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Saturday, January 23rd, 2021 - 07:44:55 AM (gmt)
ball MSWL UNITED ① - Landing
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Hereford United FC
Alex Tucker
Dagenham & Redbridge
Jeff Hawker
FA Shield Round 1

Game Preview

Recent Meetings

2League Round 9DAG0 - 0HER
2League Round 18HER2 - 1DAG
3AP Cup Group (2)DAG0 - 0HER
4League Round 2DAG0 - 1HER
4League Round 11HER4 - 0DAG
11FA Shield Round 1DAG0 - 3HER
15AP Cup Group (2)DAG3 - 2HER
16Youth Cup Round 1HER0 - 0
(3-4 PKs)
19AP Cup Group (3)DAG4 - 4HER
28League Round 8HER4 - 0DAG
28League Round 17DAG3 - 3HER
29League Round 8HER5 - 3DAG
29FA Shield SemifinalsDAG1 - 2HER
29League Round 17DAG1 - 0HER
30AP Cup Group (3)DAG3 - 1HER
31League Round 5HER6 - 2DAG
31Youth Cup Round 1DAG1 - 2HER
31League Round 14DAG3 - 0HER
33Youth Cup Round 1DAG2 - 2
(5-4 PKs)
34AP Cup Group (2)DAG3 - 4HER
36League Round 3HER3 - 1DAG
36League Round 12DAG1 - 0HER
37FA Shield Round 1HER0 - 5DAG

Olmec Head Preview
FA Shield
• Hereford United FC has 2 FA Shield Trophies.
• The previous FA Shield Final appearances by Hereford United FC include:
    • a season 4 win over Lincoln City FC 3-2.
    • a season 8 win over Queens Park Rangers 0-0 (PK Shootout: 4-1).
    • a season 11 loss to Tranmere Rovers 3-0.
    • a season 29 loss to Leicester City FC 4-1.
    • a season 36 loss to Queens Park Rangers 1-0.
• The deepest that Dagenham & Redbridge has reached in the FA Shield prior to this season was:
    • a season 27 semifinal loss to Plymouth Argyle FC 2-1.
    • a season 29 semifinal loss to Hereford United FC 2-1.
• Dagenham & Redbridge crashed out of the FA Shield last season in a 2-0 loss to Port Vale FC in the 1st Round.
Hereford United FC
 • Hereford United FC are free of injuries entering today's match.
Dagenham & Redbridge
 • Leonardo Lombardo (I/11 Mf) is questionable (hip) but may return today.
Head To Head Meetings
• Hereford United FC and Dagenham & Redbridge have met 22 times with 2 of those occurring in the FA Shield.
• Hereford United FC have won 11, lost 5 and drawn 6 of 22 matches against Dagenham & Redbridge.

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