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Saturday, February 24th, 2024 - 05:10:55 PM (gmt)
ball MSWL UNITED ① Season 47 // Teams
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Lincoln City FC
Mike Cabral
Historical Record: 507-272-485 (0.509)
Current Season: 7-1-4 (0.625)
Bank 3402 / CP 42
Captain: Jun-Yeong Chong-gug
Team Awards
1 Youth Cup Title

Next Session

16 Feb 24 Nottingham Forest 1st Division - R7
17 Feb 24 @Brentford FC 1st Division - R8
19 Feb 24 Weston-super-Mare AFC Alan Parr Cup - Q

Recent Results

15 Feb 17 W1 - 0Lewes FC Alan Parr Cup - R2
13 Feb 17 W3 - 1Leeds United 1st Division - R6
12 Feb 17 L1 - 4@Bristol City FC 1st Division - R5
11 Feb 10 W1 - 0Coventry City FA Shield - R1
9 Feb 10 L0 - 1@Southend United 1st Division - R4
8 Feb 10 W3 - 1Queens Park Rangers 1st Division - R3
7 Feb 03 D1 - 1(n)Brentford FC Alan Parr Cup - Group
5 Feb 03 W2 - 0Lewes FC 1st Division - R2
4 Feb 03 L0 - 8@Tranmere Rovers 1st Division - R1
3 Jan 27 W2 - 1(n)Port Vale FC Alan Parr Cup - Group

Coach's Biography: Mike Cabral

Looking at my last bio, I can say for sure, life is going by too fast!
I am 55 years old and live in southeastern Massachusetts here in the states.  We live in a small town known as Somerset, about an hour south of Boston, but actually much closer and dearer in our hearts to Providence, Rhode Island, a great small city in a gem of a small state. My co-habitants are my beyond measure wife Kristen and our two kids, Elena and Michael Jr. We also have our fabulous 6 year old granddaughter, Aubrielle, living with us now. To Aubi, I am known as Bumpa.
Elena is 18 and is amazing in all ways. She is an accomplished dancer and, more recently, a high school track athlete and field hockey player, all the while being an outstanding student and fine young lady. She is also now a licensed driver!? Michael Jr. is 14, Christmas Eve baby.  He is also an amazing kid, heart of gold, great student, budding chef, and young gentleman. He has taken to my love of the Red Sox (and sports in general, especially college basketball, go Friars) and music, so we are quite the pair.
By way of work, I have been at my company for 30+ years, which is ridiculous to fathom. I work for MEDITECH, a pretty big player in the medical software industry.  I currently manage most/all of our customer support that happens in the odd hours, evenings, overnight, weekends.  You will sometimes see a "MEDITECH match/rivalry" in the comment boards here, as I have indirectly brought a number of work cohorts into the Olmec fold. Real credit goes to Rob P, though, as he recruited me, repayment for me hiring him into MEDITECH many years ago.
In my spare time, I love these games. My success has been limited, but that is half the fun.  I have never won a Cup (perfect 0-5 record in Finals)  nor a League Titile (had our best-ever finish in second last season) here with LIN, which I will have engraved on my headstone if I never get one.  A number of close calls and some tough luck in finals, but we will get there. I also volunteer in our town's youth soccer organization, which is gratifying and far more work than most of the griping parents know. I'm also a huge baseball fan, riding the recent wave of success for the Sox after many years of pain. I am also a huge music fan, live shows especially. I have seen Bruce Springsteen 60+ times in concert!

Team Roster

Players (29)
Finn Lehmann IV Gk 12 
Mousa Boffin Gk 12 
Bryan Wilkins IV Sw 12 
Jakob Petersen APP Sw 
Nizar Mhedhebi Sw 
William Baker II Df 14 
Jun-Yeong Chong-gug (c) III Df 13 
Raphaël Troussier IV Df 10 
Jason Austin IV Df -1 
Daniel Russell II Df 
Christopher Johnstone III Df 
Hans Murphy APP Df 
Si-Yun Jung-hwan SBY Df 
Percy Triggs SBY Df 
Weston Williamson Mf 12 
Seo Tae-uk Mf 11 
Mustapha Kettani III Mf 10 
Michael Reilly II Mf 
Aliou Sow APP Mf 
Alfie Robertson III Mf 
Babou Kebe SBY Mf 
Jay Hanny II Fw 15 
Marcel M'Boma Fw 13 
Sérgio da Rocha Fw 11 
Patrick Kennedy III Fw 10 
Robert Coleman III Fw 
Linus Frings IV Fw 
Vieira Mario APP Fw 
Owen Jones SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Barry Cooper Coach 
Darragh Mahoney II Groundsman 
Lucas Lee II Physio 
Tony Khan II Youth Coach 
Patrick Donovan Youth Coach 
Ruairi Nolan II Youth Director 
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