough...though he didn't mind beating us 2-1 in the last session!AllanMar. 11th at 11:37 PM gmt
We blame Simon for the outcome.AbeMar. 10th at 4:32 AM gmt
Thank you
Al - It was a great season but Leeds is not so lucky though as we relegate to Div 3-
AbeMar. 10th at 4:31 AM gmt
Agreed, thanks Al, OLMEC really helps mark the weekendsJohnMar. 8th at 11:11 PM gmt
Thanks Al for running another fun season. Olmec has been a release for me throughout the PandemicDaveMar. 7th at 3:14 PM gmt
4 wins separate the 1-11 spots in the prediction league...AllanFeb. 19th at 11:55 PM gmt
A number of managers selecting Blyth against the commish in match 28. The commish never forgets. :-)AllanFeb. 12th at 12:29 AM gmt
Sorry Compo about the scheduling...looks like the non league teams decided to play each other in this Youth Cup. :-)AllanFeb. 5th at 11:24 PM gmt
yes he looks a right conception!!VickJan. 27th at 7:39 PM gmt
Mr. Holden's questionable player name has been answered. :-)AllanJan. 24th at 12:30 AM gmt
My shiny new auction player has a questionable nameJohnJan. 23rd at 7:54 PM gmt
Sorry James. I think he was upset at being transferred...EllisJan. 12th at 12:51 PM gmt
That is AWESOME! AllanJan. 9th at 11:40 PM gmt
New Keeper sent off twice in the first 6 matches!! Can I have my money back Ellis?JamesJan. 9th at 8:58 PM gmt
Thanks MikeSimonJan. 9th at 8:12 PM gmt
Aye, OLMEC have a right good squad this season ;-)ColinJan. 1st at 11:29 AM gmt
Colin: Leeds, Weston, Plymouth and Olmec.SteveJan. 1st at 10:10 AM gmt
Wishing you all a new year of good health, prosperity, and peace.EllisDec. 31st at 12:40 PM gmt
A wise someone once said, "to be in the group of death, you first must be a team of death." That's a paraphrase, it doesn't translate wellJohnDec. 31st at 1:50 AM gmt
Against 4 strong teams? You're normally good with numbers Steve ;-)ColinDec. 29th at 4:22 PM gmt
Group H doesn't look nice but I'm not happy with group B either!ColinDec. 29th at 4:21 PM gmt
Is Group H the group of death? Not fancying our chances against 4 strong teams.SteveDec. 28th at 4:45 PM gmt
Careful with that group Simon. Could be another WGER-Austria from World Cup '82 type situation... AllanDec. 26th at 10:00 PM gmt
See the tucker family drawn in the same group this with Mike and ISimonDec. 26th at 9:38 PM gmt
Merry Christmas every one hope you had a nice one SimonDec. 26th at 6:33 PM gmt
Merry Christmas to all!AllanDec. 25th at 10:16 PM gmt
Hereford takes 4 in Pre-Season Auction A...AllanDec. 20th at 1:18 AM gmt
apprentices on the transfer list, have a lookJohnDec. 13th at 9:50 PM gmt
U1 is ready for Season 37. Thanks for your help Ellis!AllanDec. 13th at 7:36 PM gmt
No money paid yet. Al will sort in due course.EllisNov. 23rd at 4:35 PM gmt
Sponsorship done for the season. Email me if you think I missed out your club's success.EllisNov. 23rd at 7:22 AM gmt
Vick storms past the Prediction League co-leaders to take the title, well done!MikeNov. 22nd at 8:39 PM gmt
I'm taking a break from the game for a while, may be back, who knows? Have fun!PaulNov. 22nd at 6:19 PM gmt
That was likely your Larry Dohm player to coach change Christer, glad they are in now.AllanNov. 22nd at 4:42 PM gmt
Just noticed my orders were missing. I thought I did them oo saturday with United-2. Now they are in. ChristerNov. 22nd at 4:04 PM gmt
Just realised in the league I've conceded 10 goals and lost 7 games... 1:0 is the loneliest scorelineJohnNov. 21st at 9:04 PM gmt
I was hoping for a better reason :DJohnNov. 16th at 1:54 PM gmt
Because it has always been that way and you neglected to tell me after Season 1 what a bad idea that was (or maybe you did and I forgot). :-) AllanNov. 15th at 10:10 PM gmt
Why isn't the FA Shield final at a neutral site?JohnNov. 15th at 2:24 PM gmt
Congratulations to Dorchester, who look likely to win the wooden spoon but have already mathematically secured the best-ever season by a wooden spoon winnerJohnNov. 15th at 1:41 AM gmt
I considered using one of those FW as a decoy but couldn't get the math rightJohnNov. 15th at 1:10 AM gmt
Congrats to Tranmere on win #600DaveNov. 14th at 8:48 PM gmt
Happy Saturdays SimonNov. 14th at 7:28 PM gmt
Q: How many youth players do you need at the Fw position? A: The correct answer is 5 (FIVE) according to John Holden. :-)AllanNov. 13th at 11:58 PM gmt
Compton sprints up the predicto table SimonNov. 7th at 9:51 PM gmt
Bottom of division 1 defeat leaders then have all the other bad luck thrown at them SimonOct. 31st at 10:24 PM gmt
Only bright spot was no injuries...other than that PK's wrecked the session.DaveOct. 17th at 9:11 PM gmt
Looks like the power was restored for Poor Lewes...AllanOct. 17th at 8:35 PM gmt
Well now...another injury.....I have hurt feelings.DaveOct. 13th at 5:20 PM gmt
More crocodile tears from card-carrying Evil Empire member Dave Dohm and his 4th ranked Rooks. Yes. Please feel sorry for Dave Dohm and his team's 28 overall trophies. Next maybe DD will complain about the cleaning costs to dust the trophy case?AllanOct. 12th at 11:06 PM gmt
Two more injuries for Lewes forwards......severe power outage.DaveOct. 11th at 11:35 PM gmt
Steve - That Psychozine site was pretty cool. PSFA was a lot of fun to run - I taught myself a lot of ASP and SQL coding through that. I don't know if you and I ever played Diplomacy together, but I definitely played a lot of that game back in the dRobOct. 11th at 2:56 PM gmt
We also play rather often in the family. Agricola, Pandemic, Powergrid, Everdell and Dominion are most popular at the momentChristerOct. 11th at 11:59 AM gmt
Used to play a lot of board games. Started with Diplomacy->Psychopath-> Boston Rob's PSFA. Psychopath also led me to BSW and a few Cons. Favourite games were Puerto Rico FTF and Thurn und Taxis on BSWSteveOct. 11th at 8:36 AM gmt
We love Ticket to Ride!PhilOct. 11th at 1:17 AM gmt
Very cool, thanks guys. Session 4 will be run on Sunday morning (USA time). AllanOct. 11th at 12:50 AM gmt
Played TTR quite a bit with friends during lockdown on the Asmodee platform, works reasonably well most of the time.JamesOct. 10th at 1:31 PM gmt
Think I've played Ticket to Ride once before.SteveOct. 10th at 10:41 AM gmt
Thank you Ellis! AllanOct. 7th at 11:09 PM gmt
Does anyone have links (or please email me) to the "original" Ticket to Ride board game?AllanOct. 6th at 12:22 AM gmt
Has anyone else noticed the I-man isn't flourishing in division II as planned?DaveOct. 4th at 1:37 PM gmt
Six for minus 20 I should addDaveOct. 4th at 1:36 PM gmt
I'm sure its just a 'normal', 'random' thing Dave...AllanOct. 4th at 1:17 PM gmt
There's injuries? PhilOct. 4th at 5:18 AM gmt
Anybody else have six injuries thus far? DaveOct. 4th at 1:37 AM gmt
Could have been a better session for our Bees... AllanOct. 4th at 12:12 AM gmt
I wasn't counting but I think Ian was wrong 8 times in the prediction league this week...AllanOct. 3rd at 11:17 PM gmt
We wont break into that top ten with the luck we have SimonOct. 3rd at 7:42 PM gmt
Did I miss Michaelmas day again?AllanOct. 2nd at 12:55 AM gmt
Non league teams finish the session with 3 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses...AllanSep. 20th at 4:04 PM gmt
One team has a goal differential of 21-2 after session 1...AllanSep. 20th at 1:39 AM gmt
Been an active week. I'm working on my stuff now. RobSep. 12th at 3:32 PM gmt
NO SPONSORSHIP BIDS from Dorchester, Hereford, Swindon, Oldham, Derby, Leeds, and Crewe in D3.EllisSep. 11th at 1:51 PM gmt
NO SPONSORSHIP BIDS from Cardiff, Leicester, Brighton, Lincoln, QPR, WSM, and Preston in D2.EllisSep. 11th at 1:50 PM gmt
NO SPONSORSHIP BIDS from Plymouth, Carlisle, Chesterfield, Watford in D!.EllisSep. 11th at 1:49 PM gmt
D3 Sponsorship bids received from Wycombe, Port Vale and Dagenham EllisSep. 9th at 5:20 AM gmt
Sorry, that's D2. This is D1: Southend, Northampton, and Tranmere.EllisSep. 9th at 5:19 AM gmt
D1 Sponsorship bids received from Swansea, Bristol, and Brentford.EllisSep. 9th at 5:18 AM gmt
We've gone to Division 2 in order to build up the team using CP from all the victories. Something Mr Dohm has some experience in doing! Much respect to Al, who has tried this tactic in U2 by dropping his team all the way to division 3!IanSep. 4th at 3:58 PM gmt
Dave: Are you gaslighting Mr. Lindsay?AllanAug. 30th at 12:00 AM gmt
Al....something must be amiss.....I dont see Preston on my schedule?DaveAug. 29th at 8:34 PM gmt
U1 Aging is completed and ready for Season 36!AllanAug. 29th at 6:25 PM gmt
Paul Cockayne he must have too much time on his hands, I mean predicto winner in both 1 2 come on SimonAug. 10th at 7:50 PM gmt
Thanks Ellis!AllanAug. 9th at 10:11 PM gmt
Sponsorships all reviewed. Please email me if you spot any mistakes. EllisAug. 9th at 9:17 AM gmt
Did a quick sweep of sponsorship awards. After the session, email me if you think you have attained the requirement and deserve the cash.EllisAug. 7th at 9:52 AM gmt
Where is the love? After a great season The Reds have lost 5 straight. A bit like the real life Forest who looked certain for a playoff spot then bombed.SteveAug. 2nd at 7:12 AM gmt
SPOILER ALERT! After dropping 4 straight (but who is counting?) the Cobblers put together a good session. AllanAug. 1st at 10:05 PM gmt
Youre a card Al SimonJul. 30th at 10:24 PM gmt
Agreed..AllanJul. 30th at 9:47 PM gmt
Feel relation looming for the cobblersSimonJul. 26th at 2:06 PM gmt
Phil denied Alon his record 9th Youth Cup title last weekend. Can Compo stay alive to get the Cobblers #6?AllanJul. 17th at 10:12 PM gmt
Hazel and Paul lead the prediction league and are tied at 34. Will one of them get some separation at the top this weekend?AllanJul. 17th at 9:38 PM gmt
Anyone notice the mighty Leeds are back in the premier league SimonJul. 17th at 7:50 PM gmt
Did anyone else notice that Lewes sponsor criteria is Fewest league goals conceded in division because I sure did...AllanJul. 15th at 11:13 PM gmt
Fixed...and there's also a new page out there...hmmm...AllanJul. 14th at 11:57 PM gmt
Comments board on transfers not workingSimonJul. 14th at 7:16 AM gmt
Sheesh, how many SL 10 goalkeepers does Ian need? This is starting to look like the Missouri Legal Beagles circa 1990...AllanJul. 13th at 11:03 PM gmt
Sponsorship info coming up soon. AllanJul. 12th at 1:58 PM gmt
Might need a reminder about sponsorship success at some stage its my age you knowSimonJul. 4th at 10:30 AM gmt
I do find the predictions interesting,1st year I have tried and look, also I now find myself caring SimonJun. 27th at 10:50 PM gmt
Interesting that the last auction ranked so high. Just goes to show how many awful ones there have been!VickJun. 21st at 10:25 AM gmt
I find it humorous we lead the predictions table SimonJun. 20th at 10:03 PM gmt
Right we've only played 10 games but have already given away 2 penalties when not playing hard. What's going on?SteveJun. 20th at 7:43 PM gmt
I know it's an alphabetical thing but the number of times I play the same manager in the same match number astounds me - this time Ian first matchSteveJun. 14th at 6:11 PM gmt
That's a big AP Cup Sweet 16 match in 2 weeks time Dr. White...AllanJun. 13th at 11:03 PM gmt
oh no top seed in AP cup guaranteed to be knocked out next roundJamesJun. 13th at 9:52 PM gmt
Still top of the predicto rounds, incredible SimonJun. 13th at 8:36 PM gmt
Brentford and Tranmere week one. Then Preston week two - what a start SteveJun. 13th at 7:24 PM gmt
Predictions look fine, and how strange compo is top from session 1 ha haSimonJun. 13th at 6:12 PM gmt
Please take a quick peak at your prediction league selections. If anything looks out of sorts let me know.AllanJun. 13th at 4:14 PM gmt
4 FA Cup replays on Saturday. I feel like a few of them are managers just trying to get extra CP (you know who you are)...AllanJun. 12th at 11:14 PM gmt
Okay Compo...AllanJun. 7th at 2:04 PM gmt
Ignore me Al , too inpatient SimonJun. 7th at 1:52 PM gmt
You know your squad is too small when every player has to play to avoid Fit loss - and that includes all youth.SteveJun. 7th at 11:36 AM gmt
Could you check the partipation bonus payments please Al, should session 2 be open now or notSimonJun. 7th at 7:20 AM gmt
Couldn't wish for an easier start to our fight to survive Div 1 with Allan then Alon.SteveJun. 7th at 6:26 AM gmt
Ach. Forgot to bid on auction and very short of players.SteveJun. 6th at 8:50 PM gmt
Thanks to Phil for running the U1 Predictions.AllanJun. 2nd at 10:43 PM gmt
I hope to have something like that soon Compo to show that type of thing.AllanJun. 2nd at 10:43 PM gmt
Is it possible to add the sponsors to the teams or too hardSimonJun. 2nd at 7:01 PM gmt
Thanks Al , seems to look better SimonMay. 31st at 7:25 AM gmt
I think I fixed that Compo.AllanMay. 30th at 9:14 PM gmt
Al, previous season stats shows duplicate results, any reason please?SimonMay. 30th at 7:02 PM gmt
Reminder: Please get those sponsorship draft selections to Ellis. AllanMay. 29th at 2:30 PM gmt
Unlucky steve as tranmere have just picked up two more forwardsSimonMay. 23rd at 8:05 PM gmt
Possibly, Al. Or putting Alon off bidding himself. Every little helps.SteveMay. 22nd at 5:48 PM gmt
Compo: I will try to fix soon. Steve: Are you trying to inflate the purchase price on the APP/6 Df? AllanMay. 20th at 11:37 PM gmt
Have I missed something, the auction trade comments dont workSimonMay. 20th at 7:55 PM gmt
I see Tranmere only have 7 youth players. And there's an apprentice in the first auction.SteveMay. 20th at 6:49 PM gmt
I need one manager to run a prediction league. Can someone please volunteer? ThanksAllanMay. 16th at 10:33 PM gmt
Dorchester in the game, their under starters orders and there off SimonApr. 18th at 6:07 PM gmt
Just Dorchester orders missing is it?SimonApr. 18th at 5:03 PM gmt
I know Al , no end to my talents SimonApr. 12th at 10:23 AM gmt
So you broke the orders page then you fixed it Compo?AllanApr. 11th at 1:57 PM gmt
Orders fine, dont forget transfer deadline today , sell those oldies SimonApr. 11th at 7:47 AM gmt
Hi Al, the orders page is not working correctly SimonApr. 10th at 11:24 PM gmt
Update - planning to run first thing (on my side of the pond) Sunday.AllanApr. 4th at 10:24 PM gmt
Oh Al your such a tease SimonApr. 4th at 8:43 PM gmt
U1 will run on a delay. I'm allowing some folks some additional time to get their orders set. In the meantime, let's add some comments about Compo and Ian.AllanApr. 4th at 6:36 PM gmt
I'm sharing log and screenshot with Ian to see if he can help Ellis. This seems to be 'random' to the extent that it occurs for 0-3 managers a session. My fixes are only temporary it seems. More to come. AllanMar. 29th at 3:02 PM gmt
Orders page not properly displaying - only top few lines.EllisMar. 29th at 5:19 AM gmt
Dave's issue was resolved. Let me know if you run into other orders issues.AllanMar. 28th at 4:48 PM gmt
orders page messed up?DaveMar. 28th at 2:34 PM gmt
Up to fourth, well wellSimonMar. 23rd at 8:52 PM gmt
Thank you, Simon, it was a landmark day for LIN!MikeMar. 22nd at 4:28 PM gmt
Hey how did I miss Lincolns cup win beating Preston, hats off Mike SimonMar. 21st at 7:52 AM gmt
Yes we riding on the crest of the wave, can we keep it upSimonMar. 20th at 5:57 PM gmt
Orders working again Thanks Al JamesMar. 19th at 7:01 AM gmt
Is that Compo I see with the 6-match unbeaten string...AllanMar. 18th at 9:26 PM gmt
test...AllanMar. 18th at 9:06 PM gmt
Insert thumbs up emoji here... :-)AllanMar. 14th at 2:30 PM gmt
working nowRoyMar. 14th at 1:49 AM gmt
Is there an issue with the orders page? I can only see down to 2 FWs nothing below thatRoyMar. 12th at 11:15 PM gmt
I see the sellers family are last with their orders been on that months vacation I hearSimonMar. 9th at 2:56 PM gmt
Tranmere, Preston and winner of 6 out of 6 games, Sheffield. What is it with the scheduler?SteveMar. 6th at 6:55 PM gmt
Alex Tucker has taken the reigns at Hereford. Welcome aboard Alex. AllanFeb. 16th at 5:30 PM gmt
Excellent off and runningSimonFeb. 15th at 7:07 PM gmt
Auction run, results and next auction up!AllanFeb. 10th at 10:55 PM gmt
Auction not working thenSimonFeb. 9th at 2:31 PM gmt
Hoping to do Aging on Feb 1 or Feb 2. Out of town again this weekend and a busy one next weekend...please email me if you have folks that would like to join. Thanks!!AllanJan. 17th at 11:08 PM gmt
Congratulations to all the winners. If Al needs help with the financials, I am on the road and won't be able to help probably for another week. EllisJan. 2nd at 3:23 PM gmt
Sadly relegatedSimonDec. 29th at 10:39 AM gmt
Still ended up 4 behind on the prediction table - still a neat performance but a disappointing season overall. :-)DavidDec. 28th at 9:56 PM gmt
Olmec LOVES Dave Van Dohm!AllanDec. 23rd at 9:43 PM gmt
Not yet still the same issue JamesDec. 19th at 7:05 PM gmt
I think I resolved it for you Dr. White. AllanDec. 19th at 12:01 AM gmt
Al Orders page only showing down to DF, anyone else having this issueJamesDec. 18th at 6:36 PM gmt
Sent allanSimonDec. 9th at 11:38 PM gmt
Email me a screen shot Compo. AllanDec. 9th at 12:03 AM gmt
Orders site is broke??SimonDec. 8th at 9:36 AM gmt
Welcome Ed. Sorry for my strong showing, just wanted to win. Nothing personal.ChristerDec. 7th at 8:28 PM gmt
Welcome Ed, you have a real job on hand - good luck!!DavidDec. 4th at 11:50 AM gmt
Boom, got it, the things you have to do for a pound SimonDec. 2nd at 7:32 PM gmt
Welcome to Ed Hollox who takes on the rebuilding task at Dorchester. AllanDec. 1st at 10:08 PM gmt
Will Compo do 4 posts rather than 3 to get that extra 1k per session? :-)AllanDec. 1st at 12:44 AM gmt
Keep missing out by a pound in the partipation to lets get on hereSimonDec. 1st at 12:04 AM gmt
Thanks Ellis. Here is fine. It might take looking back at a few of these on the wall link in the menu (I probably have a few notes on what I intend to get to). AllanNov. 23rd at 7:42 PM gmt
We are struggling SimonNov. 23rd at 7:37 PM gmt
Al, do you want them documented here? What else is there apart from prediction league totals? Maybe others will post here and add to that bug. EllisNov. 21st at 8:09 AM gmt
Can someone partner with me here to document our open items for me to resolve? I'm in a busy period and could use a hand.AllanNov. 17th at 9:59 PM gmt
Thanks Ellis. Okay one more for the list then. Spending 20 minutes on it now and I'm not seeing the easy solution. Bear with me on this for a little while. AllanNov. 17th at 9:58 PM gmt
It's the TOTALS. Add my four scores together and you get 25, but my total displays as 26. Abe should be at 31. And so on.EllisNov. 17th at 2:34 PM gmt
I had to rerun things but perhaps that didn't resolve it. Can you please email your numbers for session 4 Ellis (and anyone else who sees an issue) and I can investigate. AllanNov. 17th at 11:35 AM gmt
Some prediction league totals are wrong. Like Mine... But others, too.EllisNov. 17th at 5:19 AM gmt
I looked at fixing Journal entries for Participation bonus (spent 2 hours) but haven't solved it yet. More on that next weekend. AllanNov. 3rd at 10:41 PM gmt
Allan, I have a physio, not sure he is doing his job very well!,SimonNov. 2nd at 7:24 PM gmt
I will take a look at that next weekend Psycho Steve...AllanOct. 27th at 11:56 PM gmt
Dave ten out ten predicto kingSimonOct. 27th at 8:46 PM gmt
I posted team news Saturday morning - still there but no participation money.SteveOct. 27th at 10:02 AM gmt
Oh and someone sanity check the prediction standings. Did Dave Dohm really get all 10 correct?AllanOct. 26th at 8:46 PM gmt
It took me a little extra time and a fix to get participation bonus working. It should be there now.AllanOct. 26th at 8:39 PM gmt
I posted a team news item. It's gone. Does not display. Do not know if it is hiding. (Same in other league.)EllisOct. 23rd at 3:55 AM gmt
Comments in the transfer list deals page isnt working AlSimonOct. 22nd at 10:52 PM gmt
Thanks for the help - I now know where to make the offers and have made 2. DavidOct. 22nd at 8:20 PM gmt
Gents, must be doing something wrong but Id like to buy in 2 x BRBs. Ive made 2 offers but maybe not correctly as have heard nothing back from either team. Can somebody sell me an age V player cheap please?DavidOct. 22nd at 12:53 PM gmt
Has the manager packed up does anyone knowSimonOct. 21st at 7:23 PM gmt
I'll try to re-add it at some point Compo.AllanOct. 19th at 7:39 PM gmt
Where is the little chat room box goneSimonOct. 17th at 10:59 PM gmt
Well done alSimonOct. 17th at 10:57 PM gmt
Comments Wall is back up and functioning...AllanOct. 13th at 11:22 PM gmt
How bizarre, James tucker and Npton are playing each other here in the ap cup final and in mswl 2 Bedford playing York, nice surprise SimonJul. 25th at 10:34 PM gmt
Wot! No prediction games for this weekend, and me going away for a week tomorrow.. (Done the MSWL 2 games..!!)DavidJul. 22nd at 10:45 AM gmt
SimonJul. 21st at 8:26 AM gmt
Lewis top but out of the AP cup SimonJul. 21st at 8:22 AM gmt
Darn it. NMR again. Stupid Ingress, stupid Wizards Unite, stupid 5.30 AM wake up for Next sale. Stupid Steve realising 2 minutes after deadline.SteveJul. 6th at 6:09 PM gmt
Looks like Brentford has gone cynical...AllanJun. 23rd at 9:55 PM gmt
Nice going James, good to see you trying in the FA Cup again... :-)AllanJun. 19th at 11:04 PM gmt
Al, we really tried in the FA cup this season and look what happens . back to just throwing this game I think . . .JamesJun. 9th at 9:11 AM gmt
Non League Teams were 3-1-2 this session...AllanJun. 8th at 11:06 PM gmt
PV I/10 GK Rowbotham available if a good offer is made, cash or cash player swopJohnMay. 26th at 5:55 AM gmt
Auction will run around lunchtime in London and 6-7am CT in the US on Sunday.AllanMay. 25th at 4:14 PM gmt
I sent Al draft end of season finances. Maybe he will post them here so managers can check the figures. Big money season for Weston-super-Mare.EllisApr. 30th at 5:15 AM gmt
3rd and a youth cup defeat are you rightSimonApr. 28th at 5:21 AM gmt
Nothing wrong there Al SimonApr. 20th at 5:57 PM gmt
Nice weekendSimonApr. 13th at 7:31 PM gmt
It must be nice to win one of your 4 games this session. I drew one and lost 3. :-)AllanApr. 7th at 12:15 AM gmt
Northampton not in the top ten SimonApr. 6th at 10:21 PM gmt
Steve, I am in exactly the same boat. Check out Bristol and Carlton's Youth Cup exits, both courtesy of Olmec.EllisApr. 6th at 8:02 PM gmt
I'm not sure which is worse. Olmec's hate for me here or in U2.SteveApr. 6th at 7:42 PM gmt
Stupid stupid stupidSteveMar. 30th at 6:28 PM gmt
Ian, Alon and Rob today. Thank you Olmec I love you too.SteveMar. 23rd at 5:14 PM gmt
I hope not!JamesMar. 18th at 10:08 AM gmt
But Compo, isn't that what England usually does?AllanMar. 17th at 8:35 PM gmt
Northampton never winning a penalty shoot out with Olmec luckSimonMar. 16th at 9:18 PM gmt
Can anyone stop 10-1-1 Watford?AllanMar. 16th at 8:19 PM gmt
Love the Olmec Table, Vick, great stuff!MikeMar. 16th at 4:23 PM gmt
Awesome work on the table Vick. Feel free to make that a Forum post if you want for comment. Great stuff! I'll try to 'avert my eyes' on the "Notts Forest" thing (there's always a critic!). :-)AllanMar. 10th at 12:00 AM gmt
Nottingham Forest or Forest but never Notts Forest.SteveMar. 9th at 8:09 AM gmt
Nice result in the ap cup will do usSimonMar. 2nd at 7:21 PM gmt
Slight delay on U1...kicking off 35 mins after deadline.AllanMar. 2nd at 5:51 PM gmt
@Mike. Wasn't worried about the title - just promotion.SteveJan. 12th at 6:57 PM gmt
Steve, we can celebrate you next week. For this week, LIN hopes to knock you off the D2 top spot.MikeJan. 12th at 3:54 PM gmt
Al, it's my birthday today. Would love a continuation of "Olmec not hating Steve Turner" coded.SteveJan. 11th at 11:36 PM gmt
Lewis two points clear and they havent lost to tranmere in years, seems the title is theirs SimonJan. 5th at 9:14 PM gmt
Like the big announcement , compton outSimonJan. 5th at 9:10 PM gmt
Its official, the Cobblers, winners of one of their last 12 have been relegated...AllanJan. 5th at 7:46 PM gmt
Okay downSimonJan. 5th at 6:38 PM gmt
I think anyone could still get out of Div 2 though not the ideal direction for Northampton - they can survive but only just. Dagenham can get promoted but need a lot of luck. As for the rest? I think it will depend on who wants promotion more than traininSteveJan. 1st at 2:09 PM gmt
Division 2 not many points seem to separate the top 8 or 9, only the cobblers down and outSimonDec. 29th at 6:44 PM gmt
Close at the top of division 1SimonDec. 29th at 6:43 PM gmt
Thanks Steve weighing up training up one level a level 6 age iv versus selling himSimonDec. 27th at 11:14 AM gmt
I read once that CP was worth about 10k but I think that was based on an average sell to nin-league vs keeping a low SL.player for CPSteveDec. 25th at 10:57 PM gmt
Whats the value of 6cp, anyone got a view?SimonDec. 24th at 8:41 AM gmt
73 Attacks and 0 goals , that's relegation form !!JamesDec. 23rd at 9:41 AM gmt
3 way title raceSimonDec. 22nd at 7:07 PM gmt
Big 100 for PNeSimonDec. 22nd at 7:06 PM gmt
Hurry for the players as will be sold by Xmas daySimonDec. 22nd at 7:06 PM gmt
Hi all, nice to be back!PaulDec. 22nd at 12:47 AM gmt
End of the session Northampton town sale as we head southSimonDec. 21st at 8:33 AM gmt
Paul takes over at BHA...AllanDec. 17th at 11:24 PM gmt
NTFcs down and outSimonDec. 16th at 10:29 AM gmt
Way to be ahead of the game SteveT! AllanDec. 8th at 1:08 AM gmt
That's odd. Just logged on early (for me) to do my orders and found I'd already done them.SteveDec. 8th at 12:08 AM gmt
Is James White flying under the radar?AllanDec. 5th at 12:06 AM gmt
When you're thinking you will probably have to throw one game as you only have 2 and you have to choose between the top 2 teams in the division.SteveDec. 1st at 4:56 PM gmt
