Thursday, January 27th, 2022 - 02:50:22 PM (gmt)
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Bristol City FC
David Blair
Historical Record: 431-223-420 (0.505)
Current Season: 5-3-4 (0.542)
Bank 1886 / CP 35
Captain: Edgar Wells
Team Awards

Next Session

16 Jan 29 @Sheffield United 2nd Division - R7
17 Jan 29 Leeds United 2nd Division - R8

Recent Results

13 Jan 22 D0 - 0Nottingham Forest 2nd Division - R6
12 Jan 22 W3 - 1Chesterfield FC 2nd Division - R5
10 Jan 15 L0 - 3@Brighton & Hove Albion FA Cup - R2
9 Jan 15 L0 - 3@Carlisle United 2nd Division - R4
8 Jan 15 W1 - 0Queens Park Rangers 2nd Division - R3
7 Jan 08 L0 - 7(n)Queens Park Rangers Alan Parr Cup - Group
6 Jan 08 W7 - 0Tranmere Rovers FA Cup - R1
5 Jan 08 W5 - 3@Swansea City AFC 2nd Division - R2
4 Jan 08 L0 - 4@Weston-super-Mare AFC 2nd Division - R1
3 Jan 01 W2 - 0(n)Swansea City AFC Alan Parr Cup - Group

Coach's Biography: David Blair

I should have been receiving a free TV licence on Hogmanay but that's gone, as has my youth, BUT not my willingness to try new online games in many sports. So far they include football, both the real kind and the american version with the funny shaped ball, baseball, cricket, basketball (not so keen), F1 racing, ice hockey, horse racing etc. Tend to always come back to UK football.

Live in Fife, just north of Edinburgh, been a widower since 2013 but have a cracking partner now, who indulges my online stuff. Looking to get Bristol City back up again - Al asked me to look after City - somebody left I guess. Will confess I leave some games to try a few different games, but realise now my options will likely be getting less and less as the years advance. Making whoopee with holidays and short breaks is the name of the game right now... 


Team Roster

Players (29)
Nathan Jones III Gk 13 
Fred Bailey III Gk 12 
Zachary Barmby Gk 
Aarron Hughes II Sw 13 
Kai Peverell IV Sw 
Edgar Wells (c) II Df 13 
Jared Beckham Df 12 
Dennis Booth III Df 11 
Karl Fergusen Df 10 
John Hanny APP Df 
Alistair Harding APP Df 
Sebastian Hernandez SBY Df 
Mason Page Mf 14 
Shay  Stewart II Mf 13 
Euan Simpson III Mf 
Marco Orlando APP Mf 
Sam Davidson II Mf 
Tyler Harris IV Mf 
Jermaine Heskey APP Mf 
Luke Taylor SBY Mf 
Sebastian Moreno Fw 13 
Luiz Araújo II Fw 13 
Gabriel Pascual Fw 12 
Michele Valentini III Fw 11 
Laurence Scott IV Fw 
çlvaro Ruíz APP Fw 
Billy Gray APP Fw 
Danny Young SBY Fw 
Federico Garcia Fw 
Backroom Boys
Mehdi Lacaze Coach 
Cameron Aitken Groundsman 
Oliver Pastor II Physio 
Johan  Mathisen II Youth Coach 
Santiago Reyes II Youth Coach 
John Barmby II Youth Director 
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