Wednesday, July 6th, 2022 - 11:00:17 AM (gmt)
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Leicester City FC
Hazel Hawker
Historical Record: 422-185-475 (0.476)
Current Season: 13-7-7 (0.611)
Bank 679 / CP 53
Captain: Paul Johnston
Team Awards
2 FA Shield Titles

Next Session

34 Jul 09 @Wycombe Wanderers 3rd Division - R15
35 Jul 09 @Chesterfield FC 3rd Division - R16

Recent Results

33 Jul 02 L2 - 3(n)Cardiff City FC Youth Cup - Q
30 Jul 02 W7 - 1Swansea City AFC 3rd Division - R14
29 Jul 02 W3 - 1@Derby County 3rd Division - R13
28 Jun 25 W3 - 2(n)Queens Park Rangers Youth Cup - R2
26 Jun 25 W5 - 0Swindon Town FC 3rd Division - R12
25 Jun 25 D0 - 0@Dorchester Town 3rd Division - R11
24 Jun 18 D3 - 3(n)Weston-super-Mare AFC Youth Cup - R1
22 Jun 18 D1 - 1@Chesterfield FC FA Cup - Q
21 Jun 18 L1 - 5@Dagenham & Redbridge 3rd Division - R10
20 Jun 18 W6 - 1Hereford United FC 3rd Division - R9

Coach's Biography: Hazel Hawker

Hiya ... I am the Mum of the manager Cardiff City; wife of the manager of the Dagenham & Redbridge.

I have recently retired from my Roll of a Manufacturing Consultant, and have moved to Gloucestershire, closer to the familty to catch up for a coffee or ice cream,  however far enough away not to become emergency baby sitters, !  

Being from Wales the land of Rugby Union Land, we tend to watch more rugby than football that my excuse .......


Team Roster

Players (27)
Jayden MacDonald Gk 15 
Archie Bate III Gk 10 
Roger Turner SBY Gk 
Connor Allen II Sw 13 
Ruairi O'Donnell APP Sw 
Alan Hall IV Sw 
Louie Fitzgerald Df 15 
Mario Beretta II Df 13 -4 
William Trickelbank III Df 10 
Alexander Emerton APP Df 
Sean Brown IV Df 
Darren Lindsay SBY Df 
Riley Ali Mf 15 
Liam Stretch II Mf 12 
Louie Terry III Mf 11 
Wayne Terry  (1) APP Mf 
Mohammed Kettani IV Mf 
Ashley Coppell SBY Mf 
Mason Bell Fw 15 
Paul Johnston (c) II Fw 14 
Jack Tufnel IV Fw 11 
Alistair Russell IV Fw 11 
Don Hill III Fw 11 
Adrian Aguilar III Fw 10 -2 
Alessio Rizzo APP Fw 
Ethan Wallace IV Fw 
Henry Clapinson SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Corey Page Coach 
Bernd Lang II Groundsman 
Logan Perry Groundsman 
Aarron Gibson II Physio 
Charles Robinson Youth Coach 
Nigel King II Youth Coach 
David Bocquet II Youth Director 
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