NTFc need some tender loving careSimonNov. 26th at 1:22 PM gmt
A kinder, gentler Comrade Rob? What has happened?RobNov. 24th at 5:50 PM gmt
I feel like Sir Graham Wilkes is flying under the radar (for a couple seasons now). Has he gone to the dark side? :-)AllanNov. 22nd at 12:44 AM gmt
I would imagine so Compo...AllanNov. 21st at 11:50 PM gmt
Have a good wife who reminds me about that one lolSimonNov. 21st at 1:17 PM gmt
I can't remind you of everything Compo. I mean you seem to remember to take 8 weeks off every year starting in July. How do you remember that part?AllanNov. 19th at 11:55 PM gmt
keep forgetting the pools, not getting any reminders from memorySimonNov. 17th at 6:53 PM gmt
Bristol City are certainly flying low. We are only in division 2 after all!EllisNov. 15th at 6:34 AM gmt
Is Bristol City flying under the radar?AllanNov. 12th at 11:40 PM gmt
Sorry dave no gk swap available with ntfc just yetSimonNov. 11th at 11:22 PM gmt
Mediocre start SimonNov. 11th at 8:57 AM gmt
Congratulations I-Man! You are a class act! AllanNov. 10th at 9:28 PM gmt
I just want to say. While it might appear I enjoyed our 8-0 kicking of Brentford, I would NEVER deliberately inflict that kind of pain on a fellow manager.IanNov. 10th at 9:14 PM gmt
Matches to run in about 60 minutesAllanNov. 10th at 7:52 PM gmt
both games appear to be about to run at almost the same time,will that cause a crash!!SimonNov. 10th at 6:22 PM gmt
I normally come unstuck so thanks only when we win allanSimonNov. 7th at 9:09 PM gmt
You are welcome for the non-league FA Cup opener Compo...AllanNov. 6th at 12:17 AM gmt
New season start bring it onSimonNov. 5th at 9:54 PM gmt
I brought in a Dave Dohm thug to get the win. This player has learned how to play the game from Dave Dohm. Need I say more? Hopefully we can have a "fair play" event prior to our match and no one gets injured...AllanOct. 31st at 11:10 PM gmt
Why not sign an SBY or APP of your own, Al?IanOct. 31st at 9:56 PM gmt
Someone just got a solid Gk for his match against the I-Man!AllanOct. 31st at 12:19 AM gmt
I feel like managers are ganging up on the poor commissioner. I mean Ian can certainly win his FA Cup opener against Brentford if he wants to deal with multiple post-match injuries... :-)AllanOct. 29th at 10:52 PM gmt
Anyone who doesn't normally look at the results for the auctions have definitely missed out on what may be the best move ever seen in MSWL... I'm talking about Auction 1, Lot 5 - go check it out. Primer knowledge... Brentford has no eligible GK RobOct. 29th at 3:13 PM gmt
I appreciate Ian's help in securing a Gk for our match. I just hope all the players on both teams can stay healthy after the BOA-BRE FA Cup opener...AllanOct. 27th at 7:32 PM gmt
WANTED: GK for opening game of the season. All offers in writing to Mr A. Sellers, Brentford.IanOct. 27th at 6:32 PM gmt
Woohoo! Thanks Al! Now I'm curious of the other colours on the anniversary chart...JohnOct. 25th at 11:41 PM gmt
Season 30 (which is Pearl on the anniversary chart) is now OPEN!AllanOct. 20th at 10:12 PM gmt
Ellis did U1 financials - thanks Ellis! AllanOct. 18th at 11:25 PM gmt
Can someone please help w/financials? I'm going to try to do aging this weekend. AllanOct. 16th at 10:18 PM gmt
Thanks guys! Can I please get some financials totaling help?AllanOct. 13th at 1:50 PM gmt
Division 2, here we come. Looks like it will be a fun filled season ahead! Thanks Al for running things.EllisOct. 10th at 3:56 AM gmt
Yes, thanks Al. I'm not sure about the fun part though winning our first trophy with some luck in the semi and final helped. Not sure how we stayed up with our 2nd best Df being an APP and I needed to play all the APPs more than required due to lack oSteveOct. 8th at 4:24 PM gmt
Thanks Al for another fun seasonDaveOct. 7th at 4:03 PM gmt
BOOM!!!!GrahamOct. 6th at 7:44 PM gmt
Compo: Division 2 here we come...AllanOct. 2nd at 10:12 PM gmt
Division 2: We don't want Compo here...AllanOct. 2nd at 10:12 PM gmt
Division 2 here we comeSimonSep. 29th at 7:35 PM gmt
Rhys demands justice (or maybe just a rules explanation)!RobSep. 22nd at 8:04 PM gmt
back to back promotions. Prior to first season back on top flight for a few years GrahamSep. 22nd at 6:51 PM gmt
Never seen so many forwards in one teamSimonSep. 20th at 4:07 PM gmt
Are Cardiff City flying under the radar?AllanSep. 18th at 10:46 PM gmt
Lots of players for sale come and take a look as Allan says fair prices being offeredSimonSep. 18th at 8:27 PM gmt
Certainly was Simon. Didn't help my sore throat trying to suck the ball in during the last few minutes.JamesSep. 17th at 9:58 AM gmt
Watford unlucky tonight seeing them lose their unbeaten run jamesSimonSep. 15th at 10:29 PM gmt
Just like Wigan relegation and a cup win is it possibleSimonSep. 15th at 10:28 PM gmt
How are we in a cup semi final..SimonSep. 15th at 10:27 PM gmt
Were going downSimonSep. 15th at 8:08 PM gmt
Couple of BRBs available late in the season if anyone needs them?IanSep. 1st at 7:20 PM gmt
The wave the Pilgrims are riding has (hopefully) not yet crested!RobAug. 30th at 2:10 PM gmt
After years of pain and suffering the Pilgrims are tied for first in the rankings with Dr. Wilkes!AllanAug. 27th at 12:56 AM gmt
That 3rd place in the rankings is DOWN a spot from last week. We're falling fast, one spot each week!RobAug. 22nd at 6:17 PM gmt
What a thought to be able transfer players between United 1 and United 2 , boy do Bedford need a new goalkeeper SimonAug. 21st at 10:31 PM gmt
Yes, watch out for Boston Rob there Compo. He's had years of pain and suffering and doesn't seem like he'll tire of winning...AllanAug. 19th at 10:49 PM gmt
Plymouth third in the rankings, are you kidding meSimonAug. 19th at 7:17 PM gmt
My team just sucks but it looks like the anti-Atie code has been activated by OLMEC yet he is ranked 6th so no one needs to cry for him.RobAug. 17th at 4:21 AM gmt
You're obviously not sacrificing enough CP to the olmec gods Rob!JohnAug. 17th at 4:06 AM gmt
Only two teams haven't scored a league goal yet: DER and TRA!?RobAug. 16th at 12:53 PM gmt
You are right Dave G! Cumbrians just keep winning in the 1st Division. Can anyone stop Carlisle United?AllanAug. 11th at 8:22 PM gmt
Poor defence this weekSimonAug. 11th at 6:42 PM gmt
Correction...U1 will run close to the deadline...AllanAug. 11th at 5:47 PM gmt
Expect a slight delay again today of about 2 hours. I'll email when everything is done.AllanAug. 11th at 5:43 PM gmt
Probably not.DaveAug. 11th at 10:15 AM gmt
Dave Gittins is currently trying to see where the radar is. Can he fly under it again for 10 weeks?AllanAug. 10th at 10:20 PM gmt
Updates are done to predictos...AllanAug. 6th at 11:39 PM gmt
Ill take a look at predictions this week and fix. A by product of how I had to run things from out of town...AllanAug. 5th at 1:54 PM gmt
What went wrong with the prediction scores?EllisAug. 5th at 12:06 PM gmt
@James unfortunately over in U2 we're playing Dohm, so it's only me who loses :)IanAug. 4th at 8:26 PM gmt
Counter going up , Allan must be going to run it manually to make sure Lindsay and Dohm don't win . . . JamesAug. 4th at 8:14 PM gmt
They always are Compo, they always are... AllanJul. 31st at 10:47 PM gmt
Your email was it important?SimonJul. 28th at 10:57 PM gmt
Oh yes I can turn it on when I want SimonJul. 28th at 10:57 PM gmt
Your email made you sound very professional Simon. I couldn't believe it was you! :-)AllanJul. 28th at 10:53 PM gmt
What did the email say, happy holidaysSimonJul. 28th at 10:52 PM gmt
It runs into August though niceSimonJul. 28th at 10:49 PM gmt
Just got an out of office email response from Compo. I thought your six week holiday started in August Simon?AllanJul. 28th at 7:23 PM gmt
Many thanks for setting things up again Allan. Fingers crossed for the new season.MikeJul. 16th at 1:51 PM gmt
U1 is ready...AllanJul. 15th at 11:11 PM gmt
Updated reset target is July 15th (perhaps July 8th)AllanJun. 27th at 11:07 PM gmt
I'll try to get the season reset next Sunday (June 24th)AllanJun. 18th at 2:57 AM gmt
Well done to Vick, Alon and Rob for their trophy wins.DaveMay. 26th at 8:50 PM gmt
Thanks, Simon. Staying up was the goal at the start of the season. Really pleased how things panned out.DaveMay. 26th at 8:47 PM gmt
Dave what an excellent performance well done Carlisle SimonMay. 26th at 7:47 PM gmt
We managed to stay up terrificSimonMay. 26th at 6:43 PM gmt
Because we all watched chelsea beat man Utd last week and tonight Liverpool to win the champions league well maybeSimonMay. 26th at 6:06 PM gmt
Shhhh!DaveMay. 26th at 10:40 AM gmt
Uhhh...why aren't people talking about David Gittins flying under the radar? He's 3 points from a first division title!?!?!?AllanMay. 22nd at 11:16 PM gmt
When is the last time a squad was relegated with a GD? LIN is 3 as of now and looking likely to fall!MikeMay. 22nd at 12:34 PM gmt
How did I miss parcipation bonus is session 8SimonMay. 14th at 6:32 PM gmt
Good luck Dr. White! :-)AllanMay. 11th at 10:42 PM gmt
Really White v Atie x3 in one session !!JamesMay. 5th at 8:36 PM gmt
Matches running shortly...AllanMay. 5th at 7:38 PM gmt
6 or 7 weeks would be nice but sadly only ten days this yearSimonMay. 5th at 4:02 PM gmt
Boo Dave Dohm!!! Boo!!!!AllanMay. 5th at 12:38 PM gmt
It's nice to see that ever since I asked if Brentford was flying under the radar that they seemed to have dropped a bit in the standings. Keep it up second division. DaveMay. 2nd at 10:16 PM gmt
Let's hope so Mr. C! Is it just an all-August holiday or are you going for 6 or 7 weeks off this year? :-)AllanMay. 1st at 11:17 PM gmt
Indeed mr s portugal beckons I hope they have wifiSimonApr. 29th at 10:45 PM gmt
What else is incredible Compo is that your UK mandatory month-long holiday is only 3 months away... :-)AllanApr. 25th at 10:28 PM gmt
Incredible still 2nd in the rankingsSimonApr. 22nd at 8:19 AM gmt
Ian and Alon in the same session. We'll be lucky to get 0 pointsSteveApr. 21st at 6:34 PM gmt
Uh...we can't afford to have radar in the 2nd division...AllanApr. 18th at 11:57 PM gmt
Is that Brentford flying under the radar at the top of the second division?DaveApr. 17th at 10:50 PM gmt
Not sure anyone will beat Lewes this season...blimey.AllanApr. 15th at 12:25 AM gmt
Blimey Lewes again are you serious SimonApr. 14th at 8:12 PM gmt
Blimey Lewes look goodSimonApr. 14th at 1:42 PM gmt
Wish I could claim that I was just trying to lull you all into a false sense of security.RobApr. 8th at 2:13 PM gmt
You were already on "the list" Dave Dohm. Thanks for the feedback. Sorry if I get a little cranky sometimes (old age). :-)AllanApr. 7th at 10:06 PM gmt
I for one, think it is a travesty that we have to wait a few hours! Simply a travesty that Al enjoys his afternoon. I'm not sure I can stand for this! I might be able to sit though.DaveApr. 7th at 3:25 PM gmt
We're pretty fond of Al here at CHF as well. PhilApr. 7th at 3:04 PM gmt
We love MSWL United.....and we love Al!!!!!!!:DFranApr. 7th at 2:14 PM gmt
Al, keep it going, we appreciate all you do and would be lost without these games!MikeApr. 7th at 1:55 PM gmt
Saturday matches will be run a little late as I want to be around to monitor and will be out most of the day at a Mad Max volleyball tourney...AllanApr. 7th at 12:40 AM gmt
Al, I wasn't having a go, I really do appreciate your time and effort. I was just disappointed with the reversal of the result as I was looking forward to using those CP's!MikeApr. 2nd at 6:54 AM gmt
Sorry about that time you lost, Al. EllisApr. 2nd at 3:44 AM gmt
Thanks Al for spending your time on the games. DaveApr. 1st at 10:10 PM gmt
I'm not happy I had to spend 5 hours today working on this when I had other things I wanted to do. These situations are why I'm sometimes on the fence on continuing with the leagues or not at every season break...AllanApr. 1st at 9:57 PM gmt
Not happy. A 6.3 victory in match 4 now given as 4.2 defeat. I understand not GMs fault but I suppose it shows how much luck is involved when for the same match orders we see a 5 goal swing.MikeApr. 1st at 9:10 PM gmt
1st Division leaders try to set low expectations... :-)AllanMar. 31st at 2:02 PM gmt
We are rebuilding after a bad last seasonSteveMar. 30th at 10:43 AM gmt
I just want to make sure all the haters took a moment to review the Notts v Plymouth FA Match in Rd 1.RobMar. 29th at 8:33 PM gmt
Quite a few teams "lucked out" as they didn't have to face the more physical lineup. Non-League II, I'm coming for that crown!RobMar. 29th at 10:02 AM gmt
I was pretty sure I had my Orders in on Wednesday of last week therefore I ignored the message about Orders needing to be completed.RobMar. 29th at 10:01 AM gmt
Tom Lang isn't the answer.......DaveMar. 29th at 2:08 AM gmt
Top 2 Mr. Blair.AllanMar. 28th at 11:55 PM gmt
Question please? How many teams progress from the AP Cup groups?DavidMar. 28th at 8:10 PM gmt
Whos dave trying to fallSimonMar. 27th at 1:39 PM gmt
As our esteemed commissioner has pointed out....this is a rebuild year for the Rooks. I fear we may fall to the middle of the table. DaveMar. 26th at 10:11 PM gmt
"David's price 1k."PhilMar. 26th at 3:01 AM gmt
I need an age V player. Will pay "David's price 1k."PhilMar. 26th at 2:16 AM gmt
Not an auspicious start to the season, but still learning and training....DavidMar. 25th at 6:38 PM gmt
Matches to run Sunday at 12 CT (US) and 6pm UKAllanMar. 25th at 1:05 PM gmt
Hated fuels us.RobMar. 24th at 9:32 PM gmt
This number is unsurprising and likely to climb!MikeMar. 22nd at 1:20 PM gmt
8 Managers (so far) hate Rob Peterson in the "Forest-Plymouth" FA Cup opener...AllanMar. 20th at 11:48 PM gmt
Will someone please sell David some more Age V players? :-) AllanMar. 20th at 11:46 PM gmt
Sorry lads, BRBs all okay - meant the message for league 2.DavidMar. 20th at 6:56 PM gmt
Gents, Have had a knockback but could still do with an age V lad for a BRB - please make me an offer. DavidMar. 20th at 9:18 AM gmt
They should do david but I dont see any in mineSimonMar. 12th at 3:01 PM gmt
Right, I have made offers for players on the trade page - I take it the club concerns gets notification about my offers in their message box?DavidMar. 12th at 8:38 AM gmt
Not a problem good luck with your searchSimonMar. 11th at 8:31 AM gmt
Simon, thanks for that - don't know how I missed that. :-)DavidMar. 10th at 9:57 PM gmt
David go to transaction the look for trades then try to make a tradeSimonMar. 10th at 9:49 PM gmt
How do I make an offer to a team for a player - is it purely through the message box? DavidMar. 10th at 9:29 PM gmt
Pre-Season Auction 2 up! Bid high on lot 1 as Ian wants that player. :-)AllanMar. 10th at 9:02 PM gmt
Can anybody sell me an aged V player - please make an offer to me so I can finish my pre-season. Thanks.DavidMar. 8th at 10:05 PM gmt
I didn't even know there was a transfer list!TimMar. 6th at 3:51 AM gmt
Tim: Please post the 1/10 Gk on the transfer list so I can jokingly call him damaged goods. :-) AllanMar. 6th at 12:09 AM gmt
I have a I/10 GK available for fair market priceTimMar. 5th at 9:30 PM gmt
I need Age V players, send me offers please. Team: OldhamTimMar. 5th at 9:27 PM gmt
Me again, lads, just trying to complete deals for age V players to convert to coaches. Can you message me with offers, please?DavidMar. 5th at 9:30 AM gmt
Yes sir, that is you Christer. Mike: just doing aging now. AllanMar. 4th at 12:58 AM gmt
Any idea when ageing etc will be done for new season?MikeMar. 1st at 10:17 AM gmt
I assume SHF is Sheffield U? We are usually called SHU.ChristerFeb. 20th at 7:37 PM gmt
Well, 10k to WYC - not going to buy me much of a coach for next season.... :-(DavidFeb. 20th at 10:21 AM gmt
Can someone please help with the financial totals. I hope to then run end of season/reset things on Feb 17 or Feb 18.AllanFeb. 10th at 3:23 PM gmt
And congrats to me for making you all look good - for now :-)DavidJan. 28th at 7:45 PM gmt
Congra s to the I-man for the FA cup, Dr. Death for the youth cup and, Vick for the AP cup....well done!DaveJan. 28th at 3:56 PM gmt
Runners up we will take that but 9 points to make up next year too tough I feelSimonJan. 27th at 6:28 PM gmt
Is that cryin' Dave Dohm winning ANOTHER title? What happened to the 'rebuilding' season DD? :-)AllanJan. 25th at 12:44 AM gmt
Yes well done daveSimonJan. 20th at 10:12 PM gmt
Glad the title is wrapped up! Makes for an easy session 10DaveJan. 20th at 7:57 PM gmt
Great session aheadSimonJan. 20th at 6:21 PM gmt
That's the only race we are leading!EllisJan. 17th at 6:22 AM gmt
Bristol city lead the way in season posts can we catch themSimonJan. 16th at 3:16 PM gmt
Rob, I'm with you on this 7 year plan - if only it was going to be that easy.. :-)DavidJan. 15th at 8:31 AM gmt
Are Lewis too far in front..SimonJan. 13th at 6:23 PM gmt
Champions Northampton fight backSimonJan. 6th at 6:46 PM gmt
Welcome back, Comrade Rob!MikeJan. 6th at 2:21 PM gmt
I'm going to utilize the 7 season rebuild plan. The SBYs from next season will eventually be Age V...yay.RobJan. 5th at 8:20 AM gmt
Looking for old players to be able to get BRBs for next season - could some nice teams please get in touch??DavidJan. 4th at 10:43 AM gmt
Happy New Year to all!AllanJan. 1st at 9:20 PM gmt
Only a couple Simon? :-) Doesn't matter, quite enjoy the thrill of checking to see if I will win, err score a goal.. DavidJan. 1st at 11:26 AM gmt
Yes David, that's a tough couple of seasons you have ahead of you, I have taken a postal team in Hopscotch recently with similar lacking qualities!!SimonDec. 30th at 8:16 PM gmt
We want to change our name from Wycombe Wanderers to Wycombe NIL please?? :-)DavidDec. 30th at 7:29 PM gmt
NTFC don't concede a goal but then they only score one as well!!! PainfulSimonDec. 30th at 6:56 PM gmt
Compliments of the season to you all. Hope 2018 is a great year for everyone.EllisDec. 27th at 4:35 AM gmt
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! FranDec. 25th at 10:47 AM gmt
Merry Christmas to all (even those teams assuming 3 points against us.... - guess that is nearly everyone...) :-)DavidDec. 25th at 8:01 AM gmt
Mike has been on the juice - just looked at the results for tomorrow and we are 0-0 (funnily enough, every game is 0-0). We would take that!!DavidDec. 22nd at 8:50 AM gmt
It looks like Mike Parnaby was kind enough to vote for your Wycombe too David. :-)AllanDec. 22nd at 4:52 AM gmt
Why is Wycombe's game on the Prediction list? Means you get 1 game of a start as I am the only one who has to put us for a win.. Do I get a bonus for a goal even?? Thought not.. :-( DavidDec. 21st at 12:55 PM gmt
just taken over Wycombe - bet you are all quaking - NOT! Only have 1 x IV player so apart from auctions is there any other way to ensure I can have backroom boys next season - current ones will all be getting their P45s?DavidDec. 21st at 12:53 PM gmt
Thanks al Happy Christmas everyoneSimonDec. 16th at 11:02 PM gmt
Games completed a few mins ago on a delay per my email earlier... (U2 up shortly...)AllanDec. 16th at 10:48 PM gmt
Not sure the games have all run have theySimonDec. 16th at 10:27 PM gmt
Steve, I will help you with your question below soon on the NMR rule and extra spots. AllanDec. 16th at 12:50 AM gmt
I don't believe I received your cheque in order to accommodate the re-run you requested Mr. Compton. :-)AllanDec. 10th at 5:16 PM gmt
Can we re run these games alsoSimonDec. 10th at 4:02 PM gmt
Welcome to my world jamesSimonDec. 10th at 4:00 PM gmt
could our next session be any worse !!JamesDec. 9th at 7:16 PM gmt
Can someone please explain the NMR rule re extra youth spots at the end of the season please. SteveDec. 9th at 6:51 PM gmt
Sounds like you raised him right, Al!MikeDec. 9th at 6:33 PM gmt
Just oldest is away at college and is excited about playing the "Unexploded Cow" card game I sent that just arrived today... AllanDec. 7th at 12:09 AM gmt
Oh that's funny I-Man. "What did you do"....ha!AllanDec. 6th at 1:03 AM gmt
What did we do? Three away games against Lewes, Tranmere and Northampton?IanDec. 5th at 5:06 PM gmt
If you check out the rankings comments you'll quickly pick up on the fact that Weston-super-Mare are trying to "fly under the radar". :-)AllanDec. 3rd at 12:46 AM gmt
If you can't beat them join them. next time 4/5 strikers every game.MikeDec. 2nd at 7:16 PM gmt
Not a good league start for Northampton SimonDec. 2nd at 6:15 PM gmt
And yet you won two matches, now thats skillSimonDec. 1st at 7:16 PM gmt
It's Wednesday and I've just realised I NMR'd. SteveNov. 29th at 2:31 PM gmt
Pro tip: don't. forget. to pick. a captainJohnNov. 26th at 11:59 AM gmt
Excited for the start today!MikeNov. 25th at 1:55 PM gmt
Oh man... haven't been logged into MSWLU in forever!RobNov. 18th at 2:29 AM gmt
Motivational speech upsets Lewes players, any of the forwards looking forward to play8ng at Northampton next season SimonNov. 5th at 9:24 PM gmt
Well.....It is a down year for Lewes....lacking talent coming in to this campaign.DaveNov. 3rd at 2:25 AM gmt
Sad that Dave Dohm has not yet posted any of his damaged goods personnel on the Transfer List. :-) AllanNov. 3rd at 12:06 AM gmt
The longer we wait, the longer I stay in Div1 :)AbeOct. 27th at 12:24 PM gmt
The longer we wait the longer Northampton stay as champions lolSimonSep. 22nd at 11:57 AM gmt
Itching for UNITED, bring it on, Al! Know you are busy, just showing some IMPS enthusiasm. :)MikeSep. 18th at 1:29 PM gmt
Here and ready when you are, Al, looking fwd to the seasons!MikeAug. 19th at 11:03 AM gmt
I'm sorry, I'm not quite hitting my targets here. A lot of personal things going on that are taking up my time. I hope to have more on next season deadline starting in early-mid August. AllanJul. 22nd at 11:15 PM gmt
Just a quick update. Look for an email by July 14th on the next season. Might be sooner, but hit a busy period here.AllanJul. 3rd at 12:14 AM gmt
Was just checking in as I was missing the action, so I am happy to see your message, Al. Bring it on!MikeJul. 2nd at 12:10 PM gmt
Look for more from me near in the next couple of weeks. The next deadline will likely be the end of June or first week of July as I run the aging process.AllanJun. 11th at 6:37 PM gmt
Congratulations to Compo on the 1st Division Title!AllanMay. 23rd at 8:38 PM gmt
Congrats, Simon! On a smaller scale, LIN was able to promote, we are on the way up!MikeMay. 20th at 12:30 PM gmt
Congratulations to Simon. And thanks as always to Al for running these great two leagues.JamesMay. 18th at 8:44 PM gmt
We @Leeds congratulate Simon as well. Great season and a well deserved championship!AbeMay. 15th at 6:57 PM gmt
Congratulations Simon.EllisMay. 14th at 3:49 AM gmt
So sweet over the moon 1st title you beautySimonMay. 13th at 10:04 PM gmt
I think I may have made myself very unpopular today . . .JamesMay. 13th at 6:41 PM gmt
Not looking so good now though is itSimonMay. 7th at 3:06 PM gmt
Swansea just managed their own double - over Preston!RoyMay. 6th at 11:24 PM gmt
Sure looks that way! COMPO, COMPO!MikeMay. 6th at 3:47 PM gmt
Compo has NEVER won a U1 League Title. Is this the season?AllanMay. 6th at 12:52 PM gmt
Tranmere chasing the doubleSimonApr. 30th at 3:19 PM gmt
Looks good from up here!SimonApr. 30th at 1:19 PM gmt
Blimey vertigo kicking in, never been this high before lolSimonApr. 22nd at 6:43 PM gmt
Pressing Lewes superSimonApr. 15th at 7:42 PM gmt
Awesome sessionSimonApr. 15th at 7:41 PM gmt
Lewes look good SimonApr. 8th at 6:36 PM gmt
Still in touchSimonApr. 2nd at 6:38 AM gmt
Nicely placed in the 1st divisionSimonMar. 25th at 7:10 PM gmt
Yes John, agreed and I don't like the look of that 15 defender!SimonMar. 22nd at 9:31 PM gmt
Only upside to having to play Northampton twice in one session is the knowledge Compo's probably about as happy about Port Vale twice in one sessionJohnMar. 20th at 2:41 AM gmt
Clearly Tranmere is the team to beat.DaveMar. 20th at 12:16 AM gmt
That's true Dave. Is this post a distraction from your #1 slot in the rankings? AllanMar. 19th at 10:54 PM gmt
Wait a minute....I just realized PNE isn't on my schedule....did they get relegated?DaveMar. 19th at 3:53 PM gmt
The worlds against me!SimonMar. 18th at 7:47 PM gmt
Opening day, ready to go!MikeMar. 11th at 2:58 PM gmt
Like the bad penny, here I am again!MikeMar. 8th at 1:22 PM gmt
Welcome back to Matt White at Swindon!AllanMar. 7th at 10:53 PM gmt
Mike Parnaby is the new manager at Hereford. Welcome back Mike!AllanMar. 7th at 10:48 PM gmt
Al sent an email that he is out of town until Monday.MikeFeb. 27th at 2:06 AM gmt
What happened to the auctions?SimonFeb. 26th at 8:13 AM gmt
Will be the weekend of the 17th for aging (sooner if I can this week)...AllanFeb. 12th at 11:25 PM gmt
Look for more info the weekend of Feb 10th on when the next season begins...AllanFeb. 1st at 7:57 PM gmt
Yes, thanks, Al! Onto the next one so LIN can get going in the right direction!MikeJan. 7th at 7:11 PM gmt
Thanks for another fun season Al DaveJan. 7th at 7:01 PM gmt
If you have Age V SL 7 or less then you can either keep them for 1 CP or convert them to BRB before they retire. Too late to convert after the next games. BRB will be age II next season but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.SteveJan. 1st at 1:24 AM gmt
Wow, any one of four to win division 1. Any one from three in div 2 and either from 2 in division 3, it's all very closeSimonDec. 31st at 6:34 PM gmt
It's close at the top!SimonDec. 31st at 6:29 PM gmt
Don't forget your non league sales and happy Christmas SimonDec. 23rd at 8:28 PM gmt
We are trying to win the division title this season. Beating Lewes this coming weekend won't be an easy task!AbeDec. 20th at 7:03 AM gmt
