Session 4 orders deadline in 8 hours and 50 minutes
Saturday, October 16th, 2021 - 09:09:51 AM (gmt)
ball MSWL UNITED ① - Teams
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Hereford United FC
Alex Tucker
Historical Record: 463-218-400 (0.529)
Current Season: 2-1-6 (0.278)
Bank 1130 / CP 20
Team Awards
1 League Title
2 FA Cup Titles
2 FA Shield Titles
3 Alan Parr Cup Titles
3 Youth Cup Titles

Next Session

12 Oct 16 Sheffield United 3rd Division - R5
13 Oct 16 @Crewe Alexandra FC 3rd Division - R6

Recent Results

11 Oct 09 D0 - 0@Swindon Town FC FA Shield - R1
9 Oct 09 L0 - 4@Dorchester Town 3rd Division - R4
8 Oct 09 L0 - 1Chesterfield FC 3rd Division - R3
7 Oct 02 W4 - 0(n)Coventry City Alan Parr Cup - Group
5 Oct 02 W2 - 0Derby County 3rd Division - R2
4 Oct 02 L1 - 6@Swindon Town FC 3rd Division - R1
3 Sep 25 L0 - 3(n)Port Vale FC Alan Parr Cup - Group
2 Sep 25 L0 - 3(n)Cardiff City FC Alan Parr Cup - Group
1 Sep 25 L0 - 6@Lewes FC FA Cup - R1

Coach's Biography: Alex Tucker


Team Roster

Players (27)
Andrew Marshall Gk 
Zak Clarke IV Gk 
Pedro Moreno SBY Sw 
David Fuchs APP Sw 
Marco  Herrera II Df 12 
Simone Barone IV Df 10 -1 
Finlay McAllister Df 
Matty Morris II Df 
Tim Weiss APP Df 
Jamie Clarke SBY Df 
Logan McBrayne SBY Df 
Lincoln Hills  (1) III Mf 11 
Emile Whiteside Mf 
Thomás Chora Mf 
Jake Stewart  (1) II Mf 
Lennard Mayer Mf 
Diogo Sousa III Mf 
Jung  Lee III Mf 
Francis Gardner APP Mf 
Leon Morrissey SBY Mf 
Kazuo Miura SBY Mf 
David Peralta III Fw 12 
Albert Muñoz II Fw 10 
Jack Rees Fw 
Daniel Almeida II Fw 
Henry Franklin APP Fw 
Adam Gerard SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Oscar Lindberg Coach 
Arthur Evans Groundsman 
Lennard Hartmann Youth Director 
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