Tuesday, May 11th, 2021 - 07:11:39 PM (gmt)
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Southend United
Colin Scott
Historical Record: 426-204-399 (0.513)
Current Season: 4-2-6 (0.417)
Bank 523 / CP 32
Captain: Harrison Brudenell
Team Awards
1 FA Cup Title
2 FA Shield Titles
2 Youth Cup Titles

Next Session

16 May 15 Lewes FC 1st Division - R7
17 May 15 @Brighton & Hove Albion 1st Division - R8

Recent Results

15 May 08 L0 - 1@Port Vale FC Alan Parr Cup - R2
13 May 08 L0 - 1@Bristol City FC 1st Division - R6
12 May 08 W3 - 0Weston-super-Mare AFC 1st Division - R5
11 May 01 W4 - 0Port Vale FC FA Shield - R1
9 May 01 L0 - 2@Preston North End FC 1st Division - R4
8 May 01 D2 - 2Tranmere Rovers 1st Division - R3
7 Apr 24 W3 - 0(n)Chesterfield FC Alan Parr Cup - Group
5 Apr 24 L0 - 5@Carlisle United 1st Division - R2
4 Apr 24 W5 - 0Nottingham Forest 1st Division - R1
3 Apr 17 D1 - 1(n)Dagenham & Redbridge Alan Parr Cup - Group

Coach's Biography: Colin Scott

I have been playing Olmec games for many years but this is my first venture into United (June 2020). I am 52 and live in Coatbridge - about 10 miles east of Glasgow. Not from this area but needs must. Currently the Commish of SFLSL (Sanc) which has been frustrating and rewarding in equal measure - so far. If you fancy a try out there just let me know.

I realise I have taken over SU from the late great Dave Dowson and I hope I don't let him down.


Team Roster

Players (30)
Jayden Blake II Gk 15 
Ashley Coleman APP Gk 
Angelo Ricci II Sw 14 
Terry Marsh III Sw 
Lincoln Thwaite SBY Sw 
Alexis Gay IV Df 12 
Juan Manuel Leon II Df 12 
Gabriel Kelly Df 11 
Don Durman IV Df 
Alfie Kennedy II Df 
Christopher Perry Df 
Francisco Vera APP Df 
Joseph Baker IV Df 
Tom Graham SBY Df 
Christopher McGuire II Mf 13 
Pablo Silva Mf 11 
Anton Hedlund III Mf 10 
Algernon Shilton Mf 10 
Ezequiel  Pérez APP Mf 
Luis Miguel Vargas IV Mf 
Tim Schmid II Mf 
Leo Yates SBY Mf 
Lucas Chaffersey III Fw 12 
Algernon Reid Fw 11 
Antonio Jose Moya IV Fw 10 
Harrison Brudenell (c) Fw 
Hugo Jakobsson APP Fw 
Manuel Aguirre IV Fw 
Edgar Parslow III Fw 
Jared Carter SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Riley Ritchie Coach 
Alan Holmes II Groundsman 
Eric Snyder II Physio 
Roger Nicholson II Youth Coach 
Leo Bergström II Youth Coach 
Jake Daly II Youth Director 
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