Is Leeds flying under the radar?AllanDec. 19th at 10:50 PM gmt
Nice to see Leeds top of the pileSimonDec. 17th at 6:38 PM gmt
Steve , I feel your pain that's our season finished as wellJamesDec. 11th at 12:16 AM gmt
Two APPs suspended and out the Youth Cup - I think that's the season done for me.SteveDec. 11th at 12:00 AM gmt
Not a good session to miss the deadline for. :-( Not going to be a great farewell season.AndyDec. 10th at 7:57 PM gmt
Did 2 very closeSimonDec. 10th at 7:00 PM gmt
And yes before anyone asks I do know how to spell league correctly. Apologies all aroundJohnDec. 4th at 6:03 PM gmt
Looks like I'm an artist in the leauge this season: Let me draw youJohnDec. 4th at 6:03 PM gmt
How have we stayed second!SimonNov. 26th at 6:54 PM gmt
Well he does know the codes!SimonNov. 26th at 2:11 PM gmt
Woo Hoo! Shenanigans!!AllanNov. 26th at 1:27 PM gmt
Does anyone else find it interesting that Commish Al is killing it in the Prediction League??RobNov. 26th at 3:55 AM gmt
Waiting to be shot down, AlSteveNov. 23rd at 5:55 PM gmt
Is Nottingham Forest flying under the radar?AllanNov. 22nd at 5:16 PM gmt
U1 Prediction matches up. It is VERY interesting that the commish is leading the prediction league table...AllanNov. 22nd at 5:12 PM gmt
I'm out of town until tomorrow evening and don't have the scheduler on yet. So look for results in about 28 hours.AllanNov. 19th at 10:33 PM gmt
No predictions this week as I couldn't get to it until today.AllanNov. 18th at 2:54 PM gmt
Prediction league: I looked most days and nothing there. Went to theatre Saturday, setting off in the morning and missed it. SteveNov. 13th at 1:38 PM gmt
Phew we just make it in the ap cup by the skin of our teeth SimonNov. 12th at 9:56 PM gmt
Just a quick note that auctions will be processed later today or early Sunday morning. AllanOct. 29th at 4:13 PM gmt
I can't comment on the Dagenham - Leicester "trade"SteveOct. 23rd at 3:58 PM gmt
12 APPs at Cardiff. I didn't know that was even possible. SteveOct. 20th at 8:44 PM gmt
Thank you, Al for running two great leagues. Thank you Olmec for letting Forest achieve what they should have this season.SteveJul. 6th at 9:14 PM gmt
LEE is still among the top 10 teams...Not a bad finish this season. AbeJul. 5th at 4:43 AM gmt
Well done Preston, nut Northampton relegated SimonJul. 3rd at 3:47 PM gmt
WowSimonJun. 25th at 6:25 PM gmt
Oh bother. I forgot about the trade deadline and non-league sales.SteveJun. 21st at 9:35 AM gmt
9 wins on the bounce only conceding 1 goal?SteveJun. 12th at 8:23 AM gmt
Port vale buy up the auction!SimonJun. 6th at 10:45 PM gmt
I thought it was harder to get 2 wins in a 2 match session and keep the youth program going. SteveMay. 28th at 9:47 PM gmt
I need some money before the auctions are of any interest again. Some top players available there, too, which is a shame.AndyMay. 23rd at 1:10 PM gmt
What auction? I think I also missed the prediction league.SteveMay. 17th at 8:51 AM gmt
Or have the past Auction's high prices scared people off?RoyMay. 15th at 10:23 PM gmt
Did everyone forget there was an Auction this weekend?RoyMay. 15th at 10:23 PM gmt
That's more respect than I typically get Steve...enjoy it! :-)AllanMay. 15th at 3:44 PM gmt
Three easy wins against three C teams. Were you being nice to the sleepless daddy? Boy came home today :)SteveMay. 14th at 9:58 PM gmt
I bet you do. Congratulations!AllanMay. 14th at 12:52 PM gmt
Need sleeeeepSteveMay. 14th at 12:30 AM gmt
Thanks, Andy. Back home today as she isn't in labour yet and more comfortable here. SteveMay. 8th at 7:48 PM gmt
Hope everything going/goes well, Steve.AndyMay. 7th at 10:49 PM gmt
Not a bad set of results considering I rushed the orders between my wife's bouts of early labour pains in hospital. SteveMay. 7th at 9:17 PM gmt
Always nice to see a group of death... provided you are not in it, of course.AndyApr. 30th at 5:21 PM gmt
That really seems unfair Ian.AllanApr. 27th at 3:05 PM gmt
We open in the AP Cup against Tranmere and Lewes? Seriously?IanApr. 26th at 9:09 PM gmt
It doesn't seem like a very warm welcome from Mr. White...AllanApr. 23rd at 7:50 PM gmt
good luck Crewe you mean :-pJamesApr. 23rd at 4:26 PM gmt
Bill Ramsay has taken over Crewe Alexandra. Good luck Bill.AllanApr. 13th at 10:22 PM gmt
Cardiff and BHA have swapped managers...AllanApr. 13th at 12:52 AM gmt
Looking forward to a new season! Though it looks to a tough one for LIN.MikeApr. 11th at 4:35 PM gmt
When is the new season starting alGrahamMar. 5th at 5:35 PM gmt
Thank you and farewell. 26th at 6:30 PM gmt
Well done to all the winners, and thanks to Al for running the show.EllisFeb. 22nd at 9:05 AM gmt
Joint winners of division 2 nice !SimonFeb. 20th at 6:39 PM gmt
well done to Alon at TranmereSimonFeb. 14th at 6:56 PM gmt
Session 10 predictions upDaveFeb. 14th at 3:53 PM gmt
Yes the cobblers were very unlucky vs my swans - sweeper stopped 14/18 chances!RoyFeb. 13th at 11:08 PM gmt
Something went wrong with the results!SimonFeb. 13th at 10:05 PM gmt
Has something gone wrong with the participation sessions!SimonFeb. 12th at 10:38 PM gmt
Predictions up.....sorry it is a little lateDaveFeb. 10th at 2:23 AM gmt
Who's got the Delorean for next session?AndyFeb. 6th at 7:24 PM gmt
Yay!AllanFeb. 5th at 9:40 PM gmt
This week we have the rare opportunity to get hammered by Tranmere twice in one session. It's just like old times.IanFeb. 2nd at 7:03 PM gmt
Will Samuel Palmer leave after only just signing!SimonJan. 31st at 10:47 PM gmt
Predictions up for 8 DaveJan. 30th at 6:41 PM gmt
Predictions up for session 7DaveJan. 27th at 1:58 AM gmt
Predictions up for session 6...good luckDaveJan. 18th at 2:21 AM gmt
some thrilling games todaySimonJan. 16th at 6:28 PM gmt
Predictions for session 5 are up....good luck! DaveJan. 11th at 12:32 AM gmt
cup saturday see Leeds win, Northampton draw, Man utd struggle again, Compo gets 5 of 6 super 6 results correct, nothing for that though!!SimonJan. 9th at 6:58 PM gmt
Predictions for session 4 are up!DaveJan. 2nd at 8:56 PM gmt
Happy new year everyoneSimonJan. 1st at 2:48 AM gmt
Predictions up for session 3...sorry for the delay!DaveDec. 29th at 7:37 PM gmt
Predictions up for session 2....Good luck!DaveDec. 19th at 8:58 PM gmt
Predictions for session 1 are upDaveDec. 14th at 12:50 AM gmt
Northampton would like a sweeper , anyone got one ?SimonDec. 13th at 9:12 PM gmt
Happy Christmas everyoneSimonDec. 13th at 9:09 PM gmt
I have an APP/5 FW for sale. Send me a message.JohnDec. 12th at 1:45 PM gmt
Two of the three most valuable teams are in the third division!AndyDec. 6th at 12:31 PM gmt
I expected DD to pile on with some comments. You never let me down Dave! :-)AllanDec. 5th at 8:25 PM gmt
That's just poor programming.....a travesty!DaveDec. 5th at 8:04 PM gmt
Ouch Comrade Rob. Sorry, looks like that player should be retired and the aging code didn't process it fully (was Age VII SL 8 before aging it appears). I've retired him. AllanDec. 5th at 7:58 PM gmt
On the player pages, has the aging been listed in advance? My roster has Age VII SL8 but the player page says Age VIII SL0 for Season 22.RobDec. 4th at 2:54 PM gmt
I've put a couple of I/10 players on the transfer list. Probably cheaper than the auction. SteveDec. 3rd at 10:38 PM gmt
Nice job Ian (sigh)... :-) AllanNov. 30th at 1:10 AM gmt
Thanks for all the well wishes. I'll retire happy with our 4th FA Cup in hand! Cheers friends! BrianNov. 25th at 12:15 AM gmt
Too bad the Imps were unable to get the points. Cool to see WSM come so close to the title. Congrats Ian!BrianNov. 22nd at 4:53 PM gmt
Congrats I man on winning the premier division.DaveNov. 22nd at 1:53 AM gmt
How strangely attached we get to cyber beings. I could save 1CP by choosing a different player to coach to ensure he becomes a BRB next season, but the other player came through the ranks with the Bulls...AndyNov. 20th at 10:40 AM gmt
Predictions fro round 10 can now be enteredPaulNov. 15th at 4:34 PM gmt
Predictions for session 9 can now be enteredPaulNov. 8th at 2:54 PM gmt
Orders in check and verified. C'mon U Horns!JamesNov. 4th at 6:43 PM gmt
Best coach poll: We have only 9 votes so far. Come on people!!BrianNov. 3rd at 1:48 PM gmt
You can now enter your predictions for session 8PaulNov. 1st at 8:48 AM gmt
Still bottom but boy it's closeSimonOct. 31st at 6:36 PM gmt
Predictions for session 7 can now be enteredPaulOct. 25th at 6:59 PM gmt
Predictions for session 6 can now be enteredPaulOct. 18th at 8:33 AM gmt
Predictions for week 4 can now be enteredPaulOct. 6th at 3:10 PM gmt
Kinda sad to see PNE struggle......DaveOct. 4th at 12:37 AM gmt
Glad to see from last week's comments that I am making it tough for you all in the prediction Saturday's choices are up for you to ponder over...PaulSep. 27th at 2:56 PM gmt
My lineups didn't set. It had a base lineup but it would have been far better to NMRRobSep. 26th at 11:14 PM gmt
Boo!!AllanSep. 23rd at 10:57 PM gmt
Are PNE flying under the radar?IanSep. 21st at 9:35 PM gmt
Prediction competition round 2 open for entriesPaulSep. 20th at 3:06 PM gmt
Let's see if that strategy pays off Brian. :-)AllanSep. 19th at 2:13 PM gmt
The 'Gulls selected their first captain in three seasons!BrianSep. 19th at 1:55 PM gmt
Leeds and Lewes still need to select captains...AllanSep. 19th at 11:28 AM gmt
What is a league title? PhilSep. 19th at 6:12 AM gmt
Give ya a chance to make ground on league titles ;)DaveSep. 15th at 12:58 AM gmt
When the schedule for a new season is released, I always scan through and see when we're hosting our great rivals Lewes. Erm...what? You say they're in division 2 this year?IanSep. 13th at 9:00 PM gmt
Round 1 coming up - you can now enter predictions!PaulSep. 13th at 2:03 PM gmt
1st auction in the books, next one is next Saturday with games starting on the 19th.AllanSep. 5th at 7:44 PM gmt
Agreed Ellis, thanks to Al for running this great game. Bring on next season in Duvision 2JamesJun. 16th at 6:05 PM gmt
Thanks to Al for running the game for another great season. Though we are hoping for even better team success next season.EllisJun. 16th at 9:08 AM gmt
Fifth ranked team and down to D3. Go figure.BrianJun. 14th at 12:34 AM gmt
miserable season JamesJun. 13th at 6:43 PM gmt
Predictions for the last round, June 13th, can now be enteredPaulJun. 7th at 12:58 PM gmt
You can now enter your Prediction League selections for June 6thPaulJun. 1st at 4:45 AM gmt
Thanks Simon! If only we hadn't slipped up against Weston... IanMay. 31st at 12:29 AM gmt
We did our bit by beating the leaders!SimonMay. 30th at 7:12 PM gmt
The Seagulls currently HATE Lincoln.BrianMay. 30th at 6:38 PM gmt
Predictions for May 30th are now available for your pleasure.PaulMay. 23rd at 8:51 PM gmt
No wins in 6, Northampton looking for new managerSimonMay. 23rd at 7:17 PM gmt
Predictions for Sat 23rd can now be enteredPaulMay. 17th at 7:20 PM gmt
Manager Compton on the verge of quitting after extremely poor weekend!SimonMay. 16th at 6:52 PM gmt
So do I Dave, so do I.BrianMay. 14th at 4:22 PM gmt
I hate last placeDaveMay. 10th at 4:06 PM gmt
Predictions for May 16th now ready...PaulMay. 10th at 7:08 AM gmt
Well would you believe it? We play the top two in our division. SteveMay. 7th at 11:43 AM gmt
Hey five correct for compo, incredible guessing!SimonMay. 3rd at 7:16 PM gmt
Predictions for Sat 9th can now be entered....PaulMay. 3rd at 12:34 PM gmt
You can enter predictions for next Saturday now..PaulApr. 26th at 2:01 PM gmt
Two away games against Lewes this session means the unbeaten record has to go...IanApr. 25th at 10:40 PM gmt
Main GK injured... only backup is an SBY. OUCH.RobApr. 25th at 2:23 AM gmt
Chesterfield still looking for a BRB so I hear :)IanApr. 21st at 5:41 PM gmt
I only see two there Al, but then who am i to argue with the main man, suppose the 3rd ones coming!!SimonApr. 20th at 9:38 PM gmt
Cobblers with three on the Physio table. C-Ball didn't you tell me you were going to try to injure Compo's captain this coming session?AllanApr. 19th at 10:32 PM gmt
Some nasty injuries out there SimonApr. 19th at 7:41 AM gmt
Prediction Competition Round 3 now open!!PaulApr. 19th at 6:54 AM gmt
You can now submit your predictions for week 2....PaulApr. 11th at 8:42 PM gmt
Damn, two seasons in a row I forgot to assign captain. BrianApr. 11th at 8:30 PM gmt
Getting sick of all these auction 2nd places...these need tracking the same way we do with most injuries caused etc. !!!IanApr. 11th at 6:48 PM gmt
Get tuned into those Allan parr cupsSimonApr. 11th at 6:30 PM gmt
Prediction League open for entries!!PaulApr. 4th at 8:51 PM gmt
Coach McIntosh steps to the microphone...AllanApr. 4th at 2:32 PM gmt
tap tap this thing on?PhilApr. 4th at 7:13 AM gmt
Anyone interested in trading a 1/10 FW to BHA for cash only?BrianApr. 3rd at 12:03 PM gmt
*Thrilled* to steal the best player in the auction from Ian.RobApr. 2nd at 2:13 PM gmt
In the opening auction, Boston Rob snatches a II/13 Fw from the I-Man, Sheffield gets 3 players, and Alon acquires a couple cheap Age I's.AllanMar. 30th at 2:41 PM gmt
Go Pats!BrianFeb. 2nd at 9:20 PM gmt
Yrs, thank you,Al and Roy for letting me take over Forest. I've enjoyed my first season. SteveFeb. 1st at 2:41 PM gmt
Thanks to Al for running this. Much appreciated. EllisFeb. 1st at 9:00 AM gmt
Congratulations to Hereford on wining their first league title!BrianJan. 31st at 8:28 PM gmt
1 point lead for me. Will I actually win something?SteveJan. 29th at 8:49 PM gmt
You can enter your predictions for session 10 NOW!!PaulJan. 25th at 3:09 PM gmt
Congrats to HER on the title.DaveJan. 24th at 9:09 PM gmt
Go Pats, Go Pats!BrianJan. 24th at 7:20 PM gmt
Bite your tongue DaveJan. 24th at 12:28 AM gmt
Go Pats!BrianJan. 23rd at 11:16 PM gmt
Its bad enough losing to the Seahawks...but "Dave Dohm's Seahawks"? Really? Brutal...(sigh)...AllanJan. 22nd at 11:50 PM gmt
GO HAWKSDaveJan. 21st at 3:50 AM gmt
Prediction choices now available...PaulJan. 17th at 9:29 PM gmt
Way too many suspensions this session for usSimonJan. 17th at 8:33 PM gmt
I root for Lewes and whoever is playing PNE.DaveJan. 17th at 6:34 PM gmt
Ian's a good chap. He deserves at least one person on his side.BrianJan. 17th at 2:15 PM gmt
There are two teams in MSWL United. Team Anyone But Ian. And Team Ian. Brian and Ian are on the latter...AllanJan. 14th at 11:52 PM gmt
Ian just passed 300 wins. Congratulations, Ian!BrianJan. 13th at 10:34 PM gmt
Prediction choices now available....PaulJan. 11th at 10:23 AM gmt
If second bottom position in the bottom division is "flying under the radar," then the answer is "yes!"EllisJan. 11th at 4:53 AM gmt
Is Bristol City flying under the radar?AllanJan. 11th at 2:22 AM gmt
You can handle it Ian! Or can they!SimonJan. 10th at 6:50 PM gmt
People are playing a lot of hardness against us lately...I'm just sayin'IanJan. 10th at 6:29 PM gmt
Happy Saturday is here. Not hopeful about our chances after last week's ugly results.BrianJan. 10th at 2:07 PM gmt
Are you like me? Does it feel like W-s-M is flying under the radar?AllanJan. 7th at 11:37 PM gmt
Predcitions for round 7 can now be submitted!PaulJan. 4th at 1:37 AM gmt
I just can't imagine why Ian...AllanJan. 3rd at 4:35 PM gmt
This just feels like nobody wants to trade with us.IanDec. 31st at 2:29 AM gmt
Prediction choices for round 6 are now up!!PaulDec. 28th at 5:05 PM gmt
Quality players on the transfer list, can't believe there's been no offers...IanDec. 28th at 2:32 AM gmt
Presents were not granted, have a good new yearSimonDec. 26th at 3:40 PM gmt
Happy Christmas to you all!!BrianDec. 24th at 7:34 PM gmt
Round 5 of the Prediction Competition now open for business!PaulDec. 21st at 4:51 PM gmt
Anyone have a theory on why Swindon is holding on to so much cash?BrianDec. 21st at 3:16 PM gmt
Happy Christmas from the comptonsSimonDec. 20th at 9:55 PM gmt
Get your picks in for round four of the prediction competition!PaulDec. 13th at 9:41 PM gmt
Al...Sorry, I broke the FA Cup Round 2 page. that's a bad omen for the Gulls I suspect.BrianDec. 9th at 11:50 PM gmt
I think we might see some surprises this season.BrianDec. 9th at 2:41 PM gmt
Tough rebuild aheadDaveDec. 7th at 9:22 PM gmt
Prediction Competition is open for round 3....get them in!PaulDec. 6th at 9:38 PM gmt
Why does my coach photo show as the Lewes image?BrianDec. 6th at 7:37 PM gmt
Under 11s Brixworth loose! Like mswl manager Compton soon for the sack!SimonDec. 6th at 3:27 PM gmt
Prediction Competition - round 2 now open!!PaulNov. 30th at 4:55 PM gmt
wouldnt be you AL would it!! SimonNov. 29th at 5:47 PM gmt
Guess which team plays their first two matches against a non-league side...AllanNov. 27th at 2:26 PM gmt
I've not forgotten either. I believe that was Kieran Hayes.BrianNov. 15th at 4:04 PM gmt
This deal was much better Dr. B. I still recall that first deal where you received the 3-match suspended player from Budvar Dave! :-)AllanNov. 15th at 2:39 PM gmt
Al...I made a deal with that devil. Hoping it doesn't kill me in the end.BrianNov. 14th at 4:36 PM gmt
Why isn't anyone trading with Dave to get BRBs? C'mon guys if the Age V players are injured they can still become BRBs! :-)AllanNov. 11th at 10:50 PM gmt
Great to be in U1. Last time I was here I was that bad my stats don't even register SteveNov. 11th at 1:00 PM gmt
Thanks guys SEASON 20 is now declared open for business!AllanNov. 8th at 5:05 PM gmt
Yes, thank you as always for running this great league Al.BrianOct. 4th at 6:54 PM gmt
Thanks Al for another great season and all your hard work.DaveOct. 1st at 2:12 AM gmt
Thanks to Al for running the whole show.EllisSep. 30th at 8:18 AM gmt
Congratulations to Lewes, Brighton (for a double), Swindon, Sheffield, and Hereford. EllisSep. 30th at 8:18 AM gmt
I voted for Dave Dowson in his Cup Finals match... maybe he'll lose now?RobSep. 25th at 6:40 PM gmt
Prediction League very close going into the last round....don't miss out!PaulSep. 20th at 8:31 PM gmt
I think all cup finals should be on neutral pitch.BrianSep. 20th at 7:42 PM gmt
How'd our keeper do this session Ian?DaveSep. 20th at 6:20 PM gmt
Plymouth did there part against Lewes...RobSep. 18th at 4:14 PM gmt
Come on everybody....Ian needs you to beat Lewes because Preston couldn't. DaveSep. 14th at 3:24 PM gmt
And just after both Brentford and Forest sold their excess GKs to the non-league RoySep. 14th at 1:02 PM gmt
Just as interesting is division 3 where the top three teams are all 6-5-3BrianSep. 14th at 2:55 AM gmt
The 1st division looks almost over...but wait...does somebody have a problem at the GK position?IanSep. 13th at 8:43 PM gmt
Prediction League hotting up - currently a three way tie Cockayne/White/Hawker....time to get your entries in....!PaulSep. 13th at 8:19 PM gmt
Al...Isn't it time for your annual email to indicate what options people have this week before session eight starts?BrianSep. 9th at 5:08 PM gmt
Prediction Competition is building up to a nail-biting finish. Selections for next Saturday now up....PaulSep. 9th at 3:14 AM gmt
You're funny Brian. =)RobSep. 7th at 6:01 PM gmt
I think what Perer meant to say is that the best MEDITECH manager was already in U1...that being me.BrianSep. 6th at 2:06 AM gmt
In taking on Swindon PC did mention that the best Meditech United manager is now in U1. Or maybe that's the voices in my head again? AllanSep. 5th at 11:03 PM gmt
...And get your lineups in soonBrianSep. 5th at 7:38 PM gmt
PC, happy to have you on board! Now just waiting for our first tilt. BrianSep. 5th at 7:38 PM gmt
Peter Costa has taken on the reigns at Swindon Town...AllanSep. 5th at 7:11 PM gmt
I like Oldham's new owl crest.BrianSep. 3rd at 5:08 PM gmt
Round 7 of the Predo League now open for entries. James White still needs stopping...PaulAug. 31st at 2:40 AM gmt
Lewes running away with 1st Division. Surely now unstoppable?IanAug. 30th at 8:12 PM gmt
Surely you can overcome this Rob? "Plymouth Argyle FC haven't won a league match at Deepdale (PNE) since season 2."AllanAug. 25th at 12:08 PM gmt
We'll still lose Al...RobAug. 25th at 12:26 AM gmt
Swamis may wish to know that entries are open for round 6 of the prediction league. Rob@Crewe may prefer to do the ironing...PaulAug. 23rd at 10:16 PM gmt
Don't tell Boston Rob but I see his first opponent next session will have a suspended Gk unavailable...AllanAug. 23rd at 6:49 PM gmt
0 hardness and 2 pens conceded what are the odds of that !!!JamesAug. 23rd at 6:26 PM gmt
Comrade Rob is looking down on us from upon high.BrianAug. 21st at 4:52 PM gmt
Sorry that may have come out sort of rude. Got interrupted via a phone call at work. Geez, people want me to work AFTER it is time to leave.RobAug. 19th at 1:19 PM gmt
Prediction League? what are we, swamis? How about winning some real [simulated] matches instead of worrying about RobAug. 19th at 1:17 PM gmt
James White still leads in the Predo Comp....time to get your round 5 entries in!PaulAug. 17th at 3:55 PM gmt
James White in the lead in the Prediction Competition....need to be stopped! You can now enter your round 4 choices...PaulAug. 12th at 4:23 AM gmt
Compo back down the bottom of the predicto league with his random approach!SimonAug. 4th at 9:46 PM gmt
You can now enter your predictions for session 3. Tight at the top, a 4-way tie...PaulAug. 3rd at 2:35 PM gmt
Golden Sombrero for LIN today, back to the drawing board.MikeAug. 3rd at 1:49 AM gmt
Lewes the early front runners. I'm backing Dave Dohm to lead the league right through to the end.IanAug. 2nd at 10:53 PM gmt
Perhaps it is too early to ask, but will Swansea ever win a match?DaveAug. 2nd at 1:44 AM gmt
Don't forget to enter the prediction league, waste minutes of your life and maybe win almost nothing!!PaulAug. 1st at 3:31 AM gmt
Ah yes, Cockayne loves it too!PaulJul. 30th at 8:27 AM gmt
I love it when Compton refers to Compton in the third person...AllanJul. 28th at 8:44 PM gmt
Unheard of Compton scores 4 in the prediction league, more than he scored all last year!SimonJul. 27th at 9:36 AM gmt
Prediction League now open for round 2 entriesPaulJul. 26th at 8:47 PM gmt
Results Of Prediction League Round 1. A difficult set to start with and 8 managers lead with only 5 correct predictions. There were three draws there that few predicted, and only 5 managers reckoned Watford would manage a win against Nottingham Forest.PaulJul. 26th at 8:47 PM gmt
Only 10 entries for the prediction competition so far....only takes a few minutes, so no excuses!PaulJul. 25th at 4:17 PM gmt
I am running the Prediction League this season - session 1 choices are now available for your unbridled pleasure.PaulJul. 19th at 9:43 PM gmt
Yes, I am all smiles this week. A tough final last night, but so happy with the result. Twenty-four years has been a long wait.BrianJul. 14th at 3:14 PM gmt
I kind of picture Compo storming the sidelines and screaming at the refs in a Miguel Herrera way. "Hey ref, that kid with the mustache is too old to be on a U10 team!!"...AllanJul. 12th at 11:23 AM gmt
I am flattered Brian, you value my opinion on a game of football, did think the Germans nearly played as good football as my under 10s!SimonJul. 10th at 10:21 PM gmt
Compo...What did you think of Brazil v Germany?BrianJul. 9th at 4:47 PM gmt
I don't need to ask she does the bidding!!SimonJul. 5th at 10:13 PM gmt
Happy to have another season on tap and looking for big improvement @ LIN!MikeJul. 4th at 2:51 PM gmt
Time for Compo to ask his wife for the chequebook. Look at those tasty auction offerings...AllanJul. 3rd at 5:39 PM gmt
My shame is palpable. BrianMay. 8th at 12:10 AM gmt
Brian - you allowed Phil to take home the FA Cup. For this many people who didn't previously know you, now want you sacked.IanMay. 7th at 11:00 PM gmt
The tax man is coming for some of you managers.BrianMay. 7th at 5:29 PM gmt
Ha, I like that Ian. The board wants me sacked since we failed to bring home a second consecutive FA Cup.BrianMay. 7th at 2:01 PM gmt
In other news, BHA manager Brian Beerman has been threatened with the sack by his chairman, following accusations of "being a PNE fanboy"IanMay. 5th at 4:53 PM gmt
That was not luck, Ian. You had one of, if not the best teams ever.BrianMay. 5th at 1:51 PM gmt
Thanks for the kind comments from Dave/Brian/Abe. After 18 seasons of winning nothing, we got lucky this season...IanMay. 4th at 12:35 AM gmt
Mr Wilkes inflicted our only defeat of the season Brian, he must know what he's doing...IanMay. 4th at 12:34 AM gmt
Congrats on the treble Ian and the best season everDaveMay. 3rd at 10:43 PM gmt
Graham Wilkes...why do you have 15 GPP left?BrianMay. 3rd at 10:11 PM gmt
Ian: wishing you luck as you go for the treble this weekend.BrianMay. 2nd at 12:14 PM gmt
Going into session 10, PNE is: 26-3-1 (0.917)BrianMay. 1st at 8:30 PM gmt
We @ Leeds congratulate PNE for the great accomplishement this season! And man.. looks like we'll be the sandbag of Div1 next season.. We'll do our best!AbeMay. 1st at 12:13 PM gmt
Oh my, don't even go there Brian! And Roy - thanks, you'll now get the "C" team from us in the future :)IanApr. 29th at 7:33 PM gmt
Al...You're sure the server is up and running? No possible repeat of the season 5 glitch that saw us replay an entire season. I know how much that would hurt Ian at this point.BrianApr. 29th at 6:00 PM gmt
Shouldn't someone have congratulated Ian on winning MSWL Utd by now? Congrats Ian! Well deserved titleRoyApr. 27th at 4:49 PM gmt
Rumors abound regarding PNE players and PEDs. I think we should skip the formal investigation and just preemptively strip Ian of any titles he may win this season.RobApr. 26th at 1:06 PM gmt
The carpenter is on standby Al, we thought this day would never come!IanApr. 21st at 6:03 PM gmt
Looks like its almost time for Ian to call his carpenter (sigh)...AllanApr. 19th at 10:30 PM gmt
