Thursday, October 5th, 2023 - 01:48:53 AM (gmt)
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Brighton & Hove Albion
Brian Beerman
Historical Record: 486-239-491 (0.498)
Current Season: 8-7-12 (0.426)
Bank 959 / CP 27
Captain: Cristian Lozano
Team Awards
2 League Titles
5 FA Cup Titles
1 FA Shield Title
3 Alan Parr Cup Titles

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Recent Results

39 Sep 30 L2 - 5@Northampton Town FC 1st Division - R18
38 Sep 30 D2 - 2Sheffield United 1st Division - R17
35 Sep 23 W2 - 0Port Vale FC 1st Division - R16
34 Sep 23 D1 - 1@Tranmere Rovers 1st Division - R15
30 Sep 16 W2 - 0Lewes FC 1st Division - R14
29 Sep 16 L0 - 3@Bristol City FC 1st Division - R13
28 Sep 09 L0 - 1(n)Leeds United Youth Cup - R2
26 Sep 09 W4 - 0Southend United 1st Division - R12
25 Sep 09 D1 - 1Brentford FC 1st Division - R11
24 Sep 02 D3 - 3(n)Derby County Youth Cup - R1

Coach's Biography: Brian Beerman

It's good to be back. So much has happened since I stepped away: Germany finally won their fourth WC championship; Several of our team's real life counterparts jumped into the Premier League; and The Manager league was obliterated by malicious hoodlums.  

My last game here was an FA Cup championship win vs our good friend, Dave Dohm. I look forward to tangling with all of you in that prestigious competition, all while trying to remain in 1st Division (and get our historical record above .500).



Team Roster

Players (29)
Reuben Lennon Gk 15 
Alfie Symes IV Gk 12 
Harry Day IV Gk 
Nuri  Moshe III Sw 13 
Théo Billard APP Sw 10 
Jermaine Birks Sw 
Patrick Kelly Df 12 
Ngagne Mbodji III Df 10 
Niklas Köhler APP Df 10 
Curtis Barker II Df 10 
Jose Luis Santana IV Df 
Jørgen Thomsen IV Df 
Benjamin Anderson Df 
Michael Addo SBY Df 
Baptiste Lefort II Mf 15 
Paul Weber III Mf 10 -4 
Ze'ev Bisk Mf 
Diogo Rocha IV Mf 
Ibrahim Yusuf SBY Mf 
Dag Hansen II Fw 16 
Domingo Crespo Fw 15 
Ian Lee Fw 15 
Ryan Campbell  (2) III Fw 14 
Cristian Lozano (c) III Fw 14 
Elliot Wilkins APP Fw 10 
Wallace Wilson IV Fw 
Lewis Sutton IV Fw 
Khalilou Konaté SBY Fw 
Hideaki Endo SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Isaac Pearson Coach 
Gordon Lester II Groundsman 
Liam Douglas II Physio 
Corey Parker Youth Coach 
Edward Monkhouse Youth Coach 
Manuel  Hernández II Youth Director 
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