Monday, March 27th, 2023 - 07:08:36 PM (gmt)
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Cardiff City FC
Graham Wilkes
Historical Record: 502-200-476 (0.511)
Current Season: 0-0-0 (nan)
Bank 2278 / CP 35
Team Awards
1 League Title
3 FA Shield Titles
2 Alan Parr Cup Titles

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Coach's Biography: Graham Wilkes



Back Again! This is my third spell as a Manager of Cardiff City in MSWL Utd

Started of my MSWL Journey with Swansea for a season but then moved to Cardiff for a Good Spell, I then took a break and returned as Manager of Brighton and Hove Albion and again onto my most successful spell at Cardiff following another Break I returned as Derby Manager and now back at the helm of My hometown again

Success - 

Cardiff Spell 1 - AP Cup Winners S17 / Runner Up S8,

Cardiff Spell 2 - Division 1 Champions S29 ( Following D2 Champion S28 and D3 Runner Up S27 ) AP Cup Runners Up S26

Cardiff Spell 3 - Who knows what the future brings

Have also managed twice in MSWL Utd 2 As the Founder of Chasetown and a Youth Cup Title in Season 5. After a break returned to manage Forest Green my current local team Managed to Win D3 the same year Cardiff won D3 in U1. and the perfect season was nearly achieved two injury time goals meant a 2-1 loss and 1st loss of the season in the last game! so 17 wins 1 loss - the near invincable season. Won D2 the next year and stepped back.

My rivals are Hazel Hawker - Leicester (Mum) & Jeff Hawker - Dagenham (Step Dad)

I am a Delivery Office Manager for Royal Mail and married with two amazing daughter's  


Team Roster

Players (26)
Callum Wilson III Gk 11 
Mateo Ferreira IV Gk 10 
Freddy Valencia Gk 10 
Reuben Lennon APP Gk 
Luca Stephenson II Sw 13 
Geoffrey Pilkington APP Sw 
Nahuel Ramos Sw 
Gilberto Cortes III Df 
Peter Barry IV Df 
Bobby Lorimar APP Df 
Freddie Ritchie IV Df 
Alfie Harris  (2) III Mf 10 
Robert Murray Mf 10 
Concepci?n  López II Mf 
Philip Jones II Mf 
Stansislav Kozlov APP Mf 
Ollie Whiteside Mf 
Reuben Russell II Mf 
Riley Parslow II Fw 13 
Michael Simpson II Fw 13 
Tor  Sæther IV Fw 
Ben Davidson APP Fw 
Mason Johnston APP Fw 
João Araújo Fw 
Nils  Gulbrandsen Fw 
Taylor Scott Fw 
Backroom Boys
Kenny Wood II Groundsman 
Ned Brown II Youth Coach 
Namir  Ashkenazi II Youth Director 
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