So Ian wins the treble this season, right...?BrianApr. 9th at 1:41 PM gmt
PNE: 17-1-1 Could Ian build the best record ever?BrianApr. 5th at 7:53 PM gmt
Congrats to PNE for the DI title.......too tough to beat!DaveApr. 5th at 6:24 PM gmt
Best of luck to Gang Sun this weekend......we hope he survives his first league play.DaveApr. 4th at 12:48 AM gmt
Graham Wilkes earned a gold star today!AllanMar. 30th at 1:04 AM gmt
Don't look now, but I'm (unintentionally) top hoodlum at the moment.BrianMar. 29th at 11:52 PM gmt
It's simple Brian.......PNE players are juicingDaveMar. 29th at 4:45 PM gmt
Personally I'd like to know how Ian managed to get his player value up to 11160?BrianMar. 22nd at 9:32 PM gmt
At what point do I have to go so far as to corrupt the database so we have to restart the season to prevent Ian from getting a trophy?!? C'mon Cardiff! C'mon QPR!!AllanMar. 22nd at 6:54 PM gmt
Al's just trying to cause trouble... I have no idea what the other lot of you were thinking voting against PLY in the Shield. Names have been taken.RobMar. 15th at 3:28 PM gmt
Certain managers really like Blyth and Coventry against Crewe and Plymouth today...hmmm....AllanMar. 15th at 1:41 PM gmt
And the league waits on the edge of it's collective seat fort he auction results....BrianMar. 8th at 6:39 PM gmt
I don't remember the last time we won three in a session!BrianMar. 2nd at 9:46 PM gmt
Agree with Vick, it's good to sort out the squad at the start of the season so that you know where you are. Certainty rocks!PaulMar. 2nd at 6:46 PM gmt
Possibly people have more cash than usual this season, but also I would rather pay slightly over the odds to get a player at the start of the season than half way in at a cheaper priceVickFeb. 24th at 7:44 AM gmt
Auction prices seem high to me. Am I wrong, or do I just not value players as highly as others?BrianFeb. 22nd at 10:15 PM gmt
Does Simon know he can only play 1 GK?DaveFeb. 22nd at 6:08 PM gmt
Great to win the Div 2 title, especially after just missing out on Div 3 last seasonCraigFeb. 3rd at 9:00 PM gmt
Very happy to earn our second FA Cup, but disappointed to miss promotion for the second straight season.BrianFeb. 2nd at 3:05 PM gmt
As an aside, thrashing Southend 8-1 was one of the more enjoyable things I've done lately.IanFeb. 1st at 9:30 PM gmt
Couldn't believe what happened today, but luck evens out over a full season - congratulations to our nemesis coach Dohm.IanFeb. 1st at 9:29 PM gmt
Our lone division loss was 1-0 on a PK given up with 0 hardnesss.......we were the benefactors today at PNE.......JUSTICE has prevailed.DaveFeb. 1st at 8:45 PM gmt
Check CAFC Team News and League BLOG for some insight on Session 10 as it pertains to Division 1...RobJan. 31st at 7:44 PM gmt
congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats GrahamChristerJan. 27th at 8:41 AM gmt
At last my 1st trophy!!!! in united 1.. only took a few seasons lol GrahamJan. 26th at 8:59 PM gmt
At last my 1st trophy!!!! in united 1.. only took a few seasons lol GrahamJan. 26th at 8:59 PM gmt
At last my 1st trophy!!!! in united 1.. only took a few seasons lolGrahamJan. 26th at 8:59 PM gmt
At last my 1st trophy!!!! in united 1.. only took a few seasons lolGrahamJan. 26th at 8:59 PM gmt
PNE and Lewes both held to goalless draws by Crewe. Still all to play for.IanJan. 25th at 10:25 PM gmt
Ian...It's time to institute inter league trades.BrianJan. 25th at 4:36 PM gmt
In a cruel irony, over in MSWL U2, Kendal Town has 3 GKs.IanJan. 23rd at 10:27 PM gmt
I hate to say it but is this the end if PNE's season with no GK for at least one session?BrianJan. 20th at 12:42 AM gmt
Preston lineups entered with no GK on the roster.....interesting.DaveJan. 19th at 5:13 PM gmt
Come on Preston, oh no they have no keeper!!SimonJan. 19th at 12:58 PM gmt
Any chart that shows PLY near the top of the list (in a good way!) is a good chart in my opinion...RobJan. 18th at 4:58 PM gmt
I keep seeing the Most AP Cup Wins chart on the homepage. What about most FA Cup and Youth Cup wins?BrianJan. 13th at 6:23 PM gmt
Don't sell yourself short, Ian.BrianJan. 12th at 3:11 AM gmt
Looks like Lewes has the league sewn up.IanJan. 11th at 10:07 PM gmt
Hey, bring it on, that's why we play these games for, to pit our wits against the best in the business!!SimonJan. 7th at 12:43 PM gmt
Northampton gets the #1,#2, and #6 ranked teams this session..nothing to it, right Compo?DaveJan. 7th at 2:59 AM gmt
After 17 seasons of hurt, Preston fans are starting to believe.IanJan. 4th at 9:42 PM gmt
Nice idea Dave but it was only going to happen in your dreamsSimonJan. 4th at 7:02 PM gmt
Cardiff with the rare opportunity upcoming, knocking the same team out of all 3 cups.......Northampton.DaveDec. 31st at 12:20 AM gmt
Happy Christmas to everyone!BrianDec. 26th at 12:35 AM gmt
Look at you, Simon. We're all very proud of your accomplishments. Keep up the good work.BrianDec. 23rd at 3:22 PM gmt
It's a wonder but we kept three clean sheets!SimonDec. 22nd at 1:36 AM gmt
Like itSimonDec. 21st at 3:56 PM gmt
It's the lighting Paul ;)CraigDec. 21st at 3:21 PM gmt
Hmm, the Oldham squad may be balanced and dangerous, but look at the picture of their coach! Looks unbalanced and dangerous to me....PaulDec. 19th at 9:43 PM gmt
Check the Oldham squad. They are balanced and very dangerous.BrianDec. 14th at 10:04 PM gmt
Got friends round but what a weekend, more to follow later, good luck chaps and chappessses SimonDec. 7th at 6:53 PM gmt
Can we seed the youth cup yet? Favorite part of the year. #trophiesicanwinJohnDec. 1st at 10:31 PM gmt
AP cup fiasco for the Cobblers, the commish has it in for me! Aargh, SimonDec. 1st at 8:19 AM gmt
I will not take part in that kind of votingChristerNov. 17th at 8:01 PM gmt
Why don't we just vote for the most hated manager? Might want to hide the actual votes though.RobNov. 16th at 5:38 PM gmt
it's hard having a bullseye on your back........DaveNov. 11th at 12:19 AM gmt
Is Dave Dohm the least liked manager in this league?AllanNov. 9th at 8:41 PM gmt
Looks like Al has the Prediction League sewn up.AndySep. 26th at 4:36 PM gmt
The commish is jotting down the names of all the people voting against the Magpies in match 34...ALL OF THEM... :-)AllanSep. 20th at 9:12 PM gmt
Is newcomer Christer flying under the radar in the 2nd Division at Sheffield United? AllanSep. 14th at 2:31 PM gmt
Allan 'Kiss of Death' Sellers. Grrr.CraigSep. 7th at 7:51 PM gmt
Basically add a new one, get some money...which I still need to process...AllanSep. 7th at 5:41 PM gmt
See my email from 3 months ago Compo. :-)AllanSep. 7th at 5:41 PM gmt
Why have the bios disappeared ?SimonSep. 7th at 5:12 PM gmt
Nope, not now! ;)CraigSep. 7th at 10:18 AM gmt
WIth 0 league losses are Craig Bucknall and Oldham Athletic flying under the radar?AllanSep. 7th at 12:01 AM gmt
Well done Al, you said something funny...IanSep. 5th at 10:35 PM gmt
trololololololololololo.comRobSep. 4th at 9:52 AM gmt
hahahahaha.... BrianSep. 3rd at 10:18 PM gmt
Tranmere leads the total YC wins with Ian a close second. With 28 Youth Cup wins surely Ian has won this title a few times?AllanSep. 1st at 4:41 PM gmt
I don't mean to call out our beloved Commish... but I'm calling him out for not having an updated photo or bio...RobAug. 24th at 1:03 AM gmt
I think Compo is saying that DOR will win the league. THANK YOU Compo! I appreciate your vote of confidence...AllanAug. 23rd at 9:14 PM gmt
There is more hope of Dorchester winning the league than you guys getting more cps!!SimonAug. 17th at 6:56 PM gmt
Retrospective, I trust?PaulAug. 15th at 7:25 AM gmt
Maybe 6 CP for a win and 3 for a draw would be more acceptable. 40% of any other type of match seems a little harsh. Shield is somewhat a bonus but a manager MUST still enter a lineup (either willfully or via NMR).RobAug. 15th at 7:02 AM gmt
Then again, I don't remember the discussion on this in the first place, so who knows how I felt when this was implemented. My failing memory....BrianAug. 14th at 1:33 PM gmt
Perhaps a revisit on the 4CP is in order? As RobB notes, where's the motivation to compete if you get bounced to the FA Fhsield?BrianAug. 14th at 1:32 PM gmt
Shield games are important to the Wycombes of this world - and 4 CPs are a lot for us!PaulAug. 11th at 4:43 PM gmt
Less CP than a draw...virtually little incentive to care about the FA games once one has been ousted from the cup. FA Youth Shield?RobAug. 11th at 11:14 AM gmt
You Brian, like most others saw the mighty Tranmere plan working too well, why worry about the FA cup when the easy shield route was available! Voted Yes to reduce the cps, nie try though and good luck in the second rate cup!!SimonAug. 11th at 8:54 AM gmt
Oh that's a terrible idea. I surely never agreed to such a thing. Outrageous. BrianAug. 11th at 12:26 AM gmt
Brian, yes we started this a couple seasons ago: "4 CPs for winning an FA Shield game"AllanAug. 10th at 10:08 PM gmt
I should have 6 more CP, correct?BrianAug. 10th at 10:03 PM gmt
Al...I received 14 CP for my two wins today. Is that some kind of new scoring system?BrianAug. 10th at 10:02 PM gmt
Some big names left in the FA Shield.BrianAug. 10th at 6:51 PM gmt
What up wit dat? Brian is the #1 hoodlum. Look at that fitness loss caused!RobAug. 10th at 11:12 AM gmt
I'm ranked#3 in hoodlums?BrianAug. 8th at 1:17 AM gmt
Phew, just clinging on to my place in the top ten sandbaggers.....PaulAug. 3rd at 8:16 PM gmt
We're only 2 behind you after yesterday Rob! CraigJul. 28th at 7:24 AM gmt
Craig, take a look at the chart to the left. We've lost 11 of 15 openers!RobJul. 27th at 1:11 PM gmt
I don't think we'll need to try very hard to lose Rob ;)CraigJul. 27th at 10:29 AM gmt
Oldham, do not forget to sandbag it! The most successful team in MSWLU history has lost 10 FA cup openers. He must be doing something right.RobJul. 24th at 11:12 PM gmt
Can't post on the blog via phone, so...BHA is looking to purchase a I/10 FW. Willing to pay premium fee. Inquire within.BrianJul. 23rd at 3:42 PM gmt
Wayne Rooney is now a DF at Port Vale. What a strange universe MSWL-U isJohnJul. 22nd at 3:58 AM gmt
...who knew those NL teams were sandbagging all these years..?!BrianJul. 20th at 11:33 PM gmt
Who knew the NL teams (Coventry BrianJul. 20th at 11:32 PM gmt
I have that fixed for you now Comrade Rob.AllanJul. 20th at 4:43 PM gmt
Awesome! The mouse over indicates 11 wins! Sandbagging? My team "evaluates" the non-marquee players the first two weeks.RobJul. 19th at 10:22 AM gmt
Sand baggers ?? I prefer slow starters :-)JamesJul. 18th at 10:40 PM gmt
Can't see the new chart on my Android, but read your BHA comments, Al. Much love from DOR so far.BrianJul. 18th at 10:33 PM gmt
New chart is up...looks like James W, Comrade Rob, and Alon are the main sandbaggers in FA Cup openers?AllanJul. 18th at 10:02 PM gmt
There's no way we can defend our title Dr. Doom. In fact, how did we EVER win a title in the first place?AllanJul. 8th at 10:52 PM gmt
Is it me or does Dorchester look like sure relegation?DaveJul. 8th at 1:58 PM gmt
Hey slow down Brian, there are a lot of "World Champion" players on that magpie side... :-)AllanJul. 6th at 12:26 AM gmt
the only damaged goods I see are from Dorchester ;-)BrianJul. 6th at 12:21 AM gmt
Season 16 is now open...let the trading begin. Can't wait for a couple Lewes players to show up for my traditional "damaged goods" comments. :-)AllanJul. 5th at 11:06 PM gmt
July 5th - Aging players this weekend...more to come on Saturday/Sunday.AllanJul. 5th at 1:08 PM gmt
withdrawl.............DaveApr. 27th at 3:43 PM gmt
Next season...tick, tock...tick, tock....BrianApr. 6th at 10:05 PM gmt
Thanks Brian, we'll try to do well in Div 1 next season!AbeMar. 27th at 7:55 AM gmt
...and congratulations to Leeds for promoting to top flight football.BrianMar. 27th at 4:43 AM gmt
Congratulations to Allan for the big win.. And please take it easy on Leeds next seaon!AbeMar. 25th at 12:28 PM gmt
Thanks! Pleased to finally win something!AllanMar. 24th at 9:42 PM gmt
Well done Al, Great season and well done, well done to Leeds SimonMar. 24th at 3:10 AM gmt
Congrats to the Magpies for winning DI.DaveMar. 23rd at 6:46 PM gmt
just make sure you don't let that rooster in the hen house Phil!RobMar. 19th at 7:41 PM gmt
Seems like this is the first session of the season where I've had a full rooster without injuries or suspensions...and I go on the road to play Ian and Dave. Long season ending.PhilMar. 17th at 12:18 AM gmt
Yes, as usual (when I'm not blaming Ian), I blame Dave Dohm! :-)AllanMar. 16th at 10:31 PM gmt
Seriously?BrianMar. 16th at 8:01 PM gmt
Uh oh....could I have jinxed the Magpies?DaveMar. 16th at 6:30 PM gmt
Finally Al has learnt how to predict and get a team to the top of the table !!SimonMar. 15th at 7:06 PM gmt
When did DOR become good?DaveMar. 15th at 1:58 AM gmt
Is there a "most youth cup wins"? This AP thing is depressingJohnMar. 9th at 6:45 PM gmt
I'm not rebuilding, his losingBrianMar. 2nd at 11:36 PM gmt
Just like Comrade Rob and Dr. Doom...Ian we're in a rebuilding situation...AllanMar. 2nd at 7:34 PM gmt
For the record... ummm, yeah... that's what we're doing...rebuilding.RobMar. 2nd at 7:11 PM gmt
This kind of crept up on me...but I realised just now that Al is top of the league in both U1 AND U2.IanMar. 2nd at 7:11 PM gmt
Odd... I haven't heard Dr. Dohm utter the phrase in awhile (well, it is more Allen's) but he appears to be really doing it this time... REBUILDING year as evidenced by his 6.3 SL for Youth!RobMar. 2nd at 7:10 PM gmt
Don't sweat it Ian, Lewes is a non league caliber club right now.DaveMar. 2nd at 6:49 PM gmt
So we win 6 games in a row...then suddenly it's Lewes, Swansea and Dorchester one after the other...IanMar. 2nd at 6:46 PM gmt
Thanks Brian, I appreciate it.AllanFeb. 27th at 11:40 PM gmt
Al: Love the new session summaries and previews. Great details and thought; looks professional.BrianFeb. 27th at 2:46 PM gmt
And we're back in the game, thanks to Al...AndyFeb. 23rd at 4:26 PM gmt
There goes my chance in the prediction league. Page failed to post, I went back and then clicked save, but didn't spot that they'd all changed to draws. D'oh!AndyFeb. 23rd at 4:14 PM gmt
DOR looks unstoppable folks. Cannot believe the rankings as they are clearly flawed.DaveFeb. 17th at 3:58 PM gmt
Lincoln City 1-3 Over Brighton this past weekend...with a NMR roster?!?!BrianFeb. 12th at 6:48 PM gmt
Eager for the Prediction League to open up this week.BrianFeb. 11th at 2:48 PM gmt
Well it certainly isn't the FA Cup, Alon.BrianFeb. 9th at 1:58 PM gmt
And everyone says that my favourite cup is the FA shield...AlonFeb. 8th at 3:48 PM gmt
Is the new AP Cup chart a sign of Alon's success? Just win in the AP Cup?AllanFeb. 2nd at 7:54 PM gmt
Obviously the ranking system is broken.....we have two losses already! DOR and SWA have to be the favorites.DaveJan. 26th at 11:06 PM gmt
I drink your milkshake. I drink it all up!BrianJan. 26th at 7:58 PM gmt
O I L ? Not sure what that is but you appear to have had a bad a session as the Cobblers!SimonJan. 26th at 7:38 PM gmt
O-I-L-!RobJan. 26th at 6:48 PM gmt
We have faith in you Kevin. And who knew Dr. Death was so good in League Openers?AllanJan. 26th at 3:19 PM gmt
I really hope Al means that like, "Is this the year Swansea could win it all?" and not like you'd say "is this deer season?"KevinJan. 26th at 7:06 AM gmt
Is this Kevin Martin's season?AllanJan. 20th at 11:15 PM gmt
Awwww, mannnnn!....mind the spoiler!PhilJan. 13th at 4:02 AM gmt
Look at the Crewe spending!BrianJan. 12th at 7:36 PM gmt
There are 3 teams with over 3500k and 13 teams over the Non-League line of 1850k...Rob's plea should be answered for many Auctions to come!RobJan. 11th at 12:09 PM gmt
Yeah, 1819(k) was a steal. It took doubling Katz's value to secure him and acquiring Araujo, Age 3/SL 10 was nearly double @ value 300(k).RobJan. 11th at 11:43 AM gmt
Let's drive up the prices of these auction players! No bargains this go-round!RobJan. 10th at 8:54 PM gmt
Amazing to see some [aristocrat team owners] still have short arms with deep pockets. RobJan. 7th at 8:18 PM gmt
Thank you to all those that voted and extra thanks to those that considered the coach of CAFC the Coach of the Season.RobJan. 7th at 8:15 PM gmt
Glad to see SOME other owners spending the past few seasons. Prior to Season 10 looks like only "The Alex" exceeded the 1500k threshold.RobJan. 7th at 8:12 PM gmt
Well done, Comrade!BrianJan. 5th at 8:16 PM gmt
Pretty close guesstimate there Dave...AllanJan. 5th at 6:05 PM gmt
He has to go for at least 2000k DaveJan. 5th at 4:43 PM gmt
An APP 7 FW. Wow.BrianJan. 5th at 4:31 PM gmt
Hey BB, see the schedule link for the deadlines (next one is Jan 5). AllanDec. 30th at 1:12 AM gmt
Al...What's the timeframe for our next season?BrianDec. 30th at 12:35 AM gmt
Now that Brian has his gift of may now begin trading, signing SBYs, converting to BRBs, etc. Oh and Ian, regarding your FA Cup opener..."YOU'RE WELCOME!!"...AllanDec. 25th at 10:05 PM gmt
Christmas is the season of giving, but not for OLMEC; aging is not a gift.BrianDec. 25th at 1:02 PM gmt
I will be aging the database shortly. Please hold off on making any trades, BRB changes, SBY signings until I give the okay...AllanDec. 24th at 3:53 PM gmt
Rob did a great job by coming back and winning the Div 1 championship this season. Congrats to CREW! AbeDec. 17th at 12:17 PM gmt
Nice to see the D I schedule gets a little easier in season 15 with PNE coming back.DaveDec. 15th at 10:59 PM gmt
"Thank you"@WbRobDec. 15th at 7:16 PM gmt
"CONGRATULATIONS"^X,N(X)^#BrianDec. 15th at 6:30 PM gmt
Congrats to the Crewe for winning the top division.DaveDec. 15th at 6:17 PM gmt
Right, unfortunately CRE players didn't qualify for that honor...AllanDec. 9th at 6:12 PM gmt
Are you sure it is fixed? There are no Crewe players listed in the top 5.RobDec. 9th at 3:32 PM gmt
The stats page was showing last season's DP for players...fixed now.AllanDec. 8th at 11:33 PM gmt
I'm not particular, Kevin. Whichever tastes better.BrianDec. 8th at 11:32 AM gmt
The animal or the candy? Or both?KevinDec. 7th at 8:14 PM gmt
The animal or the candy? Or both?KevinDec. 7th at 8:14 PM gmt
I like turtlesBrianDec. 6th at 5:12 AM gmt
I like pie!DaveDec. 5th at 6:26 PM gmt
hahahahahaBrianDec. 5th at 6:27 AM gmt
Because I'm better looking, and a nicer guy? ;-)RobDec. 4th at 6:41 PM gmt
RobP: Why would Rene or Jose want PLY to win the division?BrianDec. 4th at 6:03 AM gmt
Looks like Dave Van Dohm is going for a record 4th FA Cup in two weeks...AllanDec. 2nd at 11:33 PM gmt
Calling out Jose and Rene... I really need you guys to go T11 against BHA this session... We can't allow him to win the division..RobDec. 2nd at 10:58 PM gmt
Should Ian have sold those I/10 players to other teams earlier in the season?AllanDec. 2nd at 10:46 PM gmt
A shout out to Rob B...manager of the year (clearly) at this point...amazing season for CRE!AllanDec. 2nd at 12:38 AM gmt
The Taxman almost came to visit Dr. James White...almost. :-)AllanDec. 1st at 9:28 PM gmt
True DatDaveNov. 27th at 2:01 AM gmt
Well it needs to focus a little more on BHA and the LImps!RobNov. 26th at 8:15 PM gmt
Olmec is focusing its wrath on Dave Dohm this season Brian.AllanNov. 25th at 10:18 PM gmt
Anyone know why BHA is winning this season?BrianNov. 25th at 10:04 PM gmt
Hey Compo the next time we play in a Cup I hope I will get that same courtesy. :-) AllanNov. 25th at 4:31 PM gmt
Just realized in my haste that my ap cup semi I treated as a youth cup game ! Doh!SimonNov. 24th at 7:56 PM gmt
Just worked out how to do this for any team, any session. Just change teamid and session in this URL: 22nd at 3:39 PM gmt
The emails that Al sends you. It would be good if there were links to each session for each team, but that might be a lot of work.AndyNov. 20th at 7:41 PM gmt
Where's the session review found then please? Cheers sSimonNov. 20th at 5:44 PM gmt
That session review feature is just awesome. Great work, Al, and Boston Rob, too, of course.AndyNov. 19th at 10:38 AM gmt
Could Chesterfield get the Quadruple?AllanNov. 18th at 2:24 PM gmt
Dr. Death sold his own relation...what is this world coming to?DaveNov. 17th at 8:19 PM gmt
Great to hear everyone is doing better Rob at least with power. Oh and Ian do not tempt me to auto-populate all future Cup fixtures for you against Tranmere or Lewes. :-)AllanNov. 4th at 1:52 PM gmt
Got power back Weds night. My friends and family made out pretty well - power lost for a few days, but nothing "bad". Lots of devastation though. There are a lot of places I grew up in that are just gone.RobNov. 3rd at 10:38 PM gmt
I hope your power is back Rob. Sorry to hear about your friends and looks like its rough there.AllanNov. 3rd at 3:14 PM gmt
Last week we had Lewes in the FA Cup, this week it's Tranmere in the AP Cup? Really?IanNov. 3rd at 2:56 PM gmt
I've been without power since Monday afternoon. Not expected to get it back until Saturday. But I've got a lot of friends and family in NJ, and they got CRUSHED.RobOct. 31st at 2:23 PM gmt
New England got some wind and rain, and a lot of downed power lines. Not nearly as bad as NY/NJ area.BrianOct. 31st at 5:10 AM gmt
Hope all is well for the East Coast managers. Any updates guys?AllanOct. 30th at 9:53 PM gmt
Yes we second that as it looks horrendous SimonOct. 30th at 9:33 PM gmt
Hopefully everyone on the east coast is OK.DaveOct. 30th at 2:28 AM gmt
Still more injuries. I believe they are building a new wing in the local hospital just for my playersMarkOct. 29th at 5:49 PM gmt
Hey, Mark... that's my line!RobOct. 23rd at 12:16 AM gmt
Yeah, the random number generator hates meMarkOct. 22nd at 4:44 PM gmt
Playing hard or your oppo doing the same contributes... but you've also just been unlucky with random numbersRoyOct. 21st at 12:10 PM gmt
What have I done to be on the receiving end of so many injuries?MarkOct. 21st at 10:27 AM gmt
its virtually with u GrahamOct. 21st at 10:06 AM gmt
Where's my Ferrari?!RoyOct. 20th at 8:27 PM gmt
Great session for me, I'll take them all season 2-1 win against Compo, 4-4 draw against the I-Man, 3-0 win against NL Blyth.. and then a 5-0 against Strechy! I like it!JakeOct. 20th at 7:40 PM gmt
Looks like Ian has found the website with 90 minutes to go til deadline...AllanOct. 20th at 4:34 PM gmt
Chat feature is up and running. It will show a "distinct" list of all managers in both leagues. Please try it out.AllanOct. 14th at 1:06 PM gmt
Vick Hall has taken the reigns at Weston, welcome aboard Vick!AllanOct. 13th at 10:03 PM gmt
Good luck to everyone....unless you are playing Weston-super-mare AFC..and if you are...HAVE PITY ?BillOct. 13th at 5:45 PM gmt
Best of luck to the new season!DaveOct. 13th at 3:57 PM gmt
cheers Al, all showing correct now thanksBillOct. 8th at 9:55 AM gmt
Give that another try Bill...should be better now.AllanOct. 6th at 10:07 PM gmt
BUT, the correct player shows as capt on the "orders" page ?BillOct. 6th at 7:09 PM gmt
Is anyone else having a problem selecting a captain ? I tried but it keeps saying that i alredy selected a capt...who`s name is not even one of my players ?BillOct. 6th at 7:03 PM gmt
Okay orders code in place for the in a few mins. AllanOct. 6th at 6:36 PM gmt
Look for Auction results later. I'm trying to get some Captain info added first so you can then do your orders after the auction is done.AllanOct. 6th at 6:14 PM gmt
Mr. James White loaded up on Df in the auction...hmmm...AllanSep. 30th at 5:46 PM gmt
Well, we have Dorchester three times this year so it will be a down year for Lewes.DaveSep. 29th at 9:33 PM gmt
once got relegated with the best T11, good luck Dave!!SimonSep. 29th at 9:18 PM gmt
We were # 1 before the auction :)DaveSep. 29th at 8:32 PM gmt
Crocodile Tears at #1 on T-11 after this auction. AllanSep. 29th at 7:58 PM gmt
I think we might need a weekly "Things Brian Beerman is Disappointed in About His Fellow Managers" journal... AllanSep. 29th at 2:53 PM gmt
One more transaction and PLY will dominate the home page!RobSep. 26th at 11:56 PM gmt
Only seven respondents for the rock n roll poll? So disappointed.BrianSep. 26th at 9:41 PM gmt
Why state the obvious?DaveSep. 25th at 12:13 AM gmt
Who else is surprised that we haven't heard yet this season on "just how bad" Lewes FC will be? Where are you Dave Dohm?AllanSep. 24th at 10:39 PM gmt
Financial Bonuses are now added.AllanSep. 16th at 10:48 PM gmt
Has anyone else noticed that Harry Burroughs is soft?DaveSep. 1st at 2:59 PM gmt
Congrats to Tranmere on winning the top division.DaveAug. 26th at 3:52 PM gmt
Sad to see DOR sell Kian Owen to the non league....a large part of their history is gone.DaveAug. 19th at 1:16 PM gmt
Interesting coincidence going on at the top of the three divisions...AndyAug. 18th at 9:31 PM gmt
As difficult as it is to climb to the top of D1, it is infinitely easier to drop down to D3.BrianAug. 18th at 6:28 PM gmt
It was nice playing against you Division 1 teams for 5+ seasons. So long.RobAug. 18th at 4:51 PM gmt
Compo...ever the epitome of class.BrianAug. 15th at 4:29 PM gmt
Yes and aren't we just loving it, chairman is off our back!! For a changeSimonAug. 12th at 12:58 PM gmt
Compo has only lost once since July 14th. Are all the holidays contributing to his success?AllanAug. 11th at 11:11 PM gmt
Check that.......all the red cards Lewes is getting!DaveAug. 4th at 7:56 PM gmt
You know what is older than dirt?.........That DOR forward line.DaveAug. 4th at 3:55 PM gmt
I'm always working Simon! We don't have 18 weeks holiday like some Brits I know....BrianAug. 3rd at 3:17 PM gmt
Hey Rob, have you noticed BHA and Lincoln, are they working now instead of playing footie games, hence the lowly league positions!!SimonAug. 1st at 9:52 PM gmt
