Thursday, January 27th, 2022 - 01:54:04 PM (gmt)
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Brighton & Hove Albion
Stewart Miller
Historical Record: 418-203-443 (0.488)
Current Season: 5-0-6 (0.455)
Bank 2995 / CP 35
Captain: Robbie Simpson
Team Awards
1 League Title
5 FA Cup Titles
1 FA Shield Title
2 Alan Parr Cup Titles

Next Session

16 Jan 29 @Carlisle United 2nd Division - R7
17 Jan 29 @Chesterfield FC 2nd Division - R8
18 Jan 29 Sheffield United FA Cup - Q

Recent Results

13 Jan 22 L0 - 5Queens Park Rangers 2nd Division - R6
12 Jan 22 W4 - 1@Swansea City AFC 2nd Division - R5
10 Jan 15 W3 - 0Bristol City FC FA Cup - R2
9 Jan 15 W1 - 0Weston-super-Mare AFC 2nd Division - R4
8 Jan 15 L0 - 2@Nottingham Forest 2nd Division - R3
7 Jan 08 L0 - 3(n)Crewe Alexandra FC Alan Parr Cup - Group
5 Jan 08 L0 - 2@Leeds United 2nd Division - R2
4 Jan 08 W2 - 0Sheffield United 2nd Division - R1
3 Jan 01 L0 - 1(n)Lincoln City FC Alan Parr Cup - Group
2 Jan 01 L0 - 2(n)Leicester City FC Alan Parr Cup - Group

Coach's Biography: Stewart Miller

Born and bred in Glasgow, I moved to Kent many years ago where I still live with my wife, Janet. We have three children who have now left home. I am retired having spent my career in the pharmaceutical industry. I have played postal and e-mail versions of fantasy football for many years with varying degrees of success and failure, but am a relative newcomer to the on-line versions. I am a lifelong Rangers fan but only get to watch them on rare occassions these days. Away from football my hobbies include walking, playing computer games, reading and gardening.


Team Roster

Players (29)
Justin Jones II Gk 16 
Alfie Symes SBY Gk 
Liam Douglas Sw 14 
Van Ostrander IV Sw -3 
Braulio  Vargas II Df 13 
Gordon Lester Df 11 
Hiroyuki Tanaka II Df 11 
Nathan Quinn III Df 10 
Robbie Simpson (c) IV Df 
Samuel Simpson APP Df 
Blair Sutherland III Df 
Ethan Cox IV Df 
Jørgen Thomsen SBY Df 
Alan Callahan II Mf 12 
Johnny Morris III Mf 11 
Liam Carroll Mf 11 
Jack Marshall APP Mf 
Roger Oakes IV Mf 
Gerry Anderson IV Mf 
Diogo Rocha SBY Mf 
Noah Albrechtsen II Fw 13 
Billy Grant II Fw 13 
Jeff Peters Fw 11 
Leo Drinkwater III Fw 11 
Julio  Gutiérrez APP Fw 
Ahmed El Fassi APP Fw 
Conor Murray IV Fw 
Robert McCallum IV Fw 
Wallace Wilson SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Luca Ruddle II Coach 
Paul Köhler Groundsman 
Mark Barmby Physio 
Jeff Ludley II Youth Coach 
Edoardo Caruso II Youth Coach 
Harvey Williamson Youth Director 
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