Tuesday, May 11th, 2021 - 08:11:35 PM (gmt)
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Bristol City FC
Ellis Simpson
Historical Record: 413-203-403 (0.505)
Current Season: 6-0-6 (0.500)
Bank 1900 / CP 33
Captain: Laurence Scott
Team Awards

Next Session

16 May 15 @Brighton & Hove Albion 1st Division - R7
17 May 15 Nottingham Forest 1st Division - R8
18 May 15 @Plymouth Argyle FC FA Cup - Q

Recent Results

15 May 08 L0 - 2Weston-super-Mare AFC Alan Parr Cup - R2
13 May 08 W1 - 0Southend United 1st Division - R6
12 May 08 L0 - 1Preston North End FC 1st Division - R5
10 May 01 W9 - 0Swindon Town FC FA Cup - R2
9 May 01 L0 - 5@Carlisle United 1st Division - R4
8 May 01 W4 - 0Queens Park Rangers 1st Division - R3
7 Apr 24 W2 - 1(n)Crewe Alexandra FC Alan Parr Cup - Group
5 Apr 24 L0 - 2@Lewes FC 1st Division - R2
4 Apr 24 L0 - 4@Weston-super-Mare AFC 1st Division - R1
3 Apr 17 W4 - 3(n)Hereford United FC Alan Parr Cup - Group

Coach's Biography: Ellis Simpson

I live and work in Ra'anana, a city north of Tel Aviv, Israel. Married with grown up children (and one granddaughter), I have had a lifelong interest in games and gaming - mostly wargaming, but I also play board games about sports, euro games, and used to spend time gaming with miniature figures. Beyond that, for leisure I read and write, cycle, muck about on the computer, occasionally get to the gym, and chill out with a malt whisky.


Recent Team News

Started by Ellis Simpson
Last Updated by Ellis Simpson
Started by Ellis Simpson
Last Updated by Allan Sellers
Started by Ellis Simpson
Last Updated by Ellis Simpson

Team Roster

Players (28)
Fred Bailey Gk 14 
Johan  Mathisen Gk 10 
Kai Peverell II Sw 16 
Jeff Bennett IV Sw 12 
Aarron Hughes APP Sw 
Dennis Booth Df 11 
Jannick Beerman III Df 10 
Emile Harrison III Df 
Edgar Wells APP Df 
Mark Drinkwater II Df 
Jared Beckham SBY Df 
Michael Meyer IV Df 
Kenny Hardy  (1) II Mf 13 
Santiago Reyes IV Mf 11 
John Barmby IV Mf 11 
Euan Simpson Mf 
Shay  Stewart APP Mf 
Jake Johnson III Mf 
Giuseppe Esposito IV Mf 
Mason Page SBY Mf 
Laurence Scott (c) II Fw 15 
Cameron Aitken III Fw 12 
Thorgarr Rasmussen III Fw 10 
Michele Valentini Fw 10 
Luiz Araújo APP Fw 
Oliver Pastor IV Fw 
Gabriel Pascual SBY Fw 
Sebastian Moreno SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Ethan Lefrancois Coach 
Bruno Ramírez Groundsman 
Stefan Albrechtsen II Physio 
Ian Byrne II Youth Coach 
Van Robbin II Youth Coach 
Jay Oakes II Youth Director 
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