This team has gone from being a mediocre Div. I team to a bad one.RobJul. 28th at 9:44 PM gmt
Hmmm...I wonder who that 1st division team is that TRA is tied with in the all-time series...oh well, I can't be bothered to go look. :-)AllanJul. 21st at 8:43 PM gmt
Crewe does not lead any series versus the current Div. I teams! They do have 4 Series Evens though. Coincidentally the Rovers lead every series but one versus current Div. I opponents.RobJul. 21st at 5:19 PM gmt
Big weekend against WAT and TRA coming up. Please put up your B teams guys!AllanJul. 20th at 9:46 PM gmt
One of the most humiliating weeks in Crewe history with losing at home and losing to a non-league team!RobJul. 17th at 4:00 AM gmt
I think DOR needs a new Physio, Luca Ward clearly is not getting it done.DaveJul. 15th at 4:59 PM gmt
I lost my star GK to a broken leg in the inaugural season of MSWL, but went on to win the title.....PhilJul. 15th at 5:07 AM gmt
I don't remember that AlDaveJul. 15th at 1:00 AM gmt
In the original league I ran in the 1980s...Dave Dohm also BROKE THE LEG of one my players...he's not a good person...AllanJul. 14th at 11:16 PM gmt
No you don't, Dave, no you don't.BrianJul. 14th at 11:06 PM gmt
Hope Taylor and Harry feel better soon.DaveJul. 14th at 10:49 PM gmt
I do not like Dave Dohm...AllanJul. 14th at 10:46 PM gmt
hey Phil.... i may have to think about that one mate LOLBillJul. 14th at 8:57 PM gmt
Results within the hour...AllanJul. 14th at 7:49 PM gmt
It just adds to the excitement, Bill!PhilJul. 14th at 7:31 PM gmt
Wacky unusual ??BillJul. 14th at 6:19 PM gmt
No Compo look again, a sweeper has been SOLD in MSWL U2!IanJul. 11th at 11:36 PM gmt
So, I sort out a deal for a star keeper and then, just like buses, two more come along together. *SIGH*AndyJul. 11th at 9:51 AM gmt
Hey Ian, I see a sweeper for sale in United2 !!!SimonJul. 10th at 9:34 PM gmt
Let me put this to you in the form of an equation: Compo Mockery > Coaches Polls > Anything Remotely Interesting > Phil McIntoshIanJul. 10th at 7:41 PM gmt
Hey, all this Compo mockery is pushing my post on Coaching Polls out of view! Stop that!PhilJul. 9th at 5:35 PM gmt
So to be clear, does Compo actually have an SW for sale?IanJul. 9th at 2:55 PM gmt
Anyone noticed yet Tranmere have been knocked out of the AP cup! Oh and the FA cup but then that's normal!! sorry Alon couldn't resist it!SimonJul. 9th at 2:27 PM gmt
Hey Ian, Al is just saving you time, spot on Al not sure though in this current climate and it's Ian to boot isn't 1200 slightly cheap!!SimonJul. 9th at 2:24 PM gmt
Is the Coaches Poll feature working? I think last years results are still listed for future sessions. Is the current session correct?PhilJul. 9th at 5:49 AM gmt
Are you mocking Compo?IanJul. 8th at 10:26 PM gmt
Compo has one...valued at 550k..but he'll let him go to you for 1200k since you are a friend and all...AllanJul. 8th at 8:44 PM gmt
Anyone got a decent SW for sale or trade?IanJul. 8th at 7:40 PM gmt
Let the league conspiracy begin!DaveJul. 8th at 2:36 AM gmt
Is anyone not anti-Lewes? :-) Thanks Kevin!AllanJul. 7th at 10:34 PM gmt
For the anti-Lewes out there: 7th at 4:33 PM gmt
Shhh...hear that? It's the start of season XIII.BrianJul. 4th at 11:59 PM gmt
It would appear after one session that Comrade Rob is trying to set some Discipline records this season (e.g. 52 DP after only three matches)!BrianJul. 3rd at 6:06 PM gmt
I will run the session Sunday morning...AllanJun. 30th at 4:28 PM gmt
BHA is looking to acquire a I/10 DF before first session. Competitive cash payment available. Inquire within.BrianJun. 25th at 1:41 PM gmt
I believe I need a prediction league commish this season. Can someone offer to help out please? AllanJun. 24th at 10:38 PM gmt
Sell me a BRB.JohnJun. 22nd at 10:14 PM gmt
First Auction Results will be run on Sunday.AllanJun. 16th at 8:07 PM gmt
Willing to trade a couple of my FW's for DF depth, if anyone is interested.BrianJun. 12th at 10:05 AM gmt
Season 13 is open for business. Next Deadline: Saturday June 16th for the first pre-season auction. AllanJun. 9th at 7:21 PM gmt
I am sure he would really shy away from Heskey.BrianMay. 24th at 9:01 PM gmt
I don't think he'll go for it as the last time it didn't turn out too well.DaveMay. 24th at 5:08 PM gmt
Sure Dave, you go first.BrianMay. 24th at 1:44 PM gmt
Can someone just trade a GK to Al so this extended break can come to a close? DaveMay. 22nd at 11:38 PM gmt
Has DOR found their GK yet............inquiring minds want to know.DaveMay. 4th at 5:41 PM gmt appears I either over estimated the rest of the teams in division I or under estimated what my rebuilding squad was capable of. DaveApr. 19th at 5:31 PM gmt
Dave, you did. You're such a "loser". Division I title [again], 135 point ranking. How could you not predict the Division I winner?RobApr. 18th at 2:58 AM gmt
LOL...Rob....I had a feeling you would pull it off but feared the hard play would prevent you from winning. We were fortunate to win the division.DaveApr. 17th at 11:40 PM gmt
Dave, you did. You're such a "loser". Division I title [again], 135 point ranking. How could you not predict the Division I winner?RobApr. 17th at 9:14 PM gmt
I beg to differ comrade Rob, who picked the Crewe to win the division besides you?DaveApr. 17th at 1:43 AM gmt
Thank you all for another great seasonReneApr. 16th at 10:30 AM gmt
Just to add to the congratulations to AL for an NMR free season and as usual a well run one. Have I time to make a cup of coffee before we start next season?DavidApr. 15th at 8:11 AM gmt
Thanks Al for another fun season.DaveApr. 14th at 11:53 PM gmt
Last session, guys, enjoy. Another great season in the books, thank to all and esp Al!MikeApr. 14th at 5:22 PM gmt
Off for four days playing boardgames at BayCon, so enjoy the last session everyone.AndyApr. 11th at 7:32 PM gmt
I don't see how anyone can beat this Dorchester squad. Poised for a top 3 finish in Division I and two Cups...can we just give them the COY award now?DaveApr. 9th at 1:35 PM gmt
Its a great question Compo. We'll just try to hang in there and compete with our poor roster.AllanApr. 9th at 11:39 AM gmt
Hey Dorchester 4 game session, are you sure that you have enough players Al???SimonApr. 7th at 11:57 PM gmt
D2 is all Kevin's fault.RobApr. 7th at 11:08 PM gmt
What a poor session and still only 5 pts seperate 1st to 9th in Div 2, fantastic blog Kevin as usualSimonApr. 7th at 8:02 PM gmt
Do you think DOR will ever acquire a Lewes GK again?DaveApr. 6th at 12:54 PM gmt
Yes that win against CBall inspired us and then to defeat Dave D was just truly awesome,4th and rising!SimonApr. 2nd at 10:14 PM gmt
With 4 to play, the Cobblers are a disappointing 4th place.AllanApr. 2nd at 9:43 PM gmt
Simon, that's the kind of funny that's not funny at all. Know what I mean...?BrianApr. 2nd at 10:35 AM gmt
Predictions for Week 9 are up and running guys x x GrahamApr. 1st at 8:54 AM gmt
Brian, we could swap divisions wouldn't that be funny!SimonApr. 1st at 8:29 AM gmt
For once, I am speechless.BrianMar. 31st at 6:57 PM gmt
Told you all Al likes the FA Cup!SimonMar. 31st at 6:49 PM gmt
Interested in Dorchesters GK, what about Tranmere close to relegation!!SimonMar. 31st at 6:45 PM gmt
Anyone else ever mistake the QNL column for the RSD columnn? I just ruined a whole season's coaching on 3 players by doing so, ugh.MikeMar. 31st at 6:19 PM gmt
Is anyone else concerned about DOR's GK situation for next season?DaveMar. 31st at 5:55 PM gmt
Maybe Al but this league is so tight that promotion is stil possible yet!SimonMar. 30th at 11:16 PM gmt
Is Darby County flying under the radar?AllanMar. 30th at 10:30 PM gmt
Is Daire Duffy the dirtiest player in the league? The two red cards sure seems to confirm this.DaveMar. 28th at 1:18 AM gmt
Should the 3rd division get ready for another visit from Compo?AllanMar. 26th at 12:49 AM gmt
John with that SBY signing I can't count on you playing a SBY at Gk now can I? :-)AllanMar. 23rd at 9:35 PM gmt
Yep Brian, me and you both, dismal sessions!SimonMar. 18th at 5:44 PM gmt
...and that's why I was not excited about a four match session.BrianMar. 17th at 6:34 PM gmt
Predictions are up sorry for delay been away GrahamMar. 12th at 7:07 PM gmt
Cheers on ya, Compo!BrianMar. 12th at 5:50 PM gmt
Let's not kid ourselves, Kian Owen isn't a DI keeper, hence why he couldn't cut it at Lewes.DaveMar. 12th at 5:33 PM gmt
Mind you, you follow Man Utd! That Sir Alex is never happy either!SimonMar. 12th at 5:21 PM gmt
Yes I am with David, some managers are never happy, 4 games doesn't that mean Brighton have been successful! Some managers would give their rot arm to be in your position Brian!SimonMar. 12th at 5:20 PM gmt
Well, we all have at least three (with the Youth Cup), but I see where you are going David and I like it. No doubt Brian is now on your "list". :-)AllanMar. 11th at 11:06 PM gmt
Brian, some of us only have 2 games this sesssion... :-(DavidMar. 11th at 10:39 PM gmt
Four match session coming up. Oh joy.BrianMar. 11th at 5:13 PM gmt
I've always been fond of Ian, such nice sentiments from Al.DaveMar. 11th at 1:30 AM gmt
Is Dave Dohm becoming the new Ian Lindsay? :-)AllanMar. 10th at 9:46 PM gmt
I'll second what Mr. Stretch said...disastrous session...AllanMar. 10th at 9:45 PM gmt
Brentford win! Cobblers have a 4 game session ahead, the worlds turned upside down!SimonMar. 10th at 8:32 PM gmt
I second that sentiment, Mark.BrianMar. 10th at 7:45 PM gmt
Disasterous seasonMarkMar. 10th at 7:20 PM gmt
Very light participation in auction this weekend.BrianMar. 10th at 6:19 PM gmt
Thinking this I 11 GK must go for no less than 1800?DaveMar. 5th at 6:33 PM gmt
Having finally found this excellent page - - I see I'm the only one to have won all four cup competitions. Get in!AndyMar. 5th at 9:24 AM gmt
Predictions are up... HAppy PredictingGrahamMar. 4th at 5:58 PM gmt
Lewes unbeaten in D1 so far. Are we looking at a potential three-peat?BrianMar. 3rd at 10:48 PM gmt
The cup draw is horrible in the sheild i'm at Lewes and in the AP Cup i'm home to Port Vale.. bad news for the teams in my league as i won't be in the cups for much longer :)JakeFeb. 26th at 6:59 PM gmt
Ian continues to roll the dice that the Olmec server won't be hit by an ice storm in its area and lose electricity (and thus not have PNE orders).AllanFeb. 25th at 12:09 PM gmt
With a TORRID .750 winning percentage only 1 in 4 of you can STOP the C-BALL EXPRESS this season!!AllanFeb. 23rd at 9:51 PM gmt
Who is C-Ball?MikeFeb. 23rd at 7:00 PM gmt
Is C-Ball flying under the radar?AllanFeb. 20th at 8:28 PM gmt
Clearly we have the best looking league around!BrianFeb. 20th at 6:21 PM gmt
Great stuff on the historical stats Al.....Thanks!DaveFeb. 20th at 3:12 AM gmt
Predictions are up for this session!!GrahamFeb. 19th at 6:57 PM gmt
Lots of big purchases for PNE... big question is how will he handle all those SBYs and APPs he has?RobFeb. 19th at 4:04 AM gmt
(sigh) I think you are correct Dr. Beerman!AllanFeb. 18th at 11:33 PM gmt
I'd venture to say Ian may have just had the single most productive auction in United history. Cheers to you, sir!!BrianFeb. 18th at 10:44 PM gmt
Only 17 teams predicting come on guys!!! Pride is at stake!!! GrahamFeb. 16th at 10:03 PM gmt
Great to see Compo got in another holiday.AllanFeb. 16th at 8:59 PM gmt
Big AP Cup game against Oldham this Saturday tune in if you dare.SimonFeb. 16th at 8:57 AM gmt
I know, we take a holiday to mull over words such as colour, closet for a wardrobe, principle as a headmistress and thats only when i am not watching a movie instead of a film!! Happy Holidays.SimonFeb. 13th at 9:22 PM gmt
Of course you are on holiday, Compo - your entire country takes holiday on a whim. Lucky man you are, Mr. C.BrianFeb. 13th at 3:46 PM gmt
Thought of the Day-- Mr Beerman its half term over here and Compo is on his hols again!! SimonFeb. 13th at 2:09 PM gmt
Website update - moved from Moo Tools to jQuery (for now just impacts the "box" that shows stats on the front page)...AllanFeb. 12th at 11:42 PM gmt
I have to think these two II 14 lads will fetch at least 1500K.DaveFeb. 10th at 6:37 PM gmt
YesAllanFeb. 10th at 1:05 PM gmt
Is there an auction this week?DaveFeb. 10th at 1:54 AM gmt
Who needs a "u" in color when it goes silent anyway?! BrianFeb. 9th at 9:20 PM gmt
Don't you mean spell chequer Compo? :-)AllanFeb. 9th at 9:19 PM gmt
It's neither, it's the wonderful American spell checker! Color for example you guys just love to leave out vowels!SimonFeb. 9th at 4:12 PM gmt
I really don't think it's the iPad's fault, Al.BrianFeb. 9th at 6:01 AM gmt
Oh and can someone take away the iPad from Compo? Please? Otherwise I may have to start fining him for all these mis-spellings...they are hurting my eyes. :-)AllanFeb. 9th at 12:20 AM gmt
@Mark - that issue should be resolved now.AllanFeb. 8th at 10:16 PM gmt
I don't know, Mark. When's the last time Crewe beat the null?KevinFeb. 6th at 8:11 PM gmt
Different bug found on the previews in my match this time: "Crewe Alexandra FC has a 3 game winless streak against the null."MarkFeb. 6th at 5:54 PM gmt
The DOUBLE results in the match previews issue is now resolved.AllanFeb. 5th at 11:54 PM gmt
Anyone else spot C-Ball's add of a "Lindsay" in auction 1? I fear the player and coach may not see eye to eye...AllanFeb. 5th at 7:04 PM gmt
A couple of big time players in the next auction! Who's going to spend to get them?BrianFeb. 4th at 7:52 PM gmt
Where are the GKs in the auction? There's only been the one and that was the auction when I didn't get the chance to bid. *SIGH*AndyFeb. 4th at 6:33 PM gmt
OOOOh No, OOOOOh Yes, maybe oh decisions, decisions !!SimonFeb. 2nd at 8:50 PM gmt
Will first-time promoted Compo be allowed to get out the chequebook on Saturday?AllanFeb. 2nd at 7:50 PM gmt
Only 13 of 30 managers have voted in the Coach of the Year poll? Shameful.BrianFeb. 2nd at 10:35 AM gmt
You may bask away on the blog...AllanJan. 31st at 8:16 PM gmt
Are the final league tables anywhere? I've not had chance to bask in the glory...AndyJan. 31st at 2:34 PM gmt
Please email me the link at [email protected]. Ta.AndyJan. 29th at 7:49 PM gmt
Anyone got a link for the scoreboards for the last games of last season? trying very hard not to find out scores before I watch games...AndyJan. 29th at 7:48 PM gmt
Thanks to Dave Dohm and Kevin for the financial award input! Does Dr. Dowson really need an award for injuring all our players? :-)AllanJan. 29th at 5:01 PM gmt
the fickle fates of Olmec foil Forest in the finale - random injury and Pk to 0 hardness gift Watford 3rd place :-(RoyJan. 29th at 12:07 AM gmt
Posted AL...someone feel free to check me. DaveJan. 28th at 10:14 PM gmt
Can someone please help me with the end of season totals?AllanJan. 28th at 7:39 PM gmt
Terrible taunting by the Magpies won't go unnoticed next season when we meet twice. DaveJan. 28th at 3:29 PM gmt
Big day for Dave Dohm as he prepares to hoist the 1st Division trophy for a second straight season.AllanJan. 28th at 3:04 PM gmt
Jake should be ashamed of himself lets hope dads not watching, on the Internet at this time of night!SimonJan. 28th at 12:38 AM gmt
LAst Predictions of the season are upGrahamJan. 25th at 9:48 PM gmt
Only in a league Al runs could Ian get a "bonus" in the form of losing money.KevinJan. 23rd at 8:27 PM gmt
Predictions UpGrahamJan. 22nd at 9:54 PM gmt
Forgot all about the transfer deadline. Just as well I care more about the CPs this season, eh?AndyJan. 21st at 8:21 PM gmt
Ha, yes, the I/9s hadn't been trained at all, so they would have looked pretty sad as II/7s.MikeJan. 21st at 6:09 PM gmt
Wow...LIN sold all their good players!DaveJan. 21st at 5:26 PM gmt
Although I took some bashing for my original post (thanks, Brian), I am glad to see it has generated a lot of querying into some of the less obvious stats out there! MikeJan. 21st at 5:18 PM gmt
I think we can all agree that Simon should not do any more typing on the iPad.AllanJan. 21st at 4:55 PM gmt
Never mind, Kevin just posted that. So here's a trickier question - which team has never been promoted?JohnJan. 21st at 4:15 AM gmt
Who can name the three MSWL-U teams who have never been relegated?JohnJan. 21st at 4:09 AM gmt
I'm okay with Beerman's suggestion.RobJan. 20th at 12:23 AM gmt
Please award each D1 team one of Dr Doom's victories. That should be sufficient. BrianJan. 19th at 5:35 AM gmt
I see the anti Lewes sentiment has already begun.....we have no chance this weekend.DaveJan. 19th at 12:40 AM gmt
Can i get an amount you guys would like me fine Dr. Doom for his violation of the photo rules?AllanJan. 18th at 10:21 PM gmt
Yes, I was able to give Mr. Declan Smith a second chance to help out Comrade Rob. AllanJan. 18th at 10:21 PM gmt
Glad to see Declan Smith's transfer to NL was only an internet rumor!BrianJan. 18th at 9:15 PM gmt
Yikes....cleaned house at Crewe today! The all star keeper wasn't even safe.DaveJan. 18th at 6:38 PM gmt
Has the world turned upside down, IMan winning three trophies in united 2, what next I wonder! Look out Lewis he has found a way to win and your next on his list!SimonJan. 15th at 1:48 PM gmt
Shout out to the I-man as I see he pulled the treble in U2....congrats Ian!DaveJan. 15th at 4:52 AM gmt
"We have a ton of respect for Ian this week. Ian is a great person. Can we all agree on that?" A deafening silence there then !!DaveJan. 14th at 6:19 PM gmt
What time do the Seahawks play this weekend?DaveJan. 13th at 6:39 PM gmt
Kevin, an absolute wealth of knowledge, all hats off to you that man.SimonJan. 12th at 6:54 PM gmt
The British use of Chap for a male is from the old "chapman": merchant or peddler, and was used to mean "customer" for some time before meaning all men slangily.KevinJan. 12th at 5:32 PM gmt
Chaps are also the leather leggings that cowboys wear over their pants to protect them against whatever the horse brushes by.KevinJan. 12th at 5:24 PM gmt
We have a ton of respect for Ian this week. Ian is a great person. Can we all agree on that?AllanJan. 12th at 12:11 AM gmt
Next ,I will have Kevin on telling me that Chaps means something completely different in your good land!!SimonJan. 11th at 11:45 PM gmt
Its the first time Brian and Comrade Rob have been called "chaps" in their life...AllanJan. 11th at 11:10 PM gmt
hey chaps at you are playing div 1 football, us down here would give our right arms to be back up there!!SimonJan. 11th at 7:31 PM gmt
Ditto for the 'Gulls.BrianJan. 11th at 3:32 PM gmt
This season has been an utter disappointment for the Railwaymen thus far.RobJan. 11th at 9:46 AM gmt
Predictions UpGrahamJan. 8th at 6:47 PM gmt
Terrible tactic by Dorchester to put a bulls eye on our back...he's going to win this thing yetDaveJan. 7th at 6:45 PM gmt
Does Dr Doom have a bull's eye for a photo now? Coincidence?BrianJan. 6th at 6:24 PM gmt
Predictions are up guys!!!GrahamJan. 1st at 9:10 PM gmt
I hope Christmas Day is more giving than Olmec was today.BrianDec. 24th at 6:32 PM gmt
I love it! Andy....a quick check of the Lewes roster confirms it was written AFTER the trade :)DaveDec. 22nd at 2:45 AM gmt
There seems to be an anti-Lewes drumbeat starting? :-)AllanDec. 21st at 12:52 PM gmt
Why is everyone allowing Lewes to run away with every match? Youth or no youth!RobDec. 21st at 12:48 AM gmt
I trust that an update will be running soon so tha tLewes players all get injured in the next game.MarkDec. 20th at 8:45 PM gmt
Ugly rumors coming from the commissioner's office again!DaveDec. 20th at 1:06 AM gmt
Is anyone else spotting a "Lewes is not playing youth to win THIS season" approach?AllanDec. 19th at 11:00 PM gmt
GrahamDec. 19th at 12:04 AM gmt
Predictions UPGrahamDec. 18th at 11:02 PM gmt
Hey Andy Watford have one for sale, get your wallet out!!SimonDec. 18th at 9:29 PM gmt
Congratulations on #200 to Alon!AllanDec. 17th at 10:57 PM gmt
Yes Herr Kommissar, I can see how nearly 3000k wouldn't be enough at auction. ;)BrianDec. 14th at 6:18 AM gmt
I hear you Dr. Beerman. We could use a little k to bid on those fine players as well.AllanDec. 13th at 10:57 PM gmt
Anyone want to donate a few hundred "k" to BHA so we can buy a quality player at auction this week?BrianDec. 12th at 12:04 AM gmt
"Cannot believe I am listed as the top hoodlum thus far. Terrible news, just terrible."...TERRIBLE Brian It's OUTRAGEOUS...HOW VERY DARE YOU YOUNG MAN!DaveDec. 7th at 11:16 AM gmt
BHA masters the humblebrag.KevinDec. 6th at 3:34 PM gmt
Cannot believe I am listed as the top hoodlum thus far. Terrible news, just terrible.BrianDec. 6th at 3:25 PM gmt
All those lincoln teams are ranked in the coaches poll tooJohnDec. 4th at 6:53 PM gmt
Wow, 4 matches for LIN next session and no opponent is lower than #8 in T11 (including the top 2), curse you Olmec!MikeDec. 4th at 2:15 PM gmt
4 significant injuries today for LIN. Kevin and Simon, beware our next matches!MikeDec. 4th at 2:06 AM gmt
I TRIED Brian I really did, but a bid of 1568k on that GK wasn't enough ;)IanDec. 3rd at 7:41 PM gmt
With 3396 in the bank, Ian may want to open that wallet soon...but I doubt that will happen.BrianDec. 3rd at 7:36 PM gmt
May have been because they were in progress Simon. Email me with screenshots if you still see an issue.AllanDec. 3rd at 7:34 PM gmt
thanks Al but somethinghas gone wrong its not working correctly some matches only have preview and some have preview viewer and stats??SimonDec. 3rd at 7:14 PM gmt
going out in 10 mins Al. it appears we will have to wait for our dissapointment later!!SimonDec. 3rd at 7:10 PM gmt
Matches will be run in about 15 mins from now...AllanDec. 3rd at 6:39 PM gmt
I keep hitting refresh but I keep getting the same old roster with the same sorry players...PhilDec. 2nd at 5:07 AM gmt
Nice job Graham, thanks. @Mark C - The dupe season 10 previous match issue is resolved.AllanDec. 1st at 8:54 PM gmt
Nice prediction league preview, Graham. Good addition.BrianDec. 1st at 5:06 PM gmt
Please see your email on my CP fix update. AllanNov. 30th at 10:56 PM gmt
Sounds good Compo.AllanNov. 30th at 12:30 AM gmt
just logged on now and its all fine and black, thanksSimonNov. 29th at 8:45 PM gmt
Simon try refresh a couple times and let me know if it persists. Mark I will look at the preview info soon.AllanNov. 29th at 3:49 PM gmt
The tabsl coaches through to waiting list is all white and hardly visible for an old man like me! What has happened?SimonNov. 28th at 9:24 PM gmt
Aw man. Group of death AGAIN?JohnNov. 27th at 10:28 PM gmt
We may have a CP total issue that Alon raised. Investigating now...AllanNov. 27th at 3:31 PM gmt
Dave: I don't think he'll sell for a dollar more than 1387k.BrianNov. 27th at 1:36 PM gmt
let's be 'avin you, schedule!JohnNov. 27th at 6:37 AM gmt
I have to think the APP 7 FW goes for 1600 +DaveNov. 26th at 9:06 PM gmt
...and how much will Alon gamble to pick up the APP/7 FW in the next auction???BrianNov. 26th at 6:40 PM gmt
TRA has seven double-digit FW's. Thankfully, they cannot all play at FW in one match.BrianNov. 26th at 6:22 PM gmt
Perhaps it will be a kinder, gentler, Southend this year with the changeover in "talent"?DaveNov. 19th at 5:08 PM gmt
With an overabundance of age V players available, the market is saturated; it's a buyer's market for the time being.BrianNov. 17th at 6:04 PM gmt
Slightly used BRB (Coach), only 65kJohnNov. 14th at 5:08 PM gmt
It looks like Al is ready for everyone to draw their opening FA Cup matchJohnNov. 14th at 5:26 AM gmt
I wil plan to announce next steps this weekend.AllanNov. 10th at 1:05 AM gmt
The new champion is eager to defend his title.BrianNov. 8th at 4:33 PM gmt
What's the timeline for the break until season 11 begins? DaveNov. 8th at 3:43 PM gmt
Relegated Argghrrrrrrrrrrrr boy are we in for it now, read Roys chatter and figured the worst had happened!! Dan tried his hardest to help me stay up but that Roy, boy he wasnt playing ball!!SimonNov. 5th at 10:11 PM gmt
Slightly lost the plot this season, stayed up but didn't realise this was the last session until now! (Even though the predictions are for the finals!)RoyNov. 5th at 8:32 PM gmt
Another fun season, Herr Kommissar. Thank you for all that you do!!BrianNov. 5th at 7:20 PM gmt
Preview commentary is now up for this week.AllanNov. 3rd at 11:23 PM gmt
"Dohm" shouldn't appear...but "Doom" sure might. ;)BrianOct. 31st at 8:03 PM gmt
I protest if "Dohm" comes up as a name.DaveOct. 30th at 11:45 PM gmt
Always happy to help.BrianOct. 30th at 11:11 PM gmt
Many of you have been involved in special projects to help the league and thanks for all you have done. I wanted to thank Brian Beerman as he's added some new player names for us. Thanks Brian!AllanOct. 30th at 5:17 PM gmt
Is that really a 45-4 goal ration for Swansea?! Well done, Kev, see you in D1 soon.MikeOct. 30th at 12:14 AM gmt
Is that really a 45-4 goal ration for Swansea?! Well done, Kev, see you in D1 soon.MikeOct. 29th at 9:18 PM gmt
He probably should, Compo. NOR needs some new blood in the coaches chair it seems.BrianOct. 29th at 2:28 PM gmt
We are on vacation chaps the chairman told me to take a well earned break is he lining up a replacement!SimonOct. 28th at 5:55 PM gmt
Not sure what BHA is talking about.......LONG way to go.DaveOct. 28th at 2:02 PM gmt
It was nice having the League Trophy for a little while. I'm sure our friends at Lewes FC will enjoy having it next. BrianOct. 28th at 12:53 PM gmt
As much as I don't want to admit it, MCFC looks like a championship team this season.BrianOct. 27th at 2:02 PM gmt
man city are in fire 6 on the weekend 5 midweek they are balzingGrahamOct. 27th at 10:15 AM gmt
Indeed they are...mired in 8th place.AllanOct. 26th at 9:32 PM gmt
Is Compo in the relegation zone?AndyOct. 25th at 11:49 PM gmt
