Session 6 orders deadline in 39 hours and 25 minutes
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Friday, December 1st, 2023 - 02:34:30 AM (gmt)
ball MSWL UNITED ① Season 46 // Teams
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Southend United
Colin Scott
Historical Record: 519-255-486 (0.513)
Current Season: 6-5-5 (0.531)
Bank 1193 / CP 42
Captain: Valon Fassnacht
Team Awards
2 FA Cup Titles
2 FA Shield Titles
2 Youth Cup Titles

Next Session

20 Dec 02 Carlisle United 1st Division - R9
21 Dec 02 @Nottingham Forest 1st Division - R10
22 Dec 02 Preston North End FC FA Cup - Q
24 Dec 02 (n)Dorchester Town Youth Cup - R1

Recent Results

19 Nov 25 L0 - 7@Queens Park Rangers Alan Parr Cup - Q
18 Nov 25 D0 - 0@Preston North End FC FA Cup - Q
17 Nov 25 W4 - 2@Brighton & Hove Albion 1st Division - R8
16 Nov 25 W3 - 1Lewes FC 1st Division - R7
15 Nov 18 W1 - 0@Lewes FC Alan Parr Cup - R2
13 Nov 18 D0 - 0@Northampton Town FC 1st Division - R6
12 Nov 18 D0 - 0Bristol City FC 1st Division - R5
10 Nov 11 W2 - 1@Weston-super-Mare AFC FA Cup - R2
9 Nov 11 L1 - 4@Preston North End FC 1st Division - R4
8 Nov 11 L1 - 2Tranmere Rovers 1st Division - R3

Coach's Biography: Colin Scott

I have been playing Olmec games for many years but this is my first venture into United (June 2020). I am 55 and live in Lesmahagow having moved here in September 2022. Currently the Commish of SFLSL (Sanc) which has been a rollercoaster and currently riding high with a great bunch of lads playing.

I realise I have taken over SU from the late great Dave Dowson and I hope I don't let him down.


Team Roster

Players (26)
Toby Brides III Gk 16 
Alonso Lopez APP Gk 
Glen Clarke Sw 11 
Diarmuid Conner IV Sw 
Archie Rowe III Df 13 
Kenzie Fraser Df 11 
Eliecer Mojica Df 10 
Søren Jørgensen  (1) II Df 
Hamish Devlin III Df 
Dante Berggren IV Df 
Manuel Ortiz APP Df 
Kjell Karlsson APP Df 
Vincent Hamidou SBY Df 
Troy Juric II Mf 14 
Hywel Cross II Mf 13 
Emil Kristoffersen Mf 12 
Nico Schär APP Mf 
Thomas Fitzgerald III Mf 
Francis Bukari SBY Mf 
Kenzie McDonald Fw 12 
Harry Brudenell II Fw 12 
Valon Fassnacht (c) IV Fw 12 
Callum Brudenell III Fw 11 
Seny Sonko APP Fw 
Roman Radomski SBY Fw 
Rónald Aguilera SBY Fw 
Backroom Boys
Arthur Stretch II Coach 
Arkadiy Ivanov II Groundsman 
Aaron East II Physio 
Neo Lundström Youth Coach 
Luc Hazard Youth Coach 
Sean Ryan II Youth Director 
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