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Weston-super-Mare AFC Team News

Vick Hall
Vick Hall
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Stone Cold Broke (Session 4)
Posted by Vick Hall on Monday, Dec. 27th, 2021 at 5:46 PM

The Weston board have sanctioned the spending of every last penny of the club's funds so far this season in the hope that Manager Hall can get the club back into the top flight this year. First purchase was the mega spend buy of dazzling forward Thomas Thompson. This boy comes with a big reputation having been schooled at Bayern Munich's youth company. for sure he will be taking the club's penalties this season. With Mathieu Guillot and club captain Pedro Fita also starring up front Weston have a pretty handy looking attack. With Michele Sanna dropping back to brb activity it was also essential the club brought in a competent sweeper this season and with none coming up in the auction  it was decided to make a few offers to other league clubs and a bank breaking deal was finally completed with Leeds to bring in their reserve sweeper Theo Lavasseur to fill a vital role at the club and give time for youngster Sam Phillips to pick up some expereince in the role. The club will also be hoping for some good showings in the cups this year but already it looks very tough with a very hard AP Cup group and a double header with Plymouth in both cups. This season will not be easy clearly.

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