Previews are up!AllanOct. 25th at 9:06 PM gmt
Hold up Al. Brian has since shown me a bit of loyalty, and I myself have not yet voted :)IanOct. 25th at 4:44 PM gmt
6 votes in and EVERYONE we have 1 draw and 5 votes for Lewes in the PNE-LEW YC Semifinal? Is no one going to vote for the I-Man?!?! :-)AllanOct. 24th at 10:49 PM gmt
Some big explaining to do tomorrow!SimonOct. 23rd at 9:17 PM gmt
Like Sir Alex today I am feeling unloved and hurt!!SimonOct. 23rd at 9:17 PM gmt
I fear the chairman may want a word with Compo...AllanOct. 23rd at 6:34 PM gmt
Tough outing for the Red Devils in the Manchester Derby today.BrianOct. 23rd at 2:10 PM gmt
Hopefully Jake will injure a lot of Blades today and then they won't be flying at all!AndyOct. 22nd at 4:55 PM gmt
Is it just me or is Dr. Dan and Sheffield just quietly flying under the radar over there in division 2?AllanOct. 21st at 8:22 PM gmt
Previews for this week are up.AllanOct. 21st at 2:06 PM gmt
Graham...Please check your email. Thank you!BrianOct. 17th at 6:39 PM gmt
What's all this talk of DiDDies?DavidOct. 16th at 7:09 AM gmt
Dropped down to deadman's creek (aka relegation alley) despite taking draws against the top 2 teams in the division....should have got all 6.DavidOct. 16th at 7:08 AM gmt
Has anyone notice one of the DDs is on for the treble?IanOct. 15th at 9:28 PM gmt
Poor Ian, those sentiments are to be expected when his club loses two matches by the combined score of 7-2DaveOct. 14th at 11:55 PM gmt
Looks like Ian is back to being a H8er...AllanOct. 14th at 10:28 PM gmt
I've no respect for either of the DD's.IanOct. 14th at 9:41 PM gmt
LOVE the "DD demands your respect" Kevin. A TOUR DE FORCE!! Now, can we get a similar writeup for that OTHER DD? AllanOct. 14th at 7:10 PM gmt
Previews up, please email me if you spot any anomalies/issues.AllanOct. 14th at 4:30 PM gmt
No previews this time?MarkOct. 14th at 1:04 PM gmt
Priceless post by Mr. Martin! Although I fear for his life after Dr. Death reads this.DaveOct. 14th at 1:10 AM gmt
Wow...I am speechless about that story, John.BrianOct. 12th at 5:57 AM gmt - any of our massachusetts managers invovled?JohnOct. 11th at 11:15 PM gmt
The Rooks needed the 400K for doctor bills as it seems our foes have resorted to injuring our players. I can't imagine where these ideas come from!DaveOct. 10th at 4:46 PM gmt
No kidding, I would have been happy trading for Mr Ali so I could have sold him to the NL for 400k. No reason our friends at Lewes should have all the fun.BrianOct. 10th at 2:26 PM gmt
He said he'd rather play in the non league than play for DOR.DaveOct. 10th at 3:04 AM gmt
Where did Robert Ali go? I wanted to bid on him. :-)AllanOct. 10th at 12:13 AM gmt
How many sweepers is Compo planning to play in the Youth Cup?AndyOct. 8th at 4:48 PM gmt
Great win for the Cards, Al, congrats. Carp was soooo good!MikeOct. 8th at 12:22 PM gmt
Happy flight! Happy flight!AllanOct. 8th at 4:16 AM gmt
"You can't always get what you want..." C-ball.BrianOct. 7th at 11:47 PM gmt
"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" would suit LIN well. A trophy, that is! MikeOct. 7th at 3:09 PM gmt
or maybe just U2?...RoyOct. 6th at 10:54 PM gmt
When United 2.0 starts, will the side banners read UNITED TWO or UNITED 2? I'm very curious....BrianOct. 6th at 4:26 AM gmt
Hey cool UNITED logo down eitehr side of the screen, and lets get right behind Al with that zero hardness rule against the cobblers!!SimonOct. 5th at 7:13 PM gmt
C'mon you guys, Compo ALWAYS says nice, kind, non-sarcastic things about your team....why not play 0 hardness to ensure his team stays injury free? :-)AllanOct. 3rd at 9:46 PM gmt
Promotion taken away from us as Shey Reid is crippled, miserable miserable luck!!SimonOct. 3rd at 8:46 PM gmt
How can Compo go back to being cocky if you guys keep injuring his players? C'mon guys! :-)AllanOct. 3rd at 3:44 PM gmt
Be afraid people of MSWL United. Its session 6 and Ian is carrying 2 (TWO) goalkeepers. I believe this is the deepest in the season he's had 2 since...well...ever!AllanOct. 2nd at 1:48 AM gmt
Shey Reid my sweeper crippled again hes not having a good season!!SimonOct. 1st at 7:12 PM gmt
"Everyone loves C-Ball."MikeSep. 30th at 3:42 AM gmt
Where did all the C-Ball haters go? Too close to performance review time?AllanSep. 28th at 9:07 PM gmt
Exactly! Thank you Kevin.BrianSep. 28th at 9:03 PM gmt
Mike: Brian is thinking it's broken because BHA is not on top of the tables this season.KevinSep. 28th at 1:37 PM gmt
Stats/Tables look fine for me in Chrome. MikeSep. 27th at 6:20 PM gmt
Not so sure Google Chrome is fixed (e.g. tables, stats, etc.).BrianSep. 27th at 4:43 AM gmt
Looks like Olmec doesn't like Jake after those cup draws...AndySep. 26th at 4:32 PM gmt
Compo has gone quiet...meaning he's not being the Cobbler chairman looking to remove him again?AllanSep. 25th at 10:06 PM gmt
Using Chrome for orders now works...I wonder if the google people 'fixed' something as I didn't change the orders page.AllanSep. 25th at 1:52 PM gmt
Roy: looks like a Sw has finally showed up (nothing exists to weed them out). Brian: only after we find a non league team for DOR. David: if its still an issue, let me know.AllanSep. 25th at 1:26 PM gmt
Looks like there's going to be one hell of a fight to avoid relegation from Division 1 this season.AndySep. 25th at 10:37 AM gmt
And now your bids are showing as having been accepted, David.AndySep. 25th at 10:36 AM gmt
David, your sale was after the trade deadline for this session, so maybe that had a bearing?AndySep. 24th at 9:55 PM gmt
Just a query. I had 30 players but sold one to the Non league before I entered the auction bids. However it null and voided my entries saying I have 30 or more players....DavidSep. 24th at 9:14 PM gmt
I would like to request a non-league team match up for the next round of the AP Cup. Al...Would you please make that happen, sir?BrianSep. 24th at 9:13 PM gmt
There hasn't been a single SW in the 5 auctions so far this season - is this a blip? or have they been removed from the auctions?RoySep. 24th at 12:24 AM gmt
Sorry for the delay, I wasn't aware I was in charge this session.DaveSep. 23rd at 1:14 AM gmt
Dave Dohm runs the Prediction League this season. He's trying to find a way to keep you (Simon) from winning.BrianSep. 22nd at 10:12 PM gmt
Who is in charge of the prediction league, Compton leads and its shut down!!SimonSep. 22nd at 8:55 PM gmt
A lot of high SL talent available in the auctions this season. Is this a trend which will continue over the coming seasons?BrianSep. 19th at 4:35 PM gmt
New previews for this session are online. Also, why is Ian puzzled because no one wants players who played for Ian? Can someone help me out here? :-)AllanSep. 18th at 10:32 PM gmt
I'm Back!!!!!GrahamSep. 18th at 3:09 PM gmt
Mind you what about dorchester cobblers chairman not so unhappy now!!SimonSep. 18th at 9:07 AM gmt
Remote entry northampton in turmoil after another. Poor sessionSimonSep. 18th at 9:04 AM gmt
LIN i s ready for action, but wary of two difficult league matches vs. Andy and Simon, good luck gents.MikeSep. 17th at 5:59 PM gmt
And you continue to be nostalgic apparently with LIN burning the midnight oil on those orders with 48 minutes to go... :-) Did I mention the Imps are undefeated in league play?AllanSep. 17th at 5:11 PM gmt
Ah the good ole days, I am such a nostalgic.MikeSep. 17th at 1:24 PM gmt
Its Saturday morning and we're just missing the 'fashionably late' Lincoln City...seems like old times... :-)AllanSep. 17th at 12:13 PM gmt
Good stuff, Jake! :-0AndySep. 12th at 3:56 PM gmt
Rob, only the best sweeper this league has ever seen, now sidelined by the infamous Bristol City Rebel Jake!!SimonSep. 12th at 2:39 PM gmt
Who is Shey Reid?RobSep. 12th at 7:18 AM gmt
I added a couple of indexes to some DB tables. Hopefully you are seeing some improvement on the loading time of the front page. AllanSep. 11th at 9:55 PM gmt
Compo: I think that was Bristol City...AllanSep. 11th at 9:47 PM gmt
Who the devil injured Shey Reid?SimonSep. 11th at 8:19 PM gmt
Wow, DOR has given up zero goals in six straight matches now. Scary.BrianSep. 10th at 8:16 PM gmt
Two League wins for LIN, but top FW goes -6 to inj, ouch.MikeSep. 10th at 6:24 PM gmt
I worry about ALL of the I-Man's fixtures today...are there ANY points there for PNE?AllanSep. 10th at 12:50 PM gmt
Awesome job on the divisional predictions and the AP Cup final group match entry. Nice work Kevin!AllanSep. 6th at 9:22 PM gmt
Wow, Coventry City currently holds the top hoodlum spot. Watch out for those NL teams this season!BrianSep. 6th at 4:02 PM gmt
Hand up if you are disappointed in Dave Dowson today. Only 2 (TWO) injuries caused today Dancin' Dave? For shame...AllanSep. 3rd at 7:56 PM gmt
I see DOR is carrying one GK this season, just like PNE does. I sure hope nothing happens to either teams' GK's during the season. That would be just terrible.BrianSep. 3rd at 6:43 PM gmt
Someone is predicting that history will be made as the Crewe are expected to be relegated for the first time under my coaching.RobSep. 3rd at 1:13 AM gmt
Kevin: Where's that D1 preview? Taking special care to get it "all right" before you publish?BrianSep. 2nd at 3:42 PM gmt
Some fantastic "crocodile tears" from Compo in his Rankings post on PNE...AllanSep. 1st at 8:42 PM gmt
APP FIT updated for the two recent auction players won by Hereford and Weston-super-Mare...AllanSep. 1st at 12:33 PM gmt
They do Andy, just not to Hereford!!!SimonAug. 31st at 8:16 PM gmt
I don't know about everyone else, but it's feeling a bit like an inaugural season to me.PhilAug. 31st at 5:31 AM gmt
Do Apprentices from the auction not come with 2 Fitness?AndyAug. 30th at 11:37 PM gmt
I don't know how we can win anything Dave. We place 17th in the number of backroom boys...AllanAug. 27th at 12:25 PM gmt
The Magpies have to be favored to win Division I, the FA Cup, the AP Cup and the Youth Cup. They'd be favored for the Shield title as well if it was possible.DaveAug. 27th at 2:12 AM gmt
We really need to focus less on DOR playing non-league I can get back to accidentally scheduling DOR to play non-league teams... :-)AllanAug. 26th at 9:16 PM gmt
Given the new teams in play he might even be getting a bye!!!SimonAug. 26th at 6:27 PM gmt
In that situation, DOR would play 3rd division strugglers PVJohnAug. 25th at 2:31 AM gmt
Compo...If you have a NL team in the FA Cup, and I have a NL team in the FA Cup, where does that leave "poor old" DOR?BrianAug. 24th at 6:01 PM gmt
Sorry for the confusion, I haven't had time yet to put in the new schedule so disregard the schedule. But yes, the AP Cup draw was done...just not the schedule...AllanAug. 23rd at 6:52 PM gmt
There are no fixtures listed yet Andy but yes I think the AP cup is drawn as I have BHA, Swindon and Crewe I believe and a non league club in the FA Cup!!!SimonAug. 23rd at 5:56 PM gmt
Presume the FA Cup has not yet been made, whereas the AP Cup draw does seem to have been made...?AndyAug. 23rd at 2:03 PM gmt
I thought the league might get a kick out of the Taylor Swift concert. It was a very weak moment that I promised my wife for her birthday. Although I was dreading going, it actually turned out to be a very good concert.DaveAug. 20th at 3:36 PM gmt
That was my BRB conversion tip from a few seasons back... just after I'd made the same mistake myself!AndyAug. 20th at 2:39 PM gmt
And now I read Al's BRB conversion tip...RoyAug. 19th at 11:27 PM gmt
Just a reminder to not bid on any of the players I'm bidding on this Saturday...AllanAug. 19th at 9:05 PM gmt
best come clean, this is not Compo I am house sitting and was asked via his persistent texts to keep an eye on his teams, i cant understand how you put up with him!! regards the sitterSimonAug. 16th at 11:21 PM gmt
BRB Conversion Tip...wait to see if you play a Home game in the FA Cup in session 1. If not, save moving that Age V to a BRB groundsman until AFTER session 1 to get 1 CP...AllanAug. 15th at 10:54 PM gmt
Session 11 are the super secret matches only a few of us know about. Ooops, did I just spill the beans...?BrianAug. 13th at 2:06 PM gmt
What's Session 11? Hope we don't need to do anything for it...AndyAug. 13th at 9:32 AM gmt
My bad on shorting BHA 4K, (totally unintentional, [wink wink]. I also erroneously added 4K to CAR when I misread CAR as Carlisle instead of Cardiff. Thanks for checking.DaveAug. 8th at 10:57 PM gmt
Division 3 title first thing i've ever won on this game lets hope I can go on to do well in division 2 next season ;)JakeAug. 7th at 8:29 PM gmt
Great season - what a finish in the second division title chase! Bring on division one next year.MarkAug. 7th at 5:10 PM gmt
BHA rocks. Congratulations to Brian Beerman for the great run towards the DIV 1 title this season!AbeAug. 7th at 1:15 PM gmt
Thank you. Very happy to have won the division title; celebrating with a few frosty pints still. Cheers to the league and all of us that enjoy this wonderful game.BrianAug. 7th at 3:54 AM gmt
Look forward to another season of battling BHA. Congratulations, Brian, on your Division 1 title. RobAug. 6th at 8:45 PM gmt
Another season of "Team Awards: NONE" coming up for us next year :)IanAug. 6th at 6:59 PM gmt
Many thanks for another great season, Al. No pressure, but if the season break is too long, I may need to turn to illegal substances to feed my addiction.MikeAug. 6th at 6:57 PM gmt
Congrats to BHA, PLY, & BRI on the division titles! Rooks thrilled to escape relegation and hope to hold on again in Season 10.DaveAug. 6th at 6:36 PM gmt
Also happy to see old and dear rivals Andy and Simon will be in D2 next season for some great matches!MikeAug. 6th at 6:29 PM gmt
Couldn't avoid relegation, but 2 MEDITECH wins to close it out is sweet!MikeAug. 6th at 6:28 PM gmt
Well, here goes nothing.BrianAug. 6th at 5:59 PM gmt
As if I ever thought WAT or QPR were not going to go all out for the title, too. Should be a great final session this season. Perhaps Dr. Martin can write up a season 9 review once all is said and done...?BrianAug. 5th at 9:46 PM gmt
Hey Brian take no notice of Allan, its until October!! I wish however we do have another break coming up but I understand we are having a long winter break between new seasons so times just right to go awol for a while.SimonAug. 5th at 8:58 PM gmt
No brainer go for the title, you might never find yourself within 2 games of being the champions againJamesAug. 5th at 4:45 PM gmt
That is the beauty of these rules. :-)AllanAug. 4th at 9:40 PM gmt
Go for it in the hunt for unlikely league glory or finish the youth player development plan?This game is tough..JamesAug. 4th at 8:18 PM gmt
Must be a tough life across the pond. I wish I could get 6+ weeks of vacation each year. Oh wait, do you think C-Ball will read this...?BrianAug. 4th at 4:47 PM gmt
If anyone needs to take a shot at Compo now is the time...its August so he's on holiday until September...AllanAug. 4th at 3:13 PM gmt
Looks to me like Watford are flying toward the top of the table.BrianJul. 30th at 5:51 PM gmt
We are not flying anywhere!JamesJul. 30th at 5:31 PM gmt
Is Watford flying under the radar?AllanJul. 29th at 8:33 PM gmt
Ian...You're far too charitable these days.BrianJul. 28th at 5:46 AM gmt
If you like I'll do your orders Simon. I've not lost since July 2nd, or conceded a goal since July 9th - I don't know if you noticed?IanJul. 27th at 9:37 PM gmt
submit for me as always best line up in the final, i knows its phil but dont go easy on him!!SimonJul. 27th at 7:11 PM gmt
hi al sorry i cannot get on line, its easy on my phone to write notes but enter orders its really slow please submiSimonJul. 27th at 7:09 PM gmt
This is true Al, and our team is also old. So I'm enjoying it while I can, as it won't be happening for us next year.IanJul. 27th at 6:03 PM gmt
Ian who?DaveJul. 27th at 1:01 AM gmt
I love the Ian Blogging...its as if he's saying, "yes, I know we won't win any of these competitions, but I'm going to savo(u)r the moment"...AllanJul. 26th at 10:02 PM gmt
Am I the only one who thinks it's a shame Brighton have already won the league?IanJul. 26th at 8:32 PM gmt
PNE is getting cocky these days...though I'm sure no one has noticed.BrianJul. 26th at 2:00 PM gmt
See my email...AllanJul. 24th at 1:06 AM gmt
Al...I am curious as to why Jake Woodward played @ SL zero versus Leeds. Seems like that might have impacted the result.BrianJul. 24th at 12:59 AM gmt
Wishing the best to Allan right now. That doesn't mean I hope DOR win Division II.JohnJul. 20th at 4:28 AM gmt
Prediction matches will be finalized after Youth Cup draws are complete for session eight.BrianJul. 19th at 4:38 PM gmt
Youre just smarting Alan because you didnt get in first with the hurtful comments!! A treble Ian, boy thats going to be a sad day whe n you dont bring home any silverware!SimonJul. 18th at 7:10 PM gmt
Thanks for noticing Simon, we're still on course for a historic treble :)IanJul. 18th at 6:13 PM gmt
Very hurtful remarks by Compo for the I-Man there...AllanJul. 17th at 11:52 PM gmt
Anyone noticed how PNE and the IMan has had such a winning streak lately, how does someone of Ians calibre manage that!!!SimonJul. 17th at 7:21 PM gmt
Worst session ever.BrianJul. 16th at 9:48 PM gmt
More injuries puts Leeds in a tougher position. Very soon we won't have anybody fit to play. Should we plea to Olmec! AbeJul. 9th at 6:24 PM gmt
Well, no internet didn't affect those outcomes. Team (well, Quinn) just performed terribly 1st match & the 2nd match was severely mismanaged.RobJul. 5th at 9:40 PM gmt
Celebrating independence from Ian today...AllanJul. 4th at 12:20 PM gmt
Well, my internet was down and I had some last minute changes I wanted to make but didn't get to. I'm sure it played out badly for me.RobJul. 2nd at 8:31 PM gmt
Good question Dr. B. Is LIN now considered a non-league team as well? :-)AllanJul. 2nd at 5:41 PM gmt
Perhaps a first round YC match between LIN and DOR is in order...?BrianJul. 2nd at 1:11 PM gmt
That Al has such a big mouth....oh, heart, I meant such a big heart.MikeJul. 2nd at 12:53 PM gmt
I think Cardiff has the Youth Cup trophy on his wanted list??SimonJul. 1st at 3:17 PM gmt
I worry about relegation for Lincoln City...I worry...AllanJun. 30th at 11:05 PM gmt
Oh wow, I didn't know Ian had guaranteed victory this season. I might as well NMR the last seven sessions then.BrianJun. 23rd at 5:46 AM gmt
Has Brian won the 1st Division yet? I thought Ian guaranteed he would win it?AllanJun. 22nd at 10:55 PM gmt
Brian, if you want the Division 1 title it is all yours. RobJun. 19th at 12:41 PM gmt
Can someone please help me by summarizing the tax plans so I can put it in a post and setup a vote?AllanJun. 18th at 2:49 PM gmt
Olmec Head has been bribed hence the reason you are all in Div 1!!SimonJun. 17th at 6:40 PM gmt
How are there so many MEDITECH teams in Div. 1 especially if OLMEC HEAD has it in for us?RobJun. 16th at 6:12 PM gmt
C-Ball is trying to lull his opponents into a false sense of security, but his 4-0-2 record tells the real story.BrianJun. 16th at 10:02 AM gmt
Come on Mike, you know we're nowhere near as good as the power rankings say we are.IanJun. 12th at 5:58 PM gmt
@ TRA, @ PNE, @PNE next session, what did I ever do to you, Olmec?MikeJun. 12th at 1:58 PM gmt
Can someone please help me out and post the Top 16 from the AP Cup on the Blog? This ranking helps me when setting home field advantage after the random draw each round. Thanks!AllanJun. 11th at 8:00 PM gmt
Hi Rob, I'm not aware of any issue with that.AllanJun. 11th at 5:14 PM gmt
Hi, Allan... I sent a message about my orders but now I went back in and they're correct. I don't see my message any longer either. Weird.RobJun. 11th at 9:32 AM gmt
Hi, Allan... I sent a message about my orders but now I went back in and they're correct. I don't see my message any longer either. Weird.RobJun. 11th at 9:32 AM gmt
That II/14 DF looks mighty nice. Wish I had the money to bid.BrianJun. 10th at 2:20 PM gmt
Its all good ish... 2 wins in cup but thumping in fa cup. Tough start to league with 2 away games. GrahamJun. 6th at 6:52 PM gmt
Oh wow, what a disappointing start to this season. BrianJun. 4th at 7:13 PM gmt
Sorry, no free time to implement that change, hopefully next season.AllanJun. 4th at 6:37 PM gmt
Aren't we supposed to be able to predict any result for matches involving our own teams?AndyJun. 4th at 4:32 PM gmt
Best of luck to everyone in season 9, even the Magpies who are looking awfully unbeatable.DaveJun. 4th at 1:13 PM gmt
Here we go, here we go, down!DavidJun. 3rd at 8:47 PM gmt
Northampton Not here for tomorrows first round matches and start to the season, whatt!!!!SimonJun. 3rd at 7:34 PM gmt
Anyone else concerned for DOR that they only have two BRB's and just one age V player on roster? I do hope the Magpies can muster a full coaching squad before the season begins.BrianMay. 29th at 11:22 AM gmt
I meant rich tradition at BHA.DaveMay. 23rd at 5:47 PM gmt
Dave, I would never go as fa as to say BHA are one of the rich teams of the league. BrianMay. 22nd at 11:59 PM gmt
Thats some forward line BHA have in the squad, favourites to win something this season.SimonMay. 22nd at 4:07 PM gmt
Clearly BHA is the team to beat now with this all star keeper. The rich get richer!DaveMay. 22nd at 2:31 PM gmt
Right Dr Doom, just "rebuilding". Now you sound like Mr Sellers.BrianMay. 21st at 7:25 PM gmt
Lewes is rebuilding with an APP GK so there is nothing to fear.DaveMay. 21st at 6:49 PM gmt
Lewes now has the 2nd best flying under the radar for Dr. Doom anymore...AllanMay. 21st at 6:48 PM gmt
Only BHA or LEE are missing from Group A to make it an all-MEDITECH affair. RobMay. 21st at 4:11 PM gmt
The problem with this AP Cup is that Northampton have been paired with Tranmere!!SimonMay. 21st at 8:12 AM gmt
That is a shame!DaveMay. 21st at 2:39 AM gmt
Ding Ding Ding...Kevin Martin is a winner! Hopefully I don't get a non-league team in the FA Cup draw...AllanMay. 20th at 10:43 PM gmt
The Magpies don't get a non-league matchup?KevinMay. 20th at 10:28 PM gmt
A good observation but not what I was looking for...AllanMay. 20th at 9:04 PM gmt
LIN, CRE & PLY are all in the same Medi-group?BrianMay. 20th at 8:58 PM gmt
Who can spot the problem with the AP Cup Tables?AllanMay. 20th at 7:09 PM gmt
Auction A is this Saturday. BrianMay. 19th at 4:15 AM gmt
when is auction deadline? GrahamMay. 18th at 9:48 PM gmt
As a Reading fan, the victory was fantastic - bring on the playoff finalMarkMay. 18th at 7:37 PM gmt
yep, crying in your beer we can hear you all the way up in the midlands, now quieten down in those hills Graham!SimonMay. 18th at 6:38 PM gmt
Total Devastation at Cardiff losing to Reading last night. to say I am gutted is an understatementGrahamMay. 18th at 5:32 PM gmt
I don't think I show it for pre-season stuff. Its next Saturday, May, 21st. AllanMay. 15th at 11:08 PM gmt
Is the deadline shown anywhere on the website?AndyMay. 15th at 8:21 PM gmt
Okay, starting to get underway on the end of season stuff now...AllanMay. 14th at 12:15 PM gmt
Come on aging, let's go already!BrianMay. 14th at 2:49 AM gmt
Now Now Allan its only cos we are excited at another seasonGrahamMay. 12th at 6:54 PM gmt
You know this would go alot faster if that "beer of the month club" gift you guys claimed to have sent actually showed up! :-)AllanMay. 11th at 10:17 PM gmt
Hey brian and Graham, whilst waiting for time to tick by try and calculate who has won what money from last seasons competitions as i am sure Al would appreciate that, tick tock, times ticking get a crack on!SimonMay. 10th at 6:48 PM gmt
WE sit and we wait and we sit and we waitGrahamMay. 10th at 2:30 PM gmt
tick-tock...tick-tock...tick-tock....BrianMay. 8th at 4:34 AM gmt
It must be pretty frightening experience for you all? Glad no one was affected from the gaming community but still shocking to here over 300 people have lost there lives.SimonApr. 30th at 1:03 PM gmt
Thanks Compo. I don't think we have any folks down there. We had some tornadoes in St. Louis last weekend...we were lucky as the one seemed to stop about 10 miles southeast of us.AllanApr. 29th at 11:11 PM gmt
Sympathies to all in USA Alabama, never seen it so bad as I understand it, hope no one was affected?SimonApr. 28th at 6:15 PM gmt
wheres that at andy? Manorcon or soemwhere similiar?SimonApr. 28th at 6:14 PM gmt
Off to play boardgames later today all the way through to Monday afternoon. Enjoy your weekend everyone.AndyApr. 27th at 11:55 PM gmt
No more work either Brian until Her Majesty instructs us to return to work, next Tuesday does seem a long time away!!SimonApr. 25th at 10:03 PM gmt
Too busy with Bank Holidays for much work, and when we do have to work we make sure that we have plenty of tea breaks!AndyApr. 25th at 8:50 PM gmt
Too busy with Bank Holidays for much work, and when we do have to work we make sure that we have plenty of tea breaks!AndyApr. 25th at 8:16 PM gmt
Does anyone in the UK work?BrianApr. 25th at 4:26 PM gmt
I'll try to start developing a schedule next weekend (April 30th) as I won't be able to get to it this weekend. So look for more in one week.AllanApr. 24th at 5:13 PM gmt
Just for working hard Mr B, 25 days hols plus bank holidays, plus 10 for super attendance lifes just a breeze, oh and by way we have prince getting married so they throw in a few days for that!!SimonApr. 22nd at 8:56 PM gmt
15 days off? For what?!BrianApr. 22nd at 5:55 PM gmt
15 days off who do you work for ive just managed to get 11 off..GrahamApr. 22nd at 5:15 PM gmt
Home Pc Mr B, dont you know we all have 15 days off now in the Uk!! No season kick off just yet please?SimonApr. 22nd at 4:10 PM gmt
no brian, what Andy meant to say was we are all on holiday now for 15 days, so pc at home or hand held pcs we dont turn them on during holiday time!!!KatieApr. 21st at 10:08 PM gmt
Andy...You need to invest in a home PC, sir.BrianApr. 21st at 6:40 PM gmt
Hope the season doesn't start too quickly since we have lots of bank Holidays and so won't be online that much.AndyApr. 21st at 5:59 PM gmt
Painful, painful, Mr Beerman painful is when you loose your fingers as a powersaw loses control and takes the tops of them off!!!SimonApr. 21st at 2:50 PM gmt
Waiting for season 9 is painful. When, when, when will we begin again?!?!?BrianApr. 19th at 8:32 AM gmt
Also surely you should not be able to vote for yourself???GrahamApr. 18th at 8:10 PM gmt
Only 11 votes so far on Coach of the Year? Come on guys, take a moment and cast your ballot.BrianApr. 18th at 1:00 PM gmt
Once again, there's really no session 11 deadline...just a placeholder thingy. I will try to get to some off season stuff this weekend like coach of the year.AllanApr. 15th at 12:23 AM gmt
2nd Division will not be ours next season but boy we are going to enjoy playing some of you and beating you when we are on song!!SimonApr. 14th at 9:21 PM gmt
Congratulations to Alon on staving off tough competition in Div I. and once again winning the title. Also, to the other divisional winners and to Dorchester from somehow turning that team ALL the way around.RobApr. 11th at 6:09 PM gmt
Please give me about a week to set when we'll start Season 9.AllanApr. 10th at 10:35 PM gmt
Swansea will storm the 3rd next year with a youthful squad GrahamApr. 10th at 8:47 PM gmt
The 2nd Division looks like it's going to be hellishly difficult next season.AndyApr. 10th at 6:15 PM gmt
Thanks OLMEC HEAD!RobApr. 9th at 7:12 PM gmt
Managed to finish the season with as many league point as in the previous four seasons combined!MarkApr. 9th at 7:03 PM gmt
Finally, Leeds, who was expected to end the season in Mid-table exceeds expectations and squeezes its way into Div1. With a nice bank account, we look forward to making Div 1 very competitive next season! Not to forget that our boy Taylor Bell won the DAbeApr. 9th at 6:21 PM gmt
Great blog entry about Quinn (GK) from Dr Baptiste. Wait until you all see Quinn's analysis of GK save percentages. Might a new award proposal be in the works...?BrianApr. 7th at 9:20 AM gmt
Paragraphs are over-rated. Sorry about the blocky blog.RobApr. 6th at 11:46 AM gmt
Hereford has the opportunity to screwe me over in 2 consecutive weeks. RobApr. 4th at 1:50 PM gmt
Brian seems to have hit a bad luck snag. Though it did seem like the random number generator DID go against the "run of play" in many matches on Saturday. AllanApr. 3rd at 10:28 PM gmt
Well, that was a fun session. What exactly was it I was excited about today...?BrianApr. 2nd at 6:28 PM gmt
Enjoying a Sierra Nevada Stout, watching Arsenal/Blackberry and waiting for our matches. Cheers!BrianApr. 2nd at 5:13 PM gmt
I picked Compo to win the division, we shall see if he comes through.DaveApr. 1st at 5:27 PM gmt
Is Compo flying under the radar this season?AllanMar. 29th at 10:00 PM gmt
yes we can make up that 7 point gap on PNE, he gets nervous you know and could well throw that 3rd spot away!!SimonMar. 29th at 7:10 PM gmt
Compo still in the Youth Cup MAY help his promo chances...AllanMar. 28th at 11:13 PM gmt
We meant it in the best possible way!DaveMar. 27th at 1:32 PM gmt
Very hurtful comments from Dr. Doom. AllanMar. 26th at 9:34 PM gmt
Beerman...would you settle for Al's head instead?DaveMar. 26th at 8:47 PM gmt
Where can I find OLMEC HEAD? I have some choice words for that inanimate object!BrianMar. 26th at 6:57 PM gmt
Looks like the taxman will be stopping to visit Alon and Ian shortly...AllanMar. 26th at 5:35 PM gmt
We fear the pilgrims...AllanMar. 26th at 5:34 PM gmt
Fear the Pilgrims!RobMar. 25th at 2:17 AM gmt
PLY load up on some players...looks like our FA Cup run is about to end.AllanMar. 25th at 12:45 AM gmt
I know this is early, but I hope season 9 finally brings what many of us have been waiting a long time to see: a player named BEERMAN. Am I right...?!BrianMar. 22nd at 2:49 PM gmt
Thanks for letting my guys know they could take the week off from scoring goalsRobMar. 20th at 1:40 AM gmt
CRE have been pretty hot until their last two games. The key thing for all is that there are still 24 league points out there to be earned...that's a lot of league futbol still to be played...AllanMar. 19th at 12:47 PM gmt
Anyone else notice Crewe have scored the second most divisional goals thus far (35), just behind Tranmere (38)?BrianMar. 18th at 5:15 PM gmt
Good stuff, Dr. Dan. Usually I get the 6-6-6 kind of numbers. :-)AllanMar. 13th at 10:35 PM gmt
We are also officially in cahoot with the devil - our season record currently stands at 6-6-6!DanMar. 13th at 1:07 PM gmt
We've forgotten how to win a match at SHU - can someone please forward instructions asap!!!DanMar. 13th at 1:06 PM gmt
CRD, CRE and TRA have combined for 82 goals in D1 so far this season (and account for 8 of the top ten scorers in division). The remaining seven teams have combined for 92 goals thus far.BrianMar. 9th at 6:09 PM gmt
Thank YOU Meditech! AllanMar. 5th at 2:28 PM gmt
Looks like Alon has to get through the Div. I Meditech gauntlet this week. You're welcome, DOR.RobMar. 5th at 2:16 PM gmt
I hope this session we can see more of the old Compo bravado...AllanMar. 4th at 11:21 PM gmt
C-Ball Sheen has only one speed; only one gear: go!!BrianMar. 4th at 2:07 PM gmt
So C-Ball = Charlie Sheen? Meditechers can you confirm?AllanMar. 3rd at 11:33 PM gmt
"I was blowing 7gram rocks, five in a row. No one else could party like this!"BrianMar. 3rd at 3:23 PM gmt
"I am on a drug. It's called C-Ball Sheen. It's not available because if you try it, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body."MikeMar. 3rd at 3:05 PM gmt
I think we need someone to help with a "weekly prediction league recap". Who won, who was terrible...which teams (likely C-Ball) let us down...etcAllanMar. 2nd at 11:32 PM gmt
Shout Dr Beerman and you shall be heard, not looking a bright session for you though one feels!!SimonMar. 2nd at 9:08 PM gmt
Where are all the predictions for our next session? Only six so far...come on guys!BrianMar. 2nd at 3:45 PM gmt
Lewes 18th place ranking tells the real story. The Rooks have been extremely lucky and it is a matter of time until the losing begins.DaveMar. 2nd at 3:20 AM gmt
I am absolutely OUTRAGED that Dave Dohm is leading the 2nd Division. SHAME ON YOU 2nd division managers!!AllanMar. 1st at 11:59 PM gmt
Indeed mind games by David who "temporarily" dips out of the second spot. AllanFeb. 27th at 12:22 AM gmt
Yes David, some mind games you have played today!!SimonFeb. 26th at 11:53 PM gmt
Now will people believe WES are human - 2 losses today should bring us back down to earth!!DavidFeb. 26th at 9:38 PM gmt
Enjoying a nice Berkshire Brewing Co. "Shabadoo" (i.e. black & tan) while watching the games.BrianFeb. 26th at 7:38 PM gmt
I am...I guess I'll have to wait til the Youth Cup?AllanFeb. 26th at 5:58 PM gmt
Are you sure you're not?DaveFeb. 26th at 5:54 PM gmt
Dr. Doom: why can't I play another non-league team this session? This is unfair...AllanFeb. 26th at 5:52 PM gmt
Watch out for that LIN squad today, they are tough!DaveFeb. 26th at 5:42 PM gmt
Shouldn't I be playing a non-league team today?!?AllanFeb. 26th at 5:27 PM gmt
A lot of respect for this fine Northampton club.AllanFeb. 25th at 11:51 PM gmt
LOL.....see we are in such disarray that we don't even know what we are preparing for!DaveFeb. 21st at 1:20 AM gmt
Shield? Dr Doom is going to send his players out for the wrong cup competition, it seems...AndyFeb. 20th at 9:44 PM gmt
The Rooks will come back down to earth this week against the 1st and 3rd place foes in Div II, not to mention a tough Shield match vs Derby. How can a team get a Dorchester schedule?DaveFeb. 20th at 4:32 PM gmt
And Lewes goes W and D in those two tough road matches, break 'em up!MikeFeb. 19th at 8:51 PM gmt
The Rooks were lucky to win their first 2 league games. It is highly unlikely that continues today vs two teams with a better top 11 than us. and both on the road.DaveFeb. 19th at 5:50 PM gmt
Talk about flying under the radar...Lewes FC in first place in the 2nd?AllanFeb. 19th at 5:31 PM gmt
Will the day end with Lincoln City still in 3rd place?AllanFeb. 19th at 5:31 PM gmt
Ask and you shall receive. Break open a cold one of your preference and hopefully enjoy the read while awaiting match results today.KevinFeb. 12th at 10:03 AM gmt
Kevin...Can we expect the D2 and D1 previews before game time tomorrow?BrianFeb. 11th at 7:14 PM gmt
Mark: Less an indictment of you than proven success by the commish. Repeat your feat while maintaining a team in Division One and then we'll talk. Didn't CAR have a losing division record last season?KevinFeb. 10th at 7:53 PM gmt
I don't use it often, but a TOUR de FORCE on the 3rd Division preview, nice going Kevin. However, bear in mind 3rd division, that Dorchester is rebuilding...please,by all your C teams against us.AllanFeb. 9th at 3:43 AM gmt
Nice blog entry Kevin - obviously you don't rate my managerial ability compared to Allan despite last year's cup runs.MarkFeb. 8th at 10:09 PM gmt
Kevin: Another great job handicapping the divisional races. I like the addition of the odds (for entertainment purposes only, of course....).BrianFeb. 8th at 6:28 PM gmt
The Wolves just wanted it more. Alas, MUFC, we knew you well.BrianFeb. 5th at 7:24 PM gmt
Good luck to all except my immediate opponents of course. Don't think WES will be having the rollercoaster of a season like the last one ;-)DavidFeb. 5th at 10:56 AM gmt
Poll suggestion... in what season will Alon lose the league title?RobFeb. 3rd at 1:17 AM gmt
Apparently you can't pick against your own team in the predo league... can you make it so you can't predict against Tranmere either?JohnFeb. 3rd at 12:45 AM gmt
Poll suggestions? Let's hear them...respond here. I'm always looking for good anti-Ian you know. But it doesn't have to always be about Ian....AllanFeb. 2nd at 11:25 PM gmt
Exactly, why am I always penalized! :-)AllanFeb. 1st at 1:27 PM gmt
Hence my disagreement with the system. Who cares if Mark throws his Prediction League? Why should Al be penalized for having an inferior team versus CAR? Looking at the teams I should have picked DRAW.RobFeb. 1st at 8:48 AM gmt
I hear you Mark, unfortunately the system wouldn't let me vote for CAR so I guess we equal out? :-)AllanJan. 31st at 10:38 PM gmt
Well, I'd have voted for you Al in the match against me, had the system allowed me to. MarkJan. 31st at 7:35 PM gmt
I killed the blog again. Note to self: don't cut-and-paste from league pages into the blog.BrianJan. 30th at 11:18 PM gmt
Just Dr. Death voting for DOR against Carlisle? I knew we were heavy underdogs...AllanJan. 30th at 11:16 PM gmt
AllanJan. 30th at 3:51 AM gmt
hey must say how nice, quick and entertaining its been this year with the auctions so close together. SimonJan. 27th at 11:42 PM gmt
cheers Al, nice high bids again as there are a few more stars to be had before kick off!!SimonJan. 27th at 11:23 PM gmt
Saturday at 1800 GMTAllanJan. 27th at 11:16 PM gmt
When is the next auction deadline out of interest? SimonJan. 27th at 11:11 PM gmt
Please re-save your Auction orders ensuring the PROPER check boxes are on or off. I've made a quick fix.AllanJan. 27th at 11:10 PM gmt
Ian? Ian who?BrianJan. 22nd at 11:54 AM gmt
More to come on Saturday regarding the next season. In the meantime can we please make fun of Ian?AllanJan. 20th at 11:02 PM gmt
Disappointing ending to the season with a -2 drop in the rankings and losing out to Rene as top hoodlum and missing the Hoodlum "triple crown". Congratulations to Brian and Andy on promotion,RobJan. 18th at 4:44 AM gmt
I think we have the correct financial bonuses in place. Let me know if I missed anything else.AllanJan. 17th at 12:42 AM gmt
Thanks for running another enjoyable season Al. Looking forward to the next some - let's see how my kids turn out to be when they become men. MarkJan. 16th at 11:06 AM gmt
Well, Brian, I did not go easy on you. Not really sure why. *shrug* 5 or 10 CP for me to ruin your chance @ promotion seems rather mean-spirited. At least it is not my T-11 nor is it some crazy strategy.RobJan. 15th at 5:09 PM gmt
Kinda fixed, still, no one is happy with Dave Dohm and his Seahawks...AllanJan. 11th at 11:20 PM gmt
So I says to Mable, "Hey, Mable, I broke the MSWL-U blog last night...."BrianJan. 10th at 4:19 AM gmt
Perhaps David should be able to post anonymously...MarkJan. 8th at 6:31 PM gmt
The league may need to purchase you a new sack cloth David...AllanJan. 8th at 5:31 PM gmt
I am still doing it in the Blogs today, Al. My sack cloth is getting worn through, though!DavidJan. 8th at 9:13 AM gmt
I'm loving the David Blair "tries to be nice and complimentary but it just gets him in trouble" thread. :-) AllanJan. 6th at 11:32 PM gmt
One of the greatest matches may have taken place right here... 2nd at 1:52 AM gmt
Would have liked to help, BRian, but all I have is a SW age 1 SL 9 (fit 2) - anybody fancy him?DavidDec. 28th at 3:48 PM gmt
Anyone interested in selling a good and/or youthful GK to BHA?BrianDec. 27th at 12:18 PM gmt
Whilst Al hoards even more money by selling his. Have you not read the news...there's a tax coming!IanDec. 26th at 11:41 PM gmt
Two Gk's seems like an awful lot for Ian at this stage of the season...AllanDec. 26th at 11:02 PM gmt
I got a rock...AllanDec. 25th at 9:35 PM gmt
OLMEC gave me coal for ChristmasJohnDec. 25th at 8:21 PM gmt
You wont need to tell them to get their act together, just turn up and its a forgone conclusion!SimonDec. 23rd at 12:22 AM gmt
I'll have to tell the players, if we get out act together we'll be in the division above Northampton next year!IanDec. 23rd at 12:07 AM gmt
Yes Ian Olmec has fell out of love with me, 2nd best T11 and T17 we had at one point, its all so sad and upsetting at this happy time of year as well, surely its all a bad dream!!SimonDec. 22nd at 10:44 PM gmt
Woah, what's been happening at Northampton? Last time I looked they had a good team...IanDec. 22nd at 10:39 PM gmt
There still a load of cobblers, new boots being made as we speak to help with the poor goalscoring this seasonKatieDec. 22nd at 5:25 PM gmt
Has Katie assumed the reins at Northampton yet, or are they still a load of Cobblers?AndyDec. 21st at 11:10 PM gmt
I get it your gonna be fired in favour of your daughter and u will move to leicester as they think katie can do a better job and the foxes feel sorry for you?GrahamDec. 18th at 5:41 PM gmt
Would a NOR loss to LIN today be the final straw for embattled Compo?MikeDec. 18th at 5:28 PM gmt
Still hanging by a thread, mind you its only because we were snowed in and the chairmans meeting was postponed!!SimonDec. 17th at 7:09 PM gmt
Has Compo been sacked yet?AllanDec. 17th at 1:58 AM gmt
Brian, don't let David Tiberius Blair get in your head. He's a MASTER at these games. I have a feeling he could unseat Mr. Atie soon...AllanDec. 17th at 1:58 AM gmt
David: Thanks for the words, I think. You have a very strong squad - no need to apologize for beating another team (even if their coach did toss out a few vulgarities at home Saturday afternoon). Cheers!BrianDec. 14th at 1:09 PM gmt
G;ad I've set one record - it may not be exciting but it is effectiveMarkDec. 12th at 10:50 AM gmt
I'm going to guess that its a record where a team doesn't score in two straight AP Cup knockout games and gets to a Semifinal. Good stuff!AllanDec. 11th at 11:25 PM gmt
The Youth Cup may seem benign...but it often determines who wins league titles (the longer you stay in...the more those SBY/APPs don't have to play in league games)...AllanDec. 11th at 7:54 PM gmt
I agree, Katie must be the tactical genius in the familyMarkDec. 7th at 6:51 PM gmt
I agree, Katie must be the tactical genius in the familyMarkDec. 7th at 6:48 PM gmt
Neither of us are quite sure how Leicester are top of the table either and worst still Katie couldnt do a worse job than her dad at running Northampton currently, its all the late nights watching the Ashes!SimonDec. 7th at 12:13 AM gmt
Katie's in first. Dad's in 8th. The question has to be raised: has Katie been the key to Simon's success all along, and now NOR falters as she pays attention to LEI?KevinDec. 6th at 9:38 PM gmt
Given that PLY sits just above LIN... I won't be the one making the screenshot of the table thankyouverymuch.RobDec. 6th at 2:40 AM gmt
Surely someone at Meditech can print the 1st Division table, then tape it to C-Ball's glass wall, THEN take a photo while holding a "ONE AND DONE PART 2" sign? Surely?AllanDec. 6th at 2:19 AM gmt
Right. Although the chairman would like to see more W's and less D's...AllanDec. 5th at 8:10 PM gmt
Due to the Watford Penalty Shoot Out success Compton keeps his jo for another week!SimonDec. 5th at 12:31 AM gmt
Sorry for the NMR.....first ever in any league!! ....thought the lineups were in all week and never checked ...DOH! DanDec. 4th at 6:24 PM gmt
Yippee, it's game time!!!BrianDec. 4th at 5:59 PM gmt
A top five hoodlum? Me? That is down right outrageous!BrianDec. 1st at 9:20 PM gmt
Lets see what unfortunate dishelved pictures we have!SimonNov. 30th at 4:24 PM gmt
Personally I think it would be helpful to have some frazzled photos of Compo as we document his dismissal by the NOR board...AllanNov. 30th at 1:30 AM gmt
Yes we are weary from the Tranmere defeat and Compos looking at handing over the reigns to his assistant!SimonNov. 29th at 1:00 AM gmt
Is this the season that Compo gets relegated? I must admit I miss his condescending pre-game posts about his opponents...AllanNov. 29th at 12:52 AM gmt
Ditto for Lewes.....literally!DaveNov. 27th at 11:13 PM gmt
Cracking day for CarlisleMarkNov. 27th at 6:47 PM gmt
Lewes is thankful for such fine "gentle" opponents (Brighton, Leeds, and Oldham) this session. DaveNov. 25th at 4:31 PM gmt
I am thankful for many things, including this spectacular league.BrianNov. 25th at 3:52 PM gmt
Usually I try to get them done as soon as they are feasible, but not always. Look for the AP Cup draw on Saturday or before. If someone wants to help organize an AP Cup Draw event, I'd happily do that too. Perhaps just after this Saturday's games?AllanNov. 22nd at 11:49 PM gmt
Is there any place where the cup draws are detailed - or do they appear the week before the games are due to be played?DavidNov. 21st at 10:28 PM gmt
Can someone do that AP Cup Top 16 blog post so I can use that to determine home field in the later rounds? That's always helpful...AllanNov. 21st at 2:51 PM gmt
I'm concerned...Alon has a total team value of 12,759 while Ian is second at 12,744. Does that mean Ian is a good manager? I'm worried...AllanNov. 21st at 1:22 PM gmt
Another blissful employee, that C-Ball must run some shop.MikeNov. 20th at 1:13 PM gmt
Did Brian leave his screen unlocked at work again?AndyNov. 20th at 11:57 AM gmt
Dr. Doom speaketh the truth...AllanNov. 19th at 5:04 PM gmt
Clearly it is employee review time.DaveNov. 19th at 3:02 PM gmt
No, Mr Cabral has not influenced my thoughts at all. He is a wonderful human being and terrific boss. I wish him and his wonderful family the best this holiday season.BrianNov. 19th at 8:58 AM gmt
Clearly C-Ball is now using "penalties" to keep his colleagues from posting their real thoughts...AllanNov. 19th at 12:49 AM gmt
I think C-Ball might maintain a position in D1 for a couple of seasons. Crazy, huh?!BrianNov. 17th at 10:56 AM gmt
Al, thats not Rob but Mr Blair who is calling for a new stat to avoid looking at your mug shot!!SimonNov. 15th at 4:39 PM gmt
Rob dont you think I may just stay on the front page if we change from most wins to best looking?AlonNov. 14th at 9:29 AM gmt
People need to watch out for Mr. Blair...AllanNov. 13th at 11:19 PM gmt
Patiently waiting for 1pm to roll around... =)RobNov. 13th at 5:47 PM gmt
Sorry Alon, but I see your face appearing on the "best wins" etc spot with too much regularity - how about a "most recent managers in the game" or "best looking managers" or "oldest managers" (about the only time Dave D and I would get there apart from wDavidNov. 13th at 2:37 PM gmt
yes thanks for that Andy, you know that I have a heart really.SimonNov. 11th at 11:44 PM gmt
Fair play award to Compo for fair play on the trading front.AndyNov. 11th at 12:38 AM gmt
Fear the paw.PhilNov. 8th at 4:11 AM gmt
who knows Al, it will be another great season ahead but with Alons two pick ups in the auction he has just raced ahead again!SimonNov. 6th at 10:07 PM gmt
Is this the Year Of The Cobblers?AllanNov. 6th at 7:32 PM gmt
Yeah fully understand all that jargon, good one nice to the auction completed and the new one listed, only a week and half to kick offSimonNov. 4th at 12:26 AM gmt
Thank you for your confidence Compo...just a simple crontab thingy where I had only been running it for Saturday's (which as Compo knows is a 6) and needed to add an entry for a Wednesday run...AllanNov. 3rd at 11:58 PM gmt
not sure what happened there, it crashed becasue Dorchester Bids were so high or maybe too low Al?SimonNov. 3rd at 6:50 PM gmt
l because your bids were so highSimonNov. 3rd at 6:50 PM gmt
Looks like the auction isn't cooperating. I will resolve later in the dayAllanNov. 3rd at 6:33 PM gmt
Hi John, which game are we talking about please?SimonNov. 3rd at 1:54 PM gmt
Simon if you can send me some CP for my I/12 we might be able to work that outJohnNov. 3rd at 4:31 AM gmt
looking forward to dag & red fixtures this seasonGrahamNov. 2nd at 8:51 PM gmt
"Katie, welcome to the league! If your Dad's histoy is any indication, you will be very good at finishing second." - C-Ball... That was a hilarious line C-Ball!AllanNov. 1st at 11:00 PM gmt
Port VAle to plummet!! send me ones of those level 10 lads on the way down then please John!SimonNov. 1st at 10:43 PM gmt
Ian worried about the Port Vale game? Wow. PV to plummet this yearJohnNov. 1st at 10:24 PM gmt
every games tough up here Ian,c ome on its the premier league embrace it!!SimonNov. 1st at 8:29 PM gmt
Port Vale and Northampton in my first two games? Really?IanNov. 1st at 6:06 PM gmt
Can we start the season today??RobOct. 31st at 9:03 PM gmt
BHA vs. LIN once again (FA Cup opener). This season will be fun right from the start.BrianOct. 31st at 3:25 PM gmt
FA Cup opening round draw has been made, click scores to see who you play.AllanOct. 31st at 12:42 PM gmt
Yes, just a little accounting error...all sorted now.AllanOct. 27th at 4:59 PM gmt
Looks as though Al has taken Jake's 75k (BRI) and has given it to you, Brian (BHA). Maybe Al didn't think Jake could possibly have done enough to earn some money?!AndyOct. 26th at 4:31 PM gmt
Not sure why BHA is slated to receive 75k for season 6. Is this a mistake, Allan?BrianOct. 26th at 9:29 AM gmt
NO! What have I done!? RobOct. 24th at 4:17 AM gmt
Very disappointed today.BrianOct. 23rd at 10:11 PM gmt
Why is Stretchy not listed in the 'Who's Online' chat list? Jeff's not there either, so maybe it needs someone to do a refresh?AndyOct. 23rd at 9:28 PM gmt
DOR miss out on 2 GPP ?? Who's the manager there ??JamesOct. 23rd at 7:18 PM gmt
Just off to buy a lottery ticket! After playing hardness 10 in both matches resulting in one penalty that was saved!RoyOct. 23rd at 6:15 PM gmt
Heading to Columbia to see #11 Mizzou take on allegedly #1 Oklahoma tonight. GO MIZZOU! PhilOct. 23rd at 3:23 PM gmt
I think I'll rephrase this into a traditional Al Sellers Email. You must NOT forget to USE your GPPs. Note the caps.IanOct. 23rd at 3:25 AM gmt
I apologize Ian, let me rephrase..."guys, if you have GPP and play Ian, PLEASE, PLEASE, make sure you use them all this weekend!!" :-)AllanOct. 20th at 12:23 AM gmt
You say use them or lose them? I used all mine against Cardiff last week and guess what? I lost.IanOct. 17th at 5:11 PM gmt
Reminder: your GPPs expire after session 10, so use them or lose them in this week's orders.AllanOct. 17th at 4:58 PM gmt
Yes you just made it James. Sorry about the site being down...the dynamic IP updating software was off (back on now).AllanOct. 16th at 9:34 PM gmt
Just in time - 20 mins to go before deadline - now that is cutting it close!JamesOct. 16th at 5:38 PM gmt
"You play. To WIN. THE GAAAAME!!!!!"KevinOct. 13th at 9:57 PM gmt
If I were trying, I'd be in 1st. Mike knows that!BrianOct. 9th at 2:02 PM gmt
TWO MASSIVE matchups this week for Dr. Brian "I'm not trying to get promoted" Beerman. BHA faces Cardiff and probably 18 men at PNE after all the sales...AllanOct. 9th at 1:46 PM gmt
Dorchester just made some sales...I feel like Ian...speaking of which WHERE is Ian?AllanOct. 9th at 12:44 PM gmt
Yes, but doing it before Session 10 only gets you 1 session of an Age I BRB - he'll immediately become an Age II BRB following the session.RobOct. 8th at 12:32 AM gmt
Dave...YOu can flip an age V player to a BRB at any time during the season. BrianOct. 7th at 12:58 PM gmt
Can an age V player be turned into a BRB before session 10 or does it have to happen before session 8?DaveOct. 7th at 12:16 AM gmt
Carlisle now have more league points than either of the last 2 seasonsMarkOct. 2nd at 9:01 PM gmt
If we all say it enough, it may become a reality! .....EVERYONE LOVES C-BALL!MarkOct. 2nd at 5:53 PM gmt
We're still in the Youth Cup so there won't be any youth players on show vs Lincoln today!RoyOct. 2nd at 5:41 PM gmt
"We have the utmost respect, admiration and love for all other managers." PAID FOR BY C-BALL FOR PRESIDENT. I'm C-Ball and I approved this message.MikeOct. 2nd at 5:08 PM gmt
I think you are right on the mark there Mr. Martin. Hopefully this week's managers won't be giving C-Ball the free pass that the rest of the 2nd Division has all season. Guys, he's doesn't mean you have to play your "C Team" against him! :-)AllanOct. 2nd at 12:18 AM gmt
Did Mike post that twice just so he could pretend that it had been said before by somebody else?KevinSep. 29th at 4:17 PM gmt
It has been said before, and I don't for a second doubt that it is true...EVERYONE LOVES C-BALL!MikeSep. 29th at 1:29 PM gmt
It has been said before, and I don't for a second doubt that it is true...EVERYONE LOVES C-BALL!MikeSep. 29th at 12:21 PM gmt
I taught C-Ball this game, so all the adversity that he faces, and overcomes is a testament to my teaching ability... just ignore the fact that my own team is fighting relegation =)RobSep. 28th at 11:13 PM gmt
I hear you Dr. Beerman. At some point C-Ball will run out of knives to stab people in the back, but that seems a ways off...AllanSep. 28th at 10:23 PM gmt
Sometimes I feel bad for C-Ball, with all the fire thrown his way. Then I come to my senses and guilt washes away without a second thought.BrianSep. 28th at 8:48 AM gmt
3 points of hardness used, 3 penalties given - what is wrong with the refs this week? MarkSep. 25th at 9:09 PM gmt
Everyone LOVES C-Ball! Don't fight it, just give into the love.MikeSep. 25th at 8:00 PM gmt
Ian, join the club!AllanSep. 25th at 6:48 PM gmt
I'm beginning to seriously dislike Mike Cabral.IanSep. 25th at 6:46 PM gmt
3rd placed Forest - ranked 22nd! RoySep. 25th at 5:54 PM gmt
I'm just playing reserves against Mike, I can't risk any more injuries to the star players.IanSep. 25th at 5:52 PM gmt
Hardness adjusted to 10 vs PNE, one maimed GK coming up!MikeSep. 25th at 4:18 PM gmt
Hmmm sounds like C-Ball is being disrespectedAllanSep. 25th at 3:17 PM gmt
Personally I'm more worried about playing against 3rd place Nottingham Forest.IanSep. 25th at 1:58 PM gmt
What is this world coming to?MikeSep. 25th at 12:28 PM gmt
Ian and C-Ball? Top of the table clash? Wow!AllanSep. 25th at 12:06 PM gmt
7 is a lucky number AlJamesSep. 22nd at 7:48 PM gmt
Right and with 3 more "on offer" in the auction this week who knows how many QPR will have by Sunday.AllanSep. 21st at 10:09 PM gmt
Whats wrong with having 4 goalies ??JamesSep. 21st at 7:52 PM gmt
Right...see the Bluebirds...AllanSep. 19th at 7:19 PM gmt
You can never have enough GKs Al... RobSep. 19th at 6:49 PM gmt
Isn't this about the time Ian sells all his goalies?AllanSep. 18th at 11:18 PM gmt
Cardiff seems to be set at the Gk position? Sure seems like they are poised to make a run and in fact run away at the top of the 2nd.AllanSep. 18th at 11:01 PM gmt
THREE 3rd division clubs in the Elite 8 of the FA Cup this season...AllanSep. 16th at 10:53 PM gmt
Aleksander Moe keeps on playing 107 matches in goal for Dorchester impressive.SimonSep. 13th at 6:11 PM gmt
Hurrah! Definitely had the practice this weekend with 3 away games!RoySep. 12th at 11:37 PM gmt
Roy @ Nottingham (don't call them Notts Forrest) has 2 home points and 9 away points...and are in fantastic position at 2nd place.AllanSep. 11th at 11:14 PM gmt
Here's a shout out to Dr. Creasey @ Weston...this team is on fire!!AllanSep. 11th at 11:11 PM gmt
when you fly under the radar, you are usually close to the ground, and when you're close to the ground the crash is more spectacularJohnSep. 10th at 4:46 AM gmt
Is Port Vale flying under the radar?AllanSep. 8th at 10:26 PM gmt
still some orders missing, Cardiff. Leeds and Swindon most noticableSimonSep. 4th at 5:53 PM gmt
I went - It was a frustrating game. Watford deserved at least a pointJamesSep. 4th at 12:06 PM gmt
thats the problem I have not had anything!! Great result for Leeds last weekend at your mighty Watford.SimonSep. 3rd at 9:25 PM gmt
Early to be on the wine Simon!JamesSep. 3rd at 8:09 PM gmt
ignore me i posted a comment thinking it was her but it was actually on the rankings chat, so many ways to communicate its better than BTSimonSep. 3rd at 5:52 PM gmt
the chatter box appears to not be retaining the info we are typing in?SimonSep. 3rd at 5:51 PM gmt
SimonSep. 3rd at 5:50 PM gmt
The Transfer List is strangely quiet these days. What is everyone gearing up for?BrianAug. 31st at 9:32 AM gmt
Sorry!JamesAug. 30th at 8:25 AM gmt
They've crocked one of my players again this week :(MarkAug. 28th at 8:05 PM gmt
They've crocked one of my players again this week :(MarkAug. 28th at 8:04 PM gmt
:-). I was just wondering as it seemed like they did that last week?AllanAug. 28th at 10:57 AM gmt
Why would they want to do that Allan?MarkAug. 28th at 7:22 AM gmt
Is everyone going 10 hard against Carlisle again this week?AllanAug. 27th at 10:57 PM gmt
I did play a 10-0-0 formation or as near to it as I couldMarkAug. 22nd at 5:27 PM gmt
Well, looks like they may have needed those extra points Mark. :-)AllanAug. 22nd at 5:21 PM gmt
Well it could have been worse. Is everyone that scared of me you need to use GPP/hardness?MarkAug. 22nd at 4:54 PM gmt
Think we need to switch from autopilot to manual controlMarkAug. 21st at 8:29 PM gmt
Dorchester better get a physio signed before kickoff tomorrow...just sayiin!DaveAug. 21st at 2:34 AM gmt
And I only do it because I know you are the polar opposite sir. :-) AllanAug. 20th at 10:51 PM gmt
"Tax and spend," quoth the raven.BrianAug. 20th at 5:45 PM gmt
Is it Saturday yet???RobAug. 18th at 2:29 PM gmt
Let the record show that Lewes has no qualms instructing their players to aim cleats high!DaveAug. 13th at 1:30 PM gmt
I am not one to instruct my players to aim their cleats high, but this season against LIN might be a different story.BrianAug. 13th at 9:04 AM gmt
I can tell what page of the dictionary C-Ball had open this morning. =) (yes, he keeps a dictionary on his desk, randomly opened)RobAug. 13th at 12:47 AM gmt
Extra shin guards gonna be required in Division II this season. I thought last year it got ugly, I fear we have seen nothing yet!DaveAug. 12th at 2:55 PM gmt
Sorry, Brian, let me re-phrase: "Screw youse guys, I ain't stoopid, shut your pieholes."MikeAug. 12th at 2:46 PM gmt
"Scurrilous?" Wow, C-Ball, you pulled out the dictionary for that post.BrianAug. 12th at 10:53 AM gmt
It's time for this scurrilous commentary to stop. C-Ball is a nice guy and upstanding citizen, ask anybody. Actually, exclude anyone who actually knows me.MikeAug. 12th at 10:16 AM gmt
It's time for this scurrilous commentary to stop. C-Ball is a nice guy and upstanding citizen, ask anybody. Actually, exclude anyone who actually knows me.MikeAug. 12th at 10:16 AM gmt
Is C-Ball becoming the most hated MSWL-U manager? Surpassing the I-Man?AllanAug. 11th at 11:12 PM gmt
"How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies" - new edition by 'C-Ball'RobAug. 10th at 4:17 PM gmt
Mike, are you saying that after your dirty play relegated me from division 1, you are now also in my new division? This isn't what I call fair...IanAug. 8th at 1:41 PM gmt
Brian/Kev, save the blame for your squads after they meet LIN in D2! MikeAug. 7th at 5:58 PM gmt
Ian, your GK deserved it!MikeAug. 7th at 5:57 PM gmt
I love seeing the top 3 players on the all-time DP list belonging to PLY. The boys love when the coach says "cleats high!"RobAug. 7th at 4:31 PM gmt
Is it just me or are there a lot of trades? Which I think is fun...except that Jump the Shark trade Dr. Beerman just made...AllanAug. 6th at 10:35 PM gmt
Good to see the I-Man found the interactive onsite tools. Way to go Ian. ;-)AllanAug. 4th at 10:22 PM gmt
Perhaps World War II?! BrianAug. 4th at 12:45 PM gmt
Is there anything that can't be blamed on C-ball?KevinAug. 3rd at 8:56 PM gmt
playing an SL 2 SBY as your GK against Tranmere is not advisable. But I can blame Mike Cabral for that... IanAug. 3rd at 5:58 PM gmt
No I am not referring to me losing by a record total its that I Man drom PNE, some of us have our reputation intact.SimonAug. 2nd at 10:24 PM gmt
At least you got to a final - round 1 exist for this team last yearMarkAug. 2nd at 9:11 PM gmt
Hey Mark, could be worse you could have been whooped 11-2 in a final!!SimonAug. 2nd at 8:47 PM gmt
Last match finished as a 7-0 loss. The only way can now be up.MarkAug. 2nd at 8:10 PM gmt
I was always a fan of the Heckle and Jeckle cartoons myself. RobAug. 2nd at 8:01 PM gmt
I always hated Heckle and Jeckle!DaveAug. 2nd at 1:06 AM gmt
Fear the Magpies!AllanAug. 1st at 11:19 PM gmt
Yay! I'm finally top of one of the stats!AndyAug. 1st at 10:43 PM gmt
Mark liked this season ;-)MarkAug. 1st at 9:01 AM gmt
I'm not looking forward to the games tomorrow... I kind of like leading the league in CP!JohnJul. 30th at 6:53 PM gmt
The Bees will still be smiling even with teeth missing as they take the title on Saturday.SimonJul. 29th at 9:11 PM gmt
Yeah, Compo kicked us in the teeth...poor Buzz Bee had to go to the dentist.AllanJul. 27th at 9:55 PM gmt
thats the beauty of United, just when you think alls well it kicks you in the teeth! Then again you could be the Bees and lose at Home to Compo!!SimonJul. 26th at 6:44 PM gmt
Worst. Session. Ever.BrianJul. 24th at 6:41 PM gmt
I understand the Sellers FA commitee have made it a noon kick off to avoid any trouble at the ground, so alcohol content will be zero, however after the game well thats a different story!SimonJul. 24th at 2:20 PM gmt
Hopefully we can also get a metric on how many Cobbler fans have been arrested for drunk and disorderly behavior as well...AllanJul. 24th at 11:41 AM gmt
Northampton fans get 60% allocation of ticket sales, the FA commented that this was almost the Cobblers second home!SimonJul. 24th at 8:37 AM gmt
I can't tell if I've stirred up trouble here but I hope so...AllanJul. 23rd at 1:47 AM gmt
Ah all humbled now are we Andy! The FA Cup Final it's a massive day out you k now, can you take the pressure?SimonJul. 22nd at 6:08 PM gmt
I meant has anyone else reached the final of all four cup competitions through the first five seasons?AndyJul. 22nd at 4:39 PM gmt
Sorry i forgot this listing was meant to be kept short.SimonJul. 22nd at 4:35 PM gmt
season? The Shield is not on our list of priorities as we see the FA Cup as the major prize(3 cups Compo) may take a look next season to see what all the fuss is about!!SimonJul. 22nd at 4:34 PM gmt
Now lets look at this old Shield Final(for the also rans), extended the rule book well it would keep you occupied in the holidays for a bit!! A touchy subject for another day? But as Kevin so rightly points out how can anyone win all 4 trophies in one seSimonJul. 22nd at 4:32 PM gmt
Don't get Compo started on the FA Shield...I fear the rule book will go from 10 to 50 pages. :-)AllanJul. 22nd at 4:24 PM gmt
Simon has won all 3 Cups. I can't count "no Shield final" against him because he's never lost the FA Cup opener.KevinJul. 22nd at 2:25 PM gmt
OK, time to brag! Can anyone else claim to have made it to the final of all four of the cup competitions?AndyJul. 22nd at 7:34 AM gmt
Andy did make a good run at Corey but Lewes management felt we need to keep a backup SW with the rash of injuries and suspensions we have been getting.DaveJul. 21st at 3:16 PM gmt
I actually gave Dr Doom a good offer for Corey, but he turned me down!AndyJul. 20th at 6:36 AM gmt
It was a real shame how Dave Dohm didn't sell Corey Thomas after 75 attempts.AllanJul. 18th at 11:43 PM gmt
Average team hardness factor now added to the stats pageAllanJul. 18th at 3:49 PM gmt
And we're underway, good luck today!AllanJul. 17th at 6:00 PM gmt
Dr. Doom, you'll be happy to know that the I-Man FINALLY, FINALLY (after about 30 bounced emails that come to me every 2 hours) sent me his current (read: the one that works for two months) email address...AllanJul. 17th at 12:56 PM gmt
The PRE hooligans want Ian Lindsay out as well!DaveJul. 17th at 12:27 PM gmt
Clearly Preston Southend is under alot of turmoil as they promoted Knutsen to coach while Benjamin Simpson still holds that post. PRE has gone several matches without a win so this must signify Ben is on his way out. Rumor has it the Preston hooligans wanDaveJul. 17th at 12:26 PM gmt
And WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE regarding the fact that only ONE Plymouth player is suspended this session?AllanJul. 16th at 10:14 PM gmt
That should be possible too Brian. Please drop me an email so I hang onto that as a reminder...AllanJul. 16th at 10:13 PM gmt
The STATS table shows average hardness for a team, top ten. Is there anyway to include all teams, perhaps an additional column for the current season?BrianJul. 16th at 12:35 PM gmt
I'm not sure if there is yet, but as I get back to that activity John, I'll see about adding one.AllanJul. 14th at 11:53 PM gmt
Is there a stat anywhere for most fitness lost (not most fitness lost caused)?? CheersJohnJul. 8th at 3:56 PM gmt
Oh the cleats will be high this session, Lewes has some injuries to settle with the league! Can we get a tally on injures this year?DaveJul. 8th at 2:57 AM gmt
Croatia are out :(JohnJul. 6th at 9:17 PM gmt
HOLLAND ARE GOING TO GO ALL THE WAY =]JakeJul. 3rd at 10:07 PM gmt
...and now for the German team!!!BrianJul. 3rd at 3:54 PM gmt
So very happy for the Dutch squad. Oranje!!!BrianJul. 3rd at 12:09 AM gmt
Almost time to celebrate my Independence from Ian Lindsay...AllanJul. 2nd at 1:20 AM gmt
Honest Guv, you should believe us!!SimonJun. 27th at 10:13 PM gmt
Yeah, like you should believe COMPO! We're just trying to make some 'fair' trades unlike 'some' managers... :-)AllanJun. 26th at 11:30 PM gmt
Hey look out the Queen Bees are looking for some new babies, beware they will come back to bite you, make them pay!!SimonJun. 26th at 11:27 PM gmt
No surprise that Shadey places THREE in the MOST DP in Career stat...AllanJun. 20th at 12:08 AM gmt
Poor Vince Bret, never saw a PK goal he liked.MikeJun. 17th at 11:10 AM gmt
Kieran Hayes. Why does that name keep popping up?BrianJun. 16th at 6:22 AM gmt
Yah! Another four match session coming up. Awesome.BrianJun. 13th at 10:11 PM gmt
Simon's the one drinking the "American beer". :-)AllanJun. 12th at 5:04 PM gmt
Hi Brian, how about cry into your wayne rooney england hanky !!SimonJun. 12th at 4:04 PM gmt
I am an all-American, but also a huge Wayne Rooney fan. Whatever will I do this afternoon?!BrianJun. 12th at 3:57 PM gmt
Great... now C-Ball knows the way to get the good "draws" in the Cups...RobJun. 11th at 8:32 PM gmt
Who knew Al accepted good beer as "payola"?MikeJun. 11th at 1:33 PM gmt
JamesJun. 10th at 8:52 PM gmt
I was just offered some "payola" to LOAD the next auction with Fw players (yep, it was from C-Ball)...AllanJun. 9th at 11:33 PM gmt
How many of those PKs were scored against PLY?RobJun. 9th at 2:34 PM gmt
Who else was surprised that Rudy's Swans had the PK Career goal-scorer? Good stuff!AllanJun. 8th at 1:09 AM gmt
Second chance on life this season not going too bad so farJohnJun. 7th at 2:58 PM gmt
Yup... the Irish is shining through thusfar this season - gotta make up all the randomness that didn't go our way in the first attempt at Season 5RobJun. 6th at 11:47 PM gmt
Is Rob Peterson Irish? The luck of the man 10 hardness every game and all his players are fighting fit!!SimonJun. 6th at 2:57 PM gmt
Looks like Shadey's the top hoodlum now?AllanJun. 5th at 8:35 PM gmt
How do you get 56 DP in a session?AllanMay. 29th at 10:16 PM gmt
Let's see if we can spoil that fresh start!DaveMay. 29th at 6:01 PM gmt
No one is happier than LIN to have a fresh start today.MikeMay. 29th at 6:00 PM gmt
No one is happier than LIN to have a fresh start today.MikeMay. 29th at 5:57 PM gmt
No one is happier than LIN to have a fresh start today.MikeMay. 29th at 5:51 PM gmt
I am sure 'someone' will find that photo and share it again.BrianMay. 19th at 1:08 PM gmt
I hope someone can find the "one and done" photo for a reposting?AllanMay. 19th at 11:55 AM gmt
Wonder whether so many players in the auctions will go for minimum bids or be unsold second time around...AndyMay. 15th at 10:14 AM gmt
Auction players (after this 2nd pre-season one) will be 'brand new' as they are 'randomly created' by the Auction program.AllanMay. 14th at 10:21 PM gmt
Will the auctions be the same this time around?AndyMay. 14th at 7:02 PM gmt
Sorry no can doo :/ I would if i needed any of them JakeMay. 14th at 4:42 PM gmt
Well the Chairman let me spend, not sure he's happy about the squad reaching its limit though!SimonMar. 6th at 6:45 PM gmt
I just cant take anymore rejection, please, please do a deal!!SimonMar. 3rd at 12:32 AM gmt
For gosh sakes will SOMEONE trade with Compo so I don't have to keep hearing about it? :-)AllanMar. 3rd at 12:30 AM gmt
Welcome to Season 5! Remember to take it easy on Brentford FC this season...we are of no concern to you!AllanMar. 1st at 8:33 PM gmt
The blades started with a bang but ended in a whimper but happy still to be D1. Cheers Al.DanFeb. 15th at 1:02 PM gmt
Congratulations to this season's cup and diviosnal winners, and many thanks to Al for running a great league!!BrianFeb. 14th at 2:44 PM gmt
Delay was good - helped WES get orders in, thanks to Al's wife rebooting the server for me!MarkFeb. 13th at 6:39 PM gmt
Some nice matches this weekend in all three divisions. I bet C-Ball loses. Oh, did I say that?BrianFeb. 6th at 5:09 PM gmt
Looks like all the C-Ball haters are out this week...that's really unfortunate! :-)AllanJan. 30th at 4:28 PM gmt
Mike...If my photo was air-brushed, I would have requested hair!BrianJan. 19th at 3:29 PM gmt
Just getting tired of seeing Brian's old entry up here. Also a little scared of his air-brushed photo.MikeJan. 19th at 2:47 PM gmt
Just getting tired of seeing Brian's old entry up here. Also a little scared of his air-brushed photo.MikeJan. 19th at 2:15 PM gmt
Just getting tired of seeing Brian's old entry up here. Also a little scared of his air-brushed photo.MikeJan. 19th at 2:06 PM gmt
First time I have coached four matches in a session. This is going to be a true test for the 'gulls.BrianJan. 12th at 1:14 PM gmt
Are you stealing my lines again Simon!PhilJan. 12th at 3:57 AM gmt
Are you stealing my lines again James!!SimonJan. 10th at 11:59 PM gmt
Watford could really do with a little bit of luckJamesJan. 9th at 8:43 PM gmt
Please, please, please OLMEC...let me get LIN in the first round of the Youth Cup. C-Ball needs to be brought down a notch.BrianJan. 8th at 10:02 AM gmt
Throw hail at C-Ball you say, Al? Okey doke.AndyJan. 3rd at 11:44 PM gmt
Yeah, yeah, C-Ball and LIN are great. All hail C-Ball! AllanJan. 3rd at 9:58 PM gmt
Ian, Schmeian, who is the only unbeaten team in league play? Hint, it starts with LIN.MikeJan. 3rd at 2:41 PM gmt
Northampton, Cardiff, Brentford, Tranmere...all in one session. That's just harsh...IanJan. 2nd at 8:55 PM gmt
...and Phil in first in Division III?!!!PhilJan. 2nd at 3:20 AM gmt
Ian in first place in D1, C-Ball in first place in D2?! It's Armageddon!RobDec. 30th at 1:16 AM gmt
And the I-Man continues to fly under the 1st place!AllanDec. 26th at 7:17 PM gmt
Got my orders in so early the FA Shield hadn't been scheduled yet... had to re-do them!JohnDec. 20th at 2:16 AM gmt
Is anyone else concerned that the anti-Ian cheat codes ARE NOT working?AllanDec. 13th at 10:16 PM gmt
I am itching to get season four started so I can unleash the Gulls' fury on Division 3.BrianDec. 9th at 11:20 AM gmt
Dealin' Dave dubiously doing dangerous deals. But what else is new?JohnDec. 3rd at 9:26 PM gmt
Hey, Dave my daughter is worried about you being on a beach so close to christmas, she is worried her presents wont arrive!!SimonNov. 28th at 7:23 PM gmt
No he understands what i say is all in good taste, believe me. Arthur Daley by the way the second hand car salesman!! All that wheeling and dealing Al has got you that name.SimonNov. 28th at 7:02 PM gmt
Mr Sellers probably doesnt appreciate your humour Simon as he probably doesnt know who 'Arfur Daley' is !DaveNov. 28th at 6:55 PM gmt
'Arthur Daley' the Bees manager will soon have no room on his own roster for the Youth Cup players, lets make it a fine and automatic exclusion if you cannot field 8 players, ho ho!!SimonNov. 27th at 11:47 PM gmt
An opening cup banker, a nice warm up match for the boys before the league campaign starts, you can bring it on with the Youth of Cobblers - i can hear the chants already easy easy as we take it 1-0!!SimonNov. 26th at 1:48 PM gmt
Session #1 = Bring it on, Simon!MikeNov. 25th at 11:35 PM gmt
No wonder my team is still in Division 3 - the roster is looking rather weakRobNov. 25th at 1:52 PM gmt
Yes, he's been we need a poll to choose 'who' to blame?AllanNov. 24th at 4:26 PM gmt
Debut session for me at WES, and I enjoyed the experience lets just say. No spoiler.MarkNov. 22nd at 1:03 PM gmt
Warning: Accidentally put a spoiler in the pre-game notes for one of my league games today.JohnNov. 21st at 8:40 PM gmt
Congrats, Trevor! Make sure the elder siblings don't play +10 HARD until little Reg can defend himself.MikeNov. 17th at 7:08 AM gmt
Kieran Hayes (BHA via SU) STILL has the most DP this season at 34. AllanNov. 15th at 10:06 PM gmt
Unluckily I lost but I still hope to keep hold of second place, given the Bees poor performance of late I am even encouraged for the FA Cup Final!SimonNov. 15th at 1:18 AM gmt
The Northampton-Watford tilt probably determines if Compo gets 2nd place.AllanNov. 14th at 12:24 AM gmt
Thou shalt not play OST vs. CRD, thou shalt not play OST vs. CRD thou shalt not play OST vs. CRD...MikeOct. 27th at 3:53 PM gmt
It's a rebuilding year for Brighton...and a chance to hone our skills for 3rd Division.BrianOct. 20th at 2:47 PM gmt
How close is Division Two from 1st to 9th, just poor Old Brighton on there own!SimonOct. 20th at 2:40 PM gmt
Kevin Martin has gone on a run C-Ball...there's also been a run on "the Ian Poll"...AllanOct. 19th at 8:18 PM gmt
Anyone notice CRD is 8-2-0 over the last 10? Good going, Kev, living up to high pre-season predictions.MikeOct. 18th at 12:27 PM gmt
Who is this Mike Cabral AKA 'C-BALL' & why is he in my seat at the Top of Hoodlum List?DaveOct. 16th at 11:45 PM gmt
Training 6 SBY's and 6 APP's in a season is tough going !!JamesOct. 14th at 6:54 PM gmt
Who is the handsome mug topping the Hoodlum Coaches ticker?MikeOct. 13th at 8:19 AM gmt
Great to see Ian find the Blog Entry page...AllanOct. 11th at 4:35 PM gmt
A sigh a relief - the Vale are finally better than the non-league teams!JohnOct. 3rd at 7:30 PM gmt
Anyone else notice the average hardness factor for Southend United? 6.66 (I'm just sayin'...)AllanOct. 3rd at 4:03 PM gmt
Ian? Calling *ME* out? PUHLEASE!RobSep. 24th at 11:17 PM gmt
Looks like Ian is calling Rob out prior to the PLY-PNE matchup?AllanSep. 21st at 11:12 PM gmt
Does anyone need suggestions on which teams to try to injure?AllanSep. 12th at 7:44 PM gmt
a complete and total revamp pleaseJohnAug. 30th at 11:41 PM gmt
Season 3 Database is now getting "sorted"...AllanAug. 5th at 12:22 AM gmt
Congratulations to Alon on the 2nd Division title...AllanJul. 21st at 12:12 AM gmt
With his 4 point lead, should we be handing the 1st Division title to Mr. Lewis at this point?AllanJul. 12th at 10:53 PM gmt
yes firefox is not the problem windows explorer is? But then i cannot submit coaching orders within Firefox so now i have them both open.SimonJul. 7th at 9:07 PM gmt
I'm on Firefox and the Comment function is working today.AndyJul. 6th at 6:20 PM gmt
i'm on explorer now and can input commentsRoyJul. 6th at 2:34 PM gmt
In Firefox i can submit comments and in Internet explorer i cannot does anyone else have the same problem?SimonJul. 6th at 2:15 PM gmt
Is Hugh Dallas aware of the rule where if a defensive player touches the ball with his hand in the penalty area then the offensive team gets a PK?AllanJul. 5th at 11:16 PM gmt
Too bad I did not take over earlier, you all could have enjoyed beating up on the rookie coach's team.RobJul. 4th at 12:31 PM gmt
Welcome to Rob Baptiste! Rob is taking over at Crewe Alexandria.AllanJul. 4th at 12:30 PM gmt
Dave, Ian Lindsay HAS seen Kevin Martin (scoring like 7 goals on him) in MSWL Reunion #3 (c. 2005)AllanJul. 3rd at 10:22 PM gmt
Just two more days until I celebrate my Independence Day from Ian Lindsay.AllanJul. 2nd at 11:13 PM gmt
Quick Tip on APPs: At the end of the season they become Age 1 players, BUT ONLY IF they reach skill 5.AllanJul. 2nd at 6:49 PM gmt
This is the last time I listen to someone saying I should play less Hardness... 2 matches with 0 hardness and 2 NON-wins!!RobJun. 23rd at 8:18 PM gmt
How much did Rob bribe the ref last week? Plymouth came to Hereford, injured one of our players and still the ref gave the penalty to them. Robbery!AndyJun. 23rd at 3:59 PM gmt
"Has anyone seen the FIT levels at Cardiff?" Al asks. It's just proof that we haven't played the Killer Bees lately...KevinJun. 23rd at 1:36 PM gmt
Has anyone seen the FIT levels at Cardiff? Kevin has a scary team there...AllanJun. 22nd at 10:51 PM gmt
Happy Father's Day to all!MikeJun. 21st at 5:03 PM gmt
Happy Father's Day to all!MikeJun. 21st at 4:08 PM gmt
Happy Father's Day to all!MikeJun. 21st at 4:07 PM gmt
I can't believe we lost to PNE on a 91st minute goal...disastrous!AllanJun. 13th at 7:03 PM gmt
Every time I sort the stats page by a different column, I've learned to start reading from the bottomIanMay. 31st at 10:41 PM gmt
I just want to point out that for the first time in 'seasons'...we're ahead of Alon in a table...AllanMay. 31st at 5:04 PM gmt
That Youth Coach is worth about 900k... let's see who's going to break the bank on this one!RobMay. 25th at 3:18 PM gmt
That I/11 Df is worth about 1100k; not that I'm trying to drive up prices...AllanMay. 25th at 1:37 PM gmt
another testAllanMay. 25th at 1:33 PM gmt
Testing...AllanMay. 25th at 1:22 PM